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Home Remedies For A Boil

Home Remedies For A Boil

1. Ichthammol Ointment

Are you suffering from stubborn/painful boils? Apply a bit of Ichthammol Ointment. You must cover it with gauze or surgical tape to be helpful. The smell is very bad but will tremendously help the boil to be drained out overnight. The ointment is easily available for you.

2. Magnesium Sulphate paste

Magnesium Sulphate paste along with Epsom salts and waterproof gauze helps in treating boils effectively. You need to apply the paste on the boil overnight and cover it. You will notice that it will drain out the next morning. You will be relieved. The pain will be less. The boils will be gone.

3. Vicks Vapour Rub

Put a layer of Vicks Vapour Rub onto a wound dressing and stuck it over the boil. Your anxieties and problems will be solved using this effective treatment. The boils will burst their own way. You don’t have to do anything. Hope you do this now and find it useful to do…

4. L-lysine

Boils are very painful and difficult to bear. Take L-lysine tablets for fast results. It will take 2-3 days to go. Be sure it will completely go. What a relief it will be to you? Use this product to avoid further problems.

5. Baking Soda and Banana Peel

Baking soda and banana peel when used together helps in treating boils naturally. You can apply them on the boils and the head will popped off and burst. You need to squeeze them properly… leaving nothing inside. You need to act now! It’s so easy to treat.

6. Onion

There are plenty of remedies to treat boils. Onion offers the same purpose. You need to slice the onion and wrap it around the boil area overnight. The redness and soreness will go off after few hours. You then need to wash with antibacterial soap, dry it and wrap again. You will see the boils gone. It’s a best treatment!!!


A little piece of fat back on the boils with a band aid on it will cause the boil to pop very fast. Do it yourself for boils to go.

8. Strong Perfume

If you spray any strong perfume on the affected boil area you will see the boil sprouting out. Try this to get boil out of you.

9. Lime

If you have boils you can easily do this home treatment. Slice the lime and put on the boil. Believe me, in half an hour or so it will burst. It works…


Eat a handful of raisins daily to bid farewell to boils. The boil dries up and you will be happy and relieved. Too simple, but effectively works.


For boils to go use the great magic of potato. All you need is put a slice of potato on the boil and leave it all night. The potato takes away the infection. It will be on the surface and open up. You see it really does magic. Constant change of potato is needed for fast cure.


You need to tape the aloe Vera plant on the boil. The juice of aloe Vera draws the pus out and the boil will open up eventually. Stop hesitating and be ready to use this to get out of boil terrific pains.


Boil causes painful, sleepless nights. You lose every hope you have. Try this helpful home remedy to fight boil out. Garlic helps in this. You can take garlic pills or fresh one to your meals. Also have a cup of fig leaf tea. The leaves make your insulin low in the blood and thus prevent extra boils to occur again.


Apply the paste over the boils. This leads to extraction of fluid and puss in the boil. It can burst and drain as well. Honey when used alone drains boils without bursting. Fig aids it to burst and thus causes the core to rise to surface. The pain is minimal and a burning sensation is experienced. It works perfectly well.


If you want your boils to drain out in few minutes use hot tea. You need to take bath with 5 Lipton Tea Bags for about 20 minutes. The boil will start to drain fast. You need to use this to get rid of boil. Be sure to get 100% cure.


Turmeric works as a blood purifier and rids your skin of toxins that cause boils. A paste of turmeric and baking soda too helps a lot. Be quick to act… it works…


You can use steamed milk and apply to the boil. The hotter it is the better it works. Do this till you notice colour change. This causes the boil to a head and then it bursts. Have a towel with you…

18. BACON!

You can put the bacon grease on the boils. You must squeeze the puss out once the boil gets open. This remedy is effective for you. It is natural and simple to do.

19. Epsom Salt

Have an Epsom salt bath to wash out the boil from you. You need to keep the boil warm and moist to work well.

20. Warm Compression and Oil

You can use warm compress on your boils after which you can apply oil like tea tree oil, lemon balm or garlic oil. The boil softens and shrinks each day and definitely be out in few days time. Have faith in this treatment to get angry skins out.

21. Treat Boil with Salt

Try this out. Soak the boil with salt as many times as possible. The results are great. It removes boil so fast that you can’t imagine the way it is. Your agony and shame finally diminish.

22. Toothpaste

To treat boils, white toothpaste does amazingly well. Apply the paste over the boil and be sure it will burst and clear off…