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Fungicure Anti-Fungal Liquid

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Here are a few main benefits of Fungicure Anti-Fungal Liquid.

  • To help get rid of fungus infections of the finger and toe locations.

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INDICATORS: For the cure of ringworm (tinea corporis) and athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) impacting finger and toe locations. For relief of itching, scaling, breaking, burning, redness, discomfort, irritation, and pains, which might accompany these conditions

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What Are The Ingredients?

we do not understand, however do not trouble to buy it since it does not work. use the vinegar and peroxide approach. one foot in vinegar, the other in peroxide, then reverse the next day.

Our Insights:

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We discovered a modification to our hubby’s toe nails after about one week of use. The longer the fungus has existed, the longer it will be to see outcomes. We believe it is a good product to use.

Worked as anticipated follow instructions is a should you will see outcomes.

Esta bien.


Excellent. Its working. It has a good application brush, the odor is manageable considering it’s strength. And you should correspond with your application. Witch is two times a day. Clean your feet with a brush every night and do yourself a pedicure weekly to eliminate dead skin. Check out the whole directions it brings. Is not a miracle, has to do with discipline.

There is no magic bullet for toe nail fungus, particularly if not dealt with immediately. If half your nail is contaminated, it’s gon na take a few months, perhaps even closer to a year. First you need to eliminate the fungus, then you need to wait for the nail to growout In addition to vigilantly utilizing this treatment two times daily for weeks/months, you likewise need to practice good foot & toe care every day such as brushing your nails with a nail brush when bathing, and let your feet breath as much as possible. Likewise keep your cuticles pressed back & cut along with any callus on the side of the nail. If the nail is separated, clean the waste from under it. It might worsen the first few weeks prior to it gets better as the fungus passes away off.

We found it at qfc, utilized our phone to scan it and check out it on, the first week we utilized it we saw outcomes after a month 90 percent was recovered, we purchased a 2nd bottle to round off the treatment. Our physician didn’t understand what it was took a sample and send it to the lab and informed us we needed to see a skin specialist and to take this medication that can either heal our toe nails or eliminate our liver which ever preceded. This product is one of its kind the best and ive attempted all the natural home remedy and webmd things and absolutely nothing and was loosing hope. We are so pleased we found this product and likewise pleased to see such terrific evaluations on this is a fantastic product and for 10 bucks its a no questionbuy Attempt it and you’ll why we love this product.

Functions well however the brush might be much heavier to permit using much heavier dosages.

We in some way got professional athletes foot back in might and had not had the ability to eliminate it. We attempted all of the name brand and off brand creams and sprays, vinegar soaks and even a bleach soak and to no get we could not kick this fungus. Lastly saw this product on and tried. After cleaning our feet with tea tree soap we would use today and night. We right away discovered the itchy red spots on the tops and sides of our feet getting smaller sized and smaller sized. The itch is totally gone now and the patches are nearly nonexistent. We are enjoyed lastly find a cure after fighting this horrible fungus all summer season.

Our granddaughter when to tennessee returned with ring worm this treated it about 10 days.

It take months to be effective.

We like the outcomes & the applicator brush makes it easy to use.

This contains 25% undecylenic acid (spelling?) which works, when utilized with a zinc ointment + anti-fungal soap, in tearing down and lowering a really stubborn jock itch we have had for 2 years from continuous biking. Absolutely nothing else has worked. It’s the greatest concentration of acid you can get without a prescription.

And it is easy and quick to use with no medicine odor. It works better than other products for us on toe nails.

Outstanding product and service.

We had nail fungus in our right finger for years, it was unpleasant and undesirable. The physician stated topical treatment is generally inadequate, he recommended taking tablets, that were extremely pricey and might harm our liver. We stated no thanks and attempted fungicure. First we thoroughly eliminated the majority of the nail (with small and sharp scissors, after a shower; it was easy and did not hurt). Then we used fungicure over 2-3 months, and the new nail that grew was healthy and normal. That bottle might be small however it’s a lot, we have only utilized about half of it. It might be less expensive at your regional grocery store or pharmacy than online. Good luck.

It’s not the color as in the picture. However still a great t-shirt, it is more of a khakwe color rather of the black.

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