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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel.

  • Safeguards skin with a smooth, breathable moisture-control barrier
  • Combats friction and relieves unpleasant irritation
  • Helps in reducing the look of redness after shaving or waxing the swimsuit location

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel.
Size: Pack of 1Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel integrates the protective benefits of lotion and powder in one fantastic solution. It supplies daily prevention from skin chafing, redness, and irritation brought on by moisture, heat, workout, and shaving. It safeguards skin with a smooth, breathable, moisture control barrier. The scent free formula dries to a smooth surface that is non oily and will not stain clothes. As women, our health is a vital part of our total well being. From time to time, women might experience yeast infections, itching and irritation, smell, chafing, razor burn, and discharge. Monistat is here with a variety of products to deal with yeast infections, offer sign relief and help with other feminine health requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel.

Question Question 1

When Utilized As A Makeup Primer, Does It Help With An Oily T-Zone?

we did not find this worked for us as a primer. we have mix skin and use a tinted moisturizer and it made our makeup appearance blotchy.

Question Question 2

Does This Have A Strong Scent?

No this product has a really minor odor. Its not a scent. Simply the odor of the ointment its self. we extremely suggest this product for chaFfing. It not only prevents, it likewise sOoths redness.

Question Question 3

Should This Have Some Kind Of Seal? Mine Came In An Unsealed Box And Tube Had No Seal Either.?

Mine did not have a foil seal and package was quickly opened. Ive likewise rebought this product from walmart lot of times. They likewise did not have any seal on television or tape shutting package. So we believe it ought to be fine.

Question Question 4

Does This Powder Contain Medication For Small Chafing Sores?

Unsure about medication however we have not had any chafing sores given that we began utilizing. Keeps the tender locations dry with no itch.

Question Question 5

Does This Have Talc?

No it does not. It s active component is Dimethicone.

Question Question 6

Can This Be Utilized In More Personal Locations Other Than Simply The Thighs?

Yes it can be utilized under breasts and in the most personal of areas.its a fantastic product we love it

Question Question 7

What’S The Expiration Date On These?

This product has a 24 month life span and will be printed on the bottom of package. In order to identify the expiration date on a specific product, please call us toll free at 877-666-4782 so that we can help you even more.

Question Question 8

Is This Gluten-Free? For Somebody With Celiacs Disease?

Keeping reading television, not box, we wear t see it state it s gluten free, television does have a phone #on it forquestion-1- 877-666-4782, hope this assists

Question Question 9

Will This Help Complete Acne Scars? If So, Does It Sat Tight In Much Deeper Ones, Or Does It Dissolve After Some Time.?

To be truthful, we do not understand. It is really economical, so you come buy it and attempt itout If it does not work, it’s no fantastic loss.our only issue is just how much you might need to put on to fill the scars – and whether it would look natural under the makeup.There are other techniques you might attempt to minimize the scars. If To be truthful, we do not understand. It is really economical, so you come buy it and attempt itout If it does not work, it’s no fantastic loss.our only issue is just how much you might need to put on to fill the scars – and whether it would look natural under the makeup.There are other techniques you might attempt to minimize the scars. If they are bad, you can attempt lasering which might help smooth out the surface area of your skin; or perhaps retin-a if the scars are not so bad. Best dreams.

Question Question 10

What Are The Ingredients In Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel Paraben Free??

uncertain about the paraben however we understand that this is a quality product works exceptional bit goes a long way 1 tube Should last you a very long time

Question Question 11

Does It Work To Protect The Underside Of Arms With A Sequined Gown?

we would presume it would ve we would ensure to rub it in well

Question Question 12

Is This Expected To Be Liquid? Mine Arrived Today And We Anticipated A Real Gel, It ResemblesWater The Offer By Date Is 2018, So It Isn’T Expired.?

No, it is a gel. Extremely smooth and soothing on the skin. Lots of women us it as a makeup primer as we do. Send it back if it resembles water.

Question Question 13

How Frequently Do You Required To Reapply?

we only use it when a day, in the early morning after our shower and that’s it. Functions throughout the day for us

Question Question 14

Will This Leave A Stain On Clothes Or Swimsuit? Likewise Will It Be Visible When On The Skin? Or Is It Invisible?

we have never ever had an issue with it staining or being obvious on skin. we believe it is invisible.

Question Question 15

How Would This Work In Between The Thighs At Disneyland??

Must work too at Disneyland as anywhere else. Functions good for us.??

Question Question 16

If We Utilized This Daily, For How Long Would The 1.5 Oz Last? Let’S State 2 Applications A Day, To Be Safe.?

If utilizing a small amount.possibly 2-3 weeks

Question Question 17

How Do We Contact Somebody If We Never Ever Got Our Delivery Of This Product??

we are sorry. The only thing is contact. They must have the ability to refund for the delivery not gotten and resend if you would like. Have you tracked the order?

Question Question 18

Do You Offer This To Malaysia?


Question Question 19

How Does This Hold Up To Water? We Are Going To A Water Park This Summer Season And Ill Stroll In Between Rides While Wet In A Bikinwe Bottom Like Match.?

we sanctuary t utilized it with water yet however we understand a great deal of hardcore hikers swear by it so we believe it would hold up. If you re on the fence questioning if you must buy it, BUY IT. we want we found this product years back.

Question Question 20

For How Long Does It Remain On Prior To Requiring To Reapply?

we are uncertain. we usually use it in the early morning, and we are fine throughout the day. we have never ever really needed to reapply throughout the very same day.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So yeah, peri-menopause and hot sweats and itchy crotch. Woohoo. Idea we had a yeast infection, did 2 rounds of monistat, still had the awful crotch itch. Attempted some costly tea tree oil soap. Attempted some jock itch cream. Bought new underclothing. Absolutely nothing was working and it was beginning to appear like we would simply be itchy and unpleasant permanently when we looked once again through and found this little gem. This is the winner, girls. We do not understand about individuals that are utilizing it for makeup (what?.) however it definitely weeks on keeping your skin dry in your underclothing. Initially we were placing on a fair bit however then recognized you truly only require perhaps a penny size and spread everything over in the early morning after your shower and on your really dry, fresh girl location and bam. Getting all recovered up and no longer itching. Bought another tube for our luggage. Will not lack this once again.

Lady with chub rub, look no more. Those cute shorts? use em. That cute gown. Put that ish on. Used this with our bikinwe in florida for 3 days, only reapplies 1-2 times a day and had very little chaffing (primarily due to sand, which can t be assisted unfortunately). However it wasn t bad, nor did it trigger us any genuine pain like chaffing usually does. We intend on getting this when we go to california in june to get the very same use. Love love love. *** ps- we have suuuuuper sensitive skin and had no breakouts or suspect rashes utilizing this ***.

We have struggled with genital itching for the majority of our life and it has only worsened as we have aged. No physician has ever had the ability to identify a cause and their only way of treating it has been cortisone based ointments which must not be utilized long term. We chose to attempt diaper rash ointment and while we were at the store purchasing that, we saw this on the rack and got it believing it was an anti-itch cream. When we checked out package we recognized it wasn’t so we tossed it in the drawer. Numerous months later on we encountered it and chose to offer it a shot given that the diaper rash ointment had not worked. Oh our goodness, relief. For the very first time ever, we have remedy for the dreadful itching. A little goes a long way, we use one layer in the evening when we go to sleep, that is normally it. When in a terrific while we will use a layer throughout the day however that is really unusual. It is fantastic having the ability to sleep in the evening and go throughout the day without the discomfort we utilized to have. We will never ever lack this product once again.

After checking out the evaluations on this product and seeing all of the ones that promote it as a remarkable primer, we chose to toss care to the wind and attempt itout It truly does make structure (even the lousy powder we use on our textured skin) look perfect and smooth for hours. The longer you use it, the more perfect your makeup looks, and it holds like hercules. We put our makeup on at 10 am the other day, used it for all of our errands, through looking after our kids, and even through an unexpected nap, and our structure still looked fantastic at midnight. The only thing we will state is that it does not hold up awfully well to extended periods of sweat + remarkably high heat and humidity. Normal heat and humidity direct exposure, yes, however if you prepare to invest a great deal of time outside when it is 92 ° and the humidity is 70% or more, your face will melt off.

Love love love this things. We reside in florida and anytime you are outside you are going to sweat. Being a curvier lady we have constantly dealt with the feared chub rub. We chose to offer this a shot and we are so pleased we did. It is seriously so smooth that you get no chaffing at all. This cost is remarkable for how well the product works. We love that it is small enough we can toss it in a bag if we understand we will be doing a great deal of strolling that day. Typically, we have no requirement to reapply throughout the day. In addition, the main active ingredient in this is the very same main active ingredient as the majority of guides for your face so it is a win win if you wish to get 2 usages out of the product. Get this product and you will be a repeat purchaser.

We have been utilizing this product for 12 years now. It works well for chaffed locations, consisting of inner thigh chaffing for girls and nipple chaffing for male professional athletes. Male colleagues ask us to buy this for them given that they were humiliated to buy a monistate product however truly desired something that they understood worked. It’s a gel-powder so it isn’t oily and it last longer than talc and talcum powder. We use it to prevent chaffing and for currently chaffed locations. It spreads out quickly and only requires to be used in a thin layer, so one tube goes a long way. Aside from professional athletes, we suggest this to people taking a trip in damp environments that prepare to stroll a bit or to anybody preparation to do anything where there is a possibility of clothes getting damp and triggering chaffing.

In the past we would spread out deodorant on our inner thighs and then put talcum powder on the top to prevent chafing. This would work quite well, however only for a couple hours (or much shorter if it’s truly hot out and we are sweating) prior to we would require to re-apply. Monistat powder gel works about the like the deodorant-baby powder approach, however what we like about it is it can be found in a small bottle that we can quickly suit our handbag. So when it’s time to reapply, we can quickly step away to the restroom, pull it out of our handbag and do so. If you like to use sundresses in summer season or a tight skirt to the workplace, and you have an issue with chafing, we extremely suggest this product. We have not found anything else that’s better yet.

This things is remarkable. We purchased it to use on trip in florida, understanding we would be using shorts and a swimsuit. We have sensitive skin and quickly get that “chub rub” however this things made by legs glide versus each other like velour and it lasted for a number of hours and we didn’t break out in unpleasant red bumps on our inner thighs like we usually do after shaving and using shorts. We would extremely suggest this gel.

The branding and name is all incorrect. By putting monistat on the bundle it’s instantly associated with yeast infections and feminine care, however that’s not what it has to do with. It’s a really light, soft, smooth (practically grainy) sensation compound that you can use to prevent chafing, or soothe a chafed location. It’s not sticky like ultra glide or vaseline. It’s fantastic for “chub rub” in between the thighs, and for underwire rubbing near the underarm. Our partner even utilizes it (someplace). If they took the very same goop and packaged it in a different way and marketed it to professional athletes we will wager it would offer like the proverbial hotcakes.

We are conserving cash, and sitting quite. We have utilized smashbox image surface primer for years. Practically $50, every few months, for years. This gem, from monistat, is a total dupe, and it s less than $6. What?.?. Very same strong efficiency as smashbox, and luscious viscosity. It s so luxurious, and comfy. We take it all the way down our neck, to be cool and dry (in the damp south). We likewise love to use it without makeup. It blurs pores, and softens our disgusting, rosacea texture. Oh, yeah. It s original, use ideas are wonderful, too. No more breast-sweat.

Think it or not, we bought this due to the fact that we continue reading a number of our beauty blog sites or groups, that this product works as a great makeup primer. That’s right. A monistat product, and you put it on your face. Comparable to the high-end beauty products, this completes the dips and imitates a priming spackle prior to your structure, at a portion of the expense of the products called “makeup primers”:-RRB- a little do it yourself secret we gained from studying blog sites, groups, youtube and all the important things we gain from online. Hope you enjoy it. Provides a great “glow”.

This light-weight gel is clear and the ultra fine powder doesn t leave any residue on you clothes. Perfect for all those sweaty locations where you can t use antiperspirant. We have been utilizing it for years and it truly does prevent chafing. It likewise leaves you feeling cool and dry.

Yaaassssss. The best comprise primer ever. If you re into comprise and view youtube/instagram comprise videos for motivation you ve most likely become aware of utilizing this product for your pores/primer. Well we attempted it and it s merely remarkable and budget friendly. Why buy high priced comprise primer when this does the very same??? we even utilized our partner as a tester and had him rub various products in between his fingers. Generally we had him touch our costly comprise primers/pore smoothing products and this. He couldn’t discriminate. Anyhow our face looks perfect. We are enjoying it.

Have you seen evaluations stating that this is a terrific primer? does that sound insane? well if you wish to remain matte all day regardless of humidity, rain, sweating, and oily skin, then this product is youfor Not only does it work splendidly, it’s a lot less expensive than the luxury brands that boast 8+ hour base excellence only to provide really little product for a big cost that does not measure up to the claims or the buzz. We have had really oily skin given that we were 13 years of ages. We invested over a years attempting out various makeup and skincare products to form a regular to keep our sensitive vascular rosacea skin as calm as possible, and that ends up being an obstacle when we wish to use a full face of makeup. Nowadays we usually curl our lashes, groom our eyebrows, and use lip color prior to we are out the door; so when we do use a full face of makeup we absolutely desire it to last. We utilized to rely on milk of magnesia, and while we confess works extremely well, it’s not created to go on the skin, and frequent use causes skin damage. This chafing gel is created for the skin, and it develops a fantastic barrier on top of our moisturizer and under our structure. We do not need to blot or reapply powder for a minimum of 8 hours, and we reside in the southeast of the us, home of unforgiving humidity and spontaneous storms. We hope this product is constantly offered, due to the fact that it genuinely is a gem.

So we purchased this to put in between the band on our bra and our skin due to the fact that in the summer season heat, we were havingsome Shall we state ‘concerns’. It didn’t work for that, however we found another use. It works fantastic at keeping our thighs from chafing when we stroll. Due to the fact that as a female with considerable thighs that touch each other, this was an issue we had with most shorts/skirts/dresses in the summer season. So not what we purchased it for, however we are delighted anyhow.

Wow, we get awful heat rashes in the summer season time in numerous unmentionable locations. The rashes can begin quickly, in a matter of simply a few hours, cover large locations and be awfully uncomfortable. We purchased this on an impulse, and wound up utilizing it today for the very first time. We had a major heat-rash flare (one of the worst ones we have ever gotten) that began really all of a sudden. By the time we got television of this things we were currently had a great deal of pain and burning. We felt definitely nothing putting this on (didn’t understand if it would sting or feel cold or what, however you do not even feel it). Within minutes our chaffing pain was gone. We examined our rash later on in the day– it looked precisely the very same (truly bad) however didn’t hurt once again. We utilized the cream once again later on in the day as a preventative due to the fact that we hesitated the pain would return, however it didn’t. Will keep utilizing this product. So pleased to find this. Wow.

Yes, we purchased this after checking out that it s a specific dupe of a costly and popular face primer. And you understand what? it s real. A portion of the cost for a huge tube. Goes on smooth and keeps your structure in check. No odd odor. Excellence. Our partner believed we were insane for putting this on our face when it s 1/5th of the cost, it s a no brainer.

Oh our gosh, this things is remarkable. We were looking for something for our chaffing in between our thighs and checked out the evaluations for this prior to purchasing and check out that it functions as a makeup primer. Let us inform you something, we have utilized practically every primer out there priced high and low and this is without a doubt the very best makeup primer ever. We were kind ofif-y on utilizing it as a primer till we attempted it the other day. We went to work where we tend to sweat by continuously running and our makeup didn’t relocation. Our issue location on our face is under our eyes when we put the liner on. We got back and it was still in tact and we had been running throughout the day. There was no proof of black running under our eyes. It goes on like velour and makes our face feel fantastic. It goes on as a gel then becomes powder. Then we put our structure on and set it with a clear powder. Attempt this product. You got absolutely nothing to lose. Can t wait to use it as a chaffing cream likewise when we remain in florida next month.

Our absence of thigh-gap has been a concern our entire life. We normally use sundresses in the summer season with bike shorts. So we had an interest in utilizing something that would make it so we didn’t requirement to likewise use the bike shorts under our gown. Let s face it, summer is hot enough so the less layers thebetter Anyhow, we sanctuary t attempted a product like this prior to, so we didn’t understand what to anticipate. We used it to our upper inner thighs and it went on really efficiently. It felt a little bit oily to me, however we wear t truly believe it was. It simply made it so when our legs brushed together, they were moving efficiently rather of getting skin stayed with skin. So that, we are our viewpoint, is the product doing what it s designatedfor Now for the big test. We utilized it on a 95+ degree day in high humidity. We didn’t anticipate a miracle. The product worked as it should, however required to be reapplied after sweating. So in general we would suggest it. We will be attempting the stick applicator design next (various brand). Our only genuine grievance is the trademark name. When our partner saw it he looked two times at it resting on the table, then took a look at us with interest. We discussed it s not cream for yeast — what this brand is understood for, it s a chaffing relief skin cream. He had never ever understood a product like this to exist and had an interest in understanding how it worked for us.

For anybody (like me) who brings extra tumour weight, this product is a blessing. We tend to get rashes under the “apron” of our tum. This product completely resolves the issue by supplying a barrier so skin does not rub versus skin and cause issues. It lasts throughout the day. We will constantly have this product.

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