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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Contains sea salt and includes 82 components and minerals
  • Stays sterilized
  • Natural to your body; No cross contamination (bag in the can)
  • The can enables all-altitude (360- degree) dispensing

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Color: BlueH2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray, 4 Fluid Ounce

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray.

Question Question 1

How Well Does It Deal With A Daith Piercing?

It truly assisted me. we got our daith pierced practically 6 months earlier and have struggled with infections. we were utilizing a sea salt mix we made ourself – however the swelling and pulsating pain was specifying where we were close to tossing our hands up and getting rid of the piercing – in spite of the reality our migraines appeared less It truly assisted me. we got our daith pierced practically 6 months earlier and have struggled with infections. we were utilizing a sea salt mix we made ourself – however the swelling and pulsating pain was specifying where we were close to tossing our hands up and getting rid of the piercing – in spite of the reality our migraines appeared less frequent and less severe. This spray was a miracle. we sprayed it on a cotton ball till fully soaked and positioned the cotton ball on our piercing for 20 minuets 2 times a day. It took about 2 weeks, however our infection cleaned up. our piercing is muchbetter we absolutely suggest this spray.

Question Question 2

We Got Our Nose Pierced 2 Days Back, Could We Use This To Make It Heal Faster?

we are unsure that it will heal faster however it is an excellent product. You ought to constantly do seawater soaks with any peircing. This is terrific for that.

Question Question 3

Does This Things End?

we called H20 Ocean straight due to the fact that numerous of our bottles of this product have quit working and we observed a pattern.The nozzle simply quits working completely. we use this product for maintenance of our piercings to keep them healthy, so we do keep in on the rack for about a year at a time, in some cases a little less. T we called H20 Ocean straight due to the fact that numerous of our bottles of this product have quit working and we observed a pattern.The nozzle simply quits working completely. we use this product for maintenance of our piercings to keep them healthy, so we do keep in on the rack for about a year at a time, in some cases a little less. The H20 Ocean rep. we spoke with informed us that the product will regularly spoil (significance nozzle will not work rendering it worthless) if you do not use it in under a year, ideally under 6 months. we find this aggravating, due to the fact that the product itself is incredible (.) however we can’t access it after a particular time. we have had this occur with four of the bottles we have bought.

Question Question 4

Can We Utilized This Spray Rather Of Spraying Our Nose Peircing With Salt Water?

our piercer particularly stated NOT to use sea salt, simply this spray. As soon as we stopped utilizing sea salt soaks the infection disappeared.

Question Question 5

If We Use This For Cartilage Then The Length Of Time Will It Heal?

we utilized this on our septum and it worked terrific, recovered in 2 weeks no issues. Likewise worked marvels for distressed conch and recovered it in 3 months. we will never ever mix our own saline once again.

Question Question 6

Does This Can Come Security Sealed?

Mine had a cling wrap on it we needed to remove.

Question Question 7

What Sort Of Piercing Can This Product Be Utilized? Can This Be Utilized For Ear, Nose, And What Else?

we use it on our nose, & our pal utilizes it on her nipple piercings.

Question Question 8

We Have A New NosePiercing Do We Use This On Both The Outdoors And Within Our Nostril? And Simply Spray It, Or Spray On Cotton Swab?

Either that is more comfy. we sprayed our piercing then moved it back and 4th to get solution all around it.

Question Question 9

Can You Spray It On A Something The Exact Same Day You Got It Pierced?

Yes it’s safe to use even instantly after your piercing

Question Question 10

The Length Of Time Should This Have The Ability To Last? We Have Had Our Can For 9 Months And It Has Solidified Within. Not Empty And Within Expiration.?

That has taken place to us with 2 cans now. It simply stops spraying with a minimum of half the can still full. annoying.

Question Question 11

Do You Believe This Can Be Utilized In Lieu Of The Aftercare Liquid They Offer You?

Yes, this things is terrific. we didn’t use any aftercare for our cartilage piercing. we sprayed this on two times a day for about 2 months, and never ever had any issues. Some people might require to use it for longer. It s been 5 months because we got our piercing and it s only a little tender now if we set on that side.

Question Question 12

How Do You Use This Spray? Do You Spray It On And Leave Or Spray This And Clean The Discharge With A Q Idea. Please Suggest What Worked Best For You?

Personally we spray it on and leave it for about 10 minutes (stubborn belly button piercing) then clean it off with a paper towel or use a q pointer. In this manner it s clean and the discharge is softened up enough to simply clean.

Question Question 13

Our Bottle Didn T Include A Cap, Should We Be Worried?

If it has a nozzle and no cap we would still use it. we wear t believe it can be infected through the nozzle.

Question Question 14

Has Anybody Had In Issues With Their Bottle Not Spraying? Ive Had This Can For 2 Days & It Wont Spray At All?

No, ask the seller if you can get a replacement

Question Question 15

Simply Spray On Our Nose Piercing And Let It Dry? No Requirement To Rinse?

No requirement to rinse. Simply spray and let it dry.

Question Question 16

Our Piercings Are Few Years Old And Odor Dreadful. No Other Problems. Is This A Product That Could Help?

This is good for cleansing gunk, however we are unsure about odorous problems. Possibly attempt a sea salt wash.

Question Question 17

We Do Not Wish To Get This Product And Find Out It Does Not Spray?

This sprays, however it is a broad spray field. So not a direct spray.

Question Question 18

How Would You Use This On A Septum Piercing?

Spray it on it or on a q-tip to clean.

Question Question 19

Can We Use It On Piercings Like Our Tongue And Tongue Web?

we googled it for you, and while they state the spray CAN be utilized, they suggest the H2Ocean oral rinse for tongue and web piercings. Here’s a link to this specific product here on if you are interested: H2Ocean Arctic Ocean Rinse Mouthwash, 16 Fluid Ounce by H2Ocean PS we utilized the spray consistently on our stubborn belly b we googled it for you, and while they state the spray CAN be utilized, they suggest the H2Ocean oral rinse for tongue and web piercings. Here’s a link to this specific product here on if you are interested: H2Ocean Arctic Ocean Rinse Mouthwash, 16 Fluid Ounce by H2Ocean PS we utilized the spray consistently on our stubborn belly button piercing, and we swear it recovered in only 5-6 months – never ever an infection, no “crusties” (eww). absolutely nothing. Woohoooo – LOVE THIS THINGS. Good luck:-D

Question Question 20

Do We Required To Take The Back Of The Earring Off When Spraying This?

No. Leave it on.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our nose ring had established a keloid and was contaminated. A colleague recommended h2ocean due to the fact that it had worked for 2 of her pals. We bought it with 2 day shipping and began utilizing hydrogen peroxide in the meantime to clean out the infection. These 2 images were taken 5 days apart.

We have had our nose pierced for over 2 years. Regretfully, we never ever cleaned it with sea salt soaks when we first got it pierced, only utilized soap and water. Gradually within the in 2015, our bump continued to grow and grow from touching it excessive, and mistakenly pulling on it. We have attempted whatever to get the bump away, and this is the only thing that works. We attempted tea tree oil for weeks, hot tea bags, real sea salt soaks, salt pastes, advil paste- absolutely nothing worked. We ought to ve purchased this 2 years earlier when we first got it pierced. Our bump is lastly decreasing, after only a few days. We have used it 4-6 times daily with a q-tip and it s decreased tremendously. We will constantly suggest this for all piercings.

Okay so we got our tragus pierced might of 2017 and it s april of 2018 and the healing procedure is a pain in our butt. We have had a bump appear on and off. Still experience a little pain. It s been a week because we have begun utilizing this and the bump is gone and hardly any pain. Will be purchasing more in the future.

We are really pleased in how this had assisted clean up a contaminated piercing. We had gotten our nipples pierced 9/30/2017 Towards completion of might and whole month of june, one of them was getting contaminated (most likely due to the fact that it got struck a number of times which hurt and perhaps led to small tears). Did sea salt soaks more typically, and it was having a tough time healing still (simply clear, return, clear, return, redness, inflammation, and so on ). We chose to buy this product based upon the evaluations. It can be found in thursday night 6/28/18, and started utilizing it the very same night and daily after. By this previous saturday and sunday, the inflammation had gone entirely down and the infection had cleaned up. No pain, simply back to the normal healing procedure. We are so pleased due to the fact that we hesitated that we would need to eliminate the piercing if it continued the way it was going. If we would have understood about this product faster we would have bought it a long period of time ago to help the healing procedure because we are one of those people that heal past the typical healing time for most people.

We had our bellybutton repierced and due to the scar tissue there was a great deal of swelling and as an outcome it ended up being contaminated. Antibacterial soap wouldn t clear it up and so we bought this. Sprayed the piercing 4x a day, each time saturating it, moving the fashion jewelry to work the solution through, and then letting it air dry. We had considerable enhancement within 2 days and it has now recovered stunning. Will use for all our piercings from now on.

We had our cartilage pierced 4 weeks earlier, past 1 week there was some discharge with blood on 1 ear and an keloid on another ear. We can t think how it is drying those out and the pain has decreased substantially in less than 24 hours. We have utilized the spray only 3 times in 24 hours. They provided us a solution to clean with at piercing pagoda which we were utilizing on and off and began utilizing frequently for 3 days with no enhancement prior to bought h2ocean. The highlight of this is it s a spray. You can quickly get the spray spot on. No requirement to use with qtip like the solution we obtained from the piercing location( it utilized to hurt to touch).

Love this things, so soothing and assists to heal faster. Making your own saline solution can be prompt and laborious, so this is a great reward for ourself. It s a little bit on the spendy side and we didn’t require this much. It would be terrific if they made smaller sized cylinders. We likewise would like the spray to be more consisted of. It sort of goes all over. Which when you ve got one piercing in a compact location it can get a bit extreme. Upon bought and utilizing our second can, the nozzle entirely quit working. Like it was absolutely decompressed; absolutely nothing would comeout In general it s an excellent product, however would value some modifications.

Okay so many people understand what sea salt is and that it is a natural product. The other active component lysozyme which is a naturally taking place small enzyme that secures from bacterial infection. We in fact needed to look that one up due to the fact that we were not familiar with it. The h2ocean spray is so easy to use and it works like a dream. We understand it is suggest by the association of professional piercers which is where we found the name of the product. We are absolutely a follower after attempting this for ourself. We orginally utilized the solution from claire’s till we observed a bleach odor from the bottle after a few utilizes and we searched for the ingredients, needless to state we changed to this the very same day. We would suggest this to anybody who requires piercing aftercare for ears lobes or cartilage. Our company believe the bottle states that it works for new body piercings however we can only talk to what we have utilized this one and that was our child’s 2nd lobe piercings and our cartilage piercing. We bought the 4 oz. Bottle and it was plenty for both people.

We understand everyone responds various, however for us this was best assisting us eliminating four hypertrophic scars (typically called bumps) we got due to our new commercial piercing. We used for a week two times a day and what impacted us for about 8 months was entered such a brief time, after attempting sea salt soaks, tea tree oil, and the crushed aspirin technique to no obtain. Some people grumbled about drippings when you spray straight, however we utilized to smear the rest with a q-tip in order not to touch the sterilized liquid with our bare hands and voilà. No matter how current the piercing, it does not sting at all. It may not work too for everybody, however we recommend to offer it a shot and test various dosages to inspect what work best for you (more than 2 applications daily was too drying for our sensitive skin). We purchased this in january or february 2015, however we still keep it to spray away irritation from nickel allergic reactions in our ear lobs (we simply can keep away from quite, however low-cost, earrings because location) and the expiration date at the bottom of the can states 07/2019, so you can forget it and it would still be functional after a few years post purchase.

We had a huge bump on our nose piercing due to altering the piercing. We had the bump for practically 2 months. We were cleaning it continuously with sea salt and kept it as a warm compress. Attempted whatever to make it disappear consisting of tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. It stopped working after night and day efforts. We lastly quit on our piercing and chose to simply lose it and let it heal by itself. As we were scrolling through we found this spray and it works marvels. After a day of utilizing the product our enormous bump decreased 2x than it ever did within weeks of other treatments notedabove We couldn’t think the outcomes. Throughout utilizing this product it taught us not to quit on the piercing and to simply leave it in. For those who are truly having a hard time and can t appear to feel sure about your piercing due to it being contaminated, you ought to absolutely buy this product. We are so astonished that we found it. It is a bit expensive however you will only require one bottle for sure.

H2ocean has been a life saver for us. We got our nipples pierced, and that was such an experience. The piercer’s clamps broke, so he needed to complete pressing the needle through our right one with his hands due to the fact that he hesitated if he reclamped it, he ‘d lose the exit hole. Needless to state, there was some swelling and we were more sore than expected. This assisted a lot. We likewise had our nose redone and got a daith. Once again this things is fantastic. We use it 3-5 times daily on all of our fresh piercings, we extremely suggest it if you remain in a pinch, plus the can isn’t huge and can fit right in your bag to go with you. We take a can to work with us and keep one in the house. It’s best.

We bought this spray after our helix ended up being contaminated and began to trigger us pain. It was really uneasy to correctly soak the piercing so we purchased this saline solution to help us out and it sufficed. The pain and swelling absolutely decreased faster with this product and although it is better to soak it in warm water/salt, this is the next best thing when you do not have the time.

We have super sensitive skin and our nose piercing was simply not healing easily. This absolutely works better than a normal saline solution wound wash from the drug store. Wound wash was keeping it from getting too gnarly, however within about 4 days of changing over to the h2ocean, our piercing seems like it’s in fact healing properly. Although it’s a few dollars more than swinging through the pharmacy, the can in fact lasts way longer because it’s not a direct spray. A little goes a long way. The worth winds up being much better if you’re considering expense.

Wow is this things fantastic. Our septum piercing got truly inflamed and contaminated after needing to eliminate it early for an mrwe and then having a hard time to put it back in. We utilized this things two times a day along with sprayed it on a q-tip to eliminate excess gunk and we are shocked at how rapidly and well it recovered it. We do wish to make a note though: there are lots of evaluations here specifying that this assisted heal their keloid scars. These customers are sadly grossly mistaken and most likely simply presuming that what they have are keloids. What it in fact is is called a healing sac which looks and feels precisely like a keloid scar however it s rather a pocket of gunk that s been not able to excrete. That takes place from infection and irritation. This things definitely does look after healing sac problems as we have had a number of those from messing with our nose excessive, however please do understand that definitely nothing can eliminate a keloid scar other than for surgical treatment. We simply wished to make this disclaimer so no one gets their hopes up about this possibly assisting keloids due to the fact that it definitely will not.

We got a triple forward helix piercing about a week earlier. We were attempting to use salt and water to keep it clean, however it was challenging to get the back part of the piercings clean. We observed after a number of days our ear was getting inflamed and purple. We love our piercings and was not going to take them out unless we definitely needed to. We saw the evaluations on how good this things was and chose to offer it a shot. We figured the spray would be much easier to use on the back part of our piercings. The first day we utilized it 2 times. By the next day we might currently see and feel a distinction. Ive utilized it for a couple days, we spray in on about 4 times a day. It has made such a distinction in how it looks and feels. It truly is the very best things to use by far.

We purchased this product in the store in the beginning for our nose piercing. Which it didn’t truly help for us personally. Our nose piercing didn’t truly heal with the spray so we needed to use peroxide and ointment to help it and it recovered well after that. Then we got our stubborn belly button pierced and gazed utilizing the spray once again and it assisted. We needed to buy it online bc we are no longer near the store of which we first bought the product at. When it was provided we were terrified due to the fact that although there was a security seal on it. It was still really easy to take the cap off?? then we went to the evaluations and observed they weren t so good. Lol so we had wanted we had checked out those previous to purchasing. The nozel for us is a littler hard to press however you press hard enough, you ll get it to comeout We wear t believe there s anything incorrect with it. It appears to us to be the genuine thing and it s seawater so.??????.

Got our septum pierced and got the commercial in our ear on the very same day and believed we had wound wash in the house so we didn’t get any at the store. Turns out we didn’t and our ear (commercial, large bar through ear) got contaminated after the opening night due to the fact that we slept on that side and didn’t even suggest to. It hurt like hell and was so red and bleeding some however we weren t ready to take it out yet. Bought this and likewise purchased a rite aid wound wash till this got to me. That assisted however didn’t appear to decrease the infection much. We began utilizing this and the swelling decreased within 2 days, it s had to do with a week and a half and it s back to normal now. No swelling, no redness and doesn t hurt to touch. Extremely suggest this product for piercing aftercare. We only utilized it a few times a day when we were home, sprayed it right onto the ear while holding bathroom tissue beneath it. We are so pleased we didn’t need to take it out, that would have drawn.

We have 2 piercings in our earlobe. The leading piercing is constantly contaminated. No matter what we did to help the infections, absolutely nothing ever worked. We were getting disappointed due to the fact that our ears were constantly in pain to the point where we couldn’t even sleep. Then we found this things. In the beginning we didn’t buy it, due to the fact that we believed it was for cartilage piercings only. We are thinking about getting a daith piercing, so we believed we would simply hang on purchasing this things till we got that pierced. Till our earlobes got contaminated once again. So we simply stated, screw it, and we purchased it anyhow. The first day we utilized it, our earlobes were currentlybetter Mind you, we utilized it 6 times, like the cylinder stated to do for severe cases. Still, it worked terrific. It doesn t sting when you put it on, it doesn t odor unusual, and it s easy to use. The only, and we truly suggest only, is that it kinda gets all over when you spray it. All in all however, wonderful product. We have the ability to sleep once again because we can put weight on our earlobes now. Our infections in both our earlobes are gone, easily. Absolutely suggest.

We got a quad-helix piercing on our right ear a year and a half earlier. The piercing studio recommended utilizing this spray two times a day, which we did. Quickly after the piercing, our ear inflated so big that the bottom earring vanished into the ear. It was dreadful. The studio stated that it’s due to the fact that we got four piercings done so near to each other on the very same day. They extended the posts in the earrings, the swelling decreased, and our ear got mainly back to normal. It was expected to heal in less than a year, however it still has a hard time. If we touch or play with our earrings at all, the holes produce discharge, not contaminated however absolutely troubled. The only way we keep the discharge under control is by removing the things when it dries and continuing twice-daily use of this spray. The discharge constantly cools down. If we miss this spray for a single day, even if we do not touch the piercings, our ear gets red and the discharge begins. The spray keeps our ear healthy. We full yrecommend it.

This product worked so well to heal our contaminated dermal. We have a lower marine dermal and after using great deals of high waisted denims where our button would typically rub or snag on our dermal it began to end up being contaminated and red. We have never ever formerly had a concern with our dermal, this was the very first time it was breaking down. It would hurt to sleep on our stomach and it felt truly tender to the touch and we were seriously thinking about having it cut out due to the fact that we were getting so anxious about it. Prior to we would do something as extreme as having our dermal eliminated we wished to offer some cleansing sprays a possibility. We encountered this one and couldn’t be better. We have simply been spraying it on the dermal about 4 times a day and in only 3 days it has made such a distinction. The location around our dermal that was so swollen is hardly red any longer. The level of sensitivity and pain is likewise gone. We will absolutely use this for all of our other piercings. We are so pleased to have found something that worked this fast and this effectively.

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