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Major Povidine Povidone Iodine 10% First Aid Ointment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Major Povidine Povidone Iodine 10% First Aid Ointment.

  • Eliminates bacteria without delay:
  • Cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Burns

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Major Povidine Povidone Iodine 10% First Aid Ointment.
Size: 1 Tubes Total 1 OunceFirst aid ointment Eliminates bacteria without delay in: * Cuts * Scrapes * burns

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Major Povidine Povidone Iodine 10% First Aid Ointment.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients?

Povidone iodine USP 10 0/0 w/w (offered iodine 1 0/0) Antiseptic- germicidal glycerin, PEG-32, propylene glycol

Question Question 2

Is This Good For Paronychia.We Have It On Our PinkyFinger Begun Utilizing It 2 Days Earlier.?

You do and you’ll clean it up.If this is bactiria or fungus it ought to work, iodine is a poison.we never ever became aware of this things before-maybe go see a genuine physician? Fungus can be EXTREMELY stubbornl

Question Question 3

Is The Ointment Red Or White? We Understand The Red Discolorations.?

This is an outstanding ointment for healing and battling germs on cuts and such. It is red and might stain some however it must be utilized moderately and covered witha bandaid if possible. we have not discovered a staining problem.NBC

Question Question 4

Does This Stain The Skin? If So, The Length Of Time Up Until The Stain Disappears?

Given that it is iodine, it can stain your skin and your clothes. we utilized it for toe infections. we rested our foot on paper towels and used it with a Q-tip, then covered it immediately with gauze.How long it can stain depends upon just how much you got on your skin. we got a little bit on our finger initially, and scrubbed the hell out of Given that it is iodine, it can stain your skin and your clothes. we utilized it for toe infections. we rested our foot on paper towels and used it with a Q-tip, then covered it immediately with gauze.How long it can stain depends upon just how much you got on your skin. we got a little bit on our finger initially, and scrubbed the hell out of our finger, then it faded after our next number of daily showers.

Question Question 5

Will This Stain Skin?

No it does not stain skin. It will get on clothes however cleans right out in device. Functions excellent. we advise it

Question Question 6

What Are Povidone Iodine Ointment Ingredients?

it simply states active component povidone iodine USP 10% (offered iodine 1%)All we understand is that it is the very best ointment we ever utilized. The only location we could get it prior to was a samplr through our Dr. When we informed him we found it online, he stated get it, it’s the very best

Question Question 7

What Is The Size Of The Tube In Inches?

4.75″ long

Question Question 8

Is This Okay To Use On Our Pet Dogs Paws?

If the pet dog is OKAY with it, yes.

Question Question 9

So Photo Reveals It’S 10% Povidone-Iodine, However What Are The Other Ingredients?

According to back of box, ingredients consist of: ACTIVE: Giving Iodine-10% INACTIVE: Glycerin, PEG-6, PEG-12, Propylene Glycol

Question Question 10

Where Is This Product Made?

we have a bath tub out back behind the pig shed. we mix it up in there and then deliver it to you.

Question Question 11

Is This A Clear Ointment?

It’s unclear, amber color ointment.

Question Question 12

What Nation Is It Produced In And We The Tube Foil Sealed?

Produced in USA

Question Question 13

How Thick Is This Ointment? Does It Run Down The Location As Said In Previous Evaluations ??

It has a light texture, so there is some ‘run’ to it.But only if you use alot on the area.It is not a cosmetic; it is a healing gel.

Question Question 14

Exist Any Other Ingredients In This Product, Such As Non-active Ingredients?

glycerin, PEG-6, PEG-32 and propylene glycol

Question Question 15

Does It Actually Feature 5 Tubes Of Povidine? The Truth That A Lot Is Misspelled Is Worrying For A MedicalProduct Are The Tubes Sealed?

Yes there are 5 sealed tubes of povidone iodine gel.

Question Question 16

Why Exists Polyethelyne Glycol InProduct Is That Not Hazardous.?

polyethelyne glycol is a humectant, it stops the ointment dryingout It is a common representative in ointments. however we can’t guarantee that somebody hasn’t found that a number of lots of the things a day isn’t harmful

Question Question 17

Hiw Does This Comoare To The 10% Cream??

we can’t address. Please ask the seller. we have never ever attempted 10% creme.

Question Question 18

Can This Ointment Be Utilized On The Face?

For what purpose?A ‘dot of it on top of a pimple would be okay however the whole face?NO, that would not be good

Question Question 19

Question For Maker.Where Is This Product Made (Not Dispersed)?The Product Packaging Does Not State.?

All we see on television is dispersed by.but it is the exact same company that makes Betadine and both products are terrific.

Question Question 20

Is This One Of The Products That The Fda Revealed Will Be Prohibited For Consumer Use?

How could we perhaps understand that? You inform me. we do not examine the FDA product lists prior to we buy on.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Major Povidine Povidone Iodine 10% First Aid Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is the only location we can get this. We can’t find any in your area. So this is our go-to location for getting the povidone ointment. We found out years ago that this heals most injuries relatively quick. We just recently had a severe infection and was sent out to the er and could not manage the medications. So we utilized this and it recovered it up within simply a matter of a few days. We recommend this to relative all the time.

After the 3rd time we visited our physician due to having cuts impacted the doc informed us if we got this and used on a bandaid for 24 hrs, altered and reapplied for another 24 hrs we would never ever remain in for a contaminated wound once again.

We love this things. Iodine ointment will heal your injuries a lot faster than a liquid antibiotic ointment or a spray. It s thicker so it sits tight and doesn t vaporize. They utilized to bring this at a nationwide pharmacy chain, however we can t find it there any longer. (unfortunate emoji) iodine will eliminate a lot of the bad things and speed healing if you treat your injuries, put this on, and cover. We purchased 2 tubes and handed out one since that s just how much we love it.

Impressive worth in a should have product in any emergency treatment kit. Povidone is the generic name for the much more expensive name brand bedtidine. Povidone ointment likewise has really strong antwe fungal residential or commercial properties so a bit utilized in between the can rapidly clear athlete’s foot and other smelly foot issues.

Good ointment for placing on canines issue locations when a bath with povidone iodine in it isn’t called for. It’s a really heavy ointment, so a little goes a long methods. We use it for cuts, sores, rashes, and so on. On our four big fur infants.

Love this product. A should have for any skin inflammations. Specifically summertime heat rash. Little unpleasant due to it including iodine however if you get it on your clothes it will come out in the wash. Its hard to find that’s why we wanted to pay 6+ a tube when it is 3+ per tube if you can find it in a store.

We have utilized this product for years; nevertheless, it is not offered in your area. Great for those daily use particularly with kids since it combats infection however does not burn.

We like the 5 “smaller” tubes since that lets us stick one in our restroom, cars and truck, workplace, etc to constantly have emergency treatment ready. We state “smaller” in quotes, since 1 ounce of this things lasts a long time. We anticipate this single product will cover us for years on this things. Great cost for the amount. A lot of drug shops here do not bring this any longer.

To be truthful, we believed this would be more of a cream than a vaseline type ointment however we mixed with an odorless lotion and it works excellent. Povidone/ iodine solutions are best for infections. Even yeast infections that appear on the skin. Constantly use this prior to infection sets in also. Prior to going to peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Since these 2 products will hold good germs and promote infection, where iodine (betadine) will not.

Maturing in a wwiwe home with 2 doctors for moms and dads, we never ever saw an antibiotic salve, pill, or injectable, up until high school, when such products started to appear, yet our family did not experience regional skin infections and even inflamed glands, since our moms and dads equipped an iodine salve that was available in a container. The salve permitted the iodine to be taken in through the skin. Now that salve is almost difficult to find in pharmacies, and, if it can be found, it is really costly, even for a small container. Our oncologist recommended we find another salve like it from an online source. What a surprise when we found povidone in tubes.

Really flexible emergency treatment ointment. We use this for abrasions, cuts, bug bites, and so on. Not drippy. Remains where you put it. Love this things. Gotten product rapidly and on time. No issues with seller/provider and no mail concerns. Can be utilized on animals also.

This things works excellent, and the cost is a bargin. We believe this ointment (in mix with neosporin or polysporing) boosts and accelerate the healing procedure. We are really thankful we bought it.

We have just recently had surgical treatment and our physician will need utilizing this product for a number of weeks as part of the wound care regimen. The image showed is the precise kind offered by our physician’s workplace. Given that we are completing a tube every 3-4 days, we liked the concept of buying 5 tubes outright to reduce the journeys to our physician’s workplace, and this amount would likely cover the staying weeks of our wound care. While the delivery showed up relatively rapidly, we got only one tube. Likewise, as another customer discussed it is a various product than the one visualized– a plastic tube by a various producer (we have not yet opened it to see if the compound is various, given that this might be a return). We have sent out a note/complaint to the seller to see if 4 extra tubes will be sent out and will upgrade the evaluation appropriately based upon their reaction; however we are exceptionally discontented that we have been charged the total and did not get the product promoted. (oct 24) upgrade 1: we have increased from 1 star to 3, as we got an e-mail reaction from urgentcare medical within a few hours. The e-mail said sorry for the mistake and verified they will send out the 4 extra tubes rapidly. We will upgrade additional relating to for how long it took for televisions to show up, and on the quality of the product they sent out, given that it is various from television promoted. (oct 25) upgrade 2: we have modified from 3 stars to 5. The 4 extra tubes shown up on oct 26, so urgentcare medical did carry out outstanding client service in attending to the shipping mistake. We more than happy to acknowledge when a company is really proactive in looking after its consumers. Likewise, while the product packaging and producer is various, we believe the consistency matches what we had in televisions we were anticipating based upon the image. We would advise clarifying on the site that one might get various bundles however total am pleased with this purchase and how the seller attended to a mistake. (oct 28).

Excellent to prevent infection a should have for your home and cars and truck simply incase you get an unclean cut keep this in your emergency treatment kit.

We get staph break outs in our nose when we consume dairy and processed sugar (when of the main factors we can’t consume those things likewise bc our other body parts do not like these things either) and we usually use genuine manuka honey however we ran out and we lastly chose to offer this a try and it is incredible. This stops it from ending up being a full breakout and within a day, after we used it regularly for a day, it was gone. This is excellent for fending off staph infections.

We have utilized this products for several years. Whenever we cut ourself, we use this and by the next day, the cut is almost gone. Excellent product.

As a diabetic this was available in really convenient. Really easy to use. Cap comes off effectively with arthritic hands. Simply do not get it puzzled with a tube of toothpaste. Does not taste effectively.

This recovered up a sore that we might not get to fully heal for the last 2 years. Fantastic things. Absolutely advise. ~ kricket.

We like this better than liquid iodine. Assists clear up sores rapidly. When rubbed in, doesn t rub off on clothes or sheets. Good product.

Easy to use. Bought for our pet dog that keeps getting skin infections. Will see if it works, would save money on veterinarian journeys and costs if it works. Idea we would attempt based upon other evaluations we check out.

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