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Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Liquid Soap

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Liquid Soap.

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  • Eliminates germs, infections, and fungi
  • Continues to eliminate for as much as 24 hours
  • Effective versus staph consisting of MRSA

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Product DescriptionHibiclens Skin Liquid Soap, 16 Fluid ounce (Product packaging might Differ) Producer Contact Informationn/a

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Liquid Soap.

Question Question 1

What Is It Made From?

4% chlorhexidine gluconate CHG. That description is from Kettering Sloan Cancer Center. It is utilized to reduce danger of infection at surgical sites.Personally we were provided a small bottle of Hibiclens when going home after kid birth. we still use it 40+ years later on.

Question Question 2

Been Advised To Use In Bath, Is This The Correct Product?

Do not use as a bubble bath per say however can be utilized as a body wash and shampoo prior to surgical treatments and for brief duration of as much as one week post surgery.we would not use for longer than a week pre or post surgery.Also buy the pump that is offered independently – it will make your life a lot simpler.

Question Question 3

Hi Seller, Does It Include A Pump? The Photo Reveals It Has A Pump Connected.?

we simply got the product WITHOUT the pump. we saw an image on package with a pump, however the bottle came without a box and without a pump. Many irritating.

Question Question 4

Where Is It Made?

Georgia, USAYou can acquire this more affordable at regional pharmacy.just it at Walgreens for $1899 The product is good.we weren t pleased with the cost evaluating.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Liquid Soap, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This product has altered our life. Prior to this soap whenever we knocked our bikinwe location or upper inner thigh we would get a black wound that took permanently to heal. We likewise got boils on our inner thighs and butt. And absolutely nothing truly rather makes you feel so horrible and nasty as black scabs and boils all over your nether area. However we check out one day that some people bring an infection on their skin which triggers this and antibacterial soap would cure it. And it has. We no longer appear we are sporting the hippest new venereal disease.

We have psorasis (plaque and pustular) and kept getting infections in the sores. We are likewise on biologics which reduce our body immune system. After getting a dreadful infection in our thumb which needed surgical treatment, we began utilizing this. We put it in empty foam soap dispensers, one in the shower and one at the sink. We wereh the locations that have a high possibility of infection in the shower and use it at the sink when we are having a breakout on our hands and have touched something that might trigger an infection. It is extremely drying, so we do not use it whenever and we use vanicream lotion later on. We have been utilizing it for over a year and have not had a single skin infection because.

We required to have our left shoulder changed and due to severe arthritis the surgical treatment needed to be a reverse left shoulder replacement since our rotator cuff tendons were shredded and atrophied. To prevent any medical facility surgical infections, we needed to wash neck to toes, other than genital areas, for four days prior to surgical treatment and the early morning of surgical treatment with hibiclens antimicrobial skin liquid soap. It worked incredibly well as we had no concerns with any post surgical infections. This appears to be what this cosmetic surgeon and medical facility use at present to keep post surgical infections lower to protect clients versus mrsa and other medical facility bugs. This is constantly altering as medical facility surgical infections alter. Back in 2001 we had 3 surgical treatments by one neurosurgeon where we contracted mrsa throughout our body since using pre-scrubbing with antimicrobial soaps was not the practice at that time. We are retired doctor assistant which is our credential to speak with medical facility surgical infections.

We now use this to shower. We at first acquired it for the pandemic. Our auntie is a nurse and she recommended this brand. It’s the only product that removes smell from our hands. It eliminated the acne on our face and a rash we had on our arm. We sanitize our bath sponge with this daily in the shower. Fantastic product. The only problem we have is that we paid $32 for this product throughout a pandemic.

We followed our cosmetic surgeon’s guidelines to use 3 days prior to our surgical treatment to avoid an infection in our surgical injuries. It worked perfectly. No infections from surgical cuts.

We purchased this a number of days earlier. It did not come with a pump, however we utilized a lathering pump bottle because it is liquid not thick. Utilizing a lathering bottle makes certain that you do not squander any product. We didn’t understand that the cost was greater since of the pandemic. We will upgrade on the outcomes.

Up until now its terrific. Utilizing it on our scalp and our hs on thighs.

Good soap however smelled badbought more of this soap to fight wuflu.

We simply had a major joint replacement surgical treatment and was particularly directed to use this product beginning a week prior to surgical treatment. It was crucial to use this kind of antibacterial soap to help in reducing danger of infection. We can state we are 3 weeks post op and have had definitely no problems. Use this, use it. Seriously. We were advised to put it on and let it sit for 5 minutes prior to washing.

We purchased this for use prior to our surgical treatment. Turns out, our medical facility provided us the exact same thing to shower with the day prior to our surgical treatment. So, now we have mine for use in your home. Specifically now with the coronavirus scare.

Although; no box, the bottle and the enclosed lathering pump was protected in a sealed wrap. The products smells similar to the bottles we acquire in retailers.

Not truly acquired for a fragrance, not truly appropriate to us for this product which is why we ranked it 1 star. Terrific product at first found out about it from a cosmetic surgeon who provided us a pre-surgical prep bundle. Product got here quicker than the approximated shipment, happy for that throughout this covid-19 age.

Our other half was having his pacemaker altered and the medical facility recommended him to use this prior to surgical treatment. It is so terrific to see that there are products out there that will help a specific to prepare for a surgery. Thanks for managing this product.

With all that s going on now, this is hard to come by. Think it is very important to reorder frequently.

This soap smells so remarkable. However absolutely scientific aroma. This is a soap utilized for cleansing skin prior to surgical treatment. Or clensing contaminated or issue skin. Can use daily. However is drying. We use for an autoimmune skin problem.

It came extremely rapidly and prompt. Did not anticipate the pump and it was a great surprise.

We were asked by our medical facility to wash with this on and near the locations being run on for 3 days.

This antimicrobial solution was the very best thing to eliminate an odd rash we had on our back. Attempted a few other things that did not work. Simply one week after utilizing this two times a day, the rash was gone.

This was suggest by our partners neurosurgeon prior to he had back surgical treatment. Functions terrific, cleans up well, and best of all no post-surgical infections.

Lasts a long period of time, absolutely a worth for your cash. Does not have a fragrance aroma, however the aroma is strong. That is what you would anticipate from antibacterial wash. Not exactly sure we anticipated it to hydrate. We desire it to eliminate bacteria. Love this product. We have utilized it for years and will continue to use it.

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