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Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • REVEAL – Magic cooktop cleaner get rid of burned on food revealing your cook tops natural beauty and shine
  • REVITALIZE – Scratch-free formula cleans up and polishes your cooktop with a gentle yet effective touch
  • SHINE – Leave a streak-free shine on your cooktop while getting rid of splattered food, grease, oily residue and watermarks
  • GET RID OF – Grease, oil, scorched and baked on spots from your cooktop

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More Info:

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Size: 1 Pound (Pack of 1)Product DescriptionMagic Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish Cream, 16 fl ozFrom the ManufacturerSpecially developed for effective cleansing of glass, ceramic and porcelain cooktops. Cooktop cleaner cuts through tough grease and removes scorched on deposits without scratching, leaving a streak-free shine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish.

Question Question 1

Do It Get Rid Of Scratches?

we do not believe a scratch will disappear ~ like your glasses when they get scratched.By the way: we were informed by the Lowe’s to NEVER use a stainless-steel pad. If you need to “be gentle”,( gentle is a relative word.what is gentle to one, might not be gentle for somebody else) and that’s an idea to not use it at all.If the we do not believe a scratch will disappear ~ like your glasses when they get scratched.By the way: we were informed by the Lowe’s to NEVER use a stainless-steel pad. If you need to “be gentle”,( gentle is a relative word.what is gentle to one, might not be gentle for somebody else) and that’s an idea to not use it at all.If there is scrubbing to be done, we constantly use the Scotch Brite blue sponge (NEVER the yellow and green sponge, which is for stainless-steel) and we clean to residue from the cleaner on the burners with paper towels.

Question Question 2

Is This A 2 Pack? Utilized To Be The Case However Last Time We Only Gotten One And No Where Does It Now Discuss 2.?

This is a one 16 ounce bottle product. It utilized to be 2 pack at a greater cost. Sorry for the hassle. Thank you for your purchase

Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized To Clean The Within An Oven, The Glass Window?

we do not believe so. And in general, we are not really pleased with product. The best cleansing solution for ceramic & glass cook tops is Whink. however we can not find it anywhere for a good cost anymore.;(

Question Question 4

Do We Use With A Cleansing Fabric Or Paper Towels?

we do not find it tough to clean the burners. we use a cooktop cleaner, and let it sit a few minutes to dry, then rub out with paper towels, and we are done. No streaks if done properly.

Question Question 5

About The Number Of Utilizes Do You Get Out Of This Bottle? Discussing Whether To Go Larger.?

The amount of usages would depend upon just how much you are using to the surface area. We would imagine you might get rather a few utilizes.

Question Question 6

How Does This Work?

Fantastic product, little goes a long way on cook top. Easy on with textured nylon pad, easy off w/paper towel. Much better cost at a Home Depot.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Ok, we figured it would transcend for cleansing our ceramic stovetop – it is. Far better than ceramabryte. It is practically a clean on/wipe off utilizing a nylon wool pad. Our stovetop is white and this, unlike ceramabryte does not leave streaks or need to be wiped after getting rid of the stain. Like somebody else stated, this is excellent for getting rid of labels from product too. We do a great deal of 3d printing, and this things is amazing at getting rid of blue painters tape adhered to the bottom of printed items. We have gotten rid of prints that might have been conserved with this.

This things is the best. If you shake it genuine good and put a percentage onto the brown spots on your glass leading our top is pure white so easy to see) and rub it around with your fingers and let it sit for 5 minutes. Wet and use the green side of a yellow/green kitchen area scrubbing sponge carefully scrub with the green scrubber side and clean with the yellow sponge side and it appears like new. Then polish it with a kitchen area towel and your done.

This product does a fantastic task. We normally clean our glass leading clean with a damp soapy sponge however that began leaving scorched on rings of grease around the induction ring, which does not come off with simply soap. We sprayed this on (relatively thick) the circular scorched locations and left it about 10 minutes, then rubbed it in utilizing a paper towel and spread all of it over the top, left it a few more minutes and then utilized a microfiber fabric to rub off the scorched bits in a circular movement. All of it came off and onto the fabric. And as soon as we would rubbed out all the residue it was good as new. Extremely recommended.

We have not found any product, at any cost, that exceeds this in this particular task. Yes, we need to use elbow-grease, however the result is regularly good. It does have some fine grit, and we have pointed out needing to work it, so we accelerate to include that we have seen no proof of it, when integrated with our elbow-grease, scratching the surface area and there are a lot of products that will search away your burned-on waste, however they leave you with scratched glass and that’s simply not appropriate.

This isn’t something you put on the spot and simply amazingly rubs off however if you rub truly hard and fast in the hard to clean location, it will come off entirely simply got ta put in some effort.

Functions well however no longer use it as its cost has gotten expensive given that we began utilizing it 2 years. Possibly some cost pumping up as it has gotten popular.

Shines black glass leading range perfectly. Still should use the magic eraser on some spills the kids make. Looks after the finger prints perfectly and does not streak. Better to have than not.

We simply bought a glass electric range top checked out the evaluations for this product and am well happy it works extremely well with getting rid of whatever is stuck on the glass unless it appearing like new.

We have utilized magic cooktop cleaner for years and found it the very best and most convenient way to clean our cooktop. We bought a new cooktop that is black and gorgeous and continued utilizing magic cooktop cleaner. When it was time to acquire a new supply, we might not find it so we attempted a number of other brands which did not get rid of the burned on bits and oil splashes any where near along with magic. We examined and found it. It is a lot easier to use and needs far less effort and rubbing to get rid of spots and smears.

This tidies up the mess on our glass leading range when the pot boils over. We do this frequently and this cleans it up rapidly.

We have constantly utilized soft scrub or sodium bicarbonate on our glass leading ranges. We attempted this as soon as and was offered. We will constantly use this and the spray on glass cook leading daily spray cleaner. Our cooktop appears like brand new even after having pasta and oatmeal boil over.

This things does what it declares; it makes it possible for scorched on bits to be cleaned or gently scrubbed away (we utilized a plastic razor) cuz we truly dislike cleaning our range, for that reason it only gets truly clean every 2-3 weeks. It works faster and better than the soft scrub we were utilizing (we have a gas variety with grates. ).

Functions ideal each time. Attempted a few others absolutely nothing get the glass leading clean like this does.

This works well. We change in between this and barkeeper’s good friend stovetop cleaner – whichever is less expensive. Both work similarly well.

This works remarkable on electric glass leading spots. We have some noodles that burnt into the top and after a few applications with this the spots were gone.

Utilized on truck with windscreen scratches/ wiper marks. Made a major enhancement. Didnt get all the wiper marks, however hi im getting lazy. However it did real get rid of the scratch/haze. Best the 29 years of age windscreen has ever looked.

Wow. It’s brought our range top back to appearing like new. It is difficult to impress our spouse. And he himself has been stating how excellent the range leading appearances. It’s relatively easy to use and polish off, we have seen how liquids bead up, and so on. Extremely, really pleased customers.:–RRB-.

We have utilized other products and absolutely nothing cleans up along with this. Love.


Makes our glass leading range appear like brand new.

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