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Prilosec OTC Omeprazole – Frequent Heartburn Relief Medicine & Acid Reducer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Prilosec OTC Omeprazole – Frequent Heartburn Relief Medicine & Acid Reducer.

  • ONE PILL A DAY. 24 HOURS. ZERO HEARTBURN. With one pill a day, Prilosec OTC obstructs acid production at the source so you wear t get heartburn in the first location
  • The first and original over- the- counter frequent heartburn medicine. There s a factor 30 million Americans utilized Prilosec OTC to treat their frequent heartburn
  • # 1 Medical Professional, Gastroenterologist, and Pharmacist recommended frequent heartburn treatment for 13 straight years
  • Treats frequent heartburn. There s no requirement to stow away antacids all over for whenever heartburn may strike. With Prilosec OTC, you can take 1 pill a day for 24 hours of zero heartburn
  • Obstructs acid production at its source. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Prilosec OTC reduce stomach acid production by closing down a number of the pumps in the stomach that produce acid

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Prilosec OTC Omeprazole – Frequent Heartburn Relief Medicine & Acid Reducer.
Prilosec acid reducer 42 tablets treats frequent heartburn. It is not planned for instant relief of heartburn; this drug might take 1 to 4 days for full impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Prilosec OTC Omeprazole – Frequent Heartburn Relief Medicine & Acid Reducer.

Question Question 1

What Is The Expiraton Date On The Product You Are Offering For Sale?

we likewise bought this product. The expiration date was: 02/2016

Question Question 2

Is This Product In Blister Packs? We Decline To Buy Anything In These Discouraging Bundles. If It Is Bottles, Ok. Thanks For Your Reply.?

Yes, like you we dislike blister packs likewise, however these are foil blister packs not plastic and are not that hard to open.we do not believe we have ever seen Prilosec in anything however blister packs and we have been utilizing it for a long time.

Question Question 3

We Wished To Know This Product From P& G? And The Image Program “Product Of Sweden” Or Origin: Imported (India)?

our box does not discuss India however states Dist by Procter and amble, CincinnatiProduct of Sweded.has tel # to call for questions 1-800-289-9181

Question Question 4

Is This Actually $160 For 42 Ct, Or Exist Numerous Boxes Of 42 Ct Consisted Of In This Rate? The Very Same Box Is $24 At Walgreens.?

we bought 2 boxes of 42 tablets each straight from, NOT a 3rd- celebration seller, in April 2017, for $2089 per box, a total of $4178 for 84 tablets (no tax, free very same- day shipping).

Question Question 5

Does Anybody Know Why Some People Get Kidney Issues From Taking Prilosec? How Quickly Have They Gotten It? Please? Thank You.?

Ask your Medical Professional.

Question Question 6

The Number Of Mg??? It The Product Waiting For A Reply Yo Buy?

206 mg.equivalent to 20 mg omeprazole

Question Question 7

Why Don T These Can Be Found In Bottles?.?. Our Mommy Dislikes Those BlisterPacks She Can T Open Them?

we want we understood. we dislike blister friends also. we typically buy a year supply at a time. Use a knife and put the whole lot in an amber medication bottle so we wear t need to deal with these hard blister daily.That s a question for the maker. we presume since this technique is more affordable than bottles

Question Question 8

What’S The Distinction In Between This Product Wild Berry And Regular Prilosec Otc?

the very same, however the taste various. thanks

Question Question 9

What Is The Expiration Date On These Prilosec Tabs?

our current shipment is 11-20-16

Question Question 10

Is This Original Prescription Strength? If Not, What Is The Original Strength?

we do not understand if it is the original strength, however whatever you do don’t buy the store/generic brand. It’s missing out on an active ingredient that Prilosec has. As far as the original strength that we can’t inform you however this works fantastic for us. we have heartburn truly bad and this product keeps us from it.

Question Question 11

Are These The Green And Purple Prilosec Tablets?

Hi customer, They appear like peach coloured tablets.

Question Question 12

Where Is Prilosec Made?

Dispersed by Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, Ohio. Product of Sweden

Question Question 13

What Is The Expirartion Date On This Product?

we believe it was 2015 – and another one we purchased is likewise the smaller sized pill.Talk about scaling down a product.You need to question.

Question Question 14

Whendo The Drug’S Exp Date?

our membership order gotten in September has an expiration date of 12/2015

Question Question 15

What Nation Made This Product?


Question Question 16

What Is The Expiration Date?

With all medication- Rx or OTC- all have expiration dates.Personally we simply re- bought and got our delivery this previous Wednesday.The expiration date on the 2 boxes we got is 01/2017 And this is on a box of 42 tablets.

Question Question 17

Does Prilosec Tablets Can Be Found In Bottles?


Question Question 18

What Are The Non-active Ingredients?

If you Google Prilosec it will inform you the ingredients

Question Question 19

What Is The Date On This Product? Our Date Now Is 1/24/17?

our date states 12/2018 it is on the beyond the large box.1/24/17 is ending now?

Question Question 20

What Is The Expiration Date?

Sorry currently tossed box away – it is published on box, hard to check out.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Prilosec OTC Omeprazole – Frequent Heartburn Relief Medicine & Acid Reducer, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We did a number on our stomach by taking excessive ibuprofen for too long and now struggle with quite nasty heartburn since of it. We were taking zantac a couple times a day and it belonged to putting a band- aid on a gunshot wound; we didn’t have any basis of contrast for any other heartburn treatment so we settled with being only partly unpleasant. Our medical professional recommended that we take prilosec and we are so grateful we did. We are really an altered individual. We can depend on one hand the amount of times we have felt heartburn considering that we began taking this a few months earlier, and it has been minor in contrast to what it as soon as was. Given up putting a band- aid on your gunshot wound and begin taking a preventative daily. Everybody struggling with persistent heartburn must be enjoying your their lives more like we are delighting in mine.

We have gerd that triggers vagal nerve stimulation which triggers extremely upsetting heart palpitations. Our cousin is a nurse and recommended this med. Its magic. 100% effective. We love it and it has made our lifebetter We have attempted generics. Unusual however the generics in the 14 pill bubble packs appear to work however the bottles like at walgreens do not work. We constantly buy the original from as long as its under 20 dollars for 42 tablets. 5 star+++.

We swear by prilosec. We have been taking this routinely for a year, after the majority of our early 20 s struggling with daily heartburn, particularly during the night. We didn’t wish to take antacids like tums all the time, and prilosec was perfect for our signs since it truly does operate in the long term to help get rid of unpleasant reflux throughout the day. This product is not like a zantac or tagamet. It does not begin working right away after swallowing. It is a product that assists to decrease reflux in the long term. And it works.

We had simply gotten home from the healthcare facility, due to a piece of food in our esophagus that the dr needed to scope to get rid of. On discharge, he recommended that we take prilosec otc. As quickly as we got home, we bought from, and since of the 2 day shipping, we only missed out on one day of the treatment. The expiration date is 01/2020

Functions fantastic and precisely as specified. We have been utilizing this for our heartburn issue for years. However that is the issue is that our body is now addicted to it. We have handled to cut down the dose to where we take only half a pill every day and it works. However each time we have attempted to ween lower than that the heartburn returns greatly. It’s hard for us to rate this product. We can’t knock it since it does work. And it does state not to use longer than 14 days. However the maker understands damn well people will take it daily and even medical professionals will inform you to do so. We simply want we weren’t hooked on this. It’s costly and we would do anything to be rid of it. We do not see how it can be healthy in the long run. Despite the fact that we now simply take half a pill. So. What to state. No heartburn at all. However apparently addicted for life. You make the call. It’s likewise rather costly and the generics do not work the very same. Despite the fact that we are usually an advocate of the majority of genericproducts Damn you prilosec otc. However likewise thank you. In the beginning you stopped us from popping lots of tums and pepcid a/c’s all the time. Today we feel that you are the issue and not heartburn itself.

As we have aged (we are presently 47), foods that we utilized to be able to consume without problem now tend to trigger us heartburn. We attempted numerous various antacids prior to shelling out the cash for prilosec, and we rapidly recognized that none worked along with this things does. It s certainly not the most affordable alternative (and wear t trouble with the generic knock- offs, they wear t work), however we can normal find the very best offer here on, and we have never ever gotten a phony product or one that had ended. Up until now so good. 5 star product.

Lastly, no more heartburn. We have been taking zantac everyday for a while simply to attempt to tear down the heartburn. Within 2 days this things eliminated all our heartburn all day. This deserves every cent. For the very first time we are thinking about getting one of those buttons simply for this.

We took the whole 14- day routines of this product and we need to state it does work, and relatively rapidly, too. We were identified with heartburn in 2015, and while we do not usually experience heartburn, we do cough a lot throughout a reflux attack. And now is not a hassle-free time to have a consistent cough. Absolutely nothing we attempted was assisting, consisting of tagamet, so we attempted prilosec. By the 4th day or so we observed the bothersome coughing spells were reducing, and the next 10 days were practically entirely trouble- free. All of this is fortunately. The problem is, as soon as we stopped, the signs returned with alacrity. And according to the instructions, you are only expected to use one course of this drug every 4 months. So we were forced to browse somewhere else for a more irreversible solution. Nevertheless, we do think this product works while you take it, so those who struggle with brief- term issues with gerd will probably wish to try. For those who have more consistent problems, this might only be a substitute solution.

We have been utilizing prilosec or generic omeprazole 20 mg for over 10 years. Now, & it works fantastic for us. Detected years earlier with g. E. R. D., we take one each early morning one hour prior to breakfast & we are good to go for 24 hours. We can consume anything we desire & seldom have any heartburn effects.

We just recently found we have an allergy that leads to our throat swelling and triggering us to choke on food. After an extremely frightening occurrence including an er and emergency situation upper gi, we were placed on prilosec, which obviously treats this allergy along with heart burn. Our insurance coverage is a mess and the expense of filling the prescription for a month is over the rate of purchasing otc for the specific very same thing. We have the ability to buy this every 6 weeks and do not need to stress over food attempting to eliminate me, so we call that a win.

We have utilized numerous knockoffs throughout the years to help control heartburn. While relief is accomplished with other brands, the lessor products did not provide us total 24 hour relief like prilosec did. We want we might manage to make this medication our irreversible product however we can see first hand why this product expenses more.

We suffer so severely for a peptic ulser and utilized this for 14 days and it assisted with the acid we had in our stomach. What a relief.

We have been taking this for some time and it works for us. We provided one star for taste and density since the questions truly makes no sense. That being stated, we can’t state it will work for you considering that not all medicine works for everybody. The bottom line is, as we see it, this is a deal considering that it’s provided to the door more affordable than us driving to the store to get it, even when it’s on sale.

We have suffered reflux/gerd for a long time now and chewed on tums like they were sweet. Ultimately, tums no longer worked and so we wished to attempt something else otc. The prilosec, for us a minimum of, operated in less than 24 hours. We have had zero, to very moderate signs over the last 6 weeks. We are a lot more comfy. Furthermore, we missed out on a tablet this previous sunday and by 1: 00 pm, we felt it. That is why this time we bought the 42 count pack. Rates are fantastic on these and as a prime member we secure free 2- day shipping, so it was hard to beat. A fantastic product – prilosec works. Update – we were uninformed you are only expected to take these in 14- day cycles as soon as for 14 days every 4 months. Simply in case you miss it like we did.

We use prilosec daily- yes it states 14 day treatment and so on. However if we go off it within a day the acid/gerd returns and we wind up popping tums like sweet. We asked our medical professional- and was informed its is safe to take daily in early morning with food as directed. However to monitor yourself- and obviously look for treatment if required. (obviously- everybody is various- your medical professional may not consent to daily use) we have been taking it daily for over 2 years now- no adverse effects issues kept in mind.

Have had heartburn issues for years; am extremely unpleasant without it; issues with heartburn can trigger esophageal issues. When we have lacked it, we have an awful burning taste in our throat and mouth.

We value whatever is doing throughout these tough times. We never ever got our medications. Our task likewise does not enable us to be home with our kids. If you can help please. We are passing away of heart burn. We work for for a web company. We are providing. Free web for any trainee. We wish to ask forgiveness. We did get our full order. Thank you a lot. We are single father with 3 kids. We work full-time and volunteer firemen. The battle is genuine. Thank you a lot.

We remained in a lot pain up until we began taking prilosec. Best thing that s ever taken place to us in a long period of time. We are not one to take a pill however our sweetheart informed us to take this and best recommendations we ever took. Life saver.

We have struggled with heartburn off and on for years and tums typically assisted. A few months earlier, it ended up being an every day, every meal incident, ultimately restraining sleep. Our medical professional recommended prilosec for the 42 day course and within 2 days, we were acid free, not a trace of pain or discomfort. While the suggestion is to take a few months off in between courses, we found that the reflux returned as quickly as we were off the medication. We now take it every day with no adverse effects. Instead of other otc tablets we have attempted, you take it first thing in the early morning and do not need to wait any amount of time prior to breakfast. On weekends, we even take a crack at of espresso right after with no worry of acid or pain. Thanks to this medication, we have not needed to alter our diet plan or deny ourself of the foods or beverages that had become our opponents.

We stopped utilizing prilosec for a few years due to run the risk of reasons., nevertheless, throughout a time of high stress we more than happy we had the ability to acquire online. If you have persistent heartburn this truly works marvels. Naturally our dr. Recommended it to me, which we would constantly recommend prior to utilizing.

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