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GreenGuard Triple Antibiotic Ointment

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    First aid to help prevent infection in: minor cuts scrapes burns

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    Excellent antibiotic ointment. Do not understand why, however appears to work better than any other we have actually ever utilized. We will keep purchasing this brand as long as it is offered.

    We use these in our travel kit and it was time to renew them. Great, private packs for baggage or a knapsack.

    Truly like the triple antibiotic ointment and how it was whatever we believed it would be.

    As explained.

    These single dose ointments are really useful. We have a large family in kenya & we were sending out tubes of antibiotic ointment however then we fretted about how television was managed, perhaps television can be infected. That’s when we found these & they work terrific. Now we can be sure that help can not damage them, each dose is clean plus less waste than plastic tubes. Now the entire town can get help when there is a wound that requires healing.


    Bought for a lady scout emergency treatment badge. Each woman made their own portable emergency treatment kit that they will bring with them in their knapsacks.

    Bought these since we required them. Keeps pestering us to rate every product we buy so here it goes. When we got the bundle in the mail we were bubbling with expectation and hurried home to open it. After getting rid of the first shipping box we found another nicely packaged box with plent of fill so it was nto harmed. Inside that 2nd box was this single serve ointment. It tastes fantastic. We can’t get enough of it. We have actually likewise utilized it to oil door hinges and a creeky action in our stairs. It works completely. More than we were anticipating. Made a pleased customer.

    Last update on 2021-03-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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