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Manna Pro Theracyn Wound & Skin Care Poultry Liquid

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Manna Pro Theracyn Wound & Skin Care Poultry Liquid.

  • Made in the USA
  • Practical one- action cleanser & wound dressing that cleans up cuts, sores, lacerations, & skin inflammations
  • Proven safe and assists promote natural healing
  • Unique Microcyn Innovation that has dealt with over 10 million clients
  • Vet recommended and a no sting formula

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Manna Pro Theracyn Wound & Skin Care Poultry Liquid.
The Theracyn Poultry Wound & Skin Care Spray by Manna Pro is a practical, one- action cleanser and wound dressing for your chickens that assists promote healing of pecking sores, lacerations, skin rashes, foot injuries and abrasions. It contains the unique Microcyn Innovation that has dealt with over 10 million clients, both two-legged and four-legged.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Manna Pro Theracyn Wound & Skin Care Poultry Liquid.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Have An Antibiotic In It?

No, this product does not consist of any prescription antibiotics.

Question Question 2

Could This Care A Duck That Have Bumblefoot?

THis product will help clean the foot for bumblefoot.

Question Question 3

Does It Include A Sprayer/Spritzer Top?

Mine did, acquired a couple months earlier. we can’t imagine they would stop consisting of the sprayer however odd that the image does not reveal it

Question Question 4

Is It Utilized To Rid Scaley Leg Mites Effectively On Chickens?

Yes, it will work for that.

Question Question 5

Do You Need To Hold Eggs For Any Length Of Time After Utilizing?


Question Question 6

What Is The Exp. Date?

One and a half years. However feel in one’s bones this is heat and light sensitive it need to be kept in the dark far from the heat. we needed to send our first bottle back since they didn’t inform it was provided and it was 90 ° and it beinged in the mail box for a day and a half.

Question Question 7

Does It Help With Ducks That Has Black Spots On Their Feet?

This assists poultry animal with skin problem. If black spots are from infections it might help.

Question Question 8

Will This Promote Plume Development From Feathers Being Plucked By Other Chockens?

Manna Pro Theracyn Wound and Skin Care Spray does not promote the regrowth of plumes after being plucked. The spray can help clean the wound after being pecked by other chickens.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Manna Pro Theracyn Wound & Skin Care Poultry Liquid, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We looked into products to help treat our indian runner duck’s bumble foot and found this product. The location where we live there are no farm veterinarians so we are needing to find out about how to treat our ducks disorders. We utilized it on his foot and covered it with a bandage which we altered daily and reapplied the medication. Ultimately his foot recovered and he had the ability to run about as soon as again without pain.

Worked terrific for bumble foot. Among our chickens got bumble foot and we check out if you capture it early in some cases simply cleansing with this and covering it can do the technique without surgical treatment. We utilized this and covered it up daily for one week and it was gone. We were fortunate to capture it early. Will certainly be keeping this in hand for our ladies.

Among our chickens lost a wing to a wild animal. We utilized this spray on her two times a day. And the wound was entirely recovered in 2 weeks.

This is a fantastic product. We have utilized it for severe head injuries on our quail, and for a bad injury to our rooster’ s foot along with a variety of our quails feet.

Our hen had large injuries on her back from an animal attack, we weren’t sure she would endure. We separated her and got this. We marvelled how fast it scabbed over and fell off after utilizing this. She had likewise been missing out on plumes currently and they’re now all growing back too:-RRB- she was quite ill for a while however is now energetic and eating/drinking once again.

If you have a farm you understand how well this things works. Chickens with bumblefoot, ducks with pet bites, donkeys with other donkey bites, felines with other feline bites, pigs with escape injuries. This things treats them all, prevents infection and considerably accelerates healing. Terrific cost here on. Get it prior to you require it.

It’s what all our chicken owning pals suggest.

Functions marvels. We even utilized ir on our pet and it gnawed his skin tags. Chickens likewise benifit from it terrific product.

Love this things. We have a mixed flock and have had a concern with bumble foot numerous times. This things works terrific with a dressing or by itself.

Super cost for this things. We use it for all our animals not simply chickens, as it resembles that other hypochlorous spray in the bluish bottle (uncertain we can discuss a trademark name) and it is a portion of the cost. Non-irritating and works well to heal injuries.

Worked as anticipated. Our duck got bumble foot and we have been spraying this on her daily for about a month now. It was veterinarian reccomeneded.

We utilized this on our ducks pad, she had wound on it and it cleared it up in about 4 days, excellent product for poultry.

This thing assisted our chicken we believe.

Utilized on our ducks foot and it assisted her a lot.

Functions well on our yard chickens. Terrific to have on hand.

Use for chicken injuries. Might likewise be utilized on our pet and feline. We like that it doesent obstruction sprayer like otherproducts Easy to use and rapidly dries remain on.

Worked for our ducks foot. Didn’t have no bad odor.

This things works surprisingly, and the cost is good. We will be buying more in the future.

We worked terrific on our chickens they recovered up fast from rash.

We have not needed to use it yet. Our pals who have ducks and chickens they state it works.

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