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Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages for Knee and Elbow

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages for Knee and Elbow.

  • Hold strong for as much as 24 hours
  • Pain- free removal
  • Gentle removal from hair
  • Suitable for injuries needing frequent bandages modifications
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages for Knee and Elbow.
Design: Knee & ElbowNexcare Strong Hold Pain free Removal Bandages provide a first of their kind balance of Strong Hold with Pain free removal. The bandages are developed with an exclusive advanced adhesive to protect your wound for as much as 24 hours, yet eliminate quickly without the oops. Unlike normal bandages that pull your hair, these bandages not only eliminate pain devoid of skin, however, likewise eliminate carefully from hair. Nexcare Strong Hold Pain free Removal bandages are hypoallergenic, extremely breathable and suitable for injuries needing frequent bandage modifications. The bandages hold strong as much as 24 hours with pain free removal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages for Knee and Elbow.

Question Question 1

How Flexible Are These?Will They Bend With Your Kneecap Or Pop Off?

They are flexible. Nevertheless, they do not have super strong grip. So that might be more the issue on a knee.

Question Question 2

Latex Free?

Yes these are latex free. Nexcare in fact signals purchaser that a product contains latex on box front. This box specifies this product is latex free. “Natural rubber latex” is latex that triggers responses for people.

Question Question 3

What Is The Size Of The Pad? We Are Having Basal Cell Eliminated From Our Thigh And We Required The Pad To Be A Good Size.?

The real gauze pad is 2 inches by 1 3/8 inches. The adhesive area broadens the size to 4 1/4 inches by 2 inches. If that is not large sufficient check out Nexcare Sensitive SkinTape Good luck.

Question Question 4

Advertisement States 8 Count Plans (Pack Of 6). That Equates To 48 Bandages – Correct?

we got ONE box of 6 bandages. we need to question what 8 count indicates.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages for Knee and Elbow, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had a treatment that needed stitches. We invested a week with various bandages, gauze with tape, lot’s of ranges – whatever you can buy to cover 1. 5 inch cut in the back. All of the solutions – latex, non-latex, etc caused redness and irritation on our back. We will keep in mind – we required these for our back. We do not believe it ‘d work well in a location that flexes. The “stick” of the tape is less sticky, which is likewise why we believe they do not aggravate. Then we found these bandages. These were fantastic. Our back recovered and the “ring” around the cut vanished. Extremely suggest, worth every cent.

These bandages are the bomb. Our 8 y/o granddaughter got a respectable scrape and cut on her knee from a scooter mishap just recently, and these bandages were a substantial hit with her. Generally she yells and pitches a fit when a bandage is gotten rid of, and she does it gradually due to the fact that she states it injures. Not the case with these amazing bandages. The side areas that hold the bandage on stick well, however peeling them off is exceptionally easy and pain free. They did tend to come unstuck on the thin strip of adhesive on the bottom side where the real bandage (gauze?) lies, however the large locations on the sides that hold it on stayed in location. Due to the fact that if that, we offered a 4 for the adhesion. The 4 stars for water resistant was due to the fact that she would need to alter it after bathing. This is the 2nd box that we have bought (first box was not from ), and we will absolutely continue to keep them on hand in our emergency situation kit. We do seem like the rate is a little high, however it deserves it for a pain free removal.

Other bandages rip our spouse’s fragile (read: older) skin. These are fantastic, and appear to remain on, even when gardening. Simply want wal-mart and walgreen’s would bring these in the shops – even the store brand accessibility is spotty, although simply as good as these – and more affordable. This brand is extremely pricey, so recommend store brands – if you can find them.

We required something for our 4 month old children back as she had a birthmark open and begin bleeding. These were ideal in both size and level of sensitivity. She did not sob when it was removed and changed every 2 days.

A should have for ultra sensitive skin. Will not tear at skin or wound when getting rid of. Great for senior citizens.

We required to bandage a spot for about 1 month — our skin was ending up being so inflamed with tape and regular bandages. This conserved me/our skin. It didn’t have the sticking power of regular bandages or tape (those would last all of us day) however it did last the majority of the day and our skin was much less inflamed.

Our arm are extremely sensitive so getting bandaids that do not take skin with them when they come off are need for us. So these are fantastic.

Fantastic product. Our child needs to cover a tube opening and this is the only bandage we have found that does not offer her a rash. We will only buy these now.

Worked truly well for a severe wound, would use and order once again.

Good product.

Simply what we required. These do not harm your skin when gotten rid of however remain in location till you take them off. Worth every cent.

They worked fantastic for a scrape we had on our leg. It did not adhere to the skinlike other bandages when we took it off.

Amazing. Thank you.

Great for sensitive skin and does not hurt when removed.

Our family and we have sensitive skin and these work well.

Perfect for our husband’s sensitive skin.

We have very sensitive skin and the product was incredible didn’t trigger a rash however stayed with our skin till we eliminated it.

Good bandageseast to use.

Functions marvels with sensitive skin.

Terrific if adverse bandage adhesive.

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