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Elastoplast Blister Large Plasters

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  • Instantly relieves the pain
  • Faster healing with hydrocolloid innovation
  • Waterproof and essentially invisible

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Product DescriptionProduct Description Elastoplast’s blister plaster large relieves pain from pressure instantly. It is perfect for blisters on heels, and can be used for a number of days. Functions: assists blisters heal faster cushions and safeguards blisters transparent plasters, contains 5 plasters. Instructions Use on clean, dry skin. Press on securely and smooth down. Ought to only be altered when it removes by itself. For open blisters, extra disinfection is recommended.Set Contains:1 x Elastoplast Blister 5 Large Plasters

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Best bandages in deep space. Mrs hambone.

Our new go to product for those tough blisters. Dream we had this in the sports bag years back. Worth every penny.

We purchased these while backpacking in australia, after a week or so we would established a number of dreadful blisters from excessive walking in bad shoes. They were full-blown blisters with big water bubbles that look so appealing to pop. Got these at a regional pharmacy and they covered entirely around the toe, covering the blister entirely. We were sceptical initially, however the covered blister was safe from friction or any even more caused pain from strolling. It stuck on rather well too, and guidelines on package stated to leave it there up until it came off by itself. Fast-forward a few days, the plaster began peeling at the edges and event dirt in the sticky parts, so we pulled it off. Our blister was nearly entirely recovered. No more water bubble, and the skin had recovered too. Exceptional product, we simply want they offered this in our home nation too, however for now we are thankful we can buy as lots of as we can from.

We acquired this product in 2015 in canada. We had established blisters from treking. It’s not uncommon for us to get blisters from treking, however we have never ever had a product treat them so efficiently. The patch seals the blister and enables it to heal in a secured location. We might continue to trek with this on. Then it falls off in a couple days and your blister is virtually recovered. We require to bring this product to the us.

Last update on 2021-03-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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