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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AliMed Secura Anti-Fungal Cream.

  • Contains zinc oxide to protect skin from direct exposure to urine and feces
  • Will not get rid of
  • Contains karaya to control moisture and follow weepy, macerated skin
  • Contains Vitamin E and skin conditioners
  • Pediatrician evaluated

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AliMed Secura Anti-Fungal Cream.
SECURA Antifungal Extra Thick is suggested for the treatment of shallow fungal infections consisting of tinea cruris (jock itch), tinea corporis (ringworm), (athlete s foot) and Candida albicans (yeast). For effective relief of itching, burning, scaling, breaking, redness and discomfort associated with these conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AliMed Secura Anti-Fungal Cream.

Question Question 1

Does It Have A Protective Seal And How To Wash It Out?

Protective seal?Wash it out? It is an extremely thick white cream that serves as a barrier on the skin versus moisture (urine and feces). It’s purpose is more for usdical conditions however we have found it to be the very best diaper cream for infants and young children that we have everfound It safeguards their skin better than anything el Protective seal?Wash it out? It is an extremely thick white cream that serves as a barrier on the skin versus moisture (urine and feces). It’s purpose is more for usdical conditions however we have found it to be the very best diaper cream for infants and young children that we have everfound It safeguards their skin better than anything else we ever attempted and we have 3 children.we acquired 2 tubes for our grand-daughter and believe it will protect her skin.It comes off with warm water and soap.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on AliMed Secura Anti-Fungal Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our one month old child was having a hard time with a diaper yeast infection. We were treating her in the start with sudocreme as we believed that this is a regular diaper rash. Our medical professional analyzed our child and informed us that she has a diaper yeast infection. She recommended us a creme which would’ve expense without insurance coverage $500 With our insurance coverage that cream would have cost $70 We pharmacist informed us the main ingredients so we browsed on for “miconazole and zinc oxide” and found this cream. We spoke with a pal in germany who is a pharmacist and she informed us that the cream ought to be fine. We used it in the early morning and night on the contaminated parts of our daugthers skin and after 2 days the infection was gone. It worked rather well for us. Disclaimer: we are not a pediatrician or a pharmacist. We are only reporting our own experiences and results.

It’s magic to me. Seriously we have had revolting ringworm on our face for years now due to autoimmune problems. Absolutely nothing assisted.Ever This things is magic. We do not understand what it contains, however it flipplin works when absolutely nothing else has. We seldom provide 5 stars to anything. Possibly it’s the grittiness of it. It feels gritty. However since it’s so really thick, it remains on all night when we put it on impacted locations prior to bed. And the bumps are gone or almost gone the next day. Amazing. We hope it works too for you as it does for us. No other cream compares.

Update: we have been utilizing secura for practically 7 years now. It’s still as effective as ever. We are especially vulnerable to skin yeast infections, and secura treated one of the worst ones where whatever else stopped working. Otc creams, creams, powders, sprays, we attempted it all. Prescription creams, even steroid mixes, absolutely nothing worked till we attempted secura. And it worked fast. We would advise it to anybody, it’s that good. * when we recieved our product, we were, will we state, underwhelmed. The cap was not security sealed, however rather closed with a piece of scotch tape. It likewise is 2% miconazole, which is generally every other $5 otc cream you can buy at the supermarket and that we had currently attempted without success. We did not have high hopes. (we are so happy we attempted it anyhow. )* the secret to this things’s efficiency is its extraordinary density, and therefore extraordinary moisture barrier residential or commercial properties. It’s thick. Like putty, or clay. This makes it a little tough to use to damaged skin, as it tends to pull. Nevertheless it covers skin superbly and soothingly. Absolutely nothing is making it through that barrier after it is on. It’s even type of hard to wash off your hands with soap after using. Your skin will remain safeguarded and medicated. * after weeks and weeks of no relief even from prescriptions or steroids, we saw an enhancement after the really first application of secura, and it cleared our horrible infection totally within 3 days. Genuine. This things is remarkable. Use it anywhere yeast is an issue in moisture-prone locations. Do not resent the ghetto product packaging. It’s a great skin protectant.

This company’s extra protective cream worked so well on our pressure sore, that our partner believed we ought to most likely have some of its antifungal extra thick cream on hand too. When it got here, because our partner had been having trouble with really itchy piles and had had no genuine luck with a number of other solutions, he chose to provide this cream a shot as it was expected to be able to help with itching and burning experiences. After using it for a week, it absolutely appeared to be assisting. After a number of weeks, the itching has reduced incredibly. He is rather shocked and delighted. We’ll see how it does over a prolonged time. It might not work for everybody, or on all kinds of piles, however it may be worth a try out the itchy or burning types. It is undoubtedly not a cure, as diet plan and lifestyle play into the total causes, however the expense is very little relatively. Understand though, as with the company’s epc cream, this is thick, sticky/greasy, off-white colored things which does stain clothes and is tough to washout Its off-white spots are less troublesome utilizing white underclothing. The results though, may be worth the hassle.

We sent an evaluation a number of years ago and here we returned into looking our previous orders to buy once again. This things is gold. Our whole family utilizes this things. From jock itch to swim match rash. It is thick and water/sweatproof. It keeps the location of issue dry in order for skin to heal, deal with and/ or prevent fungal problems. Getting anyother is a waste of cash.

This is a great product. We utilized to work with smith & nephew and this was a product that we marketed. The main distinction in this and other antifungal is that it remains in a kayra zinc base that keeps the miconizole nitrate beside the afflicted location,. Rather of rubbing off on linen or clothes. We have long because utilized it for numerous occassions.

Product appears like good quality however it is really thick and hard to spread out.

We operate in healthcare. This is an incredible product. Truely, it works better on customers than any prescription we have seen utilized. Exact Same with their anti-bacterial cream. A recommended staple for a home-health pack. Both utilized by regional hospice company.

This cream was very thick and worked miracles on our eighty-year old daddy. He had utilized numerous prescription and non-prescription creams for his foot fungus that had infected his legs. The nurses utilized it throughout a medical facility stay and we browsed to find it. After utilizing secura cream, his feet and legs looked better than they had in years.

This product was provided to our granny when she remained in the medical facility for not public parts that required protection from moisture, heat, friction, clothes, and so on. Our kid had a dreadful diaper rash from prescription antibiotics when he was a baby and we attempted this. It is remarkable. Moisture can not survive it (believe diapers women), it seals the skin so it can heal, assists chapped personal spots on little kids, and so on. We constantly use this and buy it once again as quickly as we get low. They ought to market this things as diaper cream. The expense is more than regular diaper cream however it’s so worth it.

We have attempted numerous products and was running out of products to attempt. However like numerous other remarks about this product, it does work. A few days after using the itch was gone. We do use it as sort of a maintenance when a week, specifically as it get warmer.

Excellent. A little more affordable in expense. Thank god. All the things we have bought over year amount’s to hundreds.

Me & our partner have utilized this for years. Exceptional product, fast relief. Thick milky skin finishing cream that can be quickly cleaned off in the shower. It does leave a milky grease on your hands when used, we constantly have meal soap ready to wash it off.

Not oily.

As good as any other brand. All have exact same iungredients.

This things is terrific. Much better than any other ringworm cream. It is pasty and sticks terrific, instead of the other over teh counter things that rubs out so easy.

Follows weepy skin.

This things uses really easy and sits tight, and it likewise does not have a bad odor to it at all.

Exceptional product, kept in mind enhancement in 4 days.

Better than anticipated.

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