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HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth.

  • STOP TEETH GRINDING: Easy to use, mouth guard for grinding teething, clenching, tmj & bruxism. Throughout the day and night
  • EASY TO MOLD & TRIM: Develop an ideal clear custom fit by cutting the moldable guard then bite to form. For adults and teenagers, Not for kids
  • 6 PACK & 2 SIZES: 6 mouth guards in total to last you a very long time. 2 various sizes for light and heavy grinding
  • CONSISTED OF CASE: Store your dental mouthguard in the anti-bacterial case. Perfect for sleeping throughout travel also
  • BPA FREE: Safe mouth guards for nighttime sleep. Can likewise be utilized as a teeth whitening tray and for protection throughout football and sports

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth.
Developed to Protect Teeth HoneyBull Mouth Guards are created to be utilized by anybody to protect their teeth. We consist of 6 various mouth guards to help guarantee long term protection, in truth we consist of: 3 3mm Mouth Guards 3 6mm Mouth Guards Mouth Guard Case Protect Your Smile Perfect for protecting your teeth. The Mouth Guard is a safe guard for your teeth versus problems that occur through the day and night. HoneyBull Mouth Guards are particularly created to aid in protection versus problems like bruxism that take place in the evening, or TMJ that may take place through the day or night, or perhaps persistent tooth pain. Protect Versus. Grinding Teeth Bruxism Tooth Pain TMJ Jaw Pain Read more Reduce Jaw Pain The Mouth Guards are developed durable, created to be used throughout the day. They’ll keep your jaw secured, combating jaw pain. Protection from Teeth Grinding Unwind through the night understanding that your teeth are defended against teeth grinding and TMJ. For adults and older teenagers, not for kids. Easy Trimming and Molding Procedures With an easy-to-do procedure that takes less than 10 minutes, you can have an ideal fit mouth guard made simply for you. Read more A thinner trine 3 mm Mouth Guards created for daily use throughout the day. A thicker trine 6 mm Mouth Guards which are created to better protect versus aggressive teeth grinding, bruxism, or TMJ. A consisted of travel case developed for protection and easy mobility of your Mouth Guards so you can bring them along, anywhere you may go. Read more 4 EASY ACTIONS (Optional) Action 1: Trim Your Mouth Guard Prior to molding your mouth guards, test a mouth guard size by attempting them on to see if they are too long or too high. If you found the mouth guards to be too high or too long, you can trim the mouth guards utilizing a knife or a scissor. 4 EASY ACTIONS Step 2: Heating the Mouth Guards for Molding Bring water to a boil in a bowl and then position the mouth guard into the water. Wait for 20 seconds prior to eliminating the mouth guard. 4 EASY ACTIONS Step 3: Eliminating the Mouth Guard and Cooling Take the mouth guard out of the water with a spoon and let it cool for 5 seconds prior to fitting your mouth guard. 4 EASY ACTIONS Step 4: Molding Your Own Personal Mouth Guard Take the mouth guard and bite down securely. Use your tongue to press in the inner walls and use your lips and fingers to press in the external walls to produce a tight seal. Draw all air out of your mouth to produce a vacuum. After 10 seconds the mouth guard will take kind and all that’s left is running the mouth guard through some cold water for the mold to set. Congratulations, you now have your own individual mouth guard. Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 Action 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth.

Question Question 1

Could We Use This As An Invisalign? Will It Align Our Teeth?

we would not suggest that. You warm it up and bite down and make an impression.so there would be no tightening up to make your teeth directly.

Question Question 2

What Is It Made from?

HoneyBull Mouth Guards are made with a medical grade silicone.Best Relates To, Tom B. HoneyBull Mouth Guards are made with a medical grade silicone.Best Relates To, Tom B.HONEYBULL

Question Question 3

Are These Reusable Or Is It Produced One Use Only?

Value your interest. Value your interest.Yes, these are reusable:-RRB- Let us understand anything else you might require. Regards, HoneyBull Family

Question Question 4

Saludos. Cuantas Veces Se Puede Usar El Protector Antes De Descartarlo?

we have utilized it for practically a month and nonsogns of wear. Fantastic product.

Question Question 5

Will This Help United States From Bitting Our Tongue?

Yes. I” m quite sure it would be hard to bite your tongue.

Question Question 6

We Have A Brief Tooth Line From Where The Leading Of Our Teeth To Our Gum Line Is Would These Work For United States?

You can trim it down to fit

Question Question 7

Exists A Thick Bottom Layer That Doesn’T Mold Much Or Is It All One Product?

It s all one product, there are 2 various densities in the set and the thinner one is a little more difficult to workwith Other then that we would certainly suggest this product and will buy it once again when we require more.

Question Question 8

Do They Work For Lower Teeth?


Question Question 9

Can A 10 Year Old Use This?

Definitely. we purchased this for our 8 years of age and they worked best. Mind you, we did need to change the sizing with scissors in order to get a better fit.

Question Question 10

Can We Use These With Braces?

Value your interest. Value your interest. Yes, you could use this with braces:-RRB-

Question Question 11

Can A 6 Year Old Use This?

we are better to 60 so we believe put on t believe so.Lol. The difficult part is molding it.That s where a 6 years of age will have problems.You need to press with your tongue, suck and press with your fingers all at the exact same time on a Hot mold.You ve simply gotten it out of boiling water and waiting 5 seconds prior to you we are better to 60 so we believe put on t believe so.Lol. The difficult part is molding it.That s where a 6 years of age will have problems.You need to press with your tongue, suck and press with your fingers all at the exact same time on a Hot mold.You ve simply gotten it out of boiling water and waiting 5 seconds prior to you put it in your mouth.So we state No.

Question Question 12

Does It Cover Knowledge Teeth In Back Of The Mouth?

we are not particular due to the fact that we do not have any knowledge teeth. The plan comes with 2 sizes. we have utilized both sizes and the bigger size of the 2 stops simply somewhat previous our our last 2 molars and the smaller sized size leaves part of our last 2 molars exposed. we have a typical size mouth and a total of 14 teeth on the top and bott we are not particular due to the fact that we do not have any knowledge teeth. The plan comes with 2 sizes. we have utilized both sizes and the bigger size of the 2 stops simply somewhat previous our our last 2 molars and the smaller sized size leaves part of our last 2 molars exposed. we have a typical size mouth and a total of 14 teeth on the top and bottom.7 on each side, counting from our front tooth on either side. Mouth sizes differ however we hope this offers you a basic concept.

Question Question 13

Do These Protect Versus Staining -Like Coffee Or Smoke?

You wear these in the evening while you sleep. You probablyare n’tdrinking coffee while sleeping.

Question Question 14

Would These Fit On Leading Of Our Braces?

It s moldable and we needed to cut some of it away so we believe it ought to fit over your braces.

Question Question 15

Does The Box State If It Is Made In America Or In China? Numerous Things That Come From China Are Now Doing Fantastic Damage, Even “Tooth” Products.?

Yes it s made in China. States it s BPA free and Phthalate free. Uncertain if that assists when it s made in China though.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on HONEYBULL Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth, these may be helpful for better understanding.

The best product we have utilized. We grind our teeth daily from the amount of sheer stress we are under and it immediately stops the pain. We seem like our jaw can lastly rest when we have one of these in our mouth. Super easy to mold. We dislike leaving a problem on your product due to the fact that it genuinely is the very best mouth guard we have ever utilized, however the only grievance that we do have is that we put on t like the plastic taste it leaves in our mouth after we utilized it however other than that, in general fine product. We have cleaned it 3 times, each time with a various soap, and it still leaves a plastic after taste. Still would rank it 10/10 however. The antibacterial bring case that comes with it is really good likewise. Really protected and it isn’t large. Fantastic company. Shown up fast and on time. Came with a voucher too for another one of theirproducts Thanks a lot for your remarkable mouth guards.??????.

We grind substantially in the evening and we lost our invisalign due to a regrettable occurrence with the pet chewing it up. We purchased these to replace and see if we can manage utilizing them rather of the expense of another set of invisalign. They work excellent. They were super easy to use, and extremely well molded to our mouth and so comfy to use in the evening (they were even more comfy than the invisalign) bonus offer. Since there were extra in package we utilized another one as a mold for our whitening trays and it s much more comfy than the ones we got from the dentist. Do not think twice to buy.

Fantastic cost. Fantastic quality. Absolutely recommended. Do not hesitate to ask usquestions No more grinding for us. We been sleeping better and awaken with our jaw pain. Easy directions and established. Easy to use. Hanks honeybull.

These mouth guards are of quality. We misshaped the first one in the hot water when we positioned it in our mouth, which was our fault. When it is hot, the guard is incredibly soft and can line up poorly. We only required one half of the set so it is no big offer as we still have 4 spares. The smaller sized mouth guards are more suitable to me; we find them much more comfy to use which might be a choosing aspect when you are going shopping. These are an exceptional worth over what we found in shops at 3x the cost of this set. This set likewise provides more systems, making it an even betterbuy We suggest these guards for a balance of quality, ease of use, and likewise cost.

This mouth guard is sooo comfy you put on t even understand you have it in. We have utilized a mouth guard for years and this is without a doubt the very best. The cost is excellent too. It s easy to mold to your bite. If comfort and cost is what you re looking for look no more.

We purchased these for a quick replacement for our prescription night guard. We have not had the ability to get the other one done yet and was desperate. Our other one was badly broken down and we were getting migraines in the evening from clenching our teeth. This worked truly well for us. Easy to mold. We liked that it can be found in 2 densities. We selected the 6 mm one first and was rather amazed by the density even after fitting.

These worked excellent to stop us from grinding our teeth so our jaw might unwind and stop popping. As we stress we clinch our teeth particularly in our sleep, this was simply what we required. Several sizes, easy to mould and trim if required.

Fantastic worth, easy to mold to your teeth. Actually takes less than 2 minutes to figureout Clear and succinct instructions consisted of.

We were having agonizing jaw pain that drove us into an emergency situation dental see, only for the dentist to find absolutely nothing incorrect. He stated we might desire a night guard and provided one for an absurd expense, encouraging we might find one in store more affordable. To the rescue. This showed up prompt and packaged well. Came with several pieces for tops and bottom fit, basic instructions, and a bring case. Was easy to boil and fit. The thinner one is still an uncomfortable and somewhat uneasy, particularly as you re getting utilized to it. However we anticipate that s the nature of this type of product. Best part is that our jaw pain entirely disappeared after a number of nights of use.

We had mouth guards for teeth grinding in the past that likewise needed the guard to be immersed in hot water. The difficult part is to get the water temperature/submersion perfect without the guard entirely losing its kind and sticking to together. That occurred to us and the supplier quickly send out a replacement. Fantastic customer care. The product quality is similar to comparable products by other suppliers however is cheaper.

They do precisely as explained. Out of the 6 our spouse and we both werr able to get the right fit. We have less headaches in the early mornings now from not grinding our teeth. Certainly recommended.

This was our first moldable dental guard for bruxism. So we put on t have anything else to compare it to, however it appears to work well. We followed the directions and had the ability to mold it to our teeth. There was a location of the mold that was too thick so we positioned it back in more boiling water and had the ability to get that location thinner. We can sleep conveniently with the mouthguard in location. The only thing that we want was a little better is the taste. It s not a bad taste however it s not spearmint either. Lol. We are grateful we selected this as our first rather of a guard from the dentist which would cost more than $200

Been having a great deal of stress recently and due to the fact that of this our dentist informed us we are clenching and/ or grinding our teeth in the evening which has added to the level of sensitivity of our teeth. He recommended we use a mouthguard in the evening. Getting a custom mouthguard made from the dentist is really expensive and not generally covered by dental insurance coverage. We acquired this brand 2 weeks ago and let us inform you. We have attempted others that are otc however they constantly were either not really comfy or fitting them was never ever effective. This brand sends you 2 sizes and you get 6 of them in package. We fit ourself with the larger size, really easy to do and we have been using it in the evening since. The quality of the product is excellent, it is really comfy and it’s a clear rubbery/plastic so you do not look odd when you’re using it nor is it too large in your mouth. We certainly suggest this brand if you require a night guard. Plus you get 6 of them so you can simply make a new one when you require to change it. Conserve your teeth and your wallet. Thank you honeybull for putting out a quality mouth guard for us tooth mills and clenchers.

Lastly they came and they deserved the wait we needed to get not one however 2 night guards from the dentist due to the fact that we lost both pairs entirely vanished looked all over in your house might never ever find them so lost over $400 for both pairs wasn’t going to return to the dentist specifically with a circumstance we are going through now can’t even go to the dentist even if we wished to so we found these and amazed that they truly do work only issue is that they do not cover entirely our back teeth however some protection is better than no protection because we have a truly bad grinding issue and we require to have a night guard we will include images quickly as repairs it so that we can include picturesupdate: we had the ability to stretch the product so they would fit on our back teeth for a better fit so we included a star cuz our company believe this product is worthy of 5 star.

Tonight is the first night utilizing this product. Guidelines are easy to follow. Excellent product and cost is excellent.

Clear and easy instructions and works like an appeal. We got up every early morning with our teeth hurting from grinding and this resolved that concern in an incredibly cost-effective way. And it s easy to bleach now too-bonus.

Primarily this product is ok. One 3mm guard melted excessive following precise directions and glued itself together. If you water is at a rolling boil, our idea is to withdraw the immersion time to 16 seconds on the 3 mm guards and extend the 6mm guards to 25 seconds. The guards can be reheated in essential. If the water is simply beginning to boil, the advised times for the 3mm guards are okay however still too brief for the 6mm guards. In general, the product is excellent and worth the cash. We have found out that we will only purchase 3mm guards in the future so it was good to have a kit with options so you might identify that is best for you.

As a previous dental assistant, we have had lots of experience not only in making custom dental guards for sleep and sports, however have lots of experience with individual use of them. This is quite so due to our military profession and if anybody understands anything about military dentistry and the medical corp as an entire, excellence is beside godliness. These are the very best night guards for home tailoring ever. Fit is exceptional, expense is incredible, and comfort simply indescribable. Forget that we are even using them sometimes. If you’re looking for a good night guard, these are the ones tobuy Believe me. You will not regret it.

We are tooth mill in our sleep, this assists stop the tooth damage. It’s really thick which we believed was odd, however it works fine.

Good quality and incredible cost. Comes with 3 each of both sizes.

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