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PATCH Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandage Strips Burns & Blisters

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of PATCH Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandage Strips Burns & Blisters.

  • ALOE VERA BANDAGES: These hypoallergenic bandages are enriched with soothing Aloe Vera extract to help repair & soothe burns, blisters & minor abrasions. Perfect for sensitive skin types.
  • IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: PATCH Strips are made from 100% natural bamboo fiber & mineral-based pressure sensitive adhesive that carefully complies with the skin. Hypoallergenic & devoid of plastic & annoying chemicals.
  • NATURAL & EFFECTIVE: PATCH Bandages are for everybody, providing a natural, hassle-free & effective alternative to common adhesive tapes, flexible fabric strips & other emergency treatment wound care products.
  • COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE: PATCH Strips are compostable & have evaluated to break down in the garden soil within weeks. They’re latex-free, vegan-friendly & cruelty-free & consist of no plastics or contaminants.
  • Our strips are made from bamboo, a quickly sustainable resource that grows much faster than trees, utilizes less water, produces more oxygen & needs no pesticides or herbicides.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on PATCH Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandage Strips Burns & Blisters.
Check Out more PATCH NaturalPATCH Triggered CharcoalPATCH Aloe VeraPATCH Kids Coconut OilSensitive support for cuts and scratches.Enriched with triggered charcoal to help promote the natural healing of bites, splinters and infections by drawing out pollutants from the wound.Enriched with aloe vera to help the natural healing of burns, blisters and minor abrasions.Enriched with coconut oil to help the repair of minor bumps, grazes and scratches.Hypoallergenic 100% Compostable Latex Free Fairly produced Vegan Friendly Plastic Free

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on PATCH Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandage Strips Burns & Blisters.

Question Question 1

This Is For A Single Bandage?

There is 25 of them

Question Question 2

For How Long Is The Rack Life On These? Will They Break Down Over Time In Our Kitchen?

we have had mine for rather some time now. They carry out simply the exact same as regular bandaids. They re simply black, made from bamboo, organic, and way cooler than regular bandaids.

Question Question 3

Is Definitely Whatever Compostable? The Bandage Wrapper, The Little Pieces That Come Off The Adhesive, In Addition To The Bandage Itself?

The little pieces you manage feel precisely like other band-Aids smooth (unsure that s compostable at all )and the paper it can be found in feels waxy. Likewise these do not stay with this skin well the come off so easy.

Question Question 4

Could The Coconut Oil Bandages Be Utilized After A Shot?

That is what we bought themfor we typically use coconut oil rather of Neosporin anyway.Also we began getting bad welts from regular bandaids so we brought these with us to a procedure.No concerns at all and they come off more quickly

Question Question 5

Are These Bandages Sterile? We understand They Are Packaged Separately However We Do Not See Sterilized On Any Of The Product Packaging.?

Yes they are and plainly marked on both external tube and inside covering

Question Question 6

Do They Really Help Bug Bites?

If you take a look at the charcoal ones, they gaze they’re for buf bites due to the fact that it draws out the impurities.Don’ t understand if it’s better than coconut oil though.we likewise wish to see lavender oil bandages.

Question Question 7

Is The Product Packaging In Which They Are Sent by mail Compostable/Recyclable?

Not compostable mine can be found in the little bubble mailer

Question Question 8

After Utilizing This Product Would We Then Have Been Bamboozled? Requesting A Pal.?

Complicated question? From our individual experience we had bad welts from regular bandaids. Utilizing these Iwe have zero concerns. They eliminate a lot much easier and more painlessly.

Question Question 9

Are These Bandaids Antibiotic Free Or Do They Have An Antibiotic On The Pads?

No prescription antibiotics that we have seen or understood about.

Question Question 10

What Makes Them Sticky?

we would presume it’s a more sensitive adhesive.we had gotten dreadful welts from regular bandages after a back procedure.So we brought these with us for our next treatment. we had zero concerns. For a particular response you should call the company/ manufacturer.Also possibly they have that information on their site

Question Question 11

How Unpleasant Is The Charcoal? Does It ‘Escape’ The Bandage?

Not unpleasant at all. It appears to be embedded into the bandage so there s no bleeding even when the bandage gets damp.

Question Question 12

Is The Product Packaging In Which They Are Sent by mail Compostable/Recyclable?

It would seem.

Question Question 13

Do These Stick Actually Well? We Are Trying to find Something That Will Stick Even When We Are Cleaning Our Hands And Its On Our Finger.?

They stick very well.It is one of the factors we continue to acquire the product.

Question Question 14

These Are Imported/Distributed By An Australian Company, However There’S A Chinese (Prc) Place On The PlanToo Are These In Reality Made In China?

It’s unclear. The plan states it’s an Australian company and the product is made with Australian and imported ingredients. There is a PRC company address noted on the product packaging. There are likewise business noted in Belgium and theUSA So we are unsure what the addresses are about.Novel product packaging, good adhesive s It’s unclear. The plan states it’s an Australian company and the product is made with Australian and imported ingredients. There is a PRC company address noted on the product packaging. There are likewise business noted in Belgium and theUSA So we are unsure what the addresses are about.Novel product packaging, good adhesive strip bandages.

Question Question 15

What Size Is Each Bandage? It Doesn T State This Throughout This Listing. We Required A Particular Size 3/4 X 3?

They are 3 11/32″ X 3/4″ according to what’s composed on package.

Question Question 16

What Are These Constructed Of?

A small stripOf fabric and a little patchOf cotton:-RRB- we love them.

Question Question 17

Is The Adhesive Corn Free?

we do not understand the response to your question. we only understand the adhesive is NOT work.

Question Question 18

Are The Pads Of These Bandages Sulfate Free? It S Not The Adhesive We Dislike, However The Antibiotic On The Pads Of A Lot Of Bandages.?

PATCH has numerous benefits consisting of being sulfate free.Hope this assists.

Question Question 19

We Were Thinking Of Including These To Our Emergency SituationKit Do They Have Any Expiration Date?

Most Likely not. They’re basically much like other bandaids. Covered in paper, 2 tabs to manage from the sticky bits,. In fact, they would succeed in an emergency situation kit, bc the container they can be found in is extremely strong.

Question Question 20

Which Aloe Vera Patch Is Suggested For Bed Sore?

Hi PATCH buddy, We would advise as numerous Aloe Vera PATCHES that will cover the afflicted location. Simply a note we remain in the procedure of producing a bigger size PATCH that might provide extra aid.Please watch for those in2020 Thank you for your support of PATCH.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on PATCH Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandage Strips Burns & Blisters, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We bought these to be more sustainable and they’re extremely cute. The container they can be found in is made out of strong cardboard so it’s easy to open and close and extremely durable if you keep it in your handbag or bag – it’s likewise compostable. The bandages themselves are charming with the little pandas and are extremely comfy. They adhere perfectly to fingers due to the fact that they’re made from fabric and are comfy to use. However, as they are made from fabric, they are not waterproof and they get waterlogged each time you wash your hands so they require to be changed reasonably typically. Adhesion is okay. It’s not excellent, however they do stick well sufficient to remain in location overnight. We have observed that they do fray around the edges if you use them for more than a few hours on a finger. It looks ugly, however it does not impact the function, which is good. In general, these are pricy, however for basic cuts and scrapes they work perfectly and we definitely advise them as a more environmentally-friendly choice.

We have been gradually attempting to shift all of our home individual care products to sustainable, plastic-free alternatives. We love that these bandages are not made with any plastic or odd chemicals. The panda pattern is super cute and they remain on without leaving that griour residue that the majority of bandaids leave. The only drawback is that these are quite costly and our kids go through bandaids like insane (usually utilizing a number of needlessly without our understanding). So we have concealed these in our medicine cabinet for “real” cuts and scrapes.

We have constantly been that kid who might never ever use regular latex/adhesive bandaids. We are so allergic and so conscious the [of course] most common, most affordable, prettiest, longest long lasting bandaids. We would swell, rash, and welt up from utilizing them to the point where the responses to the bandaids were more annoying than the factor for the bandaid itself. These patch bandages are fantastic. They in fact help, the stickiness doesn t stay after you eliminate one, they are super long-term, even remains on in water, they re comfy and flexible, and we have no unfavorable responses to them whatsoever. We love ’em. Purchasing them constantly. Intend on bringing them into the class for our trainees. Thank goodness for these bandaids, dream they were around when we were little.

We are constantly looking for eco friendly alternatives for whatever and so we needed to buy these bandaids. We hadn t had a possibility to use them till today when we got a blister nearly the size of a quarter on the bottom of our foot right below our big toe on the ball of our foot of all locations. These bandaids stuck there for a full 3 days. We were so pleased and will never ever use any other bandaids ever once again particularly due to the fact that we typically require them for our feet and no other bandaids appear to stick like these.

We would have provided this 5 star (most likely will if we ever get the plain variety) however there is no significant amount of coconut oil in the pad. Otherwise these are great. Held extremely well and the adhesive didn’t aggravate our sensitive skin. Product is breathable, elastic, and thin enough that it moves with you without pulling – you rapidly forget that you’re using it. The pandas on the bandage are cute without being obnoxious. The product packaging is thoughtful: small sufficient to fit quickly into a medium size bag, strong, and eco-friendly. Really happy.

We have yet to attempt these as we rarely in fact use bandaids on us or our kids and constantly attempt to let “owies” breathe, however we bought these for their natural and ecofriendly parts. And when we lastly do slap a bandaid on a booboo, we will feel respectable about the product and what they standfor We vote with our dollars, folks.

These bandages are blessing for us. We regrettably have extremely sensitive skin right to even using a bandage will provide us a rash. We just recently lost a toe nail due to running and we are lucky that it is growing back extremely well however the secret is keeping it clean, ointment on, and covered. Not an easy job in open-toe shoes weather condition. The bandage gets a great deal of wear and tear (toe nails growing back is not a quick procedure either). In the beginning, this was hard for us considering that other bandages like band-aid brand products were not remaining on or annoying our skin, then we simply stumbled along these and in a regional pharmacy and we will never ever buy another brand once again. We have just recently purchased a three-pack on to ideally take us through the total healing procedure for the next month or more.

We dislike the adhesive on the majority of bandages, and to tegaderm, utilized on chemo and surgical set-ups. When we saw these, we believed we would provide a possibility. Wow. No rash, and they stick on much like a regular bandage. The nurse in the chemo system was rather pleased, too. We simply want they weren’t rather so costly, however they’re well worth the cash if they do not break us out.

We love these patch band help. It is our 2nd time buying them, very first time we attempted all 3 types, this time we purchased a 3 pack of charcoal considering that they were our favorite. They are good to use, stunning to take a look at, and we feel good and innocent using them as they compost later on right back into the soil. The adhesive is not super strong, it lasts as long as it requires to to work, however does come off with sweat if in a particular trouble location (hands/feet) or if it gets damp. Functions well on flat surface area like legs and arms. We love these and we believe they deserve the money compared to normal brand band help.

Our family and we were looking for band help that were eco-friendly, latex-free, soft on our skin, and that were cost effective. We believed our expectations were hard to find, or high maintenance. Nevertheless, a good friend recommended these to us and we have been so happy with every quality. The rate is greater than other band help, however the resilience, softness, and cute patterns.

The patch kids bamboo bandages are not simply for kids. We have super sensitive skin, and other than for patch kids, we respond to all bandage adhesives with extreme itching, rash and in some cases blisters. Patch kids bamboo remain on excellent, are flexible, and we are not continuously needing to change them or wrap with a roll of gauze to keep in location. We forget we have these on. Simply want they likewise were readily available in a bigger size. Will absolutely stockpile with these.

We love these bandaids. To be truthful when they arrived we cut ourself opening package and utilized one immediately paper cuts hurt we placed on the bandaid and after a couple minutes it stopped harming we presuming that is the charcoal.

Super comfy and we find the adhesion to be excellent; no concern whatsoever. Not exactly sure why some folks pointed out an absence of adhesion, however they might wish to have theirs exchanged. Anyhow, extremely grateful there is something out there made from products we enjoy to use on our little one’s skin. These bandaids are remarkable.

A latex-free band-aid that in fact sticks ?? yes, please. These are great. We love that they are made from super-soft bamboo – it s so gentle on our skin and extremely flexible. And being infused with aloe (or triggered charcoal.) is a terrific bonus offer for wound-care. Everybody, buythese Particularly for your kids.

These are so cute and soft; when we got them we liked them. Then we put one on our young child s knee scrape and it wouldn t remain on. The adhesive adhere to another regular fabric bandaid though so if you put one of those on and put these cute ones over the leading it will remain.

We love these, so do the kids. The panda bears are so cute without appearing like nasty characters. They are so pleasant & cute. They are small, however that’s excellent when that’s what one requires. They are sidetracking when kids most require a pleasant diversion, thank you.

These are an exceptional alternative to the conventional latex bandaid. The cardboard container is compostable. The bandage itself is likewise compostable. This is a big win. The adhesive works well and they are comfy. We love them.

We were thrilled about the natural band aid choice, however they have space to enhance in the adhesive classification. The band-aid part is good.

This is a definitely fantastic product. Our kid had an extremely bad response to another brand called equate. So we set out to find organic bandages for him & now our entire family utilizes them & enjoys them. The best.

We love these bandages. We have lastly found a non-plastic bandage that our child will right away gofor They are so comfy. And we particularly like that there’s tea tree oil in the bandages, so we do not seem like we need to browse out any ointment.

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