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Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash.

  • Pain- relieving antiseptic wash
  • Assists prevent infection
  • For Minor cuts, scrapes, and burns emergency treatment

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash.
BAND-AID Brand HURT-FREE Antiseptic Wash is a pain-relieving liquid that reduces pain and discomfort from minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. This emergency treatment antiseptic wash eliminates bacteria and assists prevent infection. Use a percentage on the afflicted location 1 to 3 times daily and cover with a sterilized bandage

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash.

Question Question 1

Does It Required To Be Diluted Prior To Using?

Use straight from the container

Question Question 2

How Thick Is This? Could It Be Moved To A Smaller Sized Spray Bottle To Suit A Travel First Aid Kit?

Thick? Not – As thin as water. The only apparent issue is the truth that opening it up and moving it will clearly break sterility. (we would do it in a heart beat. however we can t encourage it.)

Question Question 3

Can We Use This On Piercings?

our company believe so.Read the label.

Question Question 4

What Is The Active Active Ingredient?

LIDOCAINE HCL is the active component that offers pain relief through the moderate numbing impact it has on the surface area of your skin. we recommend you move it to a misting spray bottle to get maximum protection with no unneeded waste. BENZALKONIUM CL is the antimicrobial/antibacterial active ingredient.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Utilized As A Hand Sanitizer???

No go buy hand sanitizer

Question Question 6

What Is The Rack Life?

The bottle is marked 5/2019 however we have actually had previous bottles that have actually lasted more than a year without losing efficiency.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We constantly bring a bottle in our outdoor camping knapsack and go bag. We utilized this last outdoor camping journey to tidy up our boys injuries after he fell off of his scooter. Pros: fantastic wound wash at a good cost. Con: the size of the bottle makes it hard to bring in our edc. Dream it was half the size.

Delicious. Simply kiddingit assists with pain (on the exterior of the body).

We have numerous uncomfortable skin sores from autoimmune illness, this product is fantastic. We use it to damp the sterilized gauze required for loading our injuries, and it works extremely well, particularly given that prescription strength liquid lidocaine does not last a whole month. Extremely suggest.

We love this things. We use it on cuts and scrapes. We likewise use it as an aftershave for our legs and arm pits in addition to bikinwe location. It relieves any razor burn, and prevents bumps and ingrown hairs. Yup, smooth as can be, and so economical. We have not gotten a single bump or ingrown hair given that we began utilizing it a few years earlier.

We love this things. Antiseptic and pain relief inone Terrific concept. Our only small problem has to do with the style of the bottle. An emergency treatment circumstance is frequently one where there are no completely flat and level areas and you might not have a liberty. This bottle is high with a narrow base, suggesting it topple quickly on an irregular surface area or if carefully knocked. It’s likewise not especially easy to change the top with one hand. In case any johnson & johnson folks are listening, repackaging this in a bottle that can be run with one hand and does not topple on irregular ground would be a genuine winner.

Does not sting at all and we much choose utilizing this since finding out hydrogen peroxide damages healthy tissue, and slows healing.

Who requires that burning sensation when getting your cut cleaned up out? no thank you. This works fantastic and reduces the pain. We utilized it in a nurses camping tent camp sight where 250 people were doing building and construction tasks and the nurses were actually pleased with it.

We utilized this product to help deal with an injury from a cars and truck mishap. It’s soothing, non-painful, and the injury did not get contaminated. Our medical professional was pleased with how well and how fast the injury recovered.

We had a cyst in the middle of our back eliminated, and required to clean the wound. We had actually purchased this and when we attempted it was ideal since it dulled the pain of the cut. And it cleaned it at the very same time. Terrific things. We purchased 2 more bottles simply to have in our emergency treatment kit.

This product is paradise sent out. We use this on the grand kids when they ditched thair skin 2 wash out the wound. Now our grand kids pertain to us with self-confidence & unafraid understanding it’s not going 2 sting. We use this product with neosporin & it does marvels.

We constantly use this for our kids. It has a good numbing impact that help ease their screams and wails after skinning their knee. We observed the numbing impact after we got some on our lips.

This has actually been our go-to wound wash product for our mom’s lymphedema ulcers on her lower leg. We were stressed that it may hurt when used, however luckily it does not. The seller did a fantastic task product packaging too.

This things is fantastic on minor cuts and scrapes. Squeeze bottle permits for stream of fluid to clear particles. Utilized this for years on our boy and ourself.

Does not sting. However decontaminates wound for antibiotic application.

This things works fantastic for cleansing out your piercings.

Needs To have for a hiking or camping kit.

This product is fantastic for scrapes, burns, cuts. Does not hurt at all. Assists to heal faster. Terrific product.

Love this things, use it for emergency situations and non emergency situations, when our canine gets cuts we use this also.

Love this wound cleanser. It is extremely hard to find in your area and purchasing 2 of them was an excellent offer.

Contains benzelconium chloride for antiseptic wash.

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