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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Brave Soldier Antiseptic Quick Healing Ointment.

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  • QUICK EMERGENCY TREATMENT – Soothing salve initially developed to speed the healing of roadway rash. Functions well for dealing with sports injuries and on daily scratches, skinned knees, burns, and blisters.
  • BOTANICAL BLEND – The unique blend of healing botanicals and effective pharmaceuticals assists injuries heal approximately 40 percent faster while decreasing the opportunity of scarring. Includes jojoba oil to make it soothing to the skin.
  • FOR NATURAL HEALING – Goes on smooth and contains lidocaine to stop the burn and pain of injury. Integrates essential oils, vitamins, and anti-oxidants to promote natural healing.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL CHARACTERISTICS – Tea tree oil, one of nature’s greatest antiseptics, supplies protection from infection and has anti-inflammatory homes to help with redness and swelling.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Brave Soldier Antiseptic Quick Healing Ointment.
Brave Soldier Antiseptic Quick Healing Ointment The original product in the Brave Soldier line, Antiseptic Healing Ointment was developed particularly to speed the healing of roadway rash. A unique blend of healing botanicals and effective pharmaceuticals assists injuries heal approximately 40% faster and significantly reduces the opportunity of scarring. Tea tree oil, one of nature’s greatest antiseptics, combines with jojoba oil and vitamins in a soothing balm perfect for dealing with sports injuries in addition to daily cuts, scrapes and abrasions. For the treatment of minor skin abrasions, cuts, burns, blisters. Read more First Aid On-The- Go Created for barrier course race individuals, this emergency situation emergency treatment kit was developed to deal with the most common injuries dealt with by outdoor professional athletes. Small enough to bring with you however robust adequate to manage your outdoor requirements. Relief for Roadway Rash & Cuts: Taken a tumble? This kit has whatever you require to get you restored and back to doing what you love, and includes Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment, our popular antiseptic cream that assists soothe cuts and prevent scarring Read more Contains a Variety of Ingredients with Unique Purposes Lidocaine HCl: An effective topical painkiller that carefully numbs the skin Chloroxylenol: An emergency treatment antiseptic that eliminates germs in the wound and prevents infection Petrolatum: A topical skin protecting representative Jojoba Seed Oil: Natural moisturizer and healing representative Tea Tree Oil: Natural antiseptic and antibacterial homes Beeswax: Secures the skin from irritants, draws moisture to the skin and assists seal it in Macadamia Seed Oil: Emollient and skin protector Soybean Oil: Natural moisturizer utilized to hydrate the skin and help the skin maintain moisture Lavender Oil: Antiseptic and antifungal homes Marijuana Seed Oil: Contains specific lipids the promote healthy skin Aloe Leaf Extract: Hydrates, secures, and smoothes the skin Sunflower Seed Oil: Rich in beta-carotene which enhances the look of the skin, beneficial in decreasing scars Vitamin A: The vitamin that is crucial for healthly skin Vitamin C: Help in healing and restoration of the skin Vitamin E: Anti- oxidant that assists prevent free extreme damage triggered by the sun and other ecological effects Squalane: Assists promote vibrant skin, beneficial in healing scar tissue Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Brave Soldier Antiseptic Quick Healing Ointment.

Question Question 1

What Is The Portion Of Lidocaine In This?

It’ 3.5% lidocaine.

Question Question 2

The Length Of Time Will This Last In A First Aid Kit? A Year Or 2?

Yes we would state 2 years minimum

Question Question 3

How Do You Close The Cap? It’S 2 Pieces & We Pressed Down The Outer Cap To Engage The Inner Cap To Unscrew & Open, Now We Can’T Seem To Close It?

The cap on television we have does not split up into 2 pieces, and we believe the cap on television you have need to not have done so.All we can recommend is to attempt to screw the inner cap on by itself and see if that works.

Question Question 4

Why Doesn’T The Cap Remain On?

Somebody along the way believed it would be good concept to alter from the cap in the photo, that worked fine, to the childproof design that does not remain on at all. we kept a cap from Neosporin and use that on the Brave Soldier.

Question Question 5

We Utilized Product Once And Now It Looks All Yellow Like It Was Contaminated Is This Normal We Have Been Cleansing It And It O Ly Lookes Like That After Use?

The color of the product is off white; not exactly sure if you’re discussing the wound looking yellow. It’s best to follow the guidelines on the product packaging: If the product triggers any response or becomes worse, Stop use and speak with a medical professional if condition continues or becomes worse.

Question Question 6

Can We Put This One A Cut On The Corner Of Our Mouth?

we have really utilized it on the corner of our mouth when it was so dry that it ached.Brave Soldier assisted to heal our mouth and its likewise moderates the pain.we guess that everybody s system is various however we had no unfavorable response to utilizing it as a lip moisturizer advertisement pain mediator.

Question Question 7

What Are The Ingredients?

Active ingredients are: Lidocaine 3.5% (regional analgesic)and Chloroxylenol 0.7 % (emergency treatment antiseptic)

Question Question 8

Can We Use This In Nasal Passages?

This is suggested for external use only.

Question Question 9

Does It Odor Bad?

simply a moderate antiseptic smell.not strong, okay

Question Question 10

Does This Product Deal With Burns?

Yes it works fantastic on burns

Question Question 11

Would This Be Good To Use To A New Tattoo?

You ought to most likely ask at the store where you got the tattoo. we do not believe the ingredients here do anything much for skin, however if somebody has a little wound or stitches where they do NOT desire scarring to take place, they might keep rubbing this on a few times a day. The consistency is good for rubbing in, and we believe it’s th You need to most likely ask at the store where you got the tattoo. we do not believe the ingredients here do anything much for skin, however if somebody has a little wound or stitches where they do NOT desire scarring to take place, they might keep rubbing this on a few times a day. The consistency is good for rubbing in, and we believe it’s the frequent rubbing, not the ointment, that will help prevent scars. we do not understand if it would impact the development of keloids, if you are susceptible to them.

Question Question 12

Made In United States?

Yes, made by Brave Products of Raleigh, NC

Question Question 13

Will This Heal Foot Blister??????

Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment works fantastic to heal injuries, so yes, it would help heal a blister. The technique is to keep the wound open (i.e. no bandaid) which may indicate shoes if possible while it recovers.

Question Question 14

How Is This For Tattoos?

we do not understand simply utilized it for roadrash

Question Question 15

Is This Good On Ear Rates?

Only if you have taken the earring out due to infection or irritation, however not for basic maintenance.

Question Question 16

Got This Product, However Can not Get The TubeOpen PleaseHelp What Should We Do?

Press down and turn the lid. Mine was hard to open likewise however trust me, the product within is certainly worth it.

Question Question 17

We Simply Bought 4/17/19 And End Date 03/18 On TheTube We Can’T Return This Product Per.?

Contact the company; their phone # is on package. They welcome your remarks.

Question Question 18

Is Brave Soldier Offered In Larger Quantities?

Our 1 oz tube is the biggest bundle we offer the Antiseptic Healing Ointment.

Question Question 19

Does It Deal With Old Scars?

we do not understand, we utilized it for a open blister

Question Question 20

Does This Help With Heat Rash?

Yes. Although it was developed to help heal roadway rash and comparable injuries, our consumers inform us that it produces fantastic outcomes on heat rash and other disorders.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Brave Soldier Antiseptic Quick Healing Ointment, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Buy this. Buy this. Buy this. We tend to be an extremely safe and mindful individual, never ever have we broken any bones nor truly had any major injuries/abrasions. Nevertheless, early this month we were shaken off our bike and landed straight on our face and no, our hands clearly did not capture our fall??. Being our first major injury and the reality that it was on our face didn’t help at all. We had no hint how it would heal ot what the recuperate procedure would appear like, however we purchased this ointment on an impulse based upon the evaluation of a gentleman who likewise had severe roadway rash on his face and believed why not offer it a shot. As every cliche evaluation would state, and young boy and we are so pleased we did. However genuinely, we are permanently thankful to this little tube of ointment. We genuinely think the makeup of this product really assists to be quick healing while the lidocaine assists to soothe the pain. Throughout our healing we utilized absolutely nothing however this cream. Only on day one did we make use of neosporin, however after that out this was our one and only go-to product. Talk about the product itself:- the consistence is super easy to spread out and use thin and even layers of, compared to the prescription cream we were provided. – the container is the best size to handle the go, it does not leakage and we love that the cap is childproof. This product is something we will certainly keep back up stock of in our medicine cabinet. Attempt it out for yourself, it deserved every cent. Thanks for making an incredible product.

This things is remarkable. We mountain bicycle a lot and from time to time we do crash. A week earlier, we had a major crash and wound up with severe roadway rash on our face. Our relative saw this on and acquired a tube simply in case a few days previously. Go figure. The product goes on smooth and with the lidocaine – it truly stops the rash burn and pain. After 8 days of utilizing this product, you cant even inform we had the burn. Modification the dressing typically.

This product is fantastic. We select our skin compulsively, so when we get pimples we constantly select them up until they bleed and scar. Initially we were fretted about utilizing this on our face due to the fact that of the lidocaine, however one we attempted it we have not stopped. The lidocaine is not too strong. In the evening i ll use this on any damaged skin or new pimple we have, and in the early morning they are totally recovered and wear t scab at all. We went from breaking out truly bad on our chin to having clear skin simply in one use. Actually assists to heal the skin while likewise lowering redness and avoiding scabbing. We love this things.

If you resemble me, you have most likely check out a great deal of these evaluations and are considering gambling on this one, despite the fact that it appears too good to be real. Well we did gamble, despite the fact that we were doubtful, and here’s what we believe after utilizing this product on a variety of skin problems over the last a number of months. This things works. We have utilized it on cuts, scrapes, bug bites, heat irritation, chafing, and random bumps and spots that one tends to get as they get older (we are middle aged). We have even utilized this on older scars and redness from bites that have recovered however not 100% disappeared. It has dealt with all of them. We have not found a skin problem that didn’t a minimum of get a little better after utilizing this product. Given, it’s not a miracle in regards to healing things immediately. However cuts, bites, and the like have recovered faster after utilizing this product. And for heat or friction rashes, this things really does work practically immediately for us in regards to removing that stinging sensation and redness. For me, this is a product that really measured up to the buzz. We hope this assists if you’re on the fence. We believe it deserves a shot provided our own individual success. Ps: the scent of this product is soothing to me. It smells like tea tree oil.

Had a bad confrontation with a straight razor attempting to alter the blade and removed the majority of the pad of our thumb. After emergency treatment and a few days of sluggish healing we attempted this out due to the fact that we were worried it was going to scar terribly. After 3 days of frequent use (using 2-3 times a day and wrapping with bandaids), our wound is certainly healing faster and looking much healthier. It’s going to be our go-to for any future accidents for sure. We were considering removing one star due to the fact that as others have stated, the cap is unusual and does not appear to wish to screw back on properly. It’s expected to be child-safe we think, however you can pop it straight off by pulling on it without loosening it at all. We have attempted pressing it down and screwing it back on however that does not appear to work either. We are going to do as somebody else recommends and simply take the cap off of some other tube product and use that rather. Nevertheless, the cap does remain on even if it does not screw on all the way, and the salve itself is so good we will keep it at 5 stars.

Brave soldier is an exceptional antiseptic ointment. Our partner is diabetic and got a cut on his lower arm. As a previous registered nurse, we got after it right away. After an extensive cleansing, we used brave soldier and a clean dressing. The pain was relieved right away and the next day the wound was closing and clean. After 4 days it was totally dealt with. We constantly have a tube on hand and choose it to other antibiotic ointments. Yes, it’s costly however worth it. You do not require much for the typical wound and healing is sped up. This is a fantastic product.

This is going to sound unusual, however we were having trouble with a contaminated stomach button (which we still can’t figure out how it occurred given that we definitely clean it routinely). Anyhow, a pal recommended this ointment and after having utilized all type of antibiotic ointments and hydrogen peroxide and such to attempt and get our sore stomach button back on track, this worked within days. We are now a transform and we are utilizing it for whatever. From scratches to blisters to whatever. It’s fantastic.

We had our first bike wreck back in might of this year and had roadway rash on our face and entire right side of our body. Right away we began doing research for something that would clean up our roadway rash rapidly due to the fact that our wedding event was only 2 weeks away. We required something that would work fast. After a bit of research and reading evaluations, we are so pleased we found brave solider. This ointment is seriously a miracle ointment. Our roadway rash disappeared 3x faster than anticipated. We will never ever buy neosporin once again. We talk our bicyclist pals about this as it just astonishes me. And why keep such an excellent thing a secret?. It is not only fantastic for roadway rash however for any minor cut or scrapes. The essential oils in the ointment is the secret and what made us truly buy it, as we simply recently begun utilizing essential oils. This ointment will constantly remain in our family’s medicine cabinet from here onout Every one need to have this on hand. Love that is it anti-scarring too. Buy it, attempt it, and love it. It will not let you down.

We had a bad mishap on our gsxr and had roadway rash. All over, and utilizing this made the healing procedure a lot better for us. We love it. We use it now for any cuts or scrapes we get.

This product is a need to have in the home. We initially purchased it due to the fact that our knuckles split in the winter season from dry skin. This works remarkable for that and supplies instant relief. Now it is a staple in our home due to the fact that anytime our kids fall and scrape their hands or knees all they desire is the brave soldier. The ointment quickly numbs where they’re hurt and it assists the wound to heal faster. We believe you need to own 2 of these, for the inescapable times when one of these will go missing out on right when you require it one of the most. We understand it is a bit more costly than the drug store ointment however it deserves the cost distinction.

We purchased this a number of years ago for our granddaughter who was getting quite batter playing university softball– great deals of bad abrasions on her legs. It worked marvels. When we provided her television, we conserved a bit for ourself in a small container. Now it’s 2 years later on and we established an ulcerated sore in between 2 toes. We spoke with with our podiatric doctor who recommended an antibiotic– we took that for 10 days and likewise utilized mupirocin, an rx antibiotic ointment. However we still found that we could not take our long strolls due to the fact that the toe was too uncomfortable and the sore continued to look red. We found our small container of this ointment and put in on the sore prior to we went to sleep. Seriously. One application. We awakened the next early morning and it was almost recovered. We could not think it. We have utilized it 2 more days and the sore is now absolutely recovered. It took us some time to find this on our orders so we might get a new tube. We will never ever lack this, despite the fact that we are senior nana who is not into roadway sports or anything like that. Every family requires this in their medicine cabinet.

Our father burned his fingers quite bad when he hurried to get a pot. He forgot the manages can get truly hot and did not placed on his mittens. He covered his fingers with ice and cling wrap. Then, when we saw his hand, we provided him this tube to attempt. We have never ever utilized it for burns, however the pain from the burn was entered minutes. He might not think it. He was stressed he couldnt go playing golf the next day, however he utilized his hand as if he had never ever been burnt. His fingers likewise did not blow into blisters. They had currently begun healing. Extremely advise this.

The best ointment ever. We utilized it for a bad bleeding repeating sore up in our nostril and ir recovered in 5 or 6 days. Likewise fantastic for healing cuts and for pain of cuts or cuts. We have had one tube for over 3 years, simply got another in case we lose the other.

This things boggles the mind. ** if you use it right. Iv’ e had the very best success with this things if we keep it moist, under a bandage/bandaid. The ointment isn’t almost as effective at accelerating the healing procedure if you use it then simply let it dry out without keeping the wound covered. Nevertheless, having stated that, if you use some of this things, then keep it covered with a bandaid for a few days, it resembles magic. Its a super-catalyst for rapid healing. And the trace-amount of lidocaine is a good perk for instant pain relief. Amazing things.

Our partner played and moved in his softball video game sans long trousers (blame it on the heat) and ended up with an awful abrasion that used up the majority of his lower left leg and a two-inch size abrasion on his ankle. He was in pain and extremely stiff. We cleaned his wound and used neosporin and a cvs health sterilized manuka honey adhesive pads. The pads were too small and fell off while the wound didn’t appear to be getting anybetter We went on the internet and checked out a blog site about cycling and your product name turned up typically in a favorable light. We got on and bought it; the product got here 3 days later on and was used as directed. Although his leg ended up swelling and we went to immediate care ultimately, the medical professional applauded him on the healing of the wound and was satisfied with how the wound itself looked. Our partner informed him about your product (he had never ever become aware of it) and the medical professional composed it down and stated that it did an exceptional task. We count this as a success as he didn’t use it up until 3 days after the injury. We are certainly advising brave soldier.

We first got this product after breast enhancement surgical treatment. We were with a doc from dr. 90210 and he desired us to use this on our scars after our lift. We love it. We use it now for cuts and scrapes. Its remarkable. After surgical treatment we didn’t even use pain medications, we only put this on. We operate in the medical feild and we want centers kept this to place on kids as it truly does a good task for pain. We likewise utilized this after assisting our mommy clear rasberry bushes, and overnight our cuts were practically recovered. The only downside is we cant simply select it up while in the store, however has fixed that issue for us.

We utilized this post surgical treatment on some cut scars (septoplasty). Healing takes some time, so it’s hard to state at this moment how well it works compared to basic neosporin, however we can examine the fundamentals. The aroma is an extremely strong menthol like aroma. We were utilizing it straight below our nose and it was a little frustrating for us sometimes as our sense of odor was returning. We began utilizing it right as the cuts began closing up and the stitches were eliminated. We would not feel comfy utilizing it prior to this point. After 3 weeks of use, our cuts are looking better, however it’s hard to state how they would have recovered without this product. There is still some small redness, however the tissue is beginning to blend with the other skin around the cut. We can quickly cover this all with makeup now without anybody understanding there were as soon as cuts there. The ingredients ‘look’ more secure than numerous products (though we are not a chemist, so who understands?. ). We would use this once again. The cost is right on and this obviously is almost difficult to find in shops.

We have been a brave soldier fan for years. Just recently we had a sever eczema break out that would not stop with standard eczema treatments. It was getting so bad it blistered and for days it seemed like our arms were on fire. So in order to ensure it didn’t get a bacterial infection (from scratching and the blisters) we put brave soldier on it. No joke, within 4 days our eczema is gone. Whatever voodoo witchcraft enters into brave soldier treated what all of the oatmeal, steroid, ointment treatments, that are common for eczema, couldn’t. 10/10 advise for great deals of skin disorders; however likewise for eczema.

We had some burns on our arm from a sunspot removal treatment. The injuries remained in the healing phase, and extremely extremely red. We slathered this things on one night and the next day we can hardly see them. We didn’t anticipate much from this, however we truly believe it assists, even in the later phases of healing.

We tired neosporin, sea salt sprays even alcohol to clean up an infection we had on an ear piercing for a month and absolutely nothing. This ointment took about 3 days to clear the infection. The tea tree odor was a bit much the very first time we attempted it however, it grew on me.

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