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Drawing Salve Grooming Aid Ichthammol Ointment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Drawing Salve Grooming Aid Ichthammol Ointment.

  • A soothing external application for horses with minor skin injuries or inflammations.
  • CONTAINS: Ichthammol 20% Emollient Base 80%

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Drawing Salve Grooming Aid Ichthammol Ointment.
Drawing Salve – Previously referred to as Ichthammol 20% Ointment, Ammonium bituminosulfonate in an emollient base, for external use only as an antiseptic emollient for the skin. The active component has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and fungicidal homes. This ointment is frequently utilized to pack hooves, and can likewise be utilized for wound treatment and to eliminate itching.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Drawing Salve Grooming Aid Ichthammol Ointment.

Question Question 1

Is This For People?

we purchased this hoping it was the exact same formula as what we utilized to be able to buy in the drug store. The consistency and smell were not the exact same, and it did not carry out as hoped. The printing on the mailer appeared to suggest it had been delivered from someplace in Eastern Europe where maybe one can still buy the old Ic we purchased this hoping it was the exact same formula as what we utilized to be able to buy in the drug store. The consistency and smell were not the exact same, and it did not carry out as hoped. The printing on the mailer appeared to suggest it had been delivered from someplace in Eastern Europe where maybe one can still buy the old Icthammol, however this things was definitely not it in our opinion.Maybe we got a bad batch. Years ago we might buy a tube of 25 percent Icthammol, and for our family maturing on a farm, it avoided major infections for over 25 years.Now it appears the federal government ‘safeguards’ us from utilizing it, yet we understand a skin specialist who states Icthammol does, certainly, promote healing.

Question Question 2

Is This More Powerful Than Prid?

Appears muchstronger than Prid.we had a sebaceous cyst on our back that was 3″ across and 1″ high {medical professional had run two times} and we utilized Icthammol for a few months.the entire thing opened and the cyst popped out whole.amazing things.

Question Question 3

We Simply Purchased This Product Is This For People Or Animals Is So We Believe We Should Cancel.We Want It For A Boil We Have?

it morks well as a drawing representative for boils or pimples, simply make certain that the boil is covered as the ictammol is unpleasant.

Question Question 4

Does This Ichthammol Like A Tar Color?

Yes ichthammol ointment is black much like tar

Question Question 5

Can Human Beings Use This Product As A Drawing Salve?

Our family has been utilizing this product for over 60 years.It utilized to be offered in the drug store in tube type (ICTHYAMINOL). we only utilized as a drawing salve for slivers, thorns etc.It has worked well for us.We have never ever utilized it for swellings or other such things.

Question Question 6

What Are The Ingredients? We Have an interest in What Remains In The Ichthammol And Just What Is The Emollient Base Used.Thank-You?

Ichthammol is a naturally taking place compound that is distilled from shale.The container that we have has Ichthammol, anhydrous lanolin and amber petrolatum as ingredients.

Question Question 7

Well In Fact We Were Wondering What The Bottle Was Made from.?

The exact same a toothpaste tube

Question Question 8

What Are The Ingredients On The Label? – Thanks?

Ingredients are ichthammol 20%, anhydrous lanolin and amber petrolatumWe called it the black salveour mom utilized it to draw boils nd other wound care.Says “for animal use only” however we use all of it the time

Question Question 9

Has This Anybody Utilized This Product On Embedded Blackberry Thorns?These Thorns Do Not Come Out On their own And We Truly Required Some Help.?

we have not however the things appears to draw out A LOT (ingrained foxtails in our pet dogs skin). Most likely time, ointment, & exceptional tweezers?

Question Question 10

Where Is This Made?

we do not understand where this is made, nevertheless we utilized to buyit in tube type at our regional druggist as long back as 1952 for assisting draw out thorns slivers etc.We still use it for that purpose.It has been really handy as we have raised 6 really active children.Hope this is handy

Question Question 11

Why Has The Original Variation Been Prohibited From The Usa? And Does This Product Deal With Drawing Out Boils?

Too many individuals were treating skin cancer with it rather of surgical treatment. It must quickly deal with boils. we normally leave an appropriate amount on over night.

Question Question 12

Okay We Don’T Speak Russian, What Remains In This Things?

It is a drawing salve to Aid in eliminating splinters and so onYou put some on the preferred location, cover w/ a bandage and leave on overnight.In the a. m. the splinter must beout Warning-it smells dreadful.( Like creosote). however works like magic.It utilized to be offered in United States however is no longer.we do not understand why and ne It is a drawing salve to Aid in eliminating splinters and so onYou put some on the preferred location, cover w/ a bandage and leave on overnight.In the a. m. the splinter must beout Warning-it smells dreadful.( Like creosote). however works like magic.It utilized to be offered in United States however is no longer.we do not understand why and neither did our pharmacistwho swears by it

Question Question 13

What remains in It?

Active Ingredients: Ammonium Bituminosulfonate,20%. Non-active Ingredients: Anhydrous Lanolin Amber Petrolatum

Question Question 14

How Does It Deal with Swellings?

we are not a medical professional, however we do not believe it will deal with swellings.Ichthammol is planned as a “drawing ointment” to draw pus from contaminated or suppurating sores.

Question Question 15

Can This Be Utilized This For Ringworm On Pets? Attempted Lots Of Antifungal Cream/Spray & She Keeps Getting New Spots.?

we do not understand. we utilized it on our pet likewise and didn’t see any healing to his skin

Question Question 16

Is This Made In The Usa? ThankYou Judy?

The brand we got was not as imagined. we got “VET-one” brand NDC # 13985-0216-14 rather than “Phoenix” brand. This was okay with us as the “VET-one” brand is made in USA and dispersed by MWwe out of Meridina, ID.(888) 694-8381 www.vetone.net

Question Question 17

Can We Use It On Our Canine To Draw A Porcupine Quill To The Surface Area?

we do not believe so. a quill is barbed in reverse so the only thing we understand of is to take a set of pliers and rip itout the better response is take the pet to the veterinarian,and have them do it.the salve will draw any infection from the wound nevertheless.

Question Question 18

Will It Stain Sofa/ Bed Linen/ Carpets Is Utilized On Pet Dogs Tummy?

we make sure it will.stains bandages when used, however it’s a terrific product for drawing out out boils and so on

Question Question 19

Can This Be Utilized On Toddlers?

No we would not use this on a young child

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Drawing Salve Grooming Aid Ichthammol Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Bought this (yes a big substantial container rather of a small tube) to help get the various splinters our kids appear to get all the time. You understand the small tiny ones that hurt like heck yet you still can’t get them out no matter what type of tweezers you attempt ?? this has worked well (& painlessly) on the new splinters, it does take 1-3 days however all it takes is a bandage with a little dab of this below so it’s really easy to use. It did not deal with the 2 splinters that were more than 2-3 days old. Our spouse was getting a boil-like sore on his neck & we utilized a dab about the size of a cent on it overnight & the sore almost vanished. The white head part was gone & all that was left was a raised red mark that was half the size it use to be. This is thick however quickly spreadable, our auntie use to have a various brand that was so thick it required to be warmed prior to it might be spread out anywhere. (it likewise pulled out splinters quicker. Obviously we do not keep in mind the name & can’t find the exact same looking plan) this things does smell somewhat like coal, however it’s not dreadful. With the amount we got we are quite sure our grandkids will have the ability to use this container to get their splinters out.

Ichthammol is ammonium bituminosulfonate. A number of customers commented that this is not ichthammol. Nevertheless, this is ichthammol. When we got this, we were worried since the label did not state ichthammol; it stated the active component is 20% ammonium bituminosulfonate, which we searched for on the web. We found ammonium bituminosulfonate is the exact same as ichthammol. (the label likewise states the non-active ingredients are anhydrous lanolin and amber petroleum.) we bought this from in november2015 We were looking for information on drawing salves, which we had become aware of however didn’t understand much about. We found this product on and chose it would be good to have on hand. We are grateful we got this product. This great big tub is 4 inches high and 3 1/2 inches in size. Considering that we have gotten it, we have had a number of little cuts. We used this product with a q-tip and covered the cuts with bandages. The cuts recovered really rapidly. Likewise, we got a pimple, and we used this, covering with a bandage, for overnight. After 2 nights the pimple was practically gone. That is really fast, for us. We checked out an evaluation by another customer, who stated it’s good to use heat, like a warm washcloth in a plastic bag, after using the ichthammol and covering with a bandage. We prepare to attempt that next time. According to wikipedia, ichthammol has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and fungicidal homes. 2 more things: made in usa; and the product is 14 oz., or396 9 grams. That’s a lot. Compare that to those small little tubes.

We got a nasty red (contaminated?) location on a finger after getting a cut. Presumed there was something stuck in it, however could not get itout After 2 weeks of playing around with antibiotic creams and other healing products and getting no place, we were getting worried and it was down to bought this or go to the medical professional (who likely would not do anything). Looks likegreenish-black nasty things. Utilized this for 3 days, 3 applications each day covered with a bandaid. Small (metal?) chips began to come out on the 3rd day. We continued to use for another 2 days, two times a day and after one week total use our finger looked respectable and we stopped utilizing it. We will keep this substantial container for future issues. Worth the cash even if we never ever require it agian. Old time remedy worked for us.

The ichthammol oinmtent is one of those products that finishes the job when others fell. We have attempted lots of other products for pests bite that did finish the job however at a greater rate. Not only is it good for insect bites the ointment can be utilized for various things. Some of the other usages are, the treatment of stings, treatment of boils, splinter removal, and the treatment of poison ivy. You can likewise use it for minor skin infection. This is a fantastic product and you do get your cash worth.

Have not utilized it yet, however we have constantly had some on hand. This large volume will last our family for life, however we might not withstand the offer. The little tube contains only an ounce however is a lot more pricey. The label states this is for horses however ingredients are the exact same (neigh).

This is not the brand we normally buy, and given that our typical brand was not offered we chose to go with thisone Priced right in the middle of the other options. We have given that utilized it to draw slivers and reduce boils/ blisters and it has worked overnight on both so we are really pleased with the purchase. We make sure it will work similarly well on ingrown hairs, finger/ toe nails and a wide range of other conditions for you and your family pets. A tub this size lasts us 2 to 3 years typically for best outcomes use a sterilized dressing over it to prevent it from getting rubbed off. Odd odor however not offending at all, in truth you will find out to love it. Apply with a q-tip, as a little goes a long way.

Our relative had a splinter in her foot. We attempted whatever to get it out: tweezers, magnifying glass, needle, and so on. After a week of hurting and the start of an infection, we drove to a cvs pharmacy. The pharmacist encouraged us that they stopped offering this product and to attempt browsing online. After using the cream and protecting it with a large bandage, the splinter worked its way out in 2 days. We extremely advise this product.

This ointment drew out a deep splinter from our finger that had remained in there a month and appeared to be getting more uncomfortable. Our sis recommended this. Why didn’t our medical professional understand about this things? we used it with a bandaid cover at 7 pm. We reapplied it at 8 am. At midday, we plucked it off the finger where it lay. No pain. A week later on, the wound is recovered. Wherever you get this ointment, it works.

This product is not found nonprescription any longer. We need to state this is a fantastic product everybody need to have on hand. This container will most likely last a life time. We utilized this on a wasp sting this previous summertime and it works excellent. Our spouse utilized it on a boil and within a day whatever was drained pipesout It works. Most likely not something you would use frequently however excellent to have when you do.

This things is hard to find and we were grateful to get it. This big tub will last permanently. We utilized to call it ‘drawing salve’ or ‘coal tar’ to draw splinters out and for rashes, boils, abrasions, and so on. It basically got managed the marketplace for human use and is”for animal use only” (someone please describe to us why garden hoses now come with severe warns that they contains cancer triggering representatives and to thoroughly wash your hands after dealing with the pipe, however this old antiseptic that has been around for centuries is now thought about unsuited for human use however safe for animals). It’s an odd world we reside in, people.

Ickthamol 20% is offered at equestrian shops or through. It is a thick black drawing substance initially utilized to eliminate stones and grit from horses hooves. Ultimately equestrians understood that it you have a thorn or splinter this salve can draw it out really rapidly. And promote overnite healing. It is constantly on hand in our home+ we would not lack it. (do not get it on sheets fabrics or upholstery. ).

Yes, this is the old “black salve” that mommy utilized to receive from the pharmacy. We understand it’s an enormous tub allegedly for veterinary use however it worked excellent on the small thorns anchored all over our human arms from doing yardwork and it will last permanently.

We purchased this and utilized it on our leg for a deep infection, cellulitis. It is assisting to bring it to the surface area and im so pleased about that. It works to draw out infection. Have a methods to go however really pleased with the outcomes up until now.

We use this drawing salve for basically whatever. Splinters/ ingrown hairs/ under the skin acne. Functions marvels without harmful skin by attempting to dig things out from below.

Functions excellent our pet entered into a fight with a roaming had a quite bad infection 4 days of this (when wound was lanced) no infection at all note wear gloves it does have an odor. Alot like tar.

We utilized it for a splinter that we had that had “festered” and hurt. This product is hard to find any longer so although the container is larger than we required we purchased it anyhow. The product does work, however another brand worked better for us, unfortunatley it is no longer being made.

We are 46 years of ages and women, if you get in grown hairs on your neck or chin like we do, you need to buy this. It pulled out a patch of in grown hairs in 2 hours. We put it on in a clump and covered it with a bandage and in 2 hours, we might tweeze the hairs allout Incredibly pleased with this product.

Old remedy for infection, splinter removal (simply salve & a bandage) overnight works excellent.

This is the only drawing salve we use. It normally takes a day approximately to clean up any skin offenses.

Exact same grade as the human things that they charge an arm and a legfor Precise exact same ingredients and strength. We now have a life time supply.

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