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OxiClean Gel Sticks – 6.2 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

The Number Of Sticks Be Available In An Order Amount Of 1?

One stick. 6.2 ounce. It goes a long way.

Question Question 2

First Time Purchaser And We Are Attempting To Find out If We Should Buy This Gel Stick Or The Spray? Any Advise Would Be Useful. Thank You?

we have never ever utilized the spray.we like the gel stick.we can identify where we desire the gel to go, and we can use the spongy dispenser end to rub the gel into the fabric without fretting about doing damage to the fabric.

Question Question 3

Does This Gel Stick Bleach Out Any Colors In Clothes? We Do Wish To Get Rid Of Spots, However I” M Concerned That It Will Raise Colors Off Of Clothes.?

we have been utilizing this for years and never ever occurred to me. The gel appears to be effective however not too extreme. It s our go to. we would caution about the oxy clean spray though – that will raise color and can mess up clothes if it dries on fabric prior to it makes it to the wash.

Question Question 4

Is This One Or More Gel Sticks For Include On Product Rate Of $4.99?


Question Question 5

Will This Get Rid Of Oil Paint Spots?

4-in-1 stain battling power gets the tough discolorations out.- Food Stains- Grease & Oil 4-in-1 stain battling power gets the tough discolorations out.- Food Stains- Grease & Oil- Dirt & Soils- Lawn & Blood- Thick gel formula stays with discolorations and breaks them down- Deal with now and wash later on — consume to one week prior to cleaning- Non-staining blue formula permits you to see where clothes have been dealt with and then removes- Does not harm color or fabric when utilized as directed

Question Question 6

Does The Gel Stick Work Better Than The The Oxwe Spray? We Are Attempting To Find Out Which One To Use For The Many Hard Spots.?

we are not 100% sure of the precision of our response. however. we simulate utilizing the gel stick as we are discovering it to be more focused and best able to take in into the stained location. a minimum of that has been our experience.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on OxiClean Gel Sticks, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We began utilizing this product when we sent our child to the store to buy a stain stick and she returned with this strange gel product. Once we got utilized to the various applicator design, and saw how well it eliminated discolorations, we are now a transform. No going back to a stick. We have been doing laundry for years, and this is our new preferred can’t- live-without product. It’s sort of enjoyable to use, and lasts a long period of time– there numerous numerous applications therein. We have yet to use it on a stain that it can’t eliminate, and that’s stating a lot, as we appear to get discolorations on our clothes all the time. We appear to be a stain magnet, lol. Extremely suggest.

Without a doubt, the best stain stick type cleaner. We attempted numerous others that were cheaper. However after seeing a consumer report type test, we changed to the oxiclean gel stick. Easy to use (others are waxy and more difficult to infiltrate a stain). Our dry cleaner never ever grumbles about this being on our clothes when we take them in; he did not like the other waxy stain sticks. Best review: we use water fountain pens at work. We were clearing a nib at work and blew through it after washing it with warm water. A splatter of diluted red ink speckled a costly blue oxford fabric t-shirt. Our first idea was, “this shirt is a goner. ” when we got home, we treated it with the oxiclean and then took it to the cleaners a week later on. Returned with no trace of any ink spots. Worked better than those specialized ammonia based ink stain removers. Among those things that is more costly however well worth it.

We love oxyclean for our laundry cleaning agent & getting rid of tough discolorations simply by soaking (no requirement to rub). This variation is a fantastic help to spot clean & the dispenser is wonderful. Providing a gel like compound that solves to that darn spot. Without soaking the who garment.

Oxy clean – keeps it cleanwe have kids and numerous dirt and paint stainsthis is constantly our go too.

Our young child blows out her clothes practically every day, our young child likes mud, and our other half operates in building and construction, so we keep a stick of this around. It deals with practically whatever, even if the stain is a few days old. Mold and mildew discolorations are the only thing we have found up until now that it doesn t do anything for.

We never ever found out the lesson of how to consume without leaking all over. We can typically take our t-shirts and boil them for soup. This things is easy to use and works exceptionally well.

This works excellent for discolorations & we love the fragrance.

It does not work marvels, however it works. It is easy to use, and obviously there are unique methods to use this – look it up online we think.


Perfect for hard to eliminate discolorations in regular laundry.

Irritating discolorations on a t-shirt? they remain wash after wash? nomore (yay).

Took out practically all the discolorations we have attempted it on. We love it.

Desire the rate was less. Good for deep discolorations.

Simply what we desired.

Love it excellent.

We choose this brand – it works so well and is so easy to use.

We can produce some untidy discolorations. Oxiclean has gotten out whatever up until now.

The best stain remover. We have utilized it for years and it constantly comes through.

Amazing product for getting rid of discolorations. We have only utilized it on greasy-type food discolorations on cotton t-shirts. We follow the directions thoroughly and after cleaning, the discolorations regularly vanish.

This got a quite bad stain out of our preferred white trousers so it is absolutely an a+ for us.

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