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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics.

  • Contains: 1 x 16.9 oz. tub of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics.
  • 100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil: Our Organic Coconut Oil is 100% pure and cold-pressed so it keeps all of its beauty-boosting benefits.
  • Hydrates Hair and Skin: Sky Organics Coconut Oil supplies extreme moisture and supports softer skin and hair making it the ultimate multipurpose essential.
  • The Perfect Coconut Oil Hair Mask and Body Moisturizer: Coconut Oil s moisturizing residential or commercial properties make it a fantastic natural hair mask for all hair types, and daily body moisturizer.
  • Properly Made: Our Organic Coconut Oil is properly sourced, USDA Organic, and 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics.

Question Question 1

Mine Is Appearing Like Water Haven’T Opened It Up Yet.It Showed up Like This However We Reside In Florida Where It Is CrazyHot Will It Become A Strong?

It’s fine mine resembled that too it states it can alter from liquid to strong and clean vice versa depending upon the temperature level.

Question Question 2

We Bought This Product And Simply Can Be Found In The Mail. It S Hard As ARock What Should We Do?

Coconut oil gets hard with cold and melts with heat; if you desire it to use on your body, you simply need to select with your hands and it will melt right away simply with your body temperature level. It is normal to be hard in winter. Do not fret, it is good. Exceptional product.

Question Question 3

Does This Be Available In A Plastic Or Glass Container?

BPA free plastic container

Question Question 4

Is It Oily On The Skin?

If you use very little amount, it soaks into the skin without being oily. we do use more when eliminating our makeup and it is what we would call, rather slippery previous to rubbing out with a cotton pad. However it does feel actually smooth later on.

Question Question 5

Does This Have Any Scent Since We Are Searching for An Odorless Coconut Oil, Not Fractionated Coconut Oil) Hat We Can Place On Our Skin With Essential?

It does have a light scent however not strong at all or we could not use it since we have Psoriasis

Question Question 6

Can We Use This For Baby?

Yes. our baby spediatrician stated it would be good for our children skin. Given that she has a bit of eczema.

Question Question 7

We Required Coconut Oil However As A Face Cream Is That Available?

we use this on our face/eyelids. we have not had any concerns. Simply do not be too generous. A little goes a LONG way, otherwise, you’ll have coconut oil all over. Hope that assists.

Question Question 8

When This Arrivered It Was Liquid, We Live New York Its Not Hot, Should Did Happen? And It Has A Light Odor Of Popcorn?

When it’s hot coconut oil will turn to liquid, when it’s cooler will return to a strong. The scent is okay mine is the very same.

Question Question 9

It States Fair Trade In The Call However We Don’T See The Fair Trade Sign On The Bottle- Can Anybody Validate If It Remains In Reality Fair Trade Or Not?

we do not see a particular reasonable trade sign on our container. The signs are as such: BPA free, licensed kosher, USDA organic, and ruthlessness free. Nevertheless, there is a declaration on the container that the product is gathered by a small group of artisanal farmers in Vietnam solely for SkyOrganics we hope this assists.

Question Question 10

Please Elaborate On How This Coconut Oil Is Ruthlessness Free?. It Appears Evident That There Are Lot Of Secret Marketing Words Utilized Here.?

It s ruthlessness free since no animals were hurt in the making or utilized in the screening of ourproducts It s not a marketing term. We are accredited by jumping bunny and take our dedication really seriously.

Question Question 11

Is It Normal For This Product To Smell Like Old Popcorn Or Is It An Indication The Product Is Bad?

our container of Sky Organics coconut oil has a good light enjoyable coconut aroma. we actually simulate this brand however the odor of old popcorn, do believe we would rely on it.Ask or Sky Organic for an exchange.

Question Question 12

Can We Use This After Im Out Of The Shower? Or Do We Need to Rinse It Out After Words?

we use everything over prior to bed and after a shower.Thin amount rubbed in soaks in.we likewise consume a teaspoon of it every day too.we cook with coconut oil too.It is not heat sensitive like olive oil is.

Question Question 13

Can We Use This On Pets Skin?

we make sure you can.It’s organic.we have not utilized it on our dog.It’s ok if it’s consumed so it should not be an issue.

Question Question 14

Is This Product Good For Skin That Is Both Dehydrated And Oily?

Yes. we have eczema on our face however it’s likewise oily. we use it on our face in the evening and we have not had any breakouts. our skin is super sensitive likewise.

Question Question 15

Why Should This Not Be Cooled?

Coconut Oil can be cooled. Nevertheless it will end up being really hard. We would suggest refrigerating for a few hours to reverse to strong if it remains in liquid state. However we wouldn’t not suggest saving in fridge.

Question Question 16

Are Your Coconuts Sustainable?

Sorry, do not understand. Exceptional product though

Question Question 17

Can We Use It In Our Tea?

yes you can we do not believe it would taste good since of its consistence its type of oily. You can prepare with it wash your hair use it on your skin. we like to grill shrimp with it.

Question Question 18

What Is The Expiration Date? We Simply Got Our Order And The Oil Leaked And Took Off The Date On The Lid.?

We ask forgiveness for the leakage. The expiration date is March2018 Regards

Question Question 19

Can We Use This For Oil Pulling?

we utilized it for a lower tooth infection and it brought the infection to a head. (Antibiotic didn’t help). we investigated it on you tube.

Question Question 20

Does This Product Have A Fragrance?

Soft coconut aroma. Not strong at all

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We use it for our long thick hair rather of mousse and it works excellent. The oil melts faster in our hands than other brands which we like and it goes on our hair smoother. The product we got had a huge air bubble in it so inadequate product remained in the container. We called the seller and she right away sent us a replacement product. We are really pleased with the product and the company. And our hair has actually grown faster than without the oil.

Excellent oil, not gritty or bumpy. Goes on efficiently and uniformly and has a fantastic, light aroma. We more than happy with it and will buy once again. We use coconut oil in coffee and some cooking, and a different container in the restroom is for skin, hair, cuticles, and lips. We mix a little co with refined sugar and use it to keep our lips smooth and polished.

We have actually been utilizing this for the previous 2 weeks as body butter, makeup remover, hair treatment, and face cream. It soaks up rapidly and entirely and beats expensive/chemical packed creams in softening our skin. Extremely recommended.

Incredible oil it a need to have product for dialy use and good for cosmetic use likewise. Our entire family is utilizing this as a hair oil, moisturizer and so on. Excellent quality by sky organic. Extremely recommended.

We purchased this to help with some agonizing fractures from breastfeeding that simply would not heal. For over 3 weeks these fractures would not close no matter just how much lanolin we utilized. We were desperate and sick of being in pain, however likewise really figured out to not give up breastfeeding. We kept in mind how our 17 years of age child would constantly swear by coconut oil, so we chose to offer it a shot. After 72 hours of utilizing this product, the fractures were recovered and we can breastfeed conveniently once again.

We got this for our spouse who has psoriasis. We checked out that this is a natural way to dry them out and it’s practically amazing that after fews days of utilizing it, the flares dries up. And now they’re practically absolutely gone. He had actually invested a great deal of time checking out skin specialist and he had actually invested a great deal of cash on medications (some of which are unbelievably pricey that even with our insurance coverage, he still pays over $100) which did only partly assisted. Now with this organic extra virgin coconut oil, he does not require all those medications.

Excellent cost, excellent product. Came in rapidly. Our coconut oil is our go to moisturizer. It is remarkable for our face, hair and body. This has a good odor and remains in a good size container that easy to open yet undamaged to keep it fresh.

We were searching for a good coconut oil and was shocked that this had one had all excellent reveiws. When we got it in the mail, it was a hot day, so it was entirely liquified. We weren’t stressed over it considering that other customers had the very same problem. Simply leave it alone overnight and it will solidify. In the beginning when you touch it it will still be liquid beneath, however after a few days it will be strong. Some people choose keeping it liquid over strong, however we do not see the point. You scrap out a bit with your finger and put it in your palm. Move it around a bit and it’s liquid tada. We are yet to attempt it in our hair. We mainly use a percentage mixed in our face lotion in the evening and on our lips. It certainly help our sunburn. We attempted pulling as soon as and it didn’t taste bad. Likewise when it arrived it appeared oily on the outdoors and we believed there was a leakage, however there was no leakage. We cleaned it off and it was fine.

We make our own organic skin cream utilizing this coconut oil as part of the dish. We have actually stopped purchasing any other products for our skin. We were utilizing a high-end and pricey natural brand of cosmetics up until we discovered to make our own.

Have actually been utilizing product for a number of months now. Utilized to use silk therapy, which does not include any silk however it softened by hair. Our hair stylist recommended we attempt coconut oil, as is actually good for the hair and skin. After checking out numerous evaluations we bought this organic product. Wow. So enjoying the way it makes our hair feel, besides it being a natural product. Only require a small drop to finger through the hair. Do not rub into scalp. Can make it oily. However, oh, it is fantastic.

We love love love this oil. We purchased it on a monday and got it the next day. Begun utilizing the very same day we got it on our baby who has eczema. We had actually been utilizing aveeno for eczema however her rash would unclear. By friday of the very same week (3 days later on) the rash had actually cleared. We were using two times a day. The odor is really light and the oil is not oily. Would certainly suggest it.

We bought this product along with the shea butter from this company to make an individual scar treatment product for our scars. Sky organics products feels remarkable on our skin. Soft and fluffy and the rates was really sensible. We would certainly recommend this company and for ourself as a very first time purchaser we are really happy.

We definitely love this coconut oil in regards to its quality, texture, and healing residential or commercial properties for the skin. We use it on really dry skin locations and for our baby with eczema and it works marvels. We are really faithful to this product and the very first time we purchased it the container and lid were excellent. The container lasts a truly long period of time even with daily use. The most significant issue we would have with purchasing this once again is the product packaging. We purchased a container back in march and simply opened it just recently and the contents were spilling out into our cabinet and the cardboard box despite the fact that it was sealed. The container now is much more lightweight and the lid leakages a lot. We need to guarantee we put a washcloth beneath the container at all times to make certain it doesn t get all over whatever. Please return to the old product packaging or find something better than what is now being utilized since it squanders a great deal of product.

Extremely recommended. This is our multipurpose oil. We purchased this for hair massage prior to the shower. It makes our hair so soft and our hair fall is likewise getting low now. We utilized numerous other brand coconut oil, however after purchasing this, we are consumed itwith Will buy it once again and once again. Our skin is really sensitive and we began utilizing the oil as our night cream for our face too. So, in general, this is a miracle oil for us.

Cost Effective and genuine coconut oil. It quickly gets strong and liquid depending upon temperature level. We are utilizing this for our skin and hair btw we have curly hair we hardly ever find products that work for us and this makes our hair appearance healthy although we only use it when im home since of the odor, despite the fact that it doesn t have a strong coconut. The only thing is that it came dripping however we do not mind.

For moisturizing functions, we love this things. We purchased it to put in our spouse’s lovely (however somewhat dry) african american hair. We likewise use it as an aftershave lotion. We were going to use it in a natural homemade mouthwash, however we continue reading the container and it states external use only? perhaps we are dumb however if it’s pure coconut oil why isn’t it able to be consumed? we might be changing to a various brand next time, bc if we are gon na buy something we want to have the ability to use it as we must have the ability to.

We beginning to use coconut oil for numerous things. Just recently been utilizing it on a rash and it’s working to rid the rash. Our feline likewise enjoys it, he purrs and waits patiently for his dab in the early morning and night. If we do not offer him any he weeps, so sweet. His coat is more shiney and assists with furballs. All in all, a winner.

We love the aroma of coconut particularly sky organics ‘coconut oil. It smells like sweet coconut and the taste is phonomenal. We have actually utilized it in our early morning coffee and it brings out the sweet taste in our sweetner. Did we point out that we love coconut? we love it a lot so that we likewise use it on our skin. Best time to use is right after our shower. Sky organics coconut oil keeps our skin so soft and smells so good that we use it daily. Thank you for making such a remarkable product.

Read/heard that coconut oil is a good teeth whitner. Bought this specific product since it’s organic a few months earlier, and it actually works. This is now our 2nd container.

Definitely love it. Excellent product. We actually use it for whatever: hair, skin, sex (works excellent as a natural lube).

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