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MG217 10% Ichthammol First Aid Ointment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MG217 10% Ichthammol First Aid Ointment.

  • One 1 oz tube of MG217 10% Ichthammol First Aid Ointment
  • 10% genuine ichthammol salve assists soothe inflamed skin upon contact
  • Paraben free skin ointment includes no artificial scents, synthetic colors or animal by-products
  • Topical MG217 ointment made with naturally obtained ingredients to soothe skin
  • From the only North American provider of genuine ichthammol for human use

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MG217 10% Ichthammol First Aid Ointment.
Find soothing comfort for your skin with MG217 10% Ichthammol First AidOintment This 10% genuine ichthammol salve assists soothe skin upon application. First, clean the afflicted location, and then use on gauze bandage. Lastly, location gauze over the application website as much as two times a day. MG217 ointment is paraben free and made with naturally obtained ingredients, and it includes no artificial scents, synthetic colors or animal by-products. Speak with a doctor prior to utilizing this skin ointment if you have deep leak injuries or severe burns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MG217 10% Ichthammol First Aid Ointment.

Question Question 1

Is This Ichthammol Made From Ammonium Bituminosulfonate? Or Is It Phony?

According to the active ingredient declaration it contains: Petroleum, icthimol USP, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2

Question Question 2

Where Is It Made?

It is made in the USA of United States and imported products

Question Question 3

What Does This Product Really Do?

we have actually utilized this product sincesincewe were 3-4, am 85 1/2now. It reduces pain, it promotes healing.if utilized in 20 percent, it recovers boils and infections.we use it whenever we hurt ourself.we avoid antibiotic due to the fact that it eliminates whatever – good and bad.we have not found anythingbetter EME

Question Question 4

Exactly What Does This Product Do?

It s thought about a drawing salve

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MG217 10% Ichthammol First Aid Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

So this is gross, however our other half had an ingrown hair stuck in his neck for a long period of time. We truthfully wear t even understand for how long. It was driving both people insane, so we browsed for natural home remedy besides simply stabbing at it and hoping for the very best. We found info on some homesteading page to use this ointment, so we put it on him and covered it with a bandage for 2 days and after that. It came right to the surface area of the skin and was easy to get rid of. It was disgustingly rewarding. We won t post any photos for others sake. However it worked. Believe me.

This is the genuine things. It smells bituminous– essentially like asphalt, which is a major determining quality of genuine ichthammol. Ingredients: petrolatum, ichthammol usp, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2we had actually never ever become aware of mg217 up until we bought this from, however their site reveals their products offered in major shops, so it’s not some unreliable operation. There’s a great deal of hassle relating to ichthammol creams on relating to things that may be made in china. We can’t vouch for the effectiveness or absence thereof of those products given that we have actually never ever bought them, although the wikipedia short article on ichthammol does indicate those products are made and obtained in a different way from the tarry goodness of genuine ichthammol. We have actually never ever utilized this ointment for drawing functions (splinters and such), however it is a miracle for ingrown toe nail infections and other minor infections. Neosporin and other topical prescription antibiotics can’t top ichthammol, for us, for those and comparable things. Simply google what this things can be utilized for and you’ll want you had it in your medicine cabinet all your life. Please follow instructions and see a physician if you have something severe going on.

We had a cyst that was nearly the size of a cent. It would drain pipes however constantly return. Had it for 2 months. Whatever online informed us to get surgical treatment, however we found this ointment. We used this product when a day for 2 weeks. It’s entirely gone with no scarring. Naturally we would’ve gone to the medical facility if it didn’t work, however it did. Extremely suggest.

The fragrance is dreadful, which informs you it’s legitimate. We offered this 5 stars on fragrance, due to the fact that it stinks and precisely how it must be. We love this things, in our viewpoint it’s better than prid. We use it on whatever and will never ever lack in our medicine cabinet.

You can put this on any bump zit whatever and it may help eliminate it. Had a small residues of a boil we had years earlier, like it still smelled like that cysty odor on our skin, we put this on it and it eliminated it right away.

After a couple applications of this, ingrown hairs lastly began to surface area.

Functions well.


This ointment is made with the authentic ichthammol from austria. Great product in line with the traditionnal drawing salves.

Good product and offer. Would buy once again.

We had a boil. & put this on there, covered with bandage. Got up the next early morning and its gone.

Fantastic product.

We had actually been despairing that we could not find ichthammol ointment anywhere or the ones we did find were extremely costly (or from china – which is trash we are sorry for purchasing). However we found this salve, purchased it, utilized it and am definitely delighted with our purchase. We are going to buy more to stockpile. This things is incredible and is essential in any emergency treatment kit for dressing injuries, keep them from getting contaminated or draw infection out if they get that way. Irksome topic, skin infections, however when you have one, ichthammol is your first line of defense. We hope this evaluation assists, though it is not meant to be interpreted as a medical diagnosis in anyhow, shape or type and ought to you find yourself hurt, see your medical professional right away. This evaluation is for informative functions only.

This is excellent for stopping the itch of mosquito bites. Our company believe it pulls out the “venom” (or whatever makes them itch so bad). They likewise heal much quicker. It looks, feels, and smells like the grease automobile mechanics constantly had around when we were more youthful. However it’s so worth the odor.

Great for infections.

Stinks like it’s expected to, lol, however is effecting in assisting draw out infection.

Was having a hard time discovering this in our regional drug stores, however had the ability to select it up online. This is the only thing that works when we get rid of raised and agonizing boils.

This is a need to have product for emergency treatment requirements. It works rapidly and well.

Better than any antibiotic.


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