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    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Question Question 1

    What Are The Ingredients?.?

    As the name recommends, Tolnaftate 1% is the main active ingredient. The cream works and has actually treated our fungal infection.

    Question Question 2

    Where Is This Made?

    Cerritos, California90703 It worked well for us.better than other creams.

    Question Question 3

    Will We Really Get A Pack Of 3 1Oz Tubes If We Order From This Advertisement?

    we got 3 … so our idea is that you will get 3.

    Question Question 4

    Is This Product Effective For Toe Nail Fungus? Or?

    we have not found anything for toe nail fungus other than some tablets, and these are hazardous to the liver. Tolnaftate and clotrimazole (we alternate these) are excellent at keeping fungus managed on the skin around the nails.

    Question Question 5

    Is The Expiration Date Far Out Or Within 6 Months (Asked Sep 2019)?

    Mine ends 11/2020 and we have had it 6 months

    Question Question 6

    Is It The Like Fungicream?

    No, fungicream is generic lamisil, tolnaftate is generic tinactin

    Question Question 7

    How Is It Understood That The Active Component Is As Listed?With A Popular Brand We Presume Credibility Threat Prevents Unfaithful.?

    we buy generics all the time and we do not understand the distinction or how you can inform if the product has the ingredients the label states it has unless you send it to an independent lab. pay the name brand cost then and do not question the rest people that pick not to

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Family Care Tolnaftate Antifungal Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    This product is essentially tinactin, and it works along with the top quality product. It’s far less than the brand, and we can’t inform a distinction. The product is available in a 3 pack, and each tube remains in a box with a tamper-resistant foil cover on television opening. No unusual odor or other indications of unusual non-active ingredients. It’s made in south korea, however the expiration date is over a year away, so we question somebody is discarding their scrap. It’s every bit as good as tinactin, and we will continue utilizing it.

    We have actually utilized lotrimin in the past however this things appears to work simply fine. Cleaned up a bout of athlete’s food in a few days. We have actually continued to use for numerous weeks now and likewise appears to be dealing with a toe nail that’s had a fungus issue for a few years. We have actually given that purchased a 6-pak. Can’t beat the cost.

    Utilized this on our guinea pigs. All 4 captured ringworm when we presented a new one to their group, and this things utilized with weekly antifungal shampoo applications worked a miracle in 10 days for the one that can be found in with it. 2x a day relieves itching and treatments it, enabling hair regrowth.

    A comparable generic at our regional pharmacy chain costs $12 per tube so it was an easy choice to attempt this product for $2. It is packaged much like the pharmacy variations, was delivered and got here extremely rapidly (faster than the projected time variety). We had actually been fretted that the product may be a closeout or near expiration, however it wasn’t. There were more than 2 years staying till expiration date marked on television. We are happy with this product and supplier, and delighted to conserve numerous $$ vs. The regional chain’s generic (not to point out vs. The even more costly brand).

    Outstanding in looking after dry whitish cracks and fractures in back of heels.

    Worked like a beauty. We had some actually bad fungus/athlete s foot on both our feet & the itching was excruciating. The blisters were so revolting and awful. We used this things two times a day for ~ 2 and a half weeks. All gone. Now our feet look gorgeous and smooth once again.

    This things works fantastic. Was questioning if it would work like the name brands, sure does, advise this fully.

    Excellent product. As effective as the name brand, however a lot less expensive. No undesirable odor from the product and appears to be non-staining. Would absolutely buy once again.

    Assisted us to get rid of our professional athletes foot. Excellent alternative to costly name brand products.

    Very same ingredients and efficiency as prescription alternative costing 5 to 10 times more.

    Excellent worth. Very same active component as the more costly brands. Delivering was a little on the sluggish side once it arrived we were extremely delighted with the product.

    This is a high quality cream, however it keeps the fungal response to a minimum rather of diminishing the source.

    Tenia mis miedos porq nunca he comprado medicinas por web. Pero todo us llego perfecto.

    Appears to be working simply as well as the other more costly brands. Been utilizing it for numerous months now.

    Excellent product and inexpensive.

    Outstanding for itchy feet.

    Treatments fast.

    Excellent purchase.

    Good product and good deal.

    Functions as good as tinactin. High marks. Hellas cost.

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