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MJ’s Herbals First Aid Salve – One Ounce Concentrate

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MJ’s Herbals First Aid Salve – One Ounce Concentrate.

  • natural
  • skin care
  • organic
  • Herb infusion in organic Olive Oil and Organic Beeswax
  • ointment

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MJ’s Herbals First Aid Salve – One Ounce Concentrate.
This powerful & effective blend of antiseptic, antibacterial, & would healing herbs speeds healing & assists prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, broken lips, imperfections, burns & rashes. Its numerous usages make it a terrific buddy for home & travel. WEB WT 1 oz INGREDIENTS: Qualified organic comfrey root, licensed organic Oregon grape root, licensed organic calendula blooms, licensed organic white oak bark, licensed organic marshmallow root, genuine vitamin E oil (d- alpha tocopherol) and licensed organic tea tree oil in a base of qualified organic olive oil and unrefined propolis beeswax. INSTRUCTIONS: Use easily to impacted location. Clean wound first if possible. Care: Not for deep or puncture injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MJ’s Herbals First Aid Salve – One Ounce Concentrate.

Question Question 1

What Portion Of Oregon Grape Does It Have?

It does not provide portions of the ingredients on the label.The only information we can provide you is that it is the 2nd active ingredient in the salve.

Question Question 2


Someone has currently noted the ingredients in this salve we use it for insect bites scrapes and even broken and dry lips its extremely convenient to keep in your medicine cabinet

Question Question 3

What Portion Of Comfrey Does The Product Have? Is It Russian Comfrey?

It implies greater effectiveness and greater concentration for more intense injuries.

Question Question 4

Is The Container Made From Glass Or Plastic?


Question Question 5

Does It Odor Strong Or Weird?

It has a somewhat herbal odor, however we would not state strong at all. we simply put it on our arm for a burn and we could not smell it.

Question Question 6

Does It Help With Scars? We Simply Had 2 Skin Biopsies.Trying To Help It Heal Without Scarring.?

It’ snice touse natural. we do n’tknowifitwould help scars however it is gentleand we believe healing. we hope it assists.

Question Question 7

Where Do You Store It To Keep It Fresh Longer?

Keep MJ’s Herbals salves out of direct light and heat. Do not store them in your vehicle. otherwise, you can bring them in your bag or any cool, dry place.we hope this answers your question adequately, Genuinely, MJ

Question Question 8

Does It End? We Have Had Mine For 2 Years Now And Wish To Know If It’S Still Thought About Effective?

we are not exactly sure however ours is a few years of ages and appears to still work terrific- we store it in a cool- dry location

Question Question 9

Is This The Best Product For A Cut Or Would You Recommend Mj’S Calendula Salve; What’S The Distinction? Thanks.?

This product is terrific. we have both and use the emergency treatment salve for cuts, minor burns and so on we use the calendula for bug bites or closed wound inflammations. we believe the distinction is the first aid one has antibiotic residential or commercial properties while the other does not. In 2015 we took a quite nasty spill on our bike and had some bad roadway This product is terrific. we have both and use the emergency treatment salve for cuts, minor burns and so on we use the calendula for bug bites or closed wound inflammations. we believe the distinction is the first aid one has antibiotic residential or commercial properties while the other does not. In 2015 we took a quite nasty spill on our bike and had some bad roadway rash. we utilized the first aid salve on the “burn”, and the calendula around the edges to help with itching. we recovered incredibly with hardly noticeable scars.

Question Question 10

Is It Thick Enough To Provide Momentary Relief On Incurable Scars?

Sorry however we put on t understand

Question Question 11

Mine Has No Scent Of Tea Tree Oil AtAll And Allegedly Having It In There, There Must Be Something. This Appears like Wax And OilOnly Normal?

This is The Very Best healing ointment ever.Don t stress over the tea oil aroma, it has numerous remarkable homeopathic ingredients such as arnica, calendula, and if we remember it likewise has propolis. Use it on basically whatever and use it kindly. Best

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MJ’s Herbals First Aid Salve – One Ounce Concentrate, these may be helpful for better understanding.

For many years we count on burt’s bees res- q ointment to quickly heal whatever from chapped lips, fever blisters, rough cuticles, any cut or scrape. One day, the bees stop working and it’s new container would not inform us why. So we chalked it approximately the popular business buy-out, turning burt into a sell-out Last winter season we established an awful fever blister (the kind that had started to leave scars considering that we no longer had our original res- q). By a miracle, we found an empty, original burt’s tin in our cabinet and took it to the store to compare with the new ingredients. Lots of things were missing out on from the new solution, generally comfrey. So we required to the web, looked into comfrey and other healing treatments and browsed for a replacement salve. We picked mj’s due to the fact that of the cost and the obvious concentration of our wanted ingredients (comfrey, mostly). The extremely small size of the mj ointment/salve did not alarm me. Since if this things works a little dab is typically excessive. This little container lasted ourself and our family of 6 almost a year. We are presently suffering extremely broken winter season hands which advised us that we ran out of our mj herbals a few months earlier. We am now bought more and felt awful for not having evaluated previously. We will not explain about whatever we have utilized this salve for, due to the fact that many usages are off label and definitely not backed by mj herbals. Let’s simply state if it’s irritated, raw, inflamed, scraped, exuding, or tap dancing. Mj herbals emergency treatment permits comfrey to do as comfrey likes to do. Which is to heal our ouchies when used regularly and with a light hand. The factor for 4 stars on this product is use margin of mistake. This salve becomes a liquid when used. There will be numerous discouraging stops working when utilizing this product with bandages, and so on. And due to the fact that of this texture, reapplication is a frequent must. Cautious leaving it in a hot car throughout travel. Mj herbals are likewise extremely great people. We fanned them on facebook and let them understand we were caring this product for the burns we had from battling a thanksgiving turkey and they used to mail us free samples of their burn ointment. That was so extremely great of them however throughout the vacations we forgot to take them up on their deal. This is absolutely a replacement for that bee people things. And we hope that by purchasing mj herbals through, we are supporting a sbo.

Miracle salve. Substantial amount of distinction overnight with itching and look of our awful psoriasis. We no longer wish to go to the greatest mountain and dive off. Seriously. We really slept all night for the first time in months without getting up itching like a mad lady. We currently acquiredmore Simply for the record, we are not being paid anything to compose this evaluation.

We acquired this product due to the fact that it contains oregon grape, an effective natural treatment for psoriasis, which we have on our fingernail. In one night, this product improved the look of our skin and nail more than weeks of use of a prescription topical steroid. It isn’t treating the psoriasis, however it it assisting with the signs exceptionally. We likewise get large, deep, unpleasant acne imperfections on our lower face, which we have dealt with with oral and topical prescription antibiotics, and topical retinoids. Those medications are no longer a choice for us, so when we feel a blemish coming, we start using this product 2x/day, and it significantly reduces the swelling, pain, and duration of the blemish. Furthermore, our ob approved this for use throughout pregnancy.

This things is remarkable. Seriously. We have had a cut in the corner of our nose for a month, the outcome of continuous blowing at the beginning of allergy season. We have attempted neosporin, cortaid, aquaphor, vaseline, and basically whatever else we had in your house. Needless to state, absolutely nothing was assisting. Up until today when our emergency treatment salve showed up. No joke, 7 hours and numerous applications later on, and our nose is not only soothed with the beautiful aroma and anesthetic qualities, however it really seems like it s healing. Don t reconsider the cost, the container is small however magnificent and will go a long way. Terrific product.

We do not compose a great deal of evaluations however this salve is remarkable. It stops the itch on bug bites. Heals abrasions and even stopped the burning experience from a sugar burn. We got it initially for plaque psoriasis and although its prematurely to inform just how much it will help we can state so far the red patches absolutely look better and there is less scaling and burning.

Really remarkable, healing salve. It has assisted with our scalp currently (seborrheic dermatitis). We leave it on the worst patches overnight and warm the bit we take out, so it s more liquid and much easier to use and cover our scalp as much as possible without utilizing excessive. It has worked well as an overnight treatment the night prior to combing well to exfoliate our scalp and then washing everything out with a clarifying hypoallergenic shampoo and then utilizing a 2% zinc shampoo (we leave it on our scalp after lathering well for 10 minutes as recommended by many skin doctors). We are only explaining due to the fact that up until now this specific combination is the only thing that has really assisted. It likewise works so well for burns or any skin disorders (the healing herbs utilized should be extremely high quality ). We advise it. It s smaller sized than we understood so we want we had gotten 2 at the same time. It s a lifesaver.

This product is remarkable. We have had lots of mosquito bites this summer season. We found that if we use this salve instantly after being bitten, the bite location gets”cut off at the pass” After about 10-20 minutes, the bite spot has practically totally vanished and the itching is gone. We love this salve and we will never ever lack it. We have not utilized it for cuts or burns yet, however we believe that it will work terrific. This smells quite like tea tree oil, which is one of the ingredients, however this is the primary smell. We do not mind it at all. We likewise like that this product is natural. We extremely advise this salve. ++.

We love this product. When our kids get hurt, they ask for us to put the good things on their boo boos. We are on our 3rd container and it s the very best things we have found to fast healing and keeping infections away.

We chose to attempt this after getting ingrown toe nails after pregnancy. We had heard utilizing neosporin might make things even worse however things were starting to get bad (one toe nail was getting puss and epsom salt baths weren’t clearing it up) so we figured we would attempt this. It worked well, absolutely assisted things heal a lot faster and didn’t appear to worsen the issue. We were shocked at how thin it was when it was on our finger (it sort of melts. )no problems though, worked better than we anticipated and we will use it once again.

This salve is fantastic. Goes on extremely great; has a small tea tree aroma however disappears right after utilizing. Had a few pumples on our chin, rubbed some on prior to bed. Pimples were gone the next early morning. A should have.

Miracle salve is what it needs to be called and its natural, win win. We cut our finger rather deep on a exacto knife (oops.) put this on and all was well. We use for any cuts, broken lips, sores, shave nicks, imperfections. A should have in the medicine cabinet or emergency treatment kit.

This product is terrific. Our auntie recommended it after we had a nasty spill on a bike. We had roadway rash on our arm and on a good portion of our upper thigh. It assisted to heal and sooth, and there is very little scarring. Plus it smells terrific. We dislike numerous other emergency treatment salves, this things was a small miracle.

This things is non hazardous and works terrific. It recovered our burn much faster than anything else we have ever utilized. We use it for whatever.

We have been extremely happy with this product and wish to attempt more from this line. This is terrific specifically for our kids skin irritation. Our baby woman has bad eczema and it assists the scratching and irritated locations. All other products have inflamed her more and our young child enjoys putting it on his baby bumps and contusions and asked for it. He states it feels good when putting it on, not annoying or stingy. We wish to attempt the calendula salve now.

Goes on perfectly, enjoyable aroma, help in healing. Nevertheless, it is a small container that we went through extremely rapidly. We would not buy once again due to the fact that of the high expense for a small amount.

This stiff assists with big bites and scratches.

Precisely what we required. Trigger shipment and packaged well. We value naturalproducts Great deals of people grumble about the size however description informs you it is one ounce and a dab goes a long way.

Functions remarkable one our hands that are continuously being utilized with severe chemicals.

Isn’t our preferred, however it’s ok. Functions in a pinch.

First of all, yes it is 1 oz. So is a tube of neosporin. We do not see why thats an issue. This things works so fast. We had feline scratches on our arms and they were healing so gradually. Put a thin layer of this on (no bandage) and forgot it. The next day, it ‘d recovered in 24 hours more than the last 4 days integrated. We were stressed over the odor cause we dislike tea tree oil (extremely unfeminine) and yes, it did odor slightly of tea tree oil. However it soaks up in quite fast and we couldnt smell it after perhaps 10 minutes. We are absolutely connected on this things now. All natural and works better than brand antiobiotics.

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