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Astonish Premium Edition Cup Clean Tea/Coffee Stain Remover

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Astonish Premium Edition Cup Clean Tea/Coffee Stain Remover.

  • Removes discolorations made from tea and coffee on cups, pots, flatware, flasks and so on
  • Quickly cleans up; no requirement for rubbing
  • Leaves no aftertaste or smell.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Astonish Premium Edition Cup Clean Tea/Coffee Stain Remover.
Eliminate all those stubborn discolorations quickly from teapots, coffee pots and cups with little effort. Merely leave the unclean product in the sink or drainboard and include 1 tsp or Astonish StainRemover Fill with warm water, not boiling, and let is cool. Then, simply rinse it out with cool water. Attempt it- it works.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Astonish Premium Edition Cup Clean Tea/Coffee Stain Remover.

Question Question 1

Saw A You Tube Video Utilizing This Product On Lime Scale On A Washer Basket, Has Any One Attempted This?

we have not personally attempted that. we do love it for cleansing out thermoses, travel mugs etc

Question Question 2

Is This Safe To Use In The Breville One Touch Tea Maker?

we would not believe it was safe to go through a maker. If you can use it to clean the Breville Tea Maker and have the ability to rinse it after cleaning we would believe it would be safe.

Question Question 3

Is This Safe To Use On Plastic Cups And Pitchers?

Not exactly sure. The chemical may respond with the plastic and make it foggy. we only use it on glass, SS and ceramic. You may wish to attempt it on an old plastic cup and/ or ask the supplier.

Question Question 4

Is This Safe To Use On A Fireclay Sink?

we are sorry.we do not learn about that.

Question Question 5

Is It Septic System Safe?

Sorry, we do not know.we searched back of plan container; no cautions about utilizing with septic tank.Incredible product.

Question Question 6

Is This A Good Product For A Corningware Percolator?

It is definitely safe for any glass or ceramic container, and Corningware is virtually unbreakable. It is likewise safe for ustal, so it will not hurt the heating aspect in your percolator (which we presume is inside the Corningware vessel).

Question Question 7

Does This Work To Eliminate Healthy Smoothie Discolorations From Plastic Ninja Cups?

we have never ever utilized it on plastic, however it states it can be utilized that way. You require to use hot, however NOT boiling water. So if the cup can hold up against, state, the warm water out of the tap, then you need to be OKAY. (we have had excellent success with it on glass ware, FWIW.)

Question Question 8

Can We Use Thin In An Electric Percolated That Is Stainless Steel? Do You Perc It Clean Like With Dip It?

we purchased it to use in our stainless-steel electric percolator.It does a respectable task, however you do not perc it like dip it.You simply use warm water, not boiling, and let it stand.It does a good task, however we want they would restore dip it.Not everybody utilizes a glass drip coffeemaker.

Question Question 9

Does It Clean The Within & Beyond A Stainless Steal Coffee Pot?

we have cleaned up largely stained stainless-steel thermos bottles without trouble. The product has some cautions about skin contact, so we would be reluctant to clean the beyond a pot by hand. If the pot were immersed in a bigger container filled with warm water and Astonish, it ought to work simply as well.

Question Question 10

What Are The Ingredients?

On the product packaging it states”Astonish Oxy-Plus Tea & Coffee Stain Remover contains amongst other ingredients >30% Oxygen-based bleaching agents” we understand this is not the full information however we will examine the site and examine back with you.

Question Question 11

What Are The Ingredients In This Cleaner?

It is the definitely best stain remover for tea and coffee and other staining fluids and deals with all of our tea making and drinking items.we have attempted lots of and this works.On the plan it states “contains amongst other ingredients >30% Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate” which is likewise referred to as Salt Carbonate Perox It is the definitely best stain remover for tea and coffee and other staining fluids and deals with all of our tea making and drinking items.we have attempted lots of and this works.On the plan it states “contains amongst other ingredients >30% Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate” which is likewise referred to as Salt Carbonate Peroxide, Carbonic acid disodium salt, or substance with hydrogen peroxide.Its essentially a mix of salt carbonate and hydrogen peroxide.This deals with our tea stains.we use it about as soon as every 7-10 days on our Breville tea maker and all the mugs, tumblers, travel soaking screens etc.Hope this assists.

Question Question 12

The Number Of Applications Does This Product Contain?

Container has 350 grams and instructions call for 1 teaspoon, or 5 – 6 grams for cleaning up a coffee pot.Which appears a little weak; we believe we are utilizing about 2 times that.

Question Question 13

Anybody Use It On White Plastic For Coffee Stains?Our Coffeemaker Lid And Rim On The Carafe Were Initially White And Now A “Clean-Me” Tan.?

we have not attempted it on our white travel mugs yet. we have utilized it on other travel mugs and thermoses. we likewise use it frequently on our laminate counter where our coffee machine leaks.

Question Question 14

Will It Deal With A Stainless Steel Range Top Coffee Pot?

we imagine it would, we use it on a thermal cup that is stainless-steel lined and get excellent outcomes.

Question Question 15

Can This Be Utilized For The Within An Airpot? Mine Has Some Dreadful Discolorations In It And Soapp And Water Simply Don’T Cut It.?

we make certain it can, we utilized it in our Stainless steel insulated coffee travel cup and it simply bubbles up the gunk left by tea.most airpots’s are SS or Glass so there should not be any issues

Question Question 16

Can We Use This On Our Presto Percolator Discolorations?

Whatever inside the percolator is created to hold up against heat, and the product is good for ustal, glass, ceramics (and even plastic.) So it ought to work fine. Wash and rinse whatever completely after you use it, naturally.

Question Question 17

Is This Safe On Porcelain Teapots?

Certainly. we have not attempted it on anything metal (though our company believe is is safe for those too), however it is super effective on anything that is glass or porcelain. we would beware utilizing it on any painted outside surface areas (for example, some discolorations on the exterior of the pot, we would not immerse the pot in a bigger co Certainly. we have not attempted it on anything metal (though our company believe is is safe for those too), however it is super effective on anything that is glass or porcelain. we would beware utilizing it on any painted outside surface areas (for example, some discolorations on the exterior of the pot, we would not immerse the pot in a bigger container to use this to get rid of those discolorations.)

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Astonish Premium Edition Cup Clean Tea/Coffee Stain Remover, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Doubtful no scrubbing yea right. Incorrect this is incredible we put some water in the microwave and got it hot put a little bit of water in the cup then included 1 teaspoon per cup filled the remainder of the way with warm water they lathered up and we let them sit till cool empty them out washed them out and they appear like new.

This is a truly incredible product. We are big tea drinker and have a lot of loose leaf tea gizmos. With time they develop the grimey tea stain and normal soap and water simply does not cut it. We attempted this product and was wow ‘d by the outcomes. We will state that for some of the unfavorable evaluations that declare it didnt work for them and that they needed to use a lot of effort, we simply do not see how thats possible if they had followed the instructions. You need to fill your mug (or a bowl to immerse bigger items in) with warm water. Hot enough to make coffee or teawith (almost boiling) then scoop in the product, stir it till it fizzles. Immerse the product. Then leave it alone till the water relies on space tempature (an hour is a good guideline). After that dispose the water rince off your products and they need to look brand new, we have utilized this on plastic thermos parts, ceramic tea pot/mugs, and stainless-steel infusers. All have come clean extremely quickly. Ive even utilized this on our desk at work. There was a tea ring on the cream colored desk. While we had our mug soaking we utilized a paper towel dipped in the solution and had the ability to get it off. We did need to use alot of effort there however it did comeout We believe the technique to this product is letting it soak.

Like many individuals on we have been browsing for a product to successfully get rid of tea discolorations from pots and cups. We like to have a pot of english breakfast tea every early morning and throughout a few weeks the pot will establish some nasty discolorations. The exact same holds true for our coffee cups. We had utilized dip-it powder to clean them, however that product has been ceased. After attempting a number of options with bad to modest outcomes, we found this product and offered it a shot. It works every bit in addition to dip-it if notbetter It in fact appears to liquify more entirely and get rid of discolorations more rapidly. It likewise appears to need less product per use. We totally advise this product.

You require to use boiling water with this product to get the very best clean. We normally boil sufficient water to location in the new cup for the day and enough for the 2nd stained cup from the day in the past. We had a few stone cups with ornamental withins, and didn’t understand there was a lot tea stain accumulation in them till we utilized this product. Simply consider serving your visitor coffee/tea in unclean cups. Get this it works way better than hand-washing or the dishwashing machine for discolorations. This is our 2nd purchase.

We purchased this product hoping it would help us get rid of dark tea discolorations from our stainless-steel contigo travel mug. We attempted whatever and could not get it clean. We got this the other day and utilized it. In 2 hours we washed it out and the within was glossy silver once again. We are definitely delighted with this product. It originates from the u. K. And took some time to get here to texas, however it is well worth the wait.

We utilized it to clean a stainless-steel bottle and a glass white wine decanter. The bottle was black inside from tea deposits, and the decanter had discolorations from red white wine. In both cases the product worked as a magic. Please, follow the guidelines, otherwise you might burn your hands. We utilized lower temperature level water to clean the glass decanter and bewared to put it in (we hesitated it may break). We did not require to leave the solution there for the product to work; a number of swishes and the white wine spots vanished. 4 stars only since:- longer shipping time (originates from the uk),- no tracking number, and- difficulties/inconvenience to open and close the container. One needed to push the lid on all 4 sides (corners) a number of times in order lock it in location.

This product is * remarkable *. We have 2 stainless-steel insulated thermos that we use for work, and the withins were entirely covered with years of tea and coffee deposits. We would formerly attempted lots of things to get the discolorations off, however absolutely nothing worked. Like the other customers, we were hesitant that the astonish would in fact get the gunk out of our containers. We cleaned up both thermoses, following the instructions precisely as composed on the container of cleaner, and not only did all of the discolorations come off, however the odd smell the thermoses had established with time was gone too. They look as glossy and clean on the within as when they were new. We are very pleased, and we are going to take this to work and and clean everybody else’s revolting cups and thermoses too.

We have got a coffee travel mug we have never ever cleaned up well, it’s over a years of age. Had not observed how bad it had ended up being. Utilized this astonish cleaner, wow. Within 10 seconds of putting the warm water in the mug with the powder currently therein, old coffee slime was bubbling out in the foam. Mug came out clean with one use.

As with all products, we were a little uncertain about the outcomes that we would acquire utilizing this on our stainless-steel daily tea mug. We want we would ve taken an in the past photo since the state of our mug was quite revolting. It had comprehensive tea discolorations up-and- down all sides and looked terrible. Taking other evaluations suggestions into factor to consider, we boiled water and then let that water set for 5 minutes. We then put 1/2 teaspoon of astonish into the cup while it was embeding in the sink and filled the cup with the boiled water that had cooled for 5 minutes. You might see the powder responding in the cup instantly, however the water was too dirty to see what was taking place. We returned an hour later on to the beauty visualizedabove We washed it in cold water and dried itout Feels as if we have a new mug.

We are severe tea drinker and we have found it challenging to get rid of the brown tea discolorations from ceramic mugs and from our stainless-steel travel cups. Astonish is expensive so we do not use it every day; we simply wash the mugs and scrub the travel cups with a bottle brush. However about as soon as a week, we see the discolorations start to develop and that’s when we use astonish. Beginning with 1/2 teaspoon astonish and including 1/2 more, if required, we fill the cups with extremely hot, practically boiling, water and simply let it sit till it cools. The cups come out completely clean and then simply require a quick rinse to eliminate the residue. We love this things.

Have utilized for a number of years. Removes all coffee discolorations from our stainless-steel coffee pot. We include warm water to cleaner and let soak for about 1 hr. No scrubbing. Coffee pot looks brand new.

We have utilized this now on 3 stainless-steel travel mugs with coffee and tea discolorations in addition to a ceramic tea cup, with tea discolorations, and they are now as clean and stain free as the day we acquired them. We boiled water, put it close to the top of each container then included the solution as directed. A couple hours after sitting, the discolorations were gone. Buy this – it works.

Put this in 5 coffee mugs as quickly as we got it. Filled it with warm water from our keurig. If you take pleasure in cleaning up things then prepare yourself to live your best life. We are gon na bring this to all our good friends homes and clean their mugs.

We consume tea from our stainless-steel cup every day all day at work and it was beginning to look a little frightening, we had attempted to scrub out the tea discolorations however extremely little affect. This product was ranked effectively and everybody was extremely favorable so we believed we would offer it a shot. Well in a word it was impressive. It bubbled up all of this yuck and we let it sit and cool like the instructions state, we then put out the brown water and to our wonder the within our cup was sparkling clean, like it was polished. Thanks for making a product that does what it states it is going to do.

We operate in a workplace where our employer beverages tea every day. Needless to state her stainless-steel and ceramic mugs have been unclean. Not any longer. It’s so basic to use and makes all glasses come out triggering clean, particularly without the heavy scrubbing. Anybody who had problems most likely didn’t make the water hot enough. We have utilized this product several times now and it’s excellent.

This product works, well, remarkably excellent. We have stainless-steel and plastic with comprehensive staining from tea or coffee (we love to brew our own green tea to make iced green tea) and this eliminated all of these discolorations, some were over a years of age. Our brevile tea maker appears like we simply purchased it. Spectacular. This things deserves the expense, far and away.

We consume a number of cups of tea every early morning, each enjoyed in a coal ceramic mug. After a few months, the mug had ended up being significantly stained with tea. We attempted utilizing baking soda with mixed outcomes. Nevertheless, after a single treatment with astonish, the discolorations are entirely gone and the mug looks brand new. Follow the guidelines; they weren’t joking when the composed that the lathering action might overflow the cup as part of the cleansing procedure. Would certainly advise.

We had lots of coffee stained mugs that we simply couldn’t get clean and was ready to tossout All we did was include 1 teaspoon of astonish and boiling water, like magic all the mugs were clean. Great product.

We have attempted lots of coffee stain cleansing products in the past with underwhelming outcomes. Astonish measures up to its name. We were really impressed by this product. We browsed our cabinet for coffee-stained travel mugs after we saw how well this product dealt with our daily travel mug and stainless-steel thermos. We were blown away. It worked so well at eliminating all residue that our containers do not appear to be developing new discolorations after a week of daily use. We have only utilized the product on stainless-steel. A+.

This things is the genuine offer. We consume a great deal of coffee and our partner consumes a great deal of tea. It was easy to see which mugs were our favorites from the nasty discolorations. #muglifewe purchased this with little to no expectations as we were seriously near to simply tossing our gross-looking mugs. Nevertheless, we were surprised at how easy, effective, and effective this product works. No scrubbing. It s a blessing. Thank you.

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