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2Toms BlisterShield (Travel Size) – Advanced Waterproof Blister Protection

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of 2Toms BlisterShield (Travel Size) – Advanced Waterproof Blister Protection.

  • STOPS BLISTERS PRIOR TO THEY START – Friction, or rubbing of the skin is one of the most common reasons for blisters. When it pertains to blisters, the focus must be on prevention. Produces a nearly smooth surface area that reduces blister development and prevents pain
  • WATER- RESISTANT BARRIER – Repels moisture and remains on the skin s surface area. Keeps feet dry all the time, and blister- free
  • PERFECT FOR – Runners, bicyclists, professional athletes, backyard work, sports, on- your- feet professions, breaking in new shoes, cleats and much more
  • 100% ASSURANCE
  • MADE IN U.S.A.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on 2Toms BlisterShield (Travel Size) – Advanced Waterproof Blister Protection.
No More Pain fromBlisters BlisterShield produces a nearly smooth surface area on the foot, lowering heat construct- up & blister development. When used to the foot, this amazing powder drives away moisture – keeping skin dry & blister- free for prolonged durations of activity. BlisterShield considerably reduces discomfort & tiredness brought on by blisters, leading to increased efficiency & a more enjoyable workout experience. BlisterShield is eliminated from the skin with soap & water & is perfect for use in shoes, boots & gloves. CARE: Please know that the only authorized sellers for this product are Preferred Pro- Formance Products, Therapy Connection, Ithaca Sports, and ArxMedical Please call this number if you have any questions about this product – (817) 865-1207 BlisterShield Drives Away Moisture Many inorganic powders take in moisture & reduce friction; nevertheless, as they take in moisture, their efficiency in lowering friction decreases. BlisterShield drives away moisture & remains on the skin s surface area, producing a nearly smooth surface area that reduces blister development & prevents pain. BlisterShield’s highly advanced blister prevention formula never ever loses its efficiency, from start to complete. How To Request best outcomes, wash & completely dry your feet prior to usingBlisterShield Put 1 level teaspoonful of BlisterShield into each sock. Shake the socks to spread out the powder consistently. For included blister protection, use extra BlisterShield behind your heel after the sock is on. Cleans off with soap & water. Boosts Comfort Throughout Strolling Running Lawn work Breaking in new shoes Sports Biking Rowing On- your- feet professions Orthotic use Read more Offered In Numerous Sizes Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 2Toms BlisterShield (Travel Size) – Advanced Waterproof Blister Protection.

Question Question 1

Is It A Powder Or A Liquid?

It is a powder.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on 2Toms BlisterShield (Travel Size) – Advanced Waterproof Blister Protection, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We recieved a trial size package at the exposition for the marine corp marathon. It drizzled for about the first 16 miles of the race and we endured without a single blister. We have constantly had at least one blister under normal conditions after every other marathon we have run. We purchased more for ourself and our pal for our next marathon.

It does whatever they state it will. Has conserved us consistently from needing to stop due to blisters. We simply do not get blisters when we use this things – duration.

In the past, while treking, blisters were a big issue for us. This things is incredible. Easy to use and does precisely what it declares, it prevents blisters. Our buddy and we area trek the at every year. We generally get blisters the first dayout Not this year. Feet remained dry and blister free the entire journey. Extremely advise this product to anybody who has trouble with blisters.

Buy this. We bring it when we do the marathon or a 15+ mile run. It assists.

Up until now so good. No blisters, and we have had some damp feet for miles. Going to order more for sure.

We have been utilizing the blister shield for endurance occasion preparation and competitors for over 5 years. It is an excellent product and works as promoted. The only disadvantage is that it is in some cases hard to get rid of from skin or clothes.

It works.

Terrific for hiking.

Can’t run more than 10 miles without it. Is incredible.

We have utilized this for far away walking. Appears to do the technique- we had blisters, utilized moleskin on those. Applied blister shield around the mole skin and on our feet- the blisters dwe not become worse, nor trouble me. Terrific product.

Blister shield is definitely the very best antwe blister product we have ever utilized. We integrate blister shield with good socks and we do not get blisters throughout 50 k to 100 mile ultra path marathons. The 10 count packages are okay to attempt out blister shield and are hassle-free to pack. We nevertheless advise purchasing the shaker bottle size as it is more affordable and you can use more powder on each foot. We normally use more powder than can be found in the 10 count packs. We coat our foot in powder, spray a little into our sock and then a little more into our shoe prior to races. We have recommended this product to every one of our running good friends.

Our skin is really sensitive and vulnerable to blisters, rashes and chafing, no matter what high-tech socks or shoes webuy 2toms blister shield has been a lifesaver for our bad feet. We use it for treking and range walking and our feet remain dry, comfy and friction- free the entire way. Paradise. We love these little packages for travel and we even keep a few in the visitor restroom for any active visitors. Make sure to shake the product around inside the sock and then massage it into the sock, by doing this the product is dispersed completely. Pleased tracks to you.

We utilized to use a great deal of bandages and tape to keep our feet from fuming spots and blisters while backpacking. However no more, due to the fact that blister shield has kept our feet blister free. You might feel your foot moving around a bit in your boot while treking, however there is no friction. The packages are light-weight, so likewise ideal for backpacking. You simply shake the powder into each sock and you’re good to go.

We utilized this on a treking journey to utah’s magnificent 5 national forests. We treked lots in temperatures that were high 90’s and low 100’s. Our feet remained dry and many of all we established no blisters. We would extremely advise this for anybody who is vulnerable to blisters from hot sweaty feet.

We did the39 3 mile avon walk for breast cancer in new york city in october 2012, and our feet were wrecked with blisters. In october 2014, we did the walk once again, however this time, we utilized 2toms blister shield packages on each foot, and we didn’t have a single blister.

Have utilized this things in 2 ultra races and no blisters.

Handled a 12 day trek to philmont. Will not trek without it now. Fortunately we didn’t require much of it, however everybody we offered it to was impressed. Functions terrific for feet – even when you can’t keep them dry, terrific for fracture chafing too. No mess, no grease. Make it a basic part of your emergency treatment kit.

We will constantly reorderthese Wound up getting the cylinder due to the fact that it was a better offer, however the packages are terrific for travel. Life savers in our marathons, have not dealt with major blisters in years.

Remarkable things. Essentially powdered teflon.

Great for blister prevention.

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