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American Biotech Labs – Silver Biotics – Silver Gel – SilverSol Nano-Silver Infused Hydrogel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of American Biotech Labs – Silver Biotics – Silver Gel – SilverSol Nano-Silver Infused Hydrogel.

  • Cools and soothes skin: Assists to protect and beautify skin
  • All Natural: Naturally promotes healing
  • Odorless and Dye- free
  • No staining, non- stinging, and no sticking
  • No BPA: Safe for kids

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Here are some more information on American Biotech Labs – Silver Biotics – Silver Gel – SilverSol Nano-Silver Infused Hydrogel.
Size: 4 Ounce (Pack of 1) 1 – American Biotech Labs ASAP 365 Silver Gel Wound Dressing Gel ASAP365 Silver Gel by American Biotech Labs is created utilizing their unique and trademarked 20 PPM SilverSol Innovation solution. This silver gel can not only help to hydrate your skin however has likewise been revealed to promote natural healing. Your skin is exposed to more damage than you might understand, and regretfully, much of it is inescapable. Utilizing ASAP365 Silver Gel every day can help provide your skin the advantage. It can help your skin stay softer and has ended up being a leading choice for numerous. Benefits Made with 20 ppm trademarked SilverSol Innovation Developed to help promote natural healing of the skin Suitable to be utilized daily with both kids and adults Assists to restore, soften, sooth, and invigorate the skin Clinically checked Utilized by Physicians, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, and Beauty Professionals Use Apply kindly to the skin as required to help promote natural healing. Contents Main active ingredient: 20 ppm silver liquid solution (deionized water and silver) Other ingredients: Carbomer and TEA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on American Biotech Labs – Silver Biotics – Silver Gel – SilverSol Nano-Silver Infused Hydrogel.

Question Question 1

Does Anybody Know What Carbomer Is?It Remains In The Ingredients.?

“The Carbomers are large molecules prepared from relatively small chemical compounds called monomers. The monomers used to make Carbomer polymers are acrylic acid and polyalkenyl polyethers. The Carbomers are all chemically similar, differing from each other in molecular weight and viscosity. Carbomers have the ability “The Carbomers are large particles prepared from fairly small chemical substances called monomers. The monomers utilized to make Carbomer polymers are acrylic acid and polyalkenyl polyethers. The Carbomers are all chemically comparable, varying from each other in molecular weight and viscosity. Carbomers have the capability to soak up and keep water, and these polymers can swell to lot of times their original volume. On a label of a cosmetic or individual care product, the name Carbomer might be associated with a number such as 910, 934, 940, 941 and 934 P. These numbers are an indicator of molecular weight and the particular parts of the polymer – See more at: https://www.cosmeticsinfo.org/ingredient/carbomer- 0 #sthash. PlgvGUHn.dpuf

Question Question 2

Is The Liquid Solution As Or More Effective Than The Gel For Skin & Scalp Sores (Likely Caused By Fungus)?

Gel or liquid for your scalp. Do not consume colloidal silver unless you are under the care of a doctor like a homeopathic medical professional or naturopath with comprehensive understanding utilizing colloidal silver and they understand respectable brands like Argentyn 23 and SovereignSilver Taking colloidal silver internally can really Gel or liquid for your scalp. Do not consume colloidal silver unless you are under the care of a doctor like a homeopathic medical professional or naturopath with comprehensive understanding utilizing colloidal silver and they understand respectable brands like Argentyn 23 and SovereignSilver Taking colloidal silver internally can really trigger you to turn blue (argyria. Like a Smurf). On top of that, our stomach acid damages the colloidal silver and it needs to sit under your tongue to be taken in through the blood brain barrier anyhow. Colloidal silver through IV treatments from a skilled medical professional works. we would never consume colloidal silver by yourself.

Question Question 3

What Are The Ingredients?

About TEA and carbomer – Here is a security evaluation clip found on line – “The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel assessed the safety of triethanolamine (TEA) and 31 related TEA-containing ingredients as used in cosmetics. The TEA is reported to function as a surfactant or pH adjuster; the related TEA-containing i About TEA and carbomer – Here is a safety assessment clip found on line – “The Cosmetic Active Ingredient Evaluation Specialist Panel examined the security of triethanolamine (TEA) and 31 associated TEA- consisting of ingredients as utilized in cosmetics. The TEA is reported to work as a surfactant or pH adjuster; the associated TEA- consisting of ingredients consisted of in this security evaluation are reported to work as surfactants and hair- or skin- conditioning representatives. The panel concluded that TEA and associated TEA- consisting of ingredients called in this report are safe as utilized when created to be nonirritating.”

Question Question 4

Does This Have Coconut Oil And Vitamin E As Specified In The Description?If It Does Why Is It Not Noted In The Ingredients?

They are not noted under cosmetic contents. Noted is deionizer water, Tes, and Carbomer.

Question Question 5

Has Anybody Utilized This On Warts, And If So How Did You Tackle Using It? Has Anybody Attempted This For Skin Tags?

we have not utilized it on warts. we have not attempted it on skin tags, there are some excellent over-the-counter wart solutions we would attempt one of those first.

Question Question 6

Would This Work For Athlete’S Foot?

Looks like a costly remedy for that. Simply use a spritz of vinegar on each foot for a week or 2 and you professional athletes foot will be history.

Question Question 7

Can You Brush Teethwith This Gel?

we would not advise it. It states right on television, “For External Cosmetic Use Only”. Besides that, this stuff would not hold up as a gel for trying to brush your teeth anyways. It would liquefy with any kind of fluid, including saliva. Not to mention, it would probably taste crappy too. we can not say though as we neve we would not recommend it. It says right on the tube, ” For External Cosmetic Use Only”. Besides that, this things would not hold up as a gel for attempting to brush your teeth anyways. It would melt with any type of fluid, consisting of saliva. Not to point out, it would most likely taste lousy too. we can not state though as we never ever put it in our mouth.

Question Question 8

This Listing States Shipping Is 0.99, Yet When We Attempt To Purchase 3 Tubes, Ratchets Up The Delivering To Almost $6.00 Can You Inform United States Why?

we have simply bought 3 tubes and the default shipping choice is basic for which there is a charge. we altered the shipping alternative to free (which is within a 3 day duration consisting of the date when the basic shipping choice would provide) and continued with our order.

Question Question 9

Can We Brush Our Teeth With This?

we can’t imagine why you would even ask such a question or why you would even consider attempting silver gel on your teeth unless your teeth are made from skin.Have you ever attempted toothpaste for your teeth?It’s safe, far less costly, and effective.Duh.

Question Question 10

Someone Informed United States That It Functions Marvels On Your Teeth?

Colloidal silver in liquid type can be a good mouth rinse however this gel is not ideal for that. When it is used to the skin and left exposed the leading dries out to form a movie.

Question Question 11

Will This Product Help With Acne Scars?

we do not understand if it is indicated to help with acne scars, however it has definitely assisted to reduce a few one mine.

Question Question 12

Anybody Attempted This On Poison Ivy?

Attempted it on poison oak and it really did appear to help with the itching and possibly a little on the healing speed.Bought more due to the fact that of the success we had with it.

Question Question 13

The Number Of Ppm?

The tube we purchased states “24 ppm patented s > l er solution.”

Question Question 14

Exists Any Scent Or Smell To This?

No smell, this can be utilized as an under arm deodorant. This will eliminate the germs that triggers the smell. It taste like water.

Question Question 15

Does Asap365 Mean Anything Scientific Or Does It Simply Mean As Quickly As Possible (Asap) All Year Long (365)?

You might take a look at their documentation.our take is that it is safe to use everyday of the year.the 365 part; and it works beginning right now to help eliminate bacteria and fungus things themoment goes on and works all the time the ASAP part.

Question Question 16

Has Anybody Utilized This On A Burn With Success? Was Attempting A Silver Spray With Zero Success.?

Since it is not likely to trigger any irritation we would attempt it on a small location. It is incredibly effective in battling infection, however we use the gel forany skin or irritation, even for contact dermatitisand sin “allergy” cases. It is a 20 ppm gel and works rather rapidly.

Question Question 17

Do You Know The Ppm This Gel Has (E.G. 10 Ppm, 250, Or 500)?

24 ppm. we use for shingle nerve damage and it works. we likewise take gabapentine for long term. The ASAP is simply to sooth a burning triggered by clothes or forgot our medications.

Question Question 18

What Is The Size Of The Silver In Nanometers?

It contains 24 ppm trademarked silver solution (deionized water, silver) TEAand carbomer.

Question Question 19

We See That Some People Have Utilized This For Total Scalp Conditions (Psorisis) However How Does That Deal with The Application And Styling Of Long Hair?

That’s news to me, however if the scalp is battling some bacterial assault it should help to knock that down

Question Question 20

Has Anybody Attempted This On Ringworm Fungal With Any Success?

No. we put on t understand response.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on American Biotech Labs – Silver Biotics – Silver Gel – SilverSol Nano-Silver Infused Hydrogel, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We like this gel & we do believe it speeds healing time of adult hormone acne. We do not struggle with anything severe, however we are an esthetician & customers anticipate their skincare experts 2 have best skin (cut us a break, we’re human w/ hormonal agents too. Lol) we use tretinoin, the hereditary type of retin- a every night & it is fantastic not only 4 cell turnover & avoiding clogged up pores & acne, however lines & wrinkles likewise. We are 33 w/ essentially none. Nevertheless, you require 2 stop the retinoids prior to utilizing acids or other acne products for a minimum of a few days or it can simply be excessive. We like 2 have a daytime antibacterial & anti- inflammatory on under makeup & the sun makes retinoids inadequate (if you see them in a day cream, do not water your $, it’s simply marketing) we had checked out colloidal silver & desired 2 shot 1. We truly think including this to post inflammatory redness & marking has assisted 2 clear it faster, even than the vit c we constantly use or a minimum of in addition to. It’s found a great deal of usages beyond what we purchased it for likewise. Our small keratosis pilaris on our legs, we use amalactin or another exfoliant & that manages it along w/ great deals of moisture, however you can still get red spots (as anybody w/ kp “chicken skin” understands) the red dots are essentially gone, our legs are so even tones & clear. We have likewise utilized it on brusing, however our company believe that is not 1 of it’s fortes. It simply can’t permeate 2 make a distinction there. Nevertheless, on our father’s ezcema & psoriasis, our company believe it has reduced redness & swelling. When you include this 2 a location impacted by plaque psorisis, make certain you are cleansing the location 1- 2xs a day completely, do not make yourself bleed, however the product works best if it can permeate into currently moist skin & it will develop a hard, scaling over the sore if you simply include more & more over itself. Back 2 acne, due to the fact that this can be utilized in combination w/ other acne products w/ no problem, we like 2 use our nighttime skin regular & then dap a little bit of this over any spots as a last action. We do not rub it in, & leave it overnight. Rednesz is constantly less in the morn. If absolutely nothing else, it will prevent your acne products from drying your skin & leaving a spot flaky & disgusting. Now, the factor there is 4 stars & not 5. It contains tea (& we are not discussing the green kind) this is triethanolamine. Utilized in skin care to help a product mesh together, as in oil & water, as an emulsifier. Though there is not truly a requirement for it here; the carbomer will keep the silver ppm & deionized water suspended together for application. Tea likewise has a use as a ph adjustor, which we presume is more it’s function here as skin’s ph varies from 4. 5- 5. 5 & products can permeate & ne more effective closer to that variety (though there are numerous others on the marketplace likewise). Our problem comes from it’s moms and dads. Originated from ethylene oxide (thought about extremely harmful) with ammonia (another understood toxic substance), there suffice non- harmful ph adjustors that another might be selected. While tea has been considered “safe” for use in skincare & even to help in the chemical peeling of foods like tomatoes or oranges, we have seen practically no control of the skincare market by the fda in the us & other “non-toxic” ingredients have caused severe allergies, breakouts & sensitivites in the past. In truth, the us cosmetic active ingredient evaluation has examined this active ingredient several times with their existing judgment of recommended use being: that it ought to be “discontinuous”( not continuous),”brief use followed by thorough rinsing from the surface of the skin” Now, we did not follow this completely by leaving it on overnight & it did not aggravate our skin or trigger a response & it make be the active ingredient is found in small adequate amounts that the majority of would never ever experience a problem. Nevertheless, we desired 2 leave it in a remark. We entered skincare to make people familiar with what they were utilizing on their skin & how it required 2 be looked after, & we seem like we required 2 reference this here. We gambled 2 attempt it as we typically do w/ new products to use ourself as the guinea pig r customers info, & this worked well & we are pleased we attempted it, simply understand if you are utilizing this on kids, specifically infants, that it exists & it def can not be consumed, so do not use it on little kids if they will put that location in their mouth. God luck.

We have had acne for the majority of our life, and it followed us into their adult years. Silver gel is the only thing that has cleaned up our skin entirely. It has eliminated cystic acne, blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars, not only on our face however on our chest, neck and back. It is incredible. Our skin is gorgeous. We would pay $100 a tube for this miracle gel. If you’re unsure, trust us and attempt it. You will find its well worth the cost, and you will want you had bought faster. You can’t put a cost on confidence.:–RRB-.

We are diabetic and have sores on our legs and our chest. We attempted all type of creams and gels absolutely nothing worked. We utilized this for 2 days and the sores are healing currently. After investing numerous dollars on the other things. We simply bought another tube for a few other sores on our arms and shoulders. At this rate our sores will be entered a number of days. Aaa +++.

We have been utilizing this things for 3 days to treat our acne. We have never ever had truly bad acne however for some factor in our late 20’s this past for months our skin has been terrible. When we did utilized to get a pimple it would be really shallow just recently we had a few cystic ones under the skin that didn’t entirely disappear. After only 3 days this gel has cleaned up every pimple we do not have a singleone The redness and irritation is gone. We might feel bumps forming under our skin along our jaw line and arbitrarily along our cheeks all gone. This does not dry our skin out and is really gentle likewise which we believe is assisting also. We truly cant think how face this things is working. We are not exactly sure how it permeated the cyst under our skin also however it has. If something modifications we will post an upgrade.

We had fungus all over our back and chest due to candida and this has eliminated all of it and its all fading away. We are so delighted. Applaud god.

We will not lack this things at the beach. We mix it with a little glycerin and rose hip oil and soak the location kindly with rose water. Even by itself, this gel supplies instant sunburn pain relief. Silver bandages are utilized in burn bandages in the medical facility, so it makes good sense that it would work for that. It will not heal much faster – possibly by a day or 2. When the skin is harmed there’s very little that can be done however soothe the pain. This beats aloe 100 x. This is our 3rd tube and we will continue to buy once again.

This is fantastic. We utilized this for a wart triggered by a sexually transmitted disease, which was growing in size and ending up being uncomfortable. The next day after using this gel, the pain had minimized. In about 4 days after utilizing about two times a day, the wart is practically entirely recovered. We likewise put it on our face on a couple spots, and it entirely got rid of a number of them in a few days. We have what we believe is a mole, which appears to be more tough for this to eliminate, however we are going to keep utilizing it on it and see if it does not ultimately eliminate it.

We can’t state enough advantages about this product. We purchased this on the suggestion of a buddy. We were experiencing an extreme psoriasis flare. From our scalp to our waist we were an itchy, burning, red, raw (in some locations bleeding) mess. We were desperate for relief. None of the recommended ointments were working, other natural solutions were not offering us any relief so we were really sceptical. Upon the first application, it provided relief to the burning and some of the itching. We went from seeming like we had a severe sunburn while all at once being bitten by swarms of fire ants to a moderate carpet burn sensation. By the 3rd day, no more pain. We utilized the gel 3- 4 times a day for the first week. By the 2nd week we utilized it after our early morning shower and prior to bed. Some of the redness is still present and some of the dry, flaky skin is visible by touch however it’s working and working well. Every day it’s gettingbetter Today is day 11 and we feel no pain, no stinging or burning and only moderate irritation. And there’smore Considering that we have been utilizing this on our face to deal with the psoriasis we have seen a substantial distinction in the texture of the skin on our face and neck also. Our periodic post menopausal acne has entirely vanished and our pores have considerably minimized in look. We seldom compose evaluations however we seldom encounter a product that well surpasses our expectations. If they offered this gel by the gallon, we would shower in it daily. In truth, we are back to buy more (not that we have run out yet) due to the fact that we do not ever wish to lack this product. If we might provide it 10 stars we would. If you have psoriasis, you require this product.

We purchased this on a lark for our spouse who has psoriasis specifically around his hair line. He likes it due to the fact that it is not oily or foul-smelling. It stopped the bleeding in simply a few days when he utilized it nighttime. He no longer has sores on his elbows and knees. We have refilled our order 3 times and will continue to reorder.

Had shingles. Utilized the silver gel along with terraswe and it kept us from scratching ourself silly. Eliminated the itching and burning that is associated with shingles. It worked so well for us that we bought a 2nd tube for future use.

This is the only product that we have had the ability to find that has assisted our spouse with leg sores. Being a diabetic we are really mindful to what any cuts or sores in his legs. The greatest issue is when his legs begin itching due to the fact that of nerve damage he will scratch them till they become sores, which then opens him as much as infection. He has been to the medical professional lot of times for rx to deal with the issue however absolutely nothing worked. We were on looking into another american biotech products when we stumbled upon an evaluation from a customer who had attempted this for diabetes and stated it worked for them. So we purchased it and had our spouse attempt it. It worked, cleaned up his legs, however you should keep utilizing it. It assisted heal the legs and assisted stop the itching. It assisted our spouse, however do not understand if it will help everybody. You simply need to attempt it and choose for yourself. Initially his skin specialist informed him not to listen to us (we didn’t understand what we were doing. ), then after some time he even wished to know the name of the product. We are so delighted we found this product. We constantly check out the evaluations prior to acquiring anything on line now. We might never ever have attempted this product if we had not heard it from somebody else on here. Thank you, who ever you where for your evaluation.

Today we laid our by far in a puddle of hot glue fresh out of the glue weapon. Speak about huge pain. We ran our turn over cold water and got the glue to peel, however the burn beneath is rather terrible. We remember our silver gel (we purchased it ijn 2017 so a little goes a long way.) as quickly as we put the gel on the burning reduced drastically. A few weeks ago we feel face first into our brick mail box. Our face got mutilated naturally and it appeared like it torn a corner of our nose. We skinned our knee so bad we might barely stroll. We began putting silver gel on it right away and overnight it looked a lotbetter We kept utilizing it. Our eyes began to blacken and we thoroughly put the gel on our eyes and it didn’t get any even worse and it recovered in less than a week. Face and knee. We had likewise dug a deep hole in our angle however didn’t even see it so it didn’t get the silver gel treatment. It took practically 3 weeks to heal. We likewise take silver collodial at the first indication of any distress, colds. Scrapes, swellings. We assault it from within andout Your kids will love it due to the fact that it soothes quickly with no burn.

This things is a life saver. After experiencing cystic acne for years and attempting handfuls of medications and topicals absolutely nothing appeared to work. Silver gel is the only product that has cleared our skin up. It does moist your skin and you can use makeup on top without an issue. We extremely advise the product to anybody struggling with acne, it’s definetly worth a shot.

We lovedddd this product. Omg, we got a bad response with a conductive gel and this was recommended to us by alohajenn’s beauty and the organic esthetician (youtubers) and omg it works marvels. Our skin is super sensitive and this made the technique. It soothed our rash in our face and it is now our conductive gel. We will advise this to anyone That is has tea, yes it does, however not in super highhhhh portion and this is a product that you use when a week.

We were looking for a product that might help ease some minor rosacea that was establishing on our cheeks, nose, forehead and we stumbled upon this product. We have been utilizing it for simply a number of days and, like, how is this working? we first utilized it on our face (we have moderate rosacea) and the redness is practically gone. We are hoping that it will likewise reduce of size of these bigger pore skin tags (if that makes any sense, we put on t understand precisely what they are called). We likewise have some chafing under our arms and after using this things two times in the last 24 hours, there s been only minor itching when prior to we were using 3- 4 various kinds of creams/ointments for relief and it does currently lookbetter Not like whoa however we have had this chafing for over a month with only small enhancement however simply utilizing this silver gel has made it look considerably better than utilizing other products we were utilizing in the past. We appreciate that this product exists to help people with skin difficulties. Thank you.

This gel is the best. We use it for every skin problem we have from scratches to ringworm to allergies. Our child had bad ringworm on both thighs. From his groin location to his knees. This gel cleared it up right away. Seriously from the first application. It vanished. We continued to use this gel 2 times a day for 10 days. Our little lady has sensitive skin and had a bad response to some hand soap that really appeared like burns. We began utilizing a colloidal silver soap and this gel. Within 2 days the “burns” were gone. We even dab this on acne and most are gone overnight. We extremely advise this gel and inform everybody about it.

Great for our scalp psoriasis. Assists heal, however it somewhat struck or miss for our skin.

We have been attempting all types if products to help our child’s skin from $30 creams to $15 containers of organic ointments absolutely nothing worked. Background our child has severe eczema. Runs in the family. Skin doctors have not done anything however recommend steroids. Didnt desire that for her only short-lived repair and harmed her skin. On an impulse and a little research attempted the gel. Child is a cannon fodder (teen). Begun utilizing. Last night she stated it’s working mommy. Her skin was truly rough and it is smoothing and healing with the help of this product. We understand not whatever works for everybody however this assisted her and offering her the self-confidence to use brief sleeves once again. Honor roll trainee that is getting that extra bump to stop fretting about the little things and concentrate on a brilliant future. You got a repeat customer here.

Asap 365 silver gel is merely incredible. Our whole family utilizes it. It’s good for many things & even makes your skin feel soft. 2 relative stated it worked fantastic on acne. Our child utilized it on baby’s bottom for diaper rash. Cleared it up rapidly. Good on burns, cuts, infections, and so on. We were likewise really amazed with the product packaging and how rapidly it got here. Thank you, zogosportz.

It has to do with time this occurred. No sting, stain or hurt and a tube lasts for a very long time. Use it right after a scratch or cut. It sinks in. Substantial help with diaper rash. Found literature and some lab reports reveal some anti- viral protection, too. We never ever go outdoor camping without it.

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