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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of FirstChoice Extra Durable Moleskin.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Extra Durable 2″ x 5 Lawn roll – greatest quality- Happily made in the USA
  • Prevent Blisters, Calluses, Chafing, Rash, And More.
  • 100% Cotton Moleskin with Premium Adhesive
  • Flesh colored strong product

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More Info:

Here are some more information on FirstChoice Extra Durable Moleskin.
Size: Original variation Thank you for pickingFirstChoice Whether you have blisters, sores, corns, calluses, chafing, or any other problem that is friction or weight-related, we’re here to help.
Our Moleskin Roll is developed to provide you a maximum amount of moleskin that is still small adequate to pack around with you. The measurement is 2″ x 5 lawns(15 feet). If you require a smaller sized piece, this product is easy to cut into smaller sized pieces. A pointer for cutting: Turn the moleskin to where you are seeing the white back-side of the moleskin. Draw the style of whatever shape and size you are attempting to cut. After you sufficed, you can remove the white behind prior to positioning.
FirstChoice Moleskin is 100% Cotton, Latex Free, and is backed with PremiumAdhesive
If you do find that you are having trouble with the moleskin sticking, here is another suggestion: When you are ready to use the moleskin, prior to eliminating the white support, rub the moleskin in between your fingers. This will heat the adhesive and enable for better sticking. After rubbing till the moleskin feels warm, eliminate the support and put the moleskin.
As constantly, here at FirstChoice we provide a 100% Cash-Back Fulfillment Warranty. If you have any concerns at all please call us straight and we will ensure you’re looked after.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on FirstChoice Extra Durable Moleskin.

Question Question 1

Were The Moles Put Down Humanely Utilizing Approved Euthanasia Guidlines?

Presuming you are severe, this is not in fact made from genuine moles.

Question Question 2

Dumb Question However Do You Put This On Your Shoe Or Your Skin?

Your skin.You put it where you may get a blister or sore spot on your foot.This moleskin is good and thin, unlike Dr. Scholl’s, so it will not impact the fit of your shoe.

Question Question 3

How Thick Is The Mole Skin?

Very same density as the popular brand.just right to use under a sock in a shoe

Question Question 4

Does It Help Avoiding Blisters? The Blisters Appear In Our 2 Big Toes When We Do Jogging.?

The product is exceptional at avoiding blisters, we use it on our heels to prevent getting blisters there.It ought to deal with your toes also, simply use care when using.

Question Question 5

Does This Moleskin Have Any Cushioning On It?

Hi Compute, As the others have stated, there’s not always extra cushioning. Douglas offered a terrific description, we attempt to keep the Moleskin thin so that it can remain in location over location locations. The adhesive is strong enough and it is thin enough to remain in location more quickly than other brands. Thanks.

Question Question 6

Who S Skin Color Is It? Seriously Men, It S 2019 We Have Been Over This Concern.?

* whosewe do not believe it’s anybody’s skin color, however if you’re getting upset over the color of a product possibly you ought to get your head inspected.

Question Question 7

Exists Adhesive On It? Will It Stick?

Yes, there is adhesive and it sticks rather well in fact. we used them for over 6 hours, and it hung on to our foot effectively.

Question Question 8

Can You Put This Tape On Clothing.We Have Elastic Shorts That Are Itchy At The Waist?

You most likely could, however when you cleaned them, it would come straight off.

Question Question 9

Does It Eliminate Easily?We Are Intriguing In Utilizing It On Our Forehead As A Protective Layer Throughout Cold Topping Throughout Chemotherapy.?

we would not advise this for use on your head/face or any sensitive skin. It has a strong adhesive as it’s implied to remain in location. It does not remove quickly and will/may leave a sticky residue. It is best for its desired use (on really active feet) and we will only advise it for that. we do not have an alternate s we would not advise this for use on your head/face or any sensitive skin. It has a strong adhesive as it’s implied to remain in location. It does not remove quickly and will/may leave a sticky residue. It is best for its desired use (on really active feet) and we will only advise it for that. we do not have an alternate idea for you. Good luck with your search.

Question Question 10

Can You Where It In The Shower Like Athletic Tape?

Gets soaked in shower

Question Question 11

Will This Mole Skin Stick To A Shoe’S Tongue?

It is not super sticky. we have a below knee amputation and use when we get blisters however we generally require to use tape to keep it in location. Might be since of place of blisters.

Question Question 12

Is This Latex Free?

Im not exactly sure. sorry.

Question Question 13

Any Technique To Getting It To Stick Towe Bottom Of Our Foot? It Starts To Move Off As Quickly As We Put A Sock On.?

It stays with the bottom of our heal fine, as long as our foot is attempt when we put it on. Socks do not pull it off. It does move off after a while of hard running/sweating, however our company believe all products would. If we require it to remain in location throughout a soccer video game, we wrap entirely around our foot with electrical tape, on both end It stays with the bottom of our heal fine, as long as our foot is attempt when we put it on. Socks do not pull it off. It does move off after a while of hard running/sweating, however our company believe all products would. If we require it to remain in location throughout a soccer video game, we wrap entirely around our foot with electrical tape, on both ends of the moleskin. Electrical tape extends perfectly and holds it in location without the wrinkles or discomfort of some athletic tapes.

Question Question 14

Is The Beyond The Skin Waterproof?

No, it isn’t.

Question Question 15

Can We Tear Pieces Off Like You Would Athletic Tape, Or Will We Required Scissors?

You require scissors to eliminate pieces however it cuts quickly.

Question Question 16

Anybody Use This To Repair A Bra Underwire From Coming Out?

Not I.It is rather thin and tears where cut.

Question Question 17

Anybody Use It For Covering Up Small Tattoos???

No, sure you might however there is good coverup makeup that would conceal tattoos.

Question Question 18

Will This Work Inside The Plastic Holsters To Keep From Damageing The End Up On The Handgun? We Purchased A Roll To Find Out Our Self.?

we believe it’s possible

Question Question 19

Does This Deal with Bicyclist’S Butt?

we do not know.we use it around calluses on the bottom of our feet.we would not wish to use this to our butts.

Question Question 20

Will This Stay Stuck To Our Skin In Our Shoe From Sweating Throughout A Long/Hot Day Run?

we believe it would.It remained on our feet, which are quite sweaty, all day. The adhesive appears quite durable.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on FirstChoice Extra Durable Moleskin, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Fantastic bang for your dollar. We brought this along for a 4 day backpacking journey through catalina island with 18 ppl. Being one of 2 ppl that brought this product, it was a journey relish for most ppl who got blisters withing the first hour of treking. The product worked exceptionally well. The moleskin did stagnate or remove throughout exercise.

First and primary, the rate for the amount is a terrific worth. In comparing this with a pack of 3 sheets we purchased from a pharmacy, not only exists a lot more for the rate with this pack, however this likewise sticks muchbetter In truth, it nearly sticks too well as it takes a little bit of pulling to eliminate this after treking and a great deal of adhesive was left on our feet (if it was simply a little less sticky however still adequate to stick well and not fall off with sweat, this would be best [if there was a 4 1/2 star rating we would have gave it that]). This moleskin safeguarded our feet well from 2 days of walkings and even safeguarded a bandaged blister from a previous walking (that we didn’t have these). Our only minor problem (kept in mind above) was that it may be a touch too sticky, nevertheless, the pack we received from the pharmacy wasn’t sticky adequate and rubbed off quickly, so more sticky is better than less.

We love to trek and one day we chose to do a 16 mile walking. Well we forgot we never ever used the shoes we had on in the past. So about 4 miles in we began feeling blisters coming. We stopped and put some moleskin on each heel and had no issues doing the staying 12 miles.

We simply acquired a new set of dr. Martens work boots. We are utilized to mid-height boots and these were a bit greater we like to use them beneath our denims not over top. We do use greater socks, however the boots type of pulls them down, exposing our skin straight to a joint at the top of the boot. They began triggering a little irritation to the middle of our shins after a few days it was getting a little raw, and really uneasy. So our relative discussed this things which her mom utilized to use on her uneasy shoe wear when she was more youthful. So it deserved a shot. This things sticks like a champ. It even looks like the more we use the boots, the better the adhesive mends to the boot plus its super soft. Fantastic find. Worth the cash completely.

This low-cost purchase is going to conserve us a lots of cash. We have an issue where the heels of our shoes (athletic shoes in specific) break down and end up being uneasy. Unsure why it takes place however it takes place with essentially every set of shoes we have ever purchased. When that heel breaks down the shoe ends up being uneasy despite the fact that it may only have 2 months of use and whatever else about the shoe is still in terrific condition. In the past we have wound up tossing the shoes away. We gained from the ‘ol inter web that moleskin can help in this circumstance so we chose to provide it a shot. This product is as good a quality as what you would receive from the major brand (ds), however for the rate (and amount) it is a far betterbuy It works the exact same – exact same adhesiveness, exact same feel/thickness. And exact same wear. When we got it we cut pieces to put in the heel area that was harmed in all our athletic shoes and boom, it s like the shoes are new once again. Up until now we have been using them for ~ 2 months and whatever is still holding (although it would be easy to change the moleskin if required). Life (well, shoe) savers.

We use this on our feet whenever we jog. On arches, heel, and one of our toes. We have a set of shoes that we love the cushion on – conserve our knees and ankles from pain and swelling, however that produce some locations. The moleskin sits tight in all locations till we take it off and entirely prevents blisters. It is thick and includes a little cushion in addition to slide to prevent irritation. We shower after running, so we simply leave the moleskin on our feet in the shower. After it is damp for a minute or 2, removal is a lot easier. Otherwise it is difficult to leave and leaves a great deal of adhesive and stickiness. This is the very best kind we have attempted.

Functions terrific and a good worth. The factor we didn’t provide this 5 star is that the adhesive is a bit too “aggressive” for us. We have fragile skin on our feet, which is where we require the moleskin to ease pressure on a particular spot, and we need to eliminate this very thoroughly or run the risk of managing some of our skin. To eliminate it securely, we first require to hold a cotton ball with water on it and fill it so the adhesive loses its grip.

Initially we were going to provide it 4 stars, since we had anticipated it to be a little more”cushiony” It’s essentially flannel fabric backed with adhesive (which is how it was promoted). Now that we have utilized it, we are thankful it’s simply the way it is. It prevents blisters on our bunion and we can use our brand new shoes all the time without an issue. During the night we simply peel it off and toss. It’s low-cost enough, and can be found in a good-sized roll, so you can merely cut your little 1-1/2 inch length (or whatever you require), use it, and discard at the end of the day letting your skin breath overnight. This things works terrific. It’s simply what we have been requiring to enable us to use elegant shoes once again. We 100% advise for anybody with bunions or knobby toe knuckles due to arthritis.

Perfect. We can cut the moleskin the fit the requirement at the time. In the first picture, this wants 24 hours. 9 hours of which at work attempting to break in a new set of boots. Now for those long overnight walkings with buddies and family, we can cut off numerous squares from the roll and be prepared for anybody.

This things is terrific. Often we fidget to attempt brands we have declined in the past, in case the quality simply isn’t there. That’s not an issue with this things. It’s outstanding – sat tight well. Utilizing this to help deal with a kiddo’s plantar wart. We wrap a length of this moleskin around her foot to hold down the wart patch, and it does not budge a millimeter. Attempted utilizing simply a little square of moleskin on the bottom of her foot however it moved when strolling. Covering one length around her foot is best and extends the life of the wart patch, too, given that it’s not shuffling around the bottom of her foot/sock.

We are hard on our feet and our shoes, however paradoxically, have really sensitive feet, particularly on the top and sides of our toes/feet. We purchased this things to help us break in some good however stiff shoes, and it s been a blessing. Where bandaids sweat off and paper tape lots up, this things sits tight and, since of the felted surface area, reduces friction on shoes so we typically forgot we were using the moleskin at all, which never ever takes place with bandages or tape. We have effectively broken in 2 pairs of flats with this things with no blisters or locations, and use it for gown shoes when we understand we will be strolling a lot. We use this mainly on our skin, however have likewise stuck it to our shoes. This works okay, however the adhesive can make the surface area of anywhere you stuck it – especially if it s on the insole– gumour after a number of long uses. If you re utilizing it in strips on toes or on on the back of your heel, we would advise cutting off the hard corners, so completions of the strip appear like completions of a bandaid – this makes it less most likely that the edge will peel over while you re strolling. All this being stated, we did knock off one star for the one major disadvantage: this things is sticky. It s so sticky that scrubbing it off after using it is nearly difficult. After utilizing it last, we werehed our toes 3 times and still had some sticky residue left. We expect it s a small rate for blister free toes, however good sorrow. If you wish to know just how much hair or animal fur your clean carpet is concealing, stroll throughout it with remaining industrial-strength adhesive on your toes. Yikes. However as we stated, in general, it s a small rate to pay for a solution that works better than whatever else we have attempted prior to.

This things is a lifesaver. We have attempted a number of the other “dr. Scholls” brands, etc, and this is far better than anything else we have utilized. Its thin adequate to use to rounded surface areas (feet) without folding on itself and being to stiff; however its likewise thick adequate to do its task and prevent blisters. We have utilized this things throughout half marathon training and the half marathon itself. We have run in putting rain, through puddles and mud, throughout period training and strength training, in snow, treking, and it has been great. We purchased a pre-wrap spray along with it (sticky spray to help it remain in location), and we have never ever gotten a blister establish beneath or had it fall off while running with it. The roll is plenty for long-lasting use, even if you are active and use it a number of times each week. Would extremely advise this product–and we certainly recommend purchased a pre-wrap spray to go with it.

We got this to line the within our strapped wedges which were providing us blisters. This tape efficiently assisted prevent blisters. It produces a soft slide versus the skin to prevent the friction that results in blisters. In a pinch we likewise use this as nipple tape though it is rather thick and does not work well for thin t-shirts. We likewise covered the tape around the straps of our flat fanny pack so we might use the pack easily under our t-shirt while taking a trip. Generally a terrific tape to tape around scratchy parts of wearables so they can be used easily.

We purchased this to prevent additional thickening of skin on the ball of our feet throughout zumba. We are not exactly sure what moleskin is for, however it works terrific for this purpose. The width is perfect and we cut the length that is needed. The tape holds well for an hour of zumba and it is easy to eliminate. As for the the staying residue it is quickly eliminated with baby oil or any moisturiser. We purchased 2 rolls and it will last a very long time. Ty.

We only marked 3 stars for easy to eliminate b/c this product should not be easy to eliminate and it’s not. This is developed to protect our body part, for us, our ankle. B/c of the location we put it, we need to cut the moleskin and cross it. If we do not do this properly, it can lot or come off, however generally with one stick – we are good. We are happy with the sturdiness of the product and last time we ran with them, we only got a blister b/c we currently had one beginning. Throughout our run though – the blister didn’t hurt. 5 stars.

Our paramedic child recommended moleskin since she utilized it by taping straight to her foot under her socks all over where her new work boots hurt till the boots”broke in” We use it in sketcher curved sole athletic shoe that help with plantar fasciitis. Even after utilizing shoe stretchers, they still hurt our left foot on the back of the ankle & side of little toe. When we adhered the product to the back inside heel of the shoe, it is hard to keeping it from bunching up at the bottom when we put the shoe on. So we likewise use it straight to the skin. The adhesive is strong & can be uneasy to manage so we use a piece of scotch tape on our foot in the center of where we are using it. Product certainly assists & keeps the shoes from injuring & blistering our foot. And with 5 lawns, ought to last a while even if we reapply typically.

We use this things for hiking and such. As a life-long hiker, we have been through our share of moleskin. When we do not have it in our pack, we constantly regret it. They’re terrific for blisters, locations, calluses that break down and so on. We have purchased the pre-cut ones believing that they would come in handy, however they simply never ever appear to workout There are constantly sizes you run out of way prematurely and others you never ever use. When you think about that every good emergency treatment kit comes with a set of scissors, it’s easy to cut a piece whatever size you require. We constantly either get the big squares or something like this. For any starting hikers, we hope this assists.

Our child invested 38 days in arour rotc advance camp and asked for a care plan including spandex underclothing, moleskin, scissors, anything for blisters, and hair detangler. What s a daddy to do? we entered into quick action on our phone. Check out evaluation after evaluation particularly on products we have no experience with (women s spandex underclothing, and hair detangler). Well, she made it through and finished. When we got from fort knox, she stated whatever was a life saver. We simply asked her about star ranking and she stated 5 stars on whatever consisting of providing whatever to fort knox, ky so rapidly. Hooah.

Functions well. We utilized this for basketball and it kept in location quite well throughout the bottom of our foot. The only drawback was that it is so sticky. Harms our foot often when we peel it off and after eliminating it, there is constantly some sticky residue on the bottom of our foot that is hard to leave. Takes a reasonable amount of scrubbing with soap and water.

Good product. Remains on. Challenging to remove. Harms a bit. We take it off in the shower after letting the water loosen it up. If it s on all the time, will require to use something to eliminate the glue residue once it s eliminated. We use nail polish remover. Doesn t hurt.

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