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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Medique Liquid Skin Bandage.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • 100 percent waterproof bandage that remains on hard to Cover locations
  • Easy to use
  • Sting free liquid bandage forms a breathable, Protective layer that promotes healing and assists prevent infection by decreasing direct exposure to dirt and bacteria
  • Bag of 10 17 ounce pipelines

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Medique Liquid Skin Bandage.
Use wound Seal or liquid Skin to stop the bleeding and protect minor open injuries and Medi-First bandage spray to offer a protective barrier on skin. A 100% waterproof bandage that remains on hard-to-cover locations. Easy- to-apply, sting-free liquid bandage forms a breathable, protective layer that promotes healing and assists prevent infection by decreasing direct exposure to dirt and bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Medique Liquid Skin Bandage.

Question Question 1

Is This 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate?

No.The Security Datasheet from the company notes this as “2-Propenoic acid, 2-cyano-, butyl ester (6606-65-1)”, which is likewise referred to as Butyl 2-cyanoacrylate according to ChemSpider.com( https://www.chemspider.com/Chemical-Structure.21607 html).

Question Question 2

Is This Product Sterile?

No.There is a sterilized medical grade skin adhesive offered on called GluSeal

Question Question 3

Is This The Liquid Skin Product Made By Chemence Medical Products, Inc.?


Question Question 4

Is This The Liquid Skin Product Made By Chemence Medical Products, Inc.?


Question Question 5

Can Be Utilized On Heel Blisters?

It resembles super glue, if you put it on it may help, if you can get it out of television.

Question Question 6

Does The One Pack Have 10 Tubes?

Yes. 10/ pkg

Question Question 7

Could This Product Be Utilized To Close Small Incisions?

We have utilized it for cuts, scrapes, skin flaps and it s worked well

Question Question 8

Would This Product Help Close Cracked Or Split Heels?

Good question. we use it to repair our split fingers throughout winter season when the dry air dehydrates our skin and they crack.our relative has considerable callouses on her heels and sands them down on event, however hasn’t had “cracking” per se.However, we use this on event on our palm or somewhere else when we have cut or divided the sk Good question. we use it to repair our split fingers throughout winter season when the dry air dehydrates our skin and they crack.our relative has considerable callouses on her heels and sands them down on event, however hasn’t had “cracking” per se.However, we use this on event on our palm or somewhere else when we have cut or divided the skin, and it works well as long as we enable it to dry completely prior to moving on.we would believe your heels would be too sweaty for it to sustain adhesion, however it’s quite strong stuff.For the rate we would suggest attempting it, as we have found it quite effective.When we wereh our hands sometimes over a day after utilizing it, typically it is still working, so who understands.Good luck, and we hope it works for you.

Question Question 9

Does It Sting?

It does not sting. The only issue we had was that it takes a very long time to dry.

Question Question 10

What’S The Expiration Date?

do not buy, many do not have anything in them due to the fact that they have dried up or are malfunctioning. hard to get in touch with seller.

Question Question 11

What Is The Viscosity Of This? Like Water Or Thicker Than That?

Thicker than water.

Question Question 12

How Fast Does It Dry?

It depends just how much you put on.If we spread out an extremely thin layer over a small cut it drys rapidly within 5mins. If we have a bigger much deeper sufficed can take 15 minutes-20 minutes to fully dry.

Question Question 13

We Will Be Going We To Water About A Week After Getting Staple A Out And Desired A Protective WoundCover Would This Work?

Yes. It would be water tight a minimum of for a while. If your skin got raisin like it might not.

Question Question 14

Is It Reuseable? Or Simply One Time Use?

The directions on the internet page for this product state to ‘dispose of any unused product.’ our guess is that utilizing it once again runs the risk of re-contamination.Good luck.

Question Question 15

Is This Product Antiseptic?

no simply to close skin

Question Question 16

Will This Work To Help Close Our Gauged Ears Closed?

we would believe it depends upon the size of the opening. Being it is a hole entirely through the ear, we question it. Hope this assisted.

Question Question 17

Is This Product Flexible Like Dermabond Or Skinstitch? This Is One Major Thing That Sets It Apart From Ordinary Superglue.?

It’s really flexible.If you provide it adequate time to dry into the crack/abrasion/wound and blot the excess off prior to moving about excessive, it uses really well.However, if you wash the location frequently, such as your hands, fingers and so on it will have a minimal life expectancy.

Question Question 18

Does This Product Have Any Color? Would It Help At All To Conceal A Facial Cut?

Really small purple color in television, essentially clear when applied.Nope, will not conceal a facial cut.we can adhere the skin margins and make it appear better than an open cut.

Question Question 19

How Do We Find The Expiration Date? The Person Tubes Do Not Have It Printed On Them, Simply The Lot Number 06319.?

believe that is when it was produced?

Question Question 20

Does It Have A Strong Smell?

Very little more than simply a alcohol clean.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Medique Liquid Skin Bandage, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We found this product to be much more effective than the liquid skin type adhesive that you can find in regional drug shops. For me, the medique bandage typically lasts 2-3 days. Nevertheless, we need to discuss that we have our hands exposed to a great deal of moisture/water sometimes that most likely shortens the life expectancy of the bandage, so the typical individual may find that it will last longer for them. While it mentions to dispose of unused product, we did not. We covered the nozzle pointer with aluminum foil and changed the cap after use. We have utilized this exact same bottle numerous times and it is simply effective each time. Update: we are so unfortunate due to the fact that we found that 4 of the 10 packs has no liquid bandage in them. We went to use one for a cut on our finger and absolutely nothing cameout So we attempted another pack. Still absolutely nothing. Narrative, we do not understand if some of the products were malfunctioning or whether it is that they have a brief service life. We will not buy once again.

This is the genuine skin glue, similar to our medical professional utilizes. Thick sufficient to sit tight. Fills deep spaces in our thick calloused skin. We had a big, deep fracture on the side of our forefinger. We are guitarist. We bonded the fracture with 2 applications of glue. It took about a minute for the first coat to cure (skin catalyzes it well). 2nd coat took a few minutes, we wound up touching it with a drop of saliva – rather an effective driver. Anyhow, 5 minutes later on we were doing great deals of barre chords on our steel string acoustic for a half hour or two. The bond made it through fine. This things is difficult, constructs well, and is simply a bit flexible, which is best for skin repair. We are really pleased with this things. And fantastic rate. After we completed, we taped the top of tube shut and kept it vertically. (thanks for the pointer from another evaluation here.) we ll see if it keeps. Based on our experience with other cyanoacrylate glues, it likely will for a few weeks or months.

This does not burn like many over-the-counter products, however it does seal extremely well. It is low viscosity, so do not use too much. We have really dry skin, particularly in winter season, and our fingertips break from the dry air. Cleaned Up and dried completely, this can get into the fracture and seal it so it does not hurt, and subsides the pain practically instantly by sealing the nerve endings also. It takes a number of minutes to dry, and will leak off if excessive is used (our keyboard has 2 spots on it from us believing it was dry. ). Nevertheless, use of good quality hand cream will almost liquify this, so use when you will not be utilizing hand cream immediately. It does keep closed in water however, and moderate hand soap does not make it open either. If you remain in food handling or client care, this will not be a good response as it will open with really frequent hand cleaning. Otherwise it’s fantastic, particularly for building and construction and factory work.

Solidifies to a flexible, clear state that does not break like other cyanoacrylates. Low smell, no sting, fast cure. The specific product utilized to cover our stitches in emergency clinic.

First of all, we have no monetary interest in this company nor have we got any rewards to compose this 5 star evaluation. Our only program is to offer you with the most accurate “personal”information Care: if you have a cut on your thumb or fingers, you will not have the capability to press any of the functions on your sell phone, tablet, and so on. Great for the following factors:1. Hassle-free size to prevent waste. 2. Easy and regulated application. 3. Economical rate and a functional present for all genders and ages over 12 years of age. 4. Hassle-free size to take with you or leave in your automobile. 5. Likewise fantastic for bicycle riders, hikers, campers and so on. Contact your vet to see if you can use it on your canine, feline or other animals. All in all, we will certainly buy more tomorrow. Fast shipment. Less than 24 hours.

We purchased this for our kid, for work. He cuts himself frequently and he utilizes it instantly and he s back on the task. No concerns of blood leaking.

Our child cut her knee quite deep. Obviously it needed to be her knee. She is 4 1/2, attempt informing a girl she can t bend her leg for a few days, it doesn t work. We purchased this when the other strips we were utilizing didn’t get the job done. This worked better than we were anticipating. It kept her wound sealed and kept her from choosing. It took a litter longer to dry than we anticipated, however well worth the wait.

We were looking for something equivalent to marathon skin protectant however at a more sane rate. Medique liquid skin bandage has struck that mark. The product goes on quickly and with no burning or sting whatsoever. It’s thick consistency enables easy protection and it dries fairly quick (in about 2 minutes). Our specific use case puts the covered skin in frequent contact with acidic liquid. Medique liquid skin bandage has held up perfectly, lasting for about 2 days prior to requiring to be reapplied. Medique liquid skin bandage it’s simply as good as it’s competitors however at a portion of the rate.

The real product is incredible. Absolutely nothing works along with this, iv attempted other products and you can’t compare. We can’t endure without it, due to the fact that our hands get deep fractures and we see for a living. However the ones we got today were half empty. Sealed however half empty.

We cut our finger slicing veggies. We did not wish to go to immediate care. The cut enjoyed our fingernail. We utilized this glue to seal the cut and nail. It slothed off naturally and our finger recovered up. Really water evidence however numerous layers on our cut produced the very best outcome.

Product was provided in a prompt style however we requiredmore We believed we had duplicated the previous order where we trend 3 sent out. We use this to help seal our hand which is susceptible to breaking as we wereh our hands sometimes daily.

Have had split finger pointers for years in the wibter months. We have constantly utilized super glue or new skin. Super glue simply works for a few hours or a day at the most due to the fact that it is so hard and typically simply makes it it even worse when it fractures even worse. This liquid skin is definitely wonderful. It is flexible and adhers fantastic. The tubes are small enough that you can bring them with you or put one in your tool box. This things has made winter season manageable for us. If you struggle with split fingers and cuticless and all that good things that winter season brings, this will be the very best thing you might invest your cash on for yourself. Simply ensure you wash and clean the locations good prior to you use it. And store televisions upright so you can get more than one application from each tube once it is opened.

This isn’t a bad product. Nevertheless, it appears to be planned to satisfy the exact same purpose as newskin; emergency treatment for minor scrapes and cuts. Nevertheless, when used, it is not as flexible as newskin and can quickly break if the skin under it moves excessive. It likewise is far more tough to eliminate, though this might be a favorable in some cases. The kind aspect it can be found in is substantially smaller sized than any newskin size, and that might interest some people. Nevertheless, we would most likely suggest newskin, or other kinds of liquid bandage over this. Once again, okay, however there are better.

Have attempted other skin glues in the past for those frustrating skin fractures along with your fingernail corners that never ever wish to heal. This brand works the very best. It holds up well and does not different with handwashing. It does dry hard so you only require a small amount. Does not smell bad either however watch out it adheres really fast. Often duplicated applications are required. What we would love is if it didn’t dry out television when opened and you can recycle numerous times. Have had some success with after use, cleaning the pointer, then keeping with stopper/lid upright.

Our daddy has thin skin that is quickly torn. He took a spill and had a substantial tear that was hard to protect. Papa has dementia and he forgets to not scratch and is constantly eliminating bandaids. So our sibling saw this and attempted it. Worked like an appeal. Doesn t sting. Remains on even in shower. It has been a lifesaver for that. And our sibling utilizes this now for himself rather of bandaids. We have bought this product mainly for our emergency situation kit. However we do have some offered for your home too.

Our canine had cut his leg on something, this worked incredibly to close his cut and it recovered with a small scar. It deals with our skin also. A fantastic bandage.

These get you by till you can get to the genuine medical professional. They do appear to burn a little however in a pinch they are certainly worth having around-get these if you have children.

Never ever understood it existed till we went to the physicians and they utilized it on me. At the physicians, we were charged $400 for television they used for us. (thankfully paid by insurance coverage) it is easy to use. A little sting (as it need to). Easy to remove. We had a cut on our hand when and we utilized it. It does not remain as long due to the fact that it was exposed to water from us cleaning our hands. Otherwise it remains well. The tube make it easy to use and it is a good size. Would buy to refill once again.

Seriously. They have this things in the emergency treatment kit at our work and because our hands are constantly damp, band-aids are meh, however this things is a paradise send out. It’s essentially super glue. A penknife closed on our finger there other day. We put this things over the gash and it was recovered closed within a week( simply ensure you clean the wound first).

We work for a custom contractor and denting our hands and legs typically. It assists us return to work rapidly without a mess.

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