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Dr. Sheffield Triple Antibiotic Ointment

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    Question Question 1

    What Are The Ingredients?

    Bacitracin ZincNeoourcin SulfatePolyourxin-B Sulfate

    Question Question 2

    Where Is This Product Manufactered? And Is Each Tube Foil Sealed Under Cap?

    Made inUSA Not foil-sealed. Best low-cost antibiotic ointment.

    Question Question 3

    What Is The Weight? The Number Of Oz Each?

    0.33 oz in each tube. They are the size of a travel tooth paste. Nevertheless, a travel toothpaste has 0.85 oz inside. The 0.33 oz will only use up about 1/3 – 1/2 of television. Hope this assists.

    Question Question 4

    Is This Okay To Use For Ceasarian Wound?

    we are retired nurse and we believe it would be okay nevertheless constantly speak with with your O Bbefore useing anything on your wound.

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dr. Sheffield Triple Antibiotic Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

    We felt bad that our preferred ointment was getting a bad rep., so chose to compose an evaluation. We utilized to buy it from dollar tree for a dollar, however they no longer offer it. We really got more bang for our dollar when we purchased it there. The tube our company believe was the very same size however full, not cut in half. It’s a miracle in a tube, it recovers cuts quickly without leaving a scar behind. We are going to call the company and recommend them about sealing the product better, and inquire about the volume in the plan, why so little bit. It has constantly been unsealed however we never ever had any problems with an infection when utilized on our cuts and that of our child, only quick healing. It truly is an excellent product with space for enhancement with product packaging. 4 stars due to the fact that of the product packaging though.

    Miracle is a tube. Our kid had scraps from falling at the park on her face. We were soooo mad. Our mom inlaw offered us this & by the nxt day you can see a substantial distinction. By day 3 yiu can hardly inform what took place.

    It assisted to make a rash that we had disappear without remaining on physician rx medicine that cost us a lot more cash.

    Thswe would be product, if only it was available in larger size. Functions excellent for blisters are that trigger by vaccines.

    Dr sheffield products suffice to relief pain n irritation. Good things.

    Functions better than much greater priced products.

    This product is so helpful and truly works. Extremely suggest it:-RRB-.

    Have utilized product prior to and liked.

    Good product.

    Good worth.

    Terrific product.

    Utilized this on our buddy and it recovered her cut rapidly.

    According to caretaker, this product works excellent.

    Minor injuries heal much more quickly than not utilizing any antibiotic.

    We utilized this product for individual use.

    It works.

    As a mama of 5 kids ages 1-9 we love this product. It has the active component polyourxin b, which is not only an antibiotic, however likewise a topical numbing representative. We use a great deal of essential oils, and attempt to remain on the natural path, however in some cases, when a kid is shrieking due to the fact that he crashed his bike on the black top, we simply require the tears, and shrieking to stop. Specifically when several kids have injuries at the very same time. This takes the pain away in minutes, and permits us to better comfort our kids. This product is terrific, and we keep it in our emergency treatment kit in the cars and truck. Our kids will even ask for that we get the “special stuff” out of the cars and truck for their truly unpleasant boo boos. We were at a playgroup for young children one day, and a 3 years of age fell, and got a bad carpet burn on his face. He yelled for 20 minutes, till we got this product out of our emergency treatment kit and offered it to his mother. The weeping stopped 2 minutes after she put it on him. A peace of mind, and ear, saver for sure.

    This is the very best ointment you might ever buy and the rate is amazing compared to store costs.

    We put this ointment on cuts & they heal much faster.

    Functions excellent.

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