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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cutemol Emollient Cream.

  • Created particularly for the worst cases of dry skin
  • Secures and assists heal skin harmed by frequent hand cleaning.
  • Utilized to alleviate severe dryness associated with hand eczema, atopic eczema and psoriasis
  • Use on split fingertips, dry fragile nails and cuticles
  • Cutemol seals in any moisture present which improves Cutemol’s emollient action

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Cutemol Emollient Cream.
Cutemol Emollient Cream satiates dry skin and leaves it feeling soft, flexible, and restored. Cutemol assists maintain the skin s natural moisture and is most effective for, however not restricted to, dry hands from frequent cleaning. Beeswax locks in moisture to prevent flaking. Perfect cream for fissured, split hands, feet and elbow skin. Cutemol s abundant formula takes in rapidly without leaving an oily residue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cutemol Emollient Cream.

Question Question 1

Does It Burn? Our Fingers Get Split Open Is It Going To Burn And Hurt?

Definitely not.we have actually been utilizing this cream on our dry split hands and fingers for over 10 years. we extremely advise this cream, it’s the only one that ever worked for us.

Question Question 2

Can You Use On Your Face Like The Mary Kay Emollient?

Yes. we use it on our face in the evening. Not every night, due to the fact that we simply do not keep in mind or take some time, however even then we see a distinction in our skin. we have excema/flaking/scaling whatever you wish to call it in our t-zone, particularly at the sides of our nose, and we have actually seen guaranteed enhancement utilizing this even simply when a week. Yes. we use it on our face in the evening. Not every night, due to the fact that we simply do not keep in mind or take some time, however even then we see a distinction in our skin. we have excema/flaking/scaling whatever you wish to call it in our t-zone, particularly at the sides of our nose, and we have actually seen guaranteed enhancement utilizing this even simply when a week.It is really thick and takes a few minutes to take in, though.we find it too oily to use in the early mornings.

Question Question 3

Why Does The Component List Above Not Match The Component List On The Box? Which One Is Correct?

short version.water, wax, lanolin, beeswax, sorbitan., isopropyl., sobium borate, allantoin, imidurea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance.somewhat abreviated variation of ingredients

Question Question 4

Expiration Date? We Find It Very Odd That There’S No Expiration Date On This Product.?

we put on t find an expiration date either however we have actually utilized this product for years. A tube lasts us a good very long time and never ever appears to ruin.

Question Question 5

How Does This Product Compare To Aquaphor? Our Hands Have Actually Been Bad Recently With The Covid And Continuous Washing. Aquaphor Not Treating It. Is This Better?

This is a lot ‘thicker than aquaphor. Not exactly sure what you suggest by ‘bad however Cutemol assisted us with dry and chapped hands in the winter season.

Question Question 6

Is This Product Checked On Animals?

No concept however really delighted with product.

Question Question 7

Does This Help Wrinkles On Hands And Arms?

It assists to keep your hands from ending up being dry.

Question Question 8

Does This Havea Scent?

Yes, It has a moderate scent that is hardly noticeable once the lotion is used.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cutemol Emollient Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually attempted whatever to control or heal our issue with thickening of fingertips then peeling and then agonizing breaking, consisting of modification of diet plan however it keeps continuing with no relief previously. The result was instant with the first use of the cream. We likewise have agonizing thickening and breaking of the heels likewise and it is assisting that also. Likewise the photo is an “after” about 99%better Wanting we got a “before” photo. Update. Nearly normal skin after utilizing this for 2 weeks. There still is some thickening and clubbing of the fingertips it is not peeling and breaking. Likewise the fractures on our feet are lessening. The 2nd photo is the most recent. Such an enhancement. We can not think this after suffering numerous years with this issue.

This is a terrific product, however you need to use it routinely. We are bad about putting it on every day and it is a sturdy cream that needs to be infiltrated the nails, cuticles and skin. When we do the outcomes are fantastic. We chose to check out the back of television the other day and it informs you after using, carefully rinse hands and rub it in once again. Sounds insane, however it works the cream in and eliminates the oily palms feeling we dislike. It assists the dry skin on either side of our nails and softens the cuticles, too. And you only require a small glob for both hands. We have actually been utilizing it with a sibling product, dermanail and as pointed out, if we correspond with use, our hands and nails are considerably improved.

In the winter season we get bad itchy raised bumps. Our skin fractures and bleeds. Utilizing cutemol eases the concerns nearly right away. Our skin specialist recommended this product as this is what physicians and nurses use. Cutemol is really thick and has a strong medicated fragrance however it s worth it.

Many products like soaps and hair shampoos appear to work for a week or two, even high-end ones that promote themselves as hypoalergenic. We get enthusiastic and buy more, then that intense itching sets in and we need to take a loss. We have actually utilized cutemol over 30 years because a skin specialist recommended it. They utilized to keep it at the counter of drug shops however they stopped and we needed to unique order it till. Cutemol is really effective. Our guidance is buy white cotton gloves and use them for an hour or two after you use it so that it can operate at it’s best.

Our father has actually had actually dry, split, peeling fingers for years that manifest throughout the winter season. He s attempted many treatments, ointments, creams, balms, gloves, etc however have never ever found anything that works. We came across this a few years ago and with constant use, it has actually avoided the breaking and peeling from returning. It s absolutely nothing except a miracle. Anybody with the exact same concerns can vouch for the pain sensation comparable to 1000 paper cuts. A bit goes a long way. We buy these for our father every year. Extremely extremely advise.

Our dry winter season hands are now soft and so are our feet. Like numerous specified it is really thick and takes some rubbing to place on, once you do its excellent. During the night we put it on our feet with socks to soften our winter season heels and gloves for our hands.

Our spouse and kid both have really dry hands. Our skin specialist recommended cutemol and it has actually been a lifesaver. This product carries out in one night what others take 3 or 4 to do – we can’t think how soft the young boys hands are. It is thick, so you do not require to overdo it utilizing it, however it absolutely suffices. We have actually reordered a number of times.

Our skin specialist recommended cutemol when we asked her what to do about our fingertips breaking from winter season dryness. We might not find cutemol in any regional shops so we bought from. It showed up the next day. We attempted it and it works better than any other had moisturizer that we have actually ever utilized. The disadvantage is, it is a bit expensive, we believe it was ~ $9. 00 for 2 ounces. Nevertheless, it is so focused that we only require a percentage to hydrate our hands.

We have really dry cuticles. Nearly absolutely nothing assists even if used a number of times a day. Prior to we found this product, we were utilizing a cuticle cream that can be found in small container (possibly a 1/4 oz. ). The cost for this small container was over $1800 Yes. It. Was. It wasn’t working and we went looking for something else when we strike upon cutemol. (delighted face.) both creams are readily available on however cutemol is available in a 2oz. Tube and works much better for only $1200 It actually works excellent. Do not attempt the other things till you attempt this. We use my own prior to bed and every so often throughout the day. You should correspond in utilizing any cuticle cream. Buy cutemol.

At the suggestion of our skin specialist, we attempted cutemol for dry hands and feet. Pricey for sure, however you only require a percentage and it works. Follow the guidelines on the label (moistening hands first) for better results. Likewise works well on cuticles and we even use a determine sized dot for an under-eye moisturizer. It’s a lot more expense effective than a cosmetic eye cream and the outcomes are better.

We acquired a small 2oz. Tube of this moisturizing cream to be utilized in combination with summers lab dermanail nail conditioner, a product recommended by our skin specialist. Both products are made by summers labs and are indicated to be utilized together, although our company believe any other good moisturizer would likewise work well. Cutemol is a thick white cream with a heavy dose of lanolin and mineral oil that develops an effective moisture barrier on the skin. It needs rubbing into ideally moist skin and it leaves fingers and palms feeling sticky and rather oily. It is for this factor that we do not use it throughout the daytime; application is best left prior to bedtime. When rubbed in on top of the dermanail, both products are locked down onto the surface area of the nail. If you have an interest in a hand cream that goes on rapidly and vanishes quickly, you will not more than happy with this product. If you have incredibly dry, split skin and most basic moisturizers have actually been inefficient, cutemol is a very good choice.

This lotion is on the thick side. Even after we rubbed it in, we still felt the lotion on our skin. Nevertheless, it does work well in keeping moisture. We wereh our hands a lot and this is what our skin specialist recommended. She stated it’s what they use at the workplace. Even after cleaning our hands a number of times after using the lotion, our hands still feel hydrated.

Wow, this cream actually does deal with our alligator feet. We use a pedicure ‘pumice tool’ to start with, and layer on the cream and cover with socks. In about a week, we might see a substantial distinction. Our feet feel softer than they have in years. Perhaps it is likewise due to our diligence, however with results like these, we are more apt to maintain with the regimen. We are purchasing the big container now.

This product came recommended by our skin specialist. We have such dry hands, especially our knuckles, and this product is the first one in a long line of products that works. We have actually observed a distinction and we put on t need to keep using it every 15 minutes. We put it on in the evening prior to we go to sleep and in the early morning prior to we leave for work.

Our dr. Recommended that we get this for our persistent contact dermatitis and it’s been assisting a lot. We extremely recommend this product if you’re dealing with incredibly dry skin.

This things works excellent on our hands. Does not aggravate them and hydrates better than anything else we have actually attempted. This is a practical size to bring in our bag. We likewise buy the bigger container for use in the house.

Worked marvels for our peeling hands, it’s a seasonal thing. This is one of the few products that we have found that assists. Does have a thick minor oily sensation however we take that over peeling hands any day.

We work outdoors and our hands get dry and split. This things is the very best for assisting to get rid of that. Extremely advise.

We have actually eczema so our hands are constantly split and bleeding. This cream has actually removed our skin concerns entirely. Best skin product we have actually ever utilized.

We have actually attempted this cream for about 1 week now. It appears work well in regards to moisturizing our hand skin. Nevertheless, it is really thick to spread out on hands, we use the technique – moisten our skin carefully so that it is simpler to use. Likewise, we want the odor might be more enjoyable, although it does not trouble us that much. One main factor we purchased this cream is more for our finger nails. For some factor, we discovered that our nails have actually been cracking, which it never ever took place previously. This cream states it deals with nails too, so we wish to provide it a shot. We think we require to wait for some time to see the outcome on our nails.

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