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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Healing Solutions Organic Thyme Essential Oil.

  • CERTIFIED USDA THYME ESSENTIAL OIL – Healing Solution’s Thyme Essential Oil is signed up on the USDA Organic Database
  • 100% PURE THYME ESSENTIAL OIL – All of our Essential Oils are consistently checked for pureness and outcomes of these tests are openly readily available. We are the only Essential Oils Producer That Makes These Outcomes Openly Offered.
  • ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE & AMAZING SMELLING THYME OIL – If you are not DEFINITELY astonished, get a full refund from the maker, Healing Solutions, no questions asked.
  • SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE: If you are simply attempting Healing Solutions Thyme for the very first time and you do not change to it completely as your new preferred oil, Healing Solutions promises to reimburse your cash ensured.
  • HEALING SOLUTIONS PROVIDES a PURENESS WARRANTY – PURENESS WARRANTY is our assurance and dedication to you and all of our clients that the oils we offer have been GCMS checked and evaluated for pureness and absence of adulterants.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Healing Solutions Organic Thyme Essential Oil.
Aroma Call: Thyme|Size: 0.33 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) Qualified USDA Organic Essential Oil

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Healing Solutions Organic Thyme Essential Oil.

Question Question 1

What Oils Remain In The Health Shield Blend?

Organic clove bud, organic cassia, organic rosemary, organic lemon, and organic eucalyptus.we love the odor and have been utilizing it every night in our oil diffuser.If we begin to feel overloaded, we take in the mist for a few seconds, and it assists.

Question Question 2

Is It Food Grade? We Are Attempting To Get A Food Grade Peppermint Essential Oil?

Therapeutic Grade needs to be 100% pure and edible in theory, nevertheless, Healing Solutions declares extremely particularly that there are leading aromatherapy professional companies which strenuously advise AGAINSTany ingestion/internal usage of ANY essential oils without the guidance of a professional. Likewise Therapeutic Grade ought to be 100% pure and edible in theory, nevertheless, Healing Solutions declares extremely particularly that there are leading aromatherapy professional companies which strenuously advise AGAINSTany ingestion/internal usage of ANY essential oils without the guidance of a professional. Likewise some essential oils (not therapeutic grade peppermint, always) are harmful if taken in … such as Wintergreenetc.Health supermarket normally do not bring therapeutic grade essential oils.

Question Question 3

Which Oils Remain In The Sleep Blend?

Ingredients: Clary Sage, Copaiba, and Lavender essential oils.Source: https://healingsolutions.com/products/ good-night-blend? savenow & alternative =1176280685

Question Question 4

Which Variety Of Frankincense Is This?


Question Question 5

What Is The Native Land?

Healing Solutions Organic Clary Sage is sourced from Moldova and bottled in the USA.

Question Question 6

Did This Product Help You Sleep Quietly?

It will aid in muscle relief. It s a muscle blend, nevertheless, not a sleep blend. However it might ease muscle pain that will aid in better sleep.

Question Question 7

Is The Blue Tansy Oil Dark Blue In Color?

Yes, Healing Solutions Organic Blue Tansy essential oil is extremely dark blue in color (extremely comparable to blue ink) due to the high concentration of chamazulene substances. Keep in mind, Healing Solutions provides a 100% complete satisfaction assurance, so if you are not pleased for any factor you are covered.

Question Question 8

What Is The Native Land?

Healing Solutions Organic Pine essential oil is sourced from Austria and bottled in the USA.

Question Question 9

Are Your Essential Oils Watered Down?

No they are pure oils

Question Question 10

Can You Put The Lavender Oil Straight On The Skin?

Yes you can.But, we would evaluate a small location first.

Question Question 11

This Isn Tfor Internal Use Is It?

we have never ever utilized this oil, nevertheless we put on t doubt this is for internal use.

Question Question 12

Does Anybody Know If The Wintergreen Oil Good For Muscle Pain? We Wished to Contribute To Our Cbd Pain Rub?

we have been utilizing the Marjoram which unwinds muscle convulsions and stress. And it s understood for its capability to ease pain and swelling.

Question Question 13

Ylang Ylang Safe To Place On Skin?

Typically it is. It’s best to attempt 1 drop on the sole of a foot and see how you respond to it. Whenever not sure, use 1-2 drops of an essential oil mixed with something as basic as olive oil and use. Never ever use oils when pregnant or nursing or if you have allergic reactions. we have utilized oils for 25 years, however am not a schooled-cer Typically it is. It’s best to attempt 1 drop on the sole of a foot and see how you respond to it. Whenever not sure, use 1-2 drops of an essential oil mixed with something as basic as olive oil and use. Never ever use oils when pregnant or nursing or if you have allergic reactions. we have utilized oils for 25 years, however am not a schooled-certified aromatherapist and release ourself from any liabilities. When in doubt, call the maker.

Question Question 14

Is The Clove Oil Food Grade? We Required For Tooth Pain?

If it were me, we would buy organic, which this product declares it is and therapeutic, think its a matter of trust. Sorry do not understand for sure.

Question Question 15

Is The Lemon Oil D-Limonene?

Yes, the dominant enantiomer of limonene in Healing Solutions Organic Lemon essential oil is d-limonene (>97%)

Question Question 16

Is This Tumeric Oil Infused With Black Pepper? We Understand That Black Pepper Triggers Tumeric So Requirement To Know If We Required To Include Pepper Oil To This?


Question Question 17

Can You Put This Peppermint Oil On Skin?

All pure essential oils inform you to not straight put them on your skin. Everybody responds in a different way to things, so constantly water down first. we put this on our skin straight, and it provides a sligh burn and tingle. Plus it is extremely strong in odor.

Question Question 18

Is This The Purest Kind Of Ylang Ylang Or The Ylang Ylang 1, 2 Or 3 Which Are Gathered At Various Phases Of The Distillation Process?

we have no idea.we weren’t even mindful that there were various phases of the distillation process.we purchased it since it was Organic.

Question Question 19

Does This Have The Odor Of Patchoulwe Like The Things We Had In The 60’S? Thanks.?

we love it and people that visitSense is an individual viewpoint

Question Question 20

Is Oregano Oil To Be Absorbed?

we didn’t buy oregano oil. However based on our experience we would water down any oil prior to consuming. However we won t trust any company other than aura Cacia or essential oils they cost entire supermarket or co-ops for consuming

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Healing Solutions Organic Thyme Essential Oil, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

First of all, make sure to take a look at what product/oil/scent people’s evaluations show. We practically didn’t buy this since one evaluation stated it smelled bad, however then we recognized it was really a various oil/scent/product. So our evaluation is over their “breathe blend” essential oil. It smells enjoyable (tips of peppermint, eucalyptus, pine scents). We would not state its a fantastic odor, however we like it and do not mind our home smelling like it. As far as assisting us breathe better, it provides about the exact same enhancement that you would receive from like a vick’s vapor rub. The practical ingredients are most likely menthol-related. We have chronically packed sinuses and only get full remedy for doing daily nasal rinses and steroid sprays. We were looking for something to supply relief without having do to those things. If nasal rinses and steroid spray supply 90-100% resolution of our signs, we would state utilizing this essential oil alone would supply 35-50% relief. It suffices relief that we do not need to do the rinses/spray as much so we are extremely happy with our purchase and will absolutely be buying more in the future. Customer service likewise appears excellent– we got several e-mails asking to ensure we were 100% pleased.

First time venturing out from our normal supplier that had us paying a minimum of 50 a month to keep our subscription. We purchased the tea tree oil and to be sincere these are very little various other than a portion of the cost. Will definitely purchase once again.

This things is (extremely strong) be extremely cautious when you use this. A few drops suffices to provide you a head pains if you are not cautious. The essential oil we got (pine) burns the nostrils if we use excessive. Use extra care which prevails sense. Nevertheless, the oil is excellent the quality is excellent and it appears like it will last for a long time. We utilized this for a vehicle air freshener and a few drops later on, it got rid of the bad smell that the cars and truck had and now it smells extremely fresh. Not only do we have a great smelling cars and truck, however we understand that it s a natural way of making our cars and truck odor good unlike the other cars and truck fresheners that smell good, however use chemicals hazardous to your health.

We love this essential oil. We use it on our muscle convulsions for cervical dystonia and it assists in between our botox injections.

Utilized it for diffusing. Like it since we can use it with our pets. We like the odor, not sure what else it does however make the space odor fresh and the pets sure do not mind it. Lol.

We imagine there are lots of usages for this. We’re iced tea drinkers and have produced a relatively complex dish that tastes like continuous discuss steroids: orange-y, sweet, cinnamon-rich and packed with fragrant spices. We checked out that california navels were sweet and purchased a bag of the dried peel, which tasted as dull as you may anticipate. This is the genuine offer – intense and clean with a terrific fragrance. We use about 4-5 drops for a half gallon. We do include a percentage of fresh peel from tangerines or tangelos that appears to bring a bit more sweet taste. We presume this would be a fantastic addition to something such as a cranberry-orange muffin, to amp the orange taste. That leads one to question the vacation cranberry sauce that is surged with citrus too.

We put 3 drops of turmeric.Frankincense And copaiba in a pill two times a day for swelling and pain. It has assisted us quite.

This product was recommended to us to help with phantom limb pain. When integrated with rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil, it assists a fair bit. We are new amputee looking for pain relief and this is crucial to that nerve pain relief routine. The aroma resembles straw to us however it does not smell bad. You needs to not anticipate fragrance like chamomile. A light straw aroma for german chamomileis normal. It comes out blue which is precisely what it needs to appear like if it is genuine german. Recommended for pain relief.

We use this and ourrrh oil to mix with coconut oil to brush our teeth. A number of years ago we had pre malignant spots on our tongue and do not use any regular toothpaste with chemicals or extreme ingredients, which burned and inflamed our tongue. Because using this product, our tongue is now back to normal.

Takes a fair bit if the edge off our pain in the back, making it more than bearable. We will buy this once again, we make sure.

We purchased this and the peppermint oil. Dab the oil on the back of both knees and around the opening of our athletic shoe near ankles and throughout the tongue of shoes. Exceptionally we are no longer being consumed alive by gnats and mosquitos. Great for our practically daily journeys to the pet park.

Terrific oil for making home made tick spray. They leap off the legs if they experience this oil. We have seen it.

Rapidly delivered and got here fast. We use peppermint oil to help get better faster when ill. Simply put a dab on the back of the neck and chest. Can practically immediately breathe much easier when stuffy.

Tea tree oil to us has this terrible aroma. We can’t stand it however it’s healing power is wonderful. It’s certainly a good quality tea tree oil when it stinks bad lol. The smellier the better:–RRB-. However in all severity, it’s the genuine offer. Believe me. Our nose understands.

This is utilized topically to ease arthritis on fingers. This is a warm oil, so dilute it in vitamin e oil or plain aloe prior to rubbing it in. Smells quite bad, however the advantage surpasses the odor.

We are choosy about peppermint scents (some are too sweet and/ or synthetic smelling) however this one is extremely fresh and clean. It pairs well with lavender for a soothing aroma, and it works well in the diffuser during the night for blockage. We got the tiniest size to ensure we liked it, however strategy to get the bigger one now.

We like the odor of patchouli, and this oil has the benefit of being organic so that we do not need to stress over unidentified things. The cost was competitive, the shipping was timely and the product well safeguarded. All good, absolutely nothing not to like.

Assisted in the healing of lower back muscles and pain. We are unable to take medications like ibuprofen so this product was of terrific help. Our only grievance is that this essential oil needs to come with directions on how to use. We currently understand to include numerous drops to a few tablespoons of oil. Take care about utilizing essential oils straight out of bottle– they require to be put in a provider oil first.

Terrific. We are simply beginning with helichrysum. It is stated to help with anemia, which we have. And to help with psychological injuries- which we have too. This oil has assisted our anxiety to raise carefully- an extremely visible, favorable, helpful, lift. Not like a pop of energy like those that are brief acting stimulating and stimulating. This is graduation positivity and lifting our state of mind, reducing pain- however didn’t fade. Likewise assisted our muscle stress to unwind. We might go to sleep muchbetter We likewise use it with roman chamomile.

Everybody would like to know why our home smells so good and when we reveal them the burner with lemongrass oil everybody ends up being intrigued – especially men.

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