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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of New-Skin Liquid Bandage.

  • LIQUID BANDAGE: New-Skin’s liquid bandage is an all-in-one antiseptic treatment & waterproof bandage for scrapes, minor cuts & injuries, sealing out bacteria & forming a tough, protective barrier.
  • COVER & PROTECT: Use Liquid Bandage when you require a flexible seal to protect hard-to-reach cuts, scrapes, injuries, calluses, & dry, broken skin. It dries quickly to form a tough, waterproof barrier.
  • WATERPROOF & INVISIBLE: Liquid Bandage assists prevent infection in minor cuts & scrapes. Our ingenious formula dries clear, is waterproof, & sits tight. It’s terrific for protecting blisters & calluses.
  • BEYOND BANDAGES: New-Skin’s liquid & spray solutions not only supply antiseptic protection, they surpass regular adhesive tapes to form a flexible, waterproof seal that remains in location & keeps bacteria out.
  • NEW-SKIN: When bandages wear t sufficed, believe New-Skin the liquid solution you just spray or brush right on the skin. It serves as a shield versus bacteria in such a way regular adhesive tapes can t.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on New-Skin Liquid Bandage.
Size: 1 oz. (Pack of 1)New Skin Liquid Bandagee 1.0 FL OZ bottle of liquid bandage with brush applicator. Don t let your skin slow you down New skin liquid bandage is no normal bandage. It’s flexible enough to fit your requirements be it a big scrape now or a small blister you require to prevent on your daily running rub. Rapid drying and waterproof, our bandages maintain with your active life and keep you moving. New skin offers antiseptic treatment for hard to cover cuts, injuries, scrapes, calluses, and dry, broken skin. New skin liquid bandage dries quickly to form a tough protective cover that’s waterproof and keeps out dirt and bacteria while letting skin breathe. Utilized to protect cuts and scrapes, prevent and protect blisters, cover unpleasant hangnails and chapped or split finger pointers, and prevent the formula of calluses. Especially beneficial for runners, professional athletes, dancers, hikers, bicycle riders, bowlers, golf enthusiasts, tennis gamers, anglers, and artists. Use it to protect the injuries you currently have or to prevent the ones you wear t. New skin liquid bandage is the bandage that remains on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on New-Skin Liquid Bandage.

Question Question 1

Expiration Date???

we through packageout Sorry.we didn’t see an expiration date on the bottle.Just a lot number.we use it for bowling.Since you can’t put a bandaid on and bowl with that finger.It appears to constantly work.It constantly seals up the location so dirt and oil do not get on our open cut.

Question Question 2

What Would Be Thought about A Small Cut?

we would use it on a shallow cut.

Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized For Pet dogs?

we use it on our pets for stubborn hotspots and cuts.It does sting so they dislike it however if we blow on it till it dries, then it makes a good seal that keeps pesky flies off (due to odor) and lets the skin lastly heal.Make sure you trim the hair around the location first and clean as much of the pus/oozing off first.we l we use it on our pets for stubborn hotspots and cuts.It does sting so they dislike it however if we blow on it till it dries, then it makes a good seal that keeps pesky flies off (due to odor) and lets the skin lastly heal.Make sure you trim the hair around the location first and clean as much of the pus/oozing off first.we like the truth that the antiseptic would eliminate more bacteria prior to sealing the location.Good luck

Question Question 4

Can You Put This On Over Ointment?

No.Ointment is petroleum based.it would not stay with your skin.

Question Question 5

Would This Protect Our Skin From Shoe Blisters?

If your blisters are caused from inappropriate fitting shoes and they rub your foot constantly then we do not believe it would help. It does not form a cushion. It’s main style is to hold skin together, like a cut or split. we do not understand, you simply might find a new use for it.:-RRB-

Question Question 6

Products Loose In Package.One Bottle Of Liquid Skin Damaged$ 5.99 + $.36 Tax How Do We Get A Refund?

Email customer care they can help.

Question Question 7

Is This Product Waterproof?

For the first wash it holds up well however with repeating washes, it starts to peel.we bring it with us and reapply as needed.After the day we peel it off and use a fresh amount due to the fact that it darkens.we love this things. we heal with no infections.

Question Question 8

Is This Brush Or Spray?

This utilizes a brush applicator that is connected to the cap. Easy to use. There is a spray variation that we purchased. Like thisbetter Make sure

Question Question 9

Is This Hygienic To Use To A Wound And After That Use Once Again Later.Or On Other People’S Wounds? Appears Strange.?

It has an applicator brush.we are The only one in our family that utilizes this product. Nevertheless if you wish to use it for numerous members of your family, you might use a q-tip. New skin works terrific for small open sores and paper cuts.

Question Question 10

Is It Safe For Gel Manicures?

we are not exactly sure however we would think yes due to the fact that its safe for your body and resembles clear nail polish.

Question Question 11

Does It Stop Bleeding?

It ought to stop minor bleeding.

Question Question 12

Can This Be Utilized Over Newly Tattooed Eyebrows?

we simply had our eyebrows microbladed (shallow skin tattooing, not the like deep, irreversible tattooing) one week ago and the woman put this product over the eyebrows at the end and informed us not to get it damp for 2 weeks.They appear like clear polish has been painted over the brows.we hope when it removes, it does not we simply had our eyebrows microbladed (shallow skin tattooing, not the like deep, irreversible tattooing) one week ago and the woman put this product over the eyebrows at the end and informed us not to get it damp for 2 weeks.They appear like clear polish has been painted over the brows.we hope when it removes, it does not take our new eyebrow hair strokes with it.So far they seem simply fine for the minute.we can see the edges are beginning to peel at the 6 day mark, however we are leaving them alone.

Question Question 13

Does This Help Heal Calluses On Feet?

we wear t believe so. It might cover them and enable to heal or protect them.

Question Question 14

Is This Product Cruellty Free And Vegan?

works for us. as far as we understand.

Question Question 15

The Number Of Applications Do We In Fact Need To Use? A Google Outcome Said One Application Lasts 5-6 Days, However The Bottle States To Use 1-3 Times Daily.?

Usely 2 times

Question Question 16

Has It Been Approved By The Fda?

we would believe so, however we are not 100% sure. we can not advise this product due to the fact that it did not work for us.

Question Question 17

Has Anybody Successfulyy Utilized This Product To Re-Attach A Nail Bed To The Finger Nail?

we Have reattached a toe nail with good outcomes

Question Question 18

Does This Deal With Broken Finger Or Toe Nails?

It will cover the exposed skin, however will not hold the nail together if that’s what you seek.

Question Question 19

Would Clear Nail Polish Have Essentially The Very Same Result (Minus The Antibacterial)? We Saw One Component Is Nitrocellulose, Which Remains In Nail Polish.?

we think that would work however we make sure that would burn.we choose super glue.

Question Question 20

What Makes It Antiseptic?

Benzethonium Chloride is the antiseptic

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on New-Skin Liquid Bandage, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We utilized this to cover a gash we received from a damaged glass on our hand. All other bandages that we have attempted would constantly fall off, specifically if we ever went to the fitness center. This is the very first time we have utilized liquid bandages and we remain in love. The liquid is extremely easy to use and dries in about 2-5 minutes depending how thick you put it on. We constantly would do 2 coats two times a day and the bandage was terrific. We didn’t need to stress over bandages falling off or the cut getting filthy. After a while it would flake and peel off, however we would simply put another coat over the old bandage after cleaning up the location and it was good as new. When you put the liquid bandage on a new cut it does sting a lot, however as it recovers this sensation disappears. In general, we liked utilizing the liquid bandage and we will certainly use it anytime we get a cut on our hand. Yes, you do need to reapply two times a day and it’s not “set-it-and-forget-it”, however it’s 100 x better than dealing with a bandage that will not stick.

We bought this for small cuts, scrapes and split heels. It goes on very easy and needs some drying time once it’s on it does not come off. Functions extremely well to keep cuts covered from the aspects and easy to reapply if more is required. The only disadvantage is the odor, it’s strong like nail polish remover however we expect that’s the chemicals and bonding representatives doing their task. In general it’s a fantastic products and works. It uses easy and goes a long way. It likewise is available in glass bottle for easy storage and cap with brush for application.

We got our nostril pierced, which protests our work gown code. We got this and some other products to attempt to conceal it, and this is the one we use nearly every day. We use a small stud that we paint with flesh-colored nail polish, orient it properly and press it down, and put a small amount of this around the stud. Then we cover it with our structure. You’re not expected to cover piercings or put any makeup or other products on them while they’re healing, however we figure this is suggested for injuries. (we were off work for 3 months with a damaged foot right after getting the piercing, so it did get a good start on healing.) this keeps the stud from appearing, and smooths the borders a little so makeup covers itbetter It will remain all the time as long as we keep our hands off it. At the end of the day, we found that a little nail polish remover on a cotton bud will eliminate this product and free the stud, so we can wash our face and leave the makeup. We likewise have utilized it on the little cuts and nicks that one gets along the way. It generally works well, other than in one or 2 cases the cut got a little swollen and contaminated and we believe this liquid bandage held the infection in and made it even worse. Because case you ought to eliminate it and let the cut dryout So ensure you wash well prior to utilizing this things. When we were a kid our mommy attempted to put it on us, however we would shriek bloody murder, due to the fact that it can sting. Now that we are an adult, we can manage the pain and it’s not a big offer, however at that time it appeared much even worse. If you are super sensitive, you most likely will not like this.

Damn, this things works. And by works we indicate it burns your little cuts and scrapes like you may have inadvertently slipped into the 7th circle of hell. Our kid is horrified of this bottle. 11/10 will certainly use daily.

We remain in our early 60″s with our skin haven gotten thinner and have had issues with bandaids hurting coming off to the point of not even using. The ones we have used for sensitive skin are little pricey and won’t stay on after getting wet and if it’s a cut on a hand or finger which the majority of mine are then is pretty much a waste of an expensive band aide. We have always been pretty tough with no allergies to anything and pretty thick skinned until the last couple of years so this has been a long hunt trying to find something that works. This is it. The brush is like a nail polish brush and it takes very little to seal the skin break even using the 2 coats or brushing for a good seal and after the 3rd day for us it’s off with normal washing. We have already used this on 5 small scratches/cuts with some being about an 1″ long and we can’t even inform that the bottle has any missing out on that makes this less expensive than bandaids for our use. And it has an antiseptic which is an included benefit for us.

We do not understand how we lived without this prior to. We are ballet dancer and have part-time serving tasks. We get blisters on a regular basis and it utilized to take permanently to heal, needing to dance every day and then work a 6-8 hour shift in closed shoes in florida (feet get extremely sweaty), now we simply use new skin and a band aid, and it does work like a skin layer, offering our blisters clean environment to heal – magic. We can calmly swim in rivers, understanding our injuries are covered, as it does not come off in water. It is likewise extremely useful when we get a cut on our hands, as we need to touch sweaty hands partnering, filthy meals at work and immerse our hands in water all the time.

We were immediately offered when we began utilizing this several years earlier, and lastly eliminated that bottle even if. It’s not going to change gauze and stitches level injuries, however terrific on those inconvenience cuts. – paper cuts- that unpleasant tear when you could not leave that hangnail alone- each time we repair something inside the computer system case, which is made from recycled razorsbonus use: our skin can get genuine dry, and it will separate from the suggestion of the fingernail. We use this to fill it in, so we can type once again without making pain faces.

We are nurse, so we are active familiar with small cuts on our hands- the hand sanitizer at work makes small cuts sting like the devil. Plus, we wish to ensure we do not have any open skin when working with clients to protect ourself. We love this product, it is low-cost however still effective. Not almost as strong as dermabond, however it does the job. Like any other skin glue, anticipate some stinging/burning when you first use. One finishing of this lasts us through a 12 hour shift of hand cleaning and hand sterilizing. This little bottle will last you a long time. Have bought this numerous times and will continue to do so.

We are truck chauffeur, and ‘band-aids’ are wild-goose chase for us – they get rubbed off in no time. This is as effective as a ‘band-aid’ and neosporin ointment, however it appears like you put clear fingernail polish on the wound. It works terrific, and lasts all the time however the spray-on appearances better – its nearly invisible. Once again, this works splendidly, and might be best for bigger injuries or injuries covered by clothes, however for injuries on hands or bare arms, we would advise new skin spray – the cover is thinner, however nearly invisible.

We swear by the things when we get little paper cuts or cut ourself shopping up food and even in some cases when you tear cuticle this things is simply a lifesaver. It works completely no odor dries immediately and in locations that a band-aids going to keep slipping off or simply isn’t possible this is ideal. We are physician and even if we weren’t we have had this as a staple in our medicine closet because we were a kid and we are now 44 years of ages. Extremely extremely extremely recommended.

The liquid bandage is extremely hassle-free to use on small cut on your hands and exposed skin. Ir is flexible and holds up against light cleaning of hands however requires to be changed with extra application after a few hours. The bandage stings a little when first used to a fresh cut however that is an astringent to clean the cut when used. Our company believe this ought to be consisted of in all first-aid kits. It staws on much better than basic band-aids.

Great for positions that a regular band aid will not fit or remain on. We purchased it for our grand son who had scratched his feet on the sides of our swimming pool that they bleed. This secured his scratch’s so they might heel. We now use it ourself on any finger cuts. Functions fantastic.

So we wound up cutting our thumb simply off the edge of the nail. A really hard spot to hold close with a band-aid. So our search for a product like this and chose to provide it a shot. We put it on right after shipment and worked terrific for us. We cleaned up the cut and location with rubbing alcohol and then layered it on simply gently blowing on it. After drying it treated and only the one application was required. We do not keep in mind much stinging throughout application and the bandage in time fell off or we pealed if off after healing.

This things is so useful. It smells precisely like clear nail polish and has the exact same consistency so we were at first worried when we utilized it. Nevertheless, it gets the job done at closing injuries and sitting tight. One thin application near our cuticles lasted nearly 36 hours although we most likely cleaned our hands a lots times throughout that duration. We likewise use this on our acne scabs. It sits tight better than our own scab and enables us to develop a smooth barrier in between our acne and makeup. And the makeup goes on completely.

We had cut our finger on a sharp piece of metal and we had a 1 inch cut that resembled a paper cut. We obtained the new skin liquid bandage from a pal at work and utilized it. When you use it it stings initially which is good due to the fact that it has an antiseptic. We utilized 2 coats on the cut. It workes terrific and appears to remain on even after cleaning your hands numerous times. We have utilized this just recently on a bigger wound and the wound has been healing well. We like this product and would extremely advise it.

We love liquid bandaids. There are time when a standard bandaid doesn t work. Our kids dislike it due to the fact that it stings; nevertheless, a few second of pain deserves it due to the fact that they return to their normal selves. They wear t need to stress over the bandaid falling off and/ or getting contaminated. Their scraps and cuts appear to heal faster too.

Not only utilized for bandaging strange locations that bandaids do not appear to remain any longer. We use a marker to compose on our kids’s arms, composing emergency situation contact name and numbers, and cover with this. We ensure that we layer a broader box around it so if it keeps at all (it takes hours to peel) then we still have a window of time prior to the peeling gets near the writing. Great for theme park, water parks, however sporting occasions or performances, simply to call a few.

We reside in an extremely dry environment and the skin on our thumbs tends to break in the winter season. This works terrific to cover it. Our only grievance is you need to beware about it not falling off the wand. Once it’s not so full it most likely will not be a problem however beware where you use this, it will likely leak. Functions well to cover and protect cuts though.

Functions terrific and dries fast, ensure the wound is scabbed over prior to using otherwise prepare for a lot pain. Odors like synthetic banana aroma while treating. This bottle was larger than we are utilized to however more will last longer, essentially pack a smaller sized variation for outdoor camping.

Great for small cuts where you wear t wish to be the adult using a bandaid. Small stinging when used, has an obvious medical smell that fades in an hour approximately. Sorta imperfectly waterproof. Will certainly require to be reapplied every day, and possibly more frequently if you get your hands damp. This is our 2nd purchase of this product; the first bottle lasted a couple or 3 years without dryingout When the bottle ended up being empty we went intentionally browsing for it, and found it on.

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