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Bee Naturals – Herbal Antiseptic Ointment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Bee Naturals – Herbal Antiseptic Ointment.

  • EASY TO USE – Carefully rub the herbal antiseptic ointment on the minor cut, bug bite, scrape.
  • STOPS ITCHING FROM MOSQUITO BITES – Requirement we state more?
  • TRAVEL SIZED – This is best for a diaper bag, handbag, medicine cabinet or makeup bag. Great for outdoor camping and active kids who love the outdoors.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS YOU CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND – Beeswax, olive oil, Tea tree, lavender and other essential oils along with calendula, arnica and comfrey

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Bee Naturals – Herbal Antiseptic Ointment.
Bee Naturals Herbal Antiseptic Ointment Perfect For Minor Cuts & Scrapes Gentle cooling ointment for minor cuts and skin scrapes. Herbal Antiseptic Ointment – No AntiBiotics Our ointment is a beeswax and olive oil based ointment for those who choose not to use antibiotic ointments for minor cuts, scrapes and scratches. MADE IN THE USA ALL Bee Naturals Products are happily made in theUSA We take pride in the truth we supply tasks to American households. JUMPING BUNNY CERTIFIED ALL Bee Naturals Products AND our ingredients are accredited by Jumping Bunny to be without animal screening and ruthlessness free. CRAFTSMEN MADE IN SMALL QUANTITIES Bee Naturals Products are craftsmen made in small amounts to make sure quality of our products and freshness of our ingredients. 100% ENSURED Feel confident that you will love ourproducts If you are not 100% pleased for any factor, merely return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bee Naturals – Herbal Antiseptic Ointment.

Question Question 1

Is This Safe To Use With Oxygen?

we purchased this practically 5 years back, so we needed to search for the ingredients. Do not see any factor you could not use it with oxygen.

Question Question 2

Where Is This Product Made?

In Missouri.Near St Louis

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bee Naturals – Herbal Antiseptic Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased this to use for our mom’s post- surgical wound care as she dislikes those antibiotic creams. We were looking for a replacement for johnson & johnson’s emergency treatment cream given that they stopped making it and we lastly ran out of the last of it. Beeswax was a main component in the j & j cream, so we desired a beeswax- based ointment. It worked effectively, although the texture wasn’t as spreadable as we would hoped. It secured the cut as it recovered, however didn’t keep the stitches soft. We have been using it to a nasty burn we got a few days ago. It minimized the pain right away and the burn appears to be healing better than normal. When used, it’s a thin waxy layer– obviously, the first component is natural beeswax. The ointment is hard in the container, so you need to rub your fingertip around the surface area of the ointment to warm it up until you get enough to use. Possibly we must attempt saving it someplace warm, however we hesitate it will separate. It smells good, a light enjoyable lavender- y aroma.

It’s healing effects. Pleasant odor. Dream it was a bit more thick. We use on our hands which are dry in the winter season. Utilized one 30 years ago and it was thicker and we chose that consistency.

This is a fascinating product. It smells fresh with tips of lemon and lavender. The ointment is a strong, and due to the fact that of the beeswax it looks/feels like a large piece of chapstick. This is a great, natural, fresh product. It tingles when used however does not burn like someproducts We got this product at a reduced rate in exchange for our truthful evaluation.

We bought this in your area to use on a scar that is not disappearing even with medicated cream. While it has not totally recovered, the scar has diminished and the balm has decreased the redness. We have likewise heard it’s terrific on small scrapes and bug bites. Extremely recommended.

We began doing aromatherapy in mid april. Took 2 online courses at a credible aromatherapy school. Among the courses was a butters & balms course. It rapidly emerged that herbs are an important part of the procedure of making balms and salves. We began making our own herb infused oils to make balms and salves by the start of may. Since of that, we have an interest in products that are offered commercially. The texture of this product is best, we would call it a salve rather then an ointment. We consider an ointment as being softer– something that is squeezed out of a tube. This is soft enough to rub your finger throughout the top and not have a requirement to emulsify in your hands to be able to rub it on an injury. It’s soft enough that it would not hurt to rub on a bruise. The ingredients are really good mix of oils. It’s not as oily as an olive oil salve may be. We do a bug bite roller ball that’s lavender and tea tree oil in fractionated coconut oil, so we understand this would work well on bug bites (our spouse utilized it on his lyme disease rash with terrific success) or any other itchy skin problem that’s not “open. ” the calendula and arnica are good for pain and swelling. Arnica is likewise good for bruising, as is lavender. Comfrey and calendula are good for healing injuries. Lavender is frequently described as a medicine chest in a bottle. Tea tree is good for infections, fungwe and germs. Lemon is antiseptic. For emergency treatment functions, you have covered most whatever. Our only issue is that it’s promoted as good for cuts, scrapes and scratches. Arnica is not to be utilized on open skin. It’s really unsafe to use it internally–and if your cut, scrape or scratch is not scabbed over, it’s inadvisable to use this product on it. We use arnica in our pain salves, however not our emergency treatment salve. That’s the factor we only offered this product 4 stars. As a salve, it rather remarkable in texture and ingredients. We got this product at a discount rate for a truthful evaluation.

Our evaluation might be a little predisposition due to the fact that this organisation is not too far from where we live. We need to confess our first use of the product was on our feline who had a few little scratches around her ears. She appeared to delight in the remedy for the ointment and it did help the inflamed location. However today after cutting the yard and pruning we got a few scrapes from tough shrubs and such and we used the ointment and our little boo- boos are all better now. Its an ointment made from natural ingredients. Yes, we will advise.

We like having a natural alternative like this to use in location of the triple antibiotic ointment we constantly wind up utilizing in our family. Our company believe nature heals the very best. In addition to beeswax, it’s likewise loaded with really soothing skin oils and ingredients that are understood to be antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti- inflammatory (the lavendar, tea trea oil, arnica oil, and comfrey oil). The consistency is strong however soft and it merges your skin like coconut oil or shea butter does. We believe it smells terrific. The scent is suble and fresh, a little herbal, and we can smell a bit of the tea tree oil, however specifically the lavendar in it (yum. ). The only thing that worries us is the arnica oil. It states on the label it is for “scratches, scrapes, and cuts,” and whatever we have checked out arnica states those are the kinds of skin injuries not to use arnica on and that it should not be utilized on open skin. Whatever in here is suggested to soothe and to speed up healing of injuries and we intend on utilizing it on bug bites, rashes, swellings, minor burns, and so on, however not on any open skin. We likewise believe this would be terrific to use for skin imperfections on the face. Arnica when consumed internally is harmful, so we believe something about that on the label would be practical. If it were to unintentionally consumed by a kid something may believe given that it’s herbal it’s “safe. ” we got this product at a discount rate in exchange for a truthful evaluation.

Extremely cool that it’s made in the usa and is made from 100% naturalproducts We have been utilizing these on our kids mosquito bites as they tend to get really red and irritated. It’s a lot thicker then we pictured it would be however it is soft enough to quickly glide your fingers over to get a great total up to use. It’s appears a little softer than chapstick. The odor is not light and not self-important, has a little bit of an oil mix odor and we liked it. Appears to be assisting our boy so we are eagerly anticipating utilizing this on our other booboos lol we got this at a discount rate for our truthful evaluation and we provide it a thumbs up.

This is a great natural alternative to antibiotic ointments. It has terrific ingredients; beeswax and a variety of essential oils, all of which are terrific for numerous first- aid functions. They have got pain, swelling, bruising, antiseptic, germs, itchy bug bites and wound – healing covered. It is really thick, more of a salve than an ointment ; it is strong however soft. The container is small enough to quickly suit our handbag or first- aid kit. We were blessed to get this product at a discount rate in exchange for our truthful and impartial evaluation.

Gentle all natural ointment. An excellent alternative to those conscious neosporin ointment. Tea tree is not the frustrating odor. As Soon As out of the container, right away ends up being practically liquid for terrific protection of small nicks, scrapes, papercuts. Not so severe regarding trigger any stinging. Perfect for kids, sensitive skin, or anybody that is worried about the important things we placed on and in our bodies. This is an good product.

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