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Betasept Antiseptic Surgical Scrub

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Betasept Antiseptic Surgical Scrub.

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  • Betasept Antiseptic Surgical Scrub 32 OZ
  • Skin wound and basic skin cleansing.
  • Client preoperative skin preparation.
  • Healthcare workers hand wash: helps in reducing germs that possibly can trigger disease.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Betasept Antiseptic Surgical Scrub.
Product DescriptionProduct Description Betasept Scrub 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) is suggested for surgical hand scrubbing, healthcare workers hand-washing, preoperative client prepping and basic skin degerming. Chlorhexidine gluconate 4% offers rapid antiseptic action with a consistent impact versus a wide variety of bacteria. Betasept Surgical Scrub is developed in an extremely thick base which can help in reducing waste and per-use expense throughout prepping and hand-washing. No pink tint has been included. Producer Contact Information 1Manufacturer Contact Information1

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Betasept Antiseptic Surgical Scrub.

Question Question 1

Is This Scented And Does It Contains Coloring?Thank You.?

It is clear and does not smell, however the ingredients cocamide DEA, scent POFL147 recommend that it does, it likewise contains lanolin.

Question Question 2

Can It Be Utilized In Small Hand Sprayers?

we have not attempted to use it in a sprayer, it’s thick though not as thick as honey. If it does not spray as it is you may suffice with a little water till it does. Or we use straight rubbing alcohol in hand sprayers.

Question Question 3

Our Homeline Medical Inc Hibiclens Sergical Scrub 32 Oz. Featured Out An Inner Seal Under The Cap Why Isn’T There An Inner Seal?

Most Likely due to the fact that it has currently been opened. we would send it back.

Question Question 4

Is This Antwe Infection Or Only Antwe Bacterial?

It is both. When utilized correctly. Go to the source and look it up.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Betasept Antiseptic Surgical Scrub, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This things is the bomb. Have suffered for years with underarm smell. Can not get anything with aluminum near our skin or we get a vicious rash for days. Even after a shower and a loofah scrub, we would be reeking prior to we were dry. Extremely humiliating and anything that might be used was attempted and stopped working. Got this (in a small bottle) from the physician for pre-surgical care of the website. Weeks after healing, we had some left, attempted it after a regular soap wash in our underarms. There is no longer any indication of bo. We only use a few times a week. This bottle will last almost a year for us. Eliminates all the foul-smelling nasties yet gentle. Assists our teen with acne concerns also.

We have been utilizing this soap for 15 years to deal with infections that sometimes flare from skin inflammations where we had radiation therapy after breast cancer. Recommended to us by an infectious disease expert, it is really effective. It’s essentially surgical scrub, what physicians use to wash their hands prior to touching you in the or. We use a bit in the locations where we are vulnerable to infection on our old surgical websites, specifically the scars, and it keeps the things that might live naturally on anybody’s skin from becoming an internal issue (mastitis: not enjoyable, really costly to deal with, really unsafe). Soap runs about $35 for this large bottle, and it is well worth it. Keep making it.

Good product, nevertheless, we personally do not like the scent. Our company believe scent is noted as the 2nd or 3rd ingrediant.

We remained in the healthcare facility and they provided us this product to showerwith This is the things cosmetic surgeons use prior to and after carrying out surgical treatments. We have oily skin. So, it works excellent to wash all of the oily and filthy pollutants away. Well worth every cent. Do not lose your cash on the store-bought likeproducts This is the genuine offer.

Excellent product. Excellent cost. The aroma isn’t frustrating like other antiseptic surgical scrubs. We are repeat wrongdoer of this brand. We are pleased it is offered on.

Fine product.

It was a lot more difficult to find 4% solution than we believed it would be. This was the most consumer-friendly offer we found – right size for a family.

Worked out well after shower. He.

Actually works for our teenagers acne unlike the normal treatments which do not have much impact.

Does what we require it to do.

As descibed.

Precise product.

Love it.


We were pleased to find that we might buy this product direct after having utilized it in healthcare facility a year back.

Will buy once again.

We use the surgical scrub everyday, removes makeup, and stops breakouts on our face. Use a foot brush with the scrub to get your feet sandal clean.

This is certainly something we wish to have on hand. We were having an allergy to chemicals (chlorine and a product called shock) which are put in the swimming pool in which we swim. It took a long period of time and a number of medical check outs for the conclusion: meloxicam (mobic) which is an anti-inflammatory we have been taking for our arthritis, was responding to both sun (when we swam outdoors, and likewise swimming pool chemicals) when we did our laps inside. The skin doctor recommended fluocinonide cream which we used to the most struggling locations. It would be days prior to the pimple-like small sores would vanish. We chose to use the betasept 4% as we were informed to use it prior to surgical treatment. Use it as a liquid soap in the shower and rinse it off, then re- use it to the moist skin and leave it on prior to reporting to the healthcare facility for surgical treatment. The itching disappeared really rapidly and totally vanished in a number of days. We do not understand precisely how to explain our scenario, however it was as if this powdered “shock” that is taken into the swimming pool to prevent disease, simply did not totally liquify, and when a grain touched our skin, it left a small open sore. Think it or not we use a double rash t-shirt now and some of this things even assaulted covered locations. We would rather be utilizing betasept 4% than the rx recommended. Likewise, despite the fact that our arthritis is still offering us pain, we are making tylenol arthritis formula do till we have our 2nd hip replacement.

Good soap.

Precisely as explained and neither of the bottles we purchased were harmed. 100% pleased and will buy once again when we run out.

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