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Icy Cools NeoWrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Icy Cools NeoWrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • 4″ x 15″ Hot/Cold Mat
  • Replacement Mat for Small Neowrap Icy Cools Product A51100
  • Can be utilized individually or with Neowrap
  • Freeze strong to last for hours, stays flexible utilizing USA hinged innovation

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Created by a Ph.D. to fit firmly, ice efficiently and last for hours when rolled up. You now can ice anywhere you go, after softball, soccer or basketball or perhaps after the fitness center. Merely keep in freezer and take with you to the fitness center. Take it with you: Injuries occur anywhere, anytime. With NeoWrap, you can take pain relieving ice cold therapy with you. The self insulating Roll-n-go style enables you to freeze the product and take it with you in your knapsack or bag and it will remain cold for 4-6 hours. Total Flexible Movement: Unique apart velcro positioning enables neoprene to stretch and constantly secure firmly. No requirement to remain still or keep in location- Remains safe and secure, even while strolling. Extra strength velcro and separations permit for a tight fit that will remain in location even if you do not. Large size for back, knee, and shoulder discomforts. Likewise terrific for shin splints and basic pains. Hot/Cold Mat made happily by Icy Cools in theUSA No drips and no mess. Merely freeze and use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Icy Cools NeoWrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Of These To Fill A Therma Freeze Vest, And Will They Fit? If They Don’T Fit Can You Fold Them To Fit Prior To Freezing?

we do not keep in mind purchasing it, sorry.

Question Question 2

Anybody Bought The 4-In-1 Neowraps In 2019? Current Evaluations Reference That The New Style Is Poor, What Is The Problems?Thanks?

we have one and we have not had any issue

Question Question 3

How Is This Utilized For Heating?

The Neowrap with mat placed or simply the insert itself might be put in the microwave.Hot/Cold Mat Directions: For Cold: Freeze andUse The Neowrap with mat placed or simply the insert itself might be put in the microwave.Hot/Cold Mat Directions: For Cold: Freeze andUse For Heat: Microwave in 10 2nd periods up until hot/cold mat is hot to touch. Typical heating time in 500 W microwave is less than 30 seconds. When reheating after use, use less time.Overheating will lead to ruptureand damage to product.

Question Question 4

Could You Cut The Large Replacement Insert Into 2 Of The Smaller Sized Ones?

No, you can not cut the mat. The mat might leakage from one channel to another.

Question Question 5

Would This Work For Icing Bottom Of Foot?

It would. Simply change the strap according to your requirements.

Question Question 6

Does Inside Come Put As Ice Cube Mat Like Prior To As We Have 2 Now & Requirement Refill? Any Help Welcome-As It Does Not Define What Is The “Ice” Like.Or Is?

The ice mat does pullout Often the little ice bag do go flat for some factor. we have needed to change them 1 time. However our other half utilizes them daily and they last a very long time.

Question Question 7

Where Do You Find Extra Ice Sheets For This Now? Not On Website Here?

we do not understand, it refreezes rapidly in our freezer so have not required it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Icy Cools NeoWrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have venous deficiency and our ankles typically swell when we are being in the vehicle for a 2 hour journey or more, when we have been on our feet excessive, when we are on plane flights, when we have consumed something that had more salt in it than we recognized. Okay, practically any factor. Anyhow, this typically leads to our feet burning, hurting, and ballooning out of our shoes. Can you state unpleasant, unsightly and humiliating? (particularly when we are using heels, at church, or official occasions.) we never ever understand when they are going to inflate on us or how severely. Well now we have a remedy. We store these children rolled up in the freezer. We get them en route out of your home and pop them into a little thermo lunch bag. Mine have stayed frozen for over 8 hours by doing this. If our ankles swell, we put them on for 15 to 20 minutes. The pain relief is immediate. We can walk with them on if we require to, however we normally take a seat and simply unwind. The swelling is basically all gone when we take them off. We will buy 4 more of these simply to have on hand in case the 2 we have are re-freezing after a current use, or in case we need to do a 2nd treatment after some time has passed and we are still out and about. These have been a god-send for us.

We have 4 of these and use them all the time. We broke an ankle and any activity sports sensible, we ice later on withthese Private ice squares permit it to be ice cold and yet still flex/wrap around locations. When fully frozen it lasts 20-30 minutes. We use it around ankle, neck, elbow, wrist and even our boy utilizes it on his knee after getting struck in karate practice. We have four since we turn cold and heat. So 20 minutes cold ice aid, 20 minutes heat friend, 20 minute ice aid and normally ice one or both ankles. The only problem is as soon as its heated up, it takes a minimum of 12 hours to get rock hard cold once again. However what freeze type does not. We had a few of the cvs hot cold elbow/knee gel wrappers however they only remain cold about 5-10 minutes and leakage in microwave. Extremely practical and can use it practically any where, if you keep it rolled up, as soon as frozen it will remain cold for about 4-6 hours, without a cooler with ice. So freeze it up good and cold, twisted around itself and it will self insulate outside the freezer, so you can take it in vehicle and use it a few a hours latter after the exercise, without going home.

As a 45- year-old frantically attempting to drop weight and return fit, we frequently push ourself too hard at the fitness center and wind up with a knee, ankle, elbow or shoulder shrieking at me. We required a cold wrap that would be connected around any part, and that would be large enough to twist around our 6′ 5″ body parts. The only genuine disadvantages to this one are little bit of a knowing curve with the flexible and the truth that the ice bag gets really stiff in the freezer. You’ll require to work it back and forth for a number of minutes to get it loose enough for covering use. The benefits? it holds firmly, the cover is really soft and comfy, it remains cold a very long time, freezes rapidly and is exceptionally easy to keep clean. We have likewise utilized the ice bag in our cooler to keep picnic goodies cold, and it did a fine task. It likewise does not use up much freezer area at all, which is terrific for folks like us with small house freezes and an ice cream dependency. This is that terrific one product for a huge variety of usages.

Anybody who has experienced the pain of a slipped disk, understands it’s practically difficult to explain. We utilized this product years ago previous to our surgical treatment and it offered adequate relief so we might sleep a bit and operate a little better with regard to movement. Our mother who remains in her 80’s however tough and sharp as a tack nevertheless she has 2 slipped disks a has remained in horrible pain for months. Cosmetic surgeons are reluctant to run so she’s attempting whatever from physical therapy, pain management and acupuncture. We bought a lot of cold wraps and pads for her on and am pleased to understand this product is offering some relief. In truth her and our dad have had the ability to go out to supper, take a trip as much as their beach home and so on. Medical professionals all concur that cold therapy is the way to go and heat must be prevented. That stated this is not a cure – however rather an outstanding product that purchases some relief. Prime eligible you secure free 2 day shipping to boot.

This is a terrific product and has a within cooling area which think is genuine water. Whatever it is, it in fact freezes like an ice cube which indicates it is chillier that any blue gel ice bag can get. The wrap is fantastic and will bend around even the small parts of the body and connects securely where you require it. All in all greatly good. However one caution, take care not to microwave it too hot. The water pouches might break and spatter if they get too hot too fast. We lost 2 of our pouches however the wrap still works perfectly. An excellent product to have around your home, it will deal with many various parts of the body.

Extremely elastic and holds well. Good ice bag consisted of and it remains cold enough time (20 minutes on is all that is recommended). You can cut the pack in half lengthwise (thoroughly) and then constantly have one pack frozen and ready for use. Got some really small zip lock bags from the crafts store and filled them with the innards from some large frozen inexpensive ice bags, put that in another zip lock bag and utilized those as a small ice bag. Utilized it for carpal tunnel wrist cooling. Velcro is holding well too. Good product.

We have major tendinitis in our right lower arm. We are right-handed and found it difficult to a) thread the ice bag through fishnet when our dominant hand remains in a lot pain its essentially ineffective and b) to protect the velcro firmly adequate – like attempting to secure a bracelet – with our left hand. It’s a fantastic principle though, to not need to be entirely debilitated when icing, and to get the whole area of our arm simultaneously. When settled it’s good, really cold. However getting it there was challenging when one arm/hand is hardly practical. Can’t choose if we wish to get a 2nd one to require to work as it’s likewise quite large and we would rather not accentuate ourself. We’ll see if it deserves it.

We are an athletic 48 years of age female with bad knees. We have bone on bone arthritis and have had numerous injections to both knees with minimal enhancement. We have needed to ice our knees after every workout we do, either walking, riding a bike or doing a cycle spin class. We were not able to do stairs. We were annoyed with utilizing ice bag and needing to prepare them daily. We found this on amazon and it is now our daily go to product. We strap it on our knee for 10 minutes after working out to reduce swelling. We then put it on the other knee for another 10 minutes. This 20 minute regimen of icing after activity as kept us going so we can continue working out daily. Even after we have our knee replacement, we make certain we will use the neo wrap and extremely suggest it to anybody, any age who is active or plays sports. You will not be dissatisfied with the outcomes.

This product should have better evaluations than we have seen. It has done marvels for our wrists, and the real ice is loads more effective than any gel or beads. It has provided us the capability to work out while lessening long term effect of our old injuries. Get a couple extra inserts like we did and you can keep it going as long as you require.

We have a bad wrist, that tends to trouble us daily (we have a desk task). We use this on our wrist nighttime and it assists keep to alleviate our exhausted, overwork muscles. Our mother-in-law just recently entered into town for a go to, and we let her obtain it for a night (she has the start of carpal tunnel), and she enjoyed it a lot we let her have it and we are going to buy another one for us. It’s a little large, however we use it in your home, while we are unwinding during the night so it does not trouble me. It does remain frozen/cold for a longer amount of time than others we have had. We would certainly suggest to others, this is a fantastic buy.

This ice bag is incredible. It is good and big permitting it to be wrappeed entirely around a normal sized adult knee, which is why we purchased it. The strap would be better if the velcro were continuous, however we have not had any issues having the ability to protect it where we require to utilizing the noncontinuous squares that it has. It sits tight extremely well if you put it on firmly, permitting you to walk and not need to hold it on or change it. It is terrific that it likewise wraps really well around your back, permitting for icing of the lower back rather easily. We would concur with another evaluation we saw that stated to just keep the ice bag in the strap to freeze it, since the mesh is not the toughest things, and the edges of the ice bag most likely will rip it. We keep the pack in the strap all the time and have had no issues. We would reccommend this to anybody who required an ice pack that they wished to have the ability to strap on to themselves. We have never ever attempted to heat it up, so we can not talk about that element of it.

We can not state just how much we love this product. We can stretch it out full length and lean versus it in our chair to help with our spinal column pain, or wrap it around our arm to help with our severe tennis elbow of our arm. We can likewise wrap it around our gimpy ankle to get relief. We have likewise covered it loosely around our neck to help with shoulder and neck pain. We have not attempted it hot yet however it does state you can heat it up for heat therapy.

This wrap got us through 2 back blend surgical treatments. It kept the ice simply where we required it, thanks to the velcro straps, and the cold lasted when involved a bag so we might bring it with us when we went out and still have the ability to have an ice bag for later on. We can’t suggest this more extremely. Likewise worked terrific on a sprained knee. (they do make a smaller sized one for wrist/ankle).

Had some minor carpal tunnel concerns and this twisted around our wrist and palms assisted to relieve the problem. Finger strength is back to normal and we could not have done it without the help of this product. Extending, rehabilitation and this product in between made a distinction. Functions all right for minor fevers, head pains and swelling caused by allergic reactions also. Gel pack is changeable.

This one product has conserved our peace of mind. We have persistent back issues and remain in continuous pain. Ice is the one thing that assists to relieve the pain and we have utilized all sorts of ice pads, however this one, without a doubt, is the very best one ever. We simply keep it rolled up in the freezer to use it when required, there is no filling bags, no leaking, no extra towels required, simply grab and go. We love it a lot we have gotten it for presents for people who require ice therapy. Buy it, you will not be sorry.

This is a fantastic product. We are constantly in a rush off to a work out and we like to get energy streaming so, we simply wrap and velcro it around (it remains on) the locations that require unique attention and off we go. It’s likewise, great for after our exercise when things are tight. It goes all over you go so, it conserves time. Prior to this product we needed to remain in one location and stagnate so, ice bag would remain on and could not get to hard to reach locations. Likewise, we like the function that you can put it in the microwave if you desire it warm or you can toss it in the freezer if you desire it cold. So flexible. Love the product. Quick shipment and terrific product.

Bought for our boy after knee surgical treatment. It fit around his knee and the velcro kept it snug so that he might get the benefits of the cold deep into his leg rather of simply the surface area skin. Purchase an extra ice insert so we might constantly have the wrap ready. Utilizing it for our lower back it works fine. Utilizing it for our shoulder or upper back is uncomfortable. We are large female and it is a tight fit.

We use this for cold therapy on our back and it works well and fits well. It does loose its cold after about 20-30 minutes, however thats okay as we have an extra ice back. As far as snagging, we discovered the other remarks and insert it folded lengthwise and then unfold it within, and it appears to work better then attempting to move it in unfolded. We have not had a possibility to attempt heating it in the microwave.

We have what some describe as ‘carpal tunnel’ in between our left thumb and forefinger back by our wrist. Caused by running a leaf blower. This assists keep the swollen location cooled off when it flares. When it does flare it gets hot in the location.

Extremely good product and well priced. We purchased 3 and enjoy. This wrap is plenty large adequate to fit a man’s size 40 waist conveniently. We in fact use one to twist around the “waist” of our black labrador whose hind legs are paralyzed (to hold a tube in location.) the velcro holds well and the wrap has held up through numerous washings.

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