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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dr. Scholl’s Odor-x Antifungal Spray Powder.

  • Personal Care
  • Antiperspirants-deodorants
  • Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X smell combating Spray powder with Sweetmeat innovation takes in sweat and supplies all-day smell protection
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More Info:

Here are some more information on Dr. Scholl’s Odor-x Antifungal Spray Powder.
Design: Antifungal Foot Spray Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X smell combating Spray powder with sweetmeat innovation takes in sweat and supplies all-day smell protection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dr. Scholl’s Odor-x Antifungal Spray Powder.

Question Question 1

Will This Deal With Your Balls ??

Attempted it on a basketball and it sort of worked. Attempted it on an old baseball and worked better most likely since it soaked up the spraymore Attempted it on our sack and it burned.

Question Question 2

Do You Spray It On Your Feet Or In Your Shoes?

The can states to spray it on your feet

Question Question 3

We Wished To Use It On A Golf Club, To See Where The Club-Head Strikes The Ball, So Required It To Be White- IshPowder Is It? Thanks?

YES.That is precisely the factor we use it.And it works fantastic (as long as the lawn isn’t genuine damp).

Question Question 4

Is This An Aerosol Spray Can?

Yes. Instructions state spray on your feet. However we spray in our shoes and it works fine.

Question Question 5

Which Of The Dr. Scholl; S Smell Destroying Products Do You Recommend To Get The Odor Out Of A Leather Bag Purhased In Morocco?.?

we use the powder, that assists the smell from our shoes & feet, we hope it deals with your bag. Attempt all of it to ensure though.

Question Question 6

We Have Bought A Few Of These Bottles Over The Years However The Last 2 We Bought The Nozzle Became Blocked After Only A Few Utilizes. How Do You Unclog It?

we have not needed to use my own a lot of times yet as the spray appears to last rather some time prior to needing to respray it. we have utilized it a few times currently and have not had mine congested yet. Possibly it’s the humidity where you live? we would imagine warm water should unblock the nozzle

Question Question 7

Does Anybody Spray This In Their Shoes To Get Rid Of Smell?

we do n`t. we spray it on our gol-fclup to se where it strikes the ball.

Question Question 8

Can It Be Utilized In Shoes?

You spray it on the bottom of your foot and then wait for it to dry then put your sock on then shoes or if your using shoes simply wait for it to dry which it performs in a few seconds then placed on the shoe

Question Question 9

What Are The Ingredients?

Ingredients noted on can are: Isobutane, Alcohol Denat. (14% v/v), Zinc Oxide, Salt Bicarbonate, Scent.

Question Question 10

We Use Black Socks, Will This Spray Leave White Powder Discolorations All Over Our Socks? We Have Attempted Other Foot Sprays Which Got Extremely Frustrating. Thanks.?

we use black socks daily with the spray (obviously spray our feet and let product dry) and our socks are stain free.

Question Question 11


If your feet sweat a lot in summertime, you should to buy a number of cans of this product to enjoy your season without bad odor. It’s a great product.

Question Question 12

We Lease Shoes And Would Like A Product That We Can Spray Into The Shoes After EachUse Can We Use For This Purpose To Get Rid Of Smell?

This product has a truly good odor, like powder. It works marvels for odor and anything else sticking around in your shoes.

Question Question 13

Does It Help Control Moisture?

we do not believe so. It does keep the foot without sweat smells though.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dr. Scholl’s Odor-x Antifungal Spray Powder, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We use this to spray on golf club deals with so we can see effect imprints on the driving variety. Functions fantastic for this purpose.

So this is a really basic evaluation. This foot spray is developed to keep your foot dry and smell free all the time. We use gown socks and gown shoes every day for work. Our gown shoes look fantastic however they make our feet sweat and stink. You just spray this on your dry foot then put your sock on as your getting dressed. Your foot will remain dry and smell free all the time. We did this every day for 2 weeks when we first began utilizing it and ever since we will do it a number of times a week and more throughout the summertime. Our feet are dry and smelling fantastic. It s a no brainer. If your feet stink go get it.

We truly like this product we like it a lot better than the powder. The only con is when we spray on our shoes we need to be really mindful since it will leave a white appearance. We sprayed them in our socks we sprayed them in our shoes and on our feet we work long hours and not the most comfy shoes and we utilized to have an issue with after our shift our feet smelling and this has resolved that issue. We will continue to buy this.

Seriously this will conserve numerous smelly shoes. We do not use socks and some of our shoes specifically the product kind have established a smelly foot odor. We attempted other products and those were hardly covering the stink – this is ensured to eliminate the stink so we attempted it a few years back and have rebought for more recent shoes that have established exact same issue. You might require to use two times prior to the stink is gone. Btw, we are not a gross individual however for whatever factor specific shoes without socks can establish a stink – this is your response.

We have never ever composed an evaluation for anything we have bought on. And, we buy things on like every day. This things works. Duration. Our circumstance was so bad, we were beginning to leave our shoes outside. And one sock in the space would be a miasma of smell. Now. It’s all good. We spray some in our shoes, and on our feet daily, or every other day, and voila. We have checked out much of the evaluations here that claim this product only masks smells. However, for us, it repaired the issue. Purchasing another now.

We love this things. Had a concern with odor in our sperrys stinking up our dormitory. Browsed all over the web for tips from freezing our shoes, to packing them with anti-static sheet over night. Absolutely nothing worked up until we encountered this spray. We simply spray it in our shoes occasionally (perhaps one or two times a month) and it works fantastic. It has worked so well that we spray all our other shoes simply for safe procedure and have purchased another can. If you are having concerns with foot or shoe smell, this is the solution.

We work long hours in the healthcare facilities and am continuously moving, rapidly, all over the location. Undoubtedly, our feet do tend to sweat, and then they make our shoes smell. We were looking for solutions online when we became aware of this and figured we would offer it a shot. Love it. Functions like an appeal. We are returning customer and will keep returning.

Relief at long last for our foot smell issue. We never ever believed anything would work so we were hesitant however kid, did we end up being a follower. Thank you, thank you. We can now eliminate our shoes with self-confidence amongst company and even without earning ourselfout Definitely does what it states it would.

Miracle spray. We had the worst smelling feet in the united states prior to we utilized this. Now its 100% gone. We utilized the smell eaters likewise. And both worked like a champ. No requirement for any more charcoal filters for our shoes. We extremely advise it.

This is a fantastic product works incredibly.

We purchased this to use when we are using gown shoes or flats without socks. It does help, a lot. Particularly on smell. We can use shoes without socks all the time at work and our feet aren’t reeking at the end of the day. They still have a little foot funk however absolutely nothing that you would discover without putting your nose right as much as your feet/shoes. It likewise assists some with sweat, however not if we are doing great deals of strolling. The one thing we do not like is it is unclear, it’s white. It does not provide a big concern for us since we have really reasonable skin so if it reveals we can sort of simply rub it in. However if you are not super pale, this will reveal so if you use it while using shoes or peep toes we make certain it would essentially appear like you had white spray paint on your feet. Some customers have stated they spray it into their shoes. We have not done this since the majority of our gown shoes are black, and this would appear on them for sure. Furthermore, some customers have stated that this makes a big, toxic stinky cloud. Go easy on the nozzle, and you’ll be fine. It does not take much. We hold the nozzle about 6 inches far from our foot, and do one little spurt on the bottom, then another on our toes. You do not require to hold the nozzle and spray all over.

This things is fantastic. We have super sweaty feet, and though we constantly use clean socks, and never ever keep our shoes on beyond work, our shoes constantly wind up definitely reeking. For a lady, this is truly humiliating. A colleague informed us about this things one day, and stated they worked miracles for her sweetheart’s smell concerns, so we figured we would offer it a shot. First time we used it, we might feel a distinction. It kept our feet drier than we might remember them being for a while, and we could not smell that nasty foot smell while removing our socks. This things is fantastic. The unfavorable of this is as you spray it, it gets all over the location, so you wish to beware where you’re spraying, and what you’re using while you spray, as it dries white. This things likewise does not work rather along with the regular powder, which we attempted later on. The spray is much easier to use, obviously, however for full efficiency, you must certainly go with the powder. Powder’s a bit messier, and takes a bit longer to use, however it takes in a lot more, which keeps your feet drier, and entirely stink-free.

Truly works, we will require more.

Due to a foot injury we are now needed to use custom developed orthopedic inserts in our shoes which are not breathable in the least. As a result, our feet sweat a load now and the inserts and our shoes began o odor bad rapidly. This spray eliminates the odor on both. Fair caution, the spray does have a weird smell, plus there is the odor of aresol itself when you use it, so we found it is best to spray our shoes in the restroom right prior to going to sleep, and leave them in there overnight. In this manner the odor can diffuse overnight and the shoes are ready to go the next early morning. It will leave a fine powder on your products also, however it gets the job done. We began by spraying whatever every night, today we only appear to require to use it when a week.


We never ever compose an evaluation, so this is big haha. We are triathlete and run/cycle 6 days out of the week. We do not use socks since in a shift from the swim to bike and bike to run it lose time to place on socks. So, we developed our capability to go sock-less by never ever using socks. This caused every set of shoes we use, working out or not, to smell something strong. So bad that our shoes are frequently left outside since they smell so terrible. We purchased this spray to attempt something to repair the odor. In the past, about every 2-3 weeks, we would simply do a shoe load of laundry and that would help for a bit however the odor would come right back. We have utilized this spray for about a month now, we spray our shoes after we run, ride, or get home from work. Essentially anytime we stroll in the front door, we offer the shoes a spray straight into the shoes. This has kept our shoes from being left outside, as they do not truly smell any longer. The odor returns after we run and sweat into our shoes, however a quick spray with this and the odor is gone once again. If you are an athlete and require to reduce the odor from sweaty health club shoes, this is something we would recommend you attempt. It takes about one extra minute to spray the shoes after using them, however it deserves it. Likewise, the spray does not smell that strong. Numerous evaluations had us fretted about it. It smells like you would anticipate a sodium bicarbonate including shoe/foot spray to odor. Strike each shoe on the within with a quick spray and you will be a much better individual.

Im a store supervisor and with working a lot of hours this time of year, this product is a muat have for us. It works fantastic, doesn t stain anything, and doesn t odor bad. Really has a rather enjoyable odor.

This is the only product we have found to remove foot smells. We attempted other products and was resigning to the concept that we would never ever be rid of the smell. The other products likewise had strong scents, however this is the only one that really eliminates the foot odor. We extremely advise it.

Functions fantastic for our hubbies boat shoes he uses without socks.

We love it. In the beginning it had us fret becasue we sprayed our boots and our good friends shoes and the odor returned. Once we sprayed it a 2nd time, the odor didn’t return and our boots are conserved. Extremely advise.

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