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Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder with Zinc Oxide & Cornstarch

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder with Zinc Oxide & Cornstarch.

  • New Improved Formula
  • 3 in 1 Action that Soothes, Takes In and Secures
  • Treats and Prevents Diaper Rash
  • Secures Chafed Skin
  • Suitable for the entire Family

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder with Zinc Oxide & Cornstarch.
Design: Medicated Protecting PowderCaldesene Medicated Protecting Powder with Zinc Oxide & Cornstarch Talc Free, 5 Ounce

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder with Zinc Oxide & Cornstarch.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients? You Can’T Inform From The Product Photo?

Active ingredients are Constarch 81%Skin Protectant,Zinc oxide 15% skinProtectant other ingredients are aloe vera gel, chamomile, fragranceskaolin tricalaciumphosphate

Question Question 2

Is This Product Talc Free?

Yes, this product is talc-free.

Question Question 3

Can It Be Utilized On A Pet With Cheffed Skin?

From our experience with our pets, our medications and theirs are the very same with various names.This powder is so good that we would use it on our pup if he had any skin problem.

Question Question 4

Can You Put This On Ur Hair To Get Rid Of Grease?

Yes. It’s soothing if you have an itchy scalp, too. we likewise use it on our pet dog to prevent diaper rash (he’s paraplegic) and it’s never ever caused any concerns with his fur.

Question Question 5

What Is The Differemce In Between Baby In Blue And Regular In Pink?

the blue is zink oxide and the pink is n’twe utilized either one on our kids & they neverhad diaper rash

Question Question 6

Caldesene Utilized To Have A Travel Size. Is This No Longer Readily available?

we have actually not seen it in years.

Question Question 7

Do You Make Oiontment?


Question Question 8

Does This Contain Talc?

It is corn starch.

Question Question 9

Can This Be Utilized On Fabric Diapers?

we use it on cotton underclothing and it works fine

Question Question 10

Does This Contain Talc?

No, it is corn starch.

Question Question 11

What Is The Distinction In Between Caldesene And Caldesene Baby?

Take a look at the ingredients

Question Question 12

Why Can’T This Be Applied On “Cracked/Opened” Skin?

we can’t state why the maker would state that, other than it most likely isn’t a fantastic concept to put powder into an open wound in basic. we have actually utilized it on the lovely red raw crease in between our chubby grand son’s thigh and groin and it does not appear to trigger him pain and it actually assists his diaper rash.

Question Question 13

Can This Be Utilized For Woman Components Too?

According to their site, it can be utilized for Adult SkinCare As an adult woman, we have actually utilized it for chafing and irritable heat.we hope this assists.

Question Question 14

Is The Zinc Lead-Free?

Well it does not discuss lead in zinc on the bottle so Im presuming its not

Question Question 15

Didn T Caldesene Be Available In A Cream In A Tube?


Question Question 16

Where Is Product Made?

There is a question telephone number you can call.

Question Question 17

Is This Baby Powder Aroma-Free?

we buy the Medicated Protecting Powder, there is an extremely moderate scent. It remains in a pink bottle. we do not understand what it smells like or if it is various than the Babyone we have a level of sensitivity to fragrances and so on and this does not trouble us at all.

Question Question 18

Is The Scent From Essential Oil? Thx?

Dear v, thank you for your post. We reached out to the product producer and the scent ingredients are thought about exclusive so for that reason we do not have information on whether essential oils are utilized in this product.

Question Question 19

Does This Sting Like Goldbond Medicated?

No it does not – it is cornstarch and zinc and works well with no sting

Question Question 20

Can We Put This On Our Sweaty Head And Face?

we would NOT put it anywhere near our face or head. It is a powder and you do not wish to run the risk of breathing it in or have it enter your eyes.we only use it below our waist and am REALLY cautious when utilizing it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder with Zinc Oxide & Cornstarch, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually attempted numerous various diaper rash creams, antibiotic and fungal ointments, cortisone mixes recommended by pediatricians for 2 weeks and absolutely nothing cleaned up our baby s diaper rash. The baby was being aired out throughout awake hours. No wipes were utilized. We attempted whatever. An associate recommended this powder and we acquired it believing it would resemble the others. Kid was we incorrect. We used this product and saw an instant enhancement within the first few hours. This is day 2 and the rash is nearly gone. Thank you thank you. We would suggest to anybody.

We chose the old kind made with talc, however it appears that talc is being eliminated most every other powder like this. This does appear to work simply as well as the original– we use it daily and it prevents us from getting an itchy, weepy rash under one of our breasts.

We just recently embraced a senior hospice pet dog in november2018 He’s 13 years old and was left with nerve damage, back sores, paralysis and 100% incontinence including his bowels/bladder from a back injury. He’s so susceptible to utis that we keep him in stubborn belly bands 24/ 7 and need to reveal his bladder by hand a minimum of 2x/day and change his diaper, damp or not. Some dog diapers/belly bands come with more annoying elastic latex leakage avoiding strips than others. There’s event on the exterior of the band which walks around his waist/back and covers his “manhood” (would not let us post utilizing the trade name) however there’s likewise leakage avoiding ‘skirting’ inside the diaper which is what aggravates him. He started getting a little pink on his stubborn belly and then he started getting red bumps where the latex inner liner pinches his skin. We figured if it can be utilized on infants it can be utilized on a pet dog who can’t lick that location any longer anyways. Revealed it to our veterinarian, she approved and after a week of utilizing it 2x/day the redness and bumps disappeared. Now we simply gently dust him and dab a thicker layer on any spots that appear like they’re a bit irritated. (this likewise works excellent for breast sweat and thigh rub, women and gents.) a little goes a long way and the fragrance is light and neutral- not medical or feminine at all so conserve some cash with this things. We star off for the challenging cap- it’s extremely hard to turn and change just how much comes out.

Got this as replacement for gold bond that is still made with talc, this product is cornstarch and high zinc oxide %. Functions better than gold bond, adheres better to your body, smells terrific. Not like medicine, and is considerably more protective for sensative skin.

Our 7 year child was getting up numerous times a night with an itchy bottom, this things stop the itching in its tracks hey there sleep, we suggest this things extremely for anybody and we are not earning money to compose this.

We utilized to use this powder a few years ago and it appeared to heal any and all skin inflammations. We just recently purchased some and container states new improved formula. The new powder has actually refrained from doing anything to heal or enhance skin inflammations. Desire we might buy the old unaltered powder we utilized to get.

This is the very best powder without a doubt. We utilized to buy it at a regional store, however they do not bring it any longer. It is the only powder that keeps our boy from breaking out in horrible diaper rash. We use it every night (he’s 21 months) due to the fact that he will break out in a rash from sleeping all night. We absolutely understand in the early morning if we forgot to powder him prior to bed. He now even asks for the powder.

We have 2 youngsters and they have actually sensitive skin. The cream ointments weren t dealing with rashes, they simply caught moisture. We can inform a distinction after the first diaper when we use this. We put on t use any other.

If you have a b cup or bigger, you understand that chest sweat is a fight. Pros: talc-free, not gritty, assists us remain cool, assisted to heal a case of irritable heat, nearly undetected fragrance, no color to stain clothes easy use bottle, keeps us cooler and drier on hot days and exercises, good pricecons: can pill up.

We have large breasts and have actually constantly had concerns with getting heat rash in between them when we need to use a sports bra. Now that we are aging and they are not as perky as they as soon as were, the rash is beneath them too. We have actually constantly attempted to treat it with cortisone, however it never ever actually provided much relief. We purchased this powder based upon the evaluations as we might not take the rash any longer, particularly under our breasts as it was avoiding us from workingout We put it on and it worked quickly. No more burning or itching given that we began utilizing it. We put it on prior to we go to the fitness center, and in the evening prior to bed. We visualize this being one of our preferred products of perpetuity due to the fact that it does what is guarantees.

We lastly found a product that assists keep our ‘folds’ dry. We like the feel of it too, it’s smooth.

Excellent powder for our child who is handicapped.

We understand powder is discredited however this is a lifesaver for us. If we see a tip of a rash we use this and it clears right up. When he was smaller sized it worked actually well on the folds of his skin to prevent rash, and under his neck.

This came extremely recommended to us from our moms and dads helped living caretakers who swear by it. It does keep you drier than absolutely nothing at all. We attempted this in an effort to escape talc. We were a standard user of the basic talc baby powder. We have actually trouble getting utilized to the fragrance of this. To us it’s extremely floral-y and old woman like. Nevertheless, that’s obviously simply me, our partner states he can’t smell it at all. We are likewise utilized to the silkiness of the basic talc talcum powder and this does not have that. We are going to attempt this brand in the blue bottle to see if that may have more silkiness and a various fragrance. We do not believe this works any better than the basic talc talcum powder, however it does work too and it does not have the talc.

This is the only product we have found to keep our senior mom dry. We have actually attempted various brands of powder and none worked as good as this. We use it after her baths to prevent heat rashes and yeast rashes in personal locations. She utilized to keep rashes and given that we began utilizing this 4 months ago she s had no rash, and no damaged skin. We do use a skin barrier cream on her bottom along with this, however under her arms and breasts we use simply this powder and her skin is ideal. Powder has a light clean fragrance, however is extremely light. Extremely suggest not simply for infants however for our aging love ones too.

We have extremely sensitive skin and dislike talc. We have search for creams and powders to alleviate the itching. This has actually gotten the job done for us. We no longer itch. We would absolutely provide it a shot.

Utilized this product several years ago and had actually not seen it in shops any longer. Was so pleased when we found it on. Functions excellent for redness and discomfort under breastsand cleans up issue fast. Doesn t have that fine dust that enters into the air and chooses whatever like baby cornstarch powder does. Has zinc oxide in it which is excellent for healing. Love this powder. Simply purchased another. Extremely suggest it.

We sweat a lot and we work long hours so we required something extra to take in the boob sweat and this works. We love the fragrance it produces when it s in action and when you first use it. It s subtle however it s there and it s rather enjoyable. We could not provide it 5 stars however due to the fact that it makes a mess on the flooring after application so bear in mind that. In addition, it only rubs out your hands with water so put on t use it then touch your hair like we did ??.

This is excellent things. Our skin is very sensitive and we can’t use most powders. Gold bond was okay however made us smell medical throughout the day, and utilizing fragrances, scented creams, etc, is one of our few extravagances. This has hardly any scent at all so our fragrances etc layer over it without a trace, does not aggravate the skin (even in sensitive locations), and takes in moisture on the body better than most. Fairly priced, too. We extremely suggest it, this is our new basic body powder.

First off, we wished to practice our product photography and we believed we would making the coolest looking talcum powder ever ?? however, we are not a baby. We are grown man with years of a sweaty, itchy down under. There is no talc in this which was the main factor we went with it. It assists alleviate sweat and itch. Our only problem is we are man who continuously gives off talcum powder.

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