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Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser Wound Care Spray for cuts – scrapes – minor sores

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser Wound Care Spray for cuts – scrapes – minor sores.

  • AN PERFECT SOLUTION FOR BETTER WOUND CARE: Keep Puracyn Plus on hand for all your emergency treatment and skin care requirements. We make use of a unique hypochlorous innovation to power Puracyn Plus for the very best way to clean cuts, scrapes, minor sores, rashes, and other skin inflammations.
  • PROMOTES HEALING: Use Puracyn Plus to successfully clean the wound and develop a perfect environment for the wound to heal correctly.
  • ENTIRELY SAFE AND NON- TOXIC: Puracyn Plus is a much safer alternative to prescription antibiotics and steroids for appropriate wound management. The non- harmful formula is safe for the whole family, from babies to senior adults, and is safe enough to use around sensitive locations consisting of eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  • NON- STINGING WOUND CLEANSER: Contrary to common belief, your wound cleanser doesn t require to sting or burn in order for it to work. Puracyn Plus has no alcohol, iodine, or any other ingredients that would trigger stinging or irritation throughout application.
  • CLINCALLY PROVEN AND PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDED: Puracyn Plus utilizes a comparable innovation to what is presently being utilized in lots of wound care centers and medical facilities worldwide to help clean and handle your minor injuries and skin issues in the house.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser Wound Care Spray for cuts – scrapes – minor sores.
Size: 16 Ounce[Made in the USA] Puracyn Plus is utilized for cleansing, watering, debriding, and including moisture to injuries, setting the phase for optimum healing conditions. All Puracyn Plus products are made with hypochlorous innovation, a non- harmful alternative to antibiotic ointments or hydrogen peroxide, for a much safer way to clean the wound and start the healing procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser Wound Care Spray for cuts – scrapes – minor sores.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients?

The product’s active component is Hypochlorous Acid (0.012%) – this hypochlorous acid particle works as a preservative to prevent the development of microbes within the solution. The other ingredients are Electrolyzed Water (99916%), Salt Chloride (0.031%), Salt Hypochlorite (0.001%), and Phosphates (0.040%)

Question Question 2

Does It Bleach Clothes?

we use this product all the time.In all the years, we have utilized it, we have never ever discovered any lightening of any kind.This is a great product and would cost you double the rate for less amounts.we can not ensure it will not bleach, simply can only truthfully state we have never ever skilled it.Hope this assists.

Question Question 3

Has Anybody Utilized This For Skin Issues Like Dandruff?

we use it for various skin issues, consisting of seborrheic dermatitis.we were utilizing Alevicyn, however our insurance coverage no longer covers it. Skin doctor stated this is the exact same.

Question Question 4

Can This Product Be Utilized For Fungal Issues?

our spouse has had success with a toe fungus utilizing Puracyn daily.

Question Question 5

Can We Use On A Product To Disinfect. Like A Body Scrub Brush?

we wear. t believe it might hurt although a little bleach in warm water likewise suffices then rinse out with water and then a little vinegar and water to make it odor better.

Question Question 6

Can You Use This For Sterilizing Cpap Devices?

Sorry we have never ever become aware of anybody utilizing this product for that application. It may be best to get in touch with puracyn straight for that recommendation. Good luck

Question Question 7

What Is The Expiration Date?

we bought Puracyn about a year back, and our bottle’s expiration date is October2018 So, we presume it is good for about 2 years.

Question Question 8

Is The Bottle Security Sealed?

Yes, however so hard to get the cap off for some unidentified factor.

Question Question 9

Is This The Hydrogel Or Liquid?

This is the liquid.

Question Question 10

If We Buy It Now, What Will The Expiration Date Be?

If you buy this product from Fantastic Online Products, the expiration date is July 15, 2017.

Question Question 11

Is This Comparable To Vashe?

we have utilized both Vetericyn and Puracyn and both consist of hypochlorous acid.Vashe appears to likewise consist of hypochlorous acid.we like the Verericyn for stopping locations in their tracks specifically this formula Vetericyn Plus Hot SpotSpray HTH

Question Question 12

Does The Spray Head Clog?We Are Utilizing Another Brand Now However We Continuously Need To Clear The Sprayer With A Pin To Use It.?

we have not been afflicted by blocking of the spray head in using a number of sprayers.

Question Question 13

For How Long Is It Good For/Expiration?

we simply called the producer to ask how far past the expiration date the product was still effective. The response was, they have had reports that 3 months past the expiration, it was still working. However they informed us that mine, which was over one year ended, was no good.

Question Question 14

Can You Use This On Hard Surface Areas, Like Counters For Decontaminating?

we would believe not.It is for application on living tissue.Hard nonliving surface area cleaners have ingredients so the cleaner dries and does not streak.The Puracyn might be streaky and leave a residue.we do not understand however in some cases these kinds of disinfectantsneed the heat of the body to work best.

Question Question 15

Does This Stain The Skin Purple For A Few Days?

It does not stain your skin or clothes.

Question Question 16

How Does This Compare To Bacitine? Does It Have Pain Relief?

The distinction in between Puracyn Plus and Bactine boils down to the ingredients. Puracyn Plus is made with a non- harmful formula based upon a new and advanced hypochlorous innovation. Bactine is made with benzalkonium chloride and lidocaine. Bactine has generally been focused more on relieving pain whereas Puracyn Plus is fo The distinction in between Puracyn Plus and Bactine boils down to the ingredients. Puracyn Plus is made with a non- harmful formula based upon a new and advanced hypochlorous innovation. Bactine is made with benzalkonium chloride and lidocaine. Bactine has generally been focused more on relieving pain whereas Puracyn Plus is concentrated on cleaning up the wound and preparing it to heal.

Question Question 17

Why Is So Exceptionally Costly?

It works and it does not take much.

Question Question 18

Can This Be Utilized For Acne?

Puracyn Plus can be utilized to successfully clean the skin and help prevent dirt to develop and possibly trigger imperfections. Nevertheless, Puracyn Plus is not suggested to deal with acne.

Question Question 19

Would This Work For Acne?

No, not for acne.It’s more for cleansing open injuries prior to you deal with the wound with medications and placed on wraps.

Question Question 20

How Can This Do Anything At All? It Is Essentially AllWater 99.7%. That Method.03% Active Active Ingredient, Not Even 3%. Vetericyn For Canines Very Same Thing?

It’s a germ killer and it does not take much of a strong chemical to work.It eliminates bacteria in public supply of water at.0003 %. Generally the proper dose is more essential than the anticipated dose.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Puracyn Plus Wound and Skin Cleanser Wound Care Spray for cuts – scrapes – minor sores, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This works. We had a customer just recently suggest this product. We had carried out a surgery on him and at the post- personnel check we were surprised at how extremely well he had recovered regardless of age and tissue condition at the time of the treatment. At the one week post- op examine it was if this 65 years of age man had recovered like a 12 years of age with the most optimum tissue condition. We will prepare to keep this not only on hand in our center however likewise in our home. We likewise suggest this to clients and associates. This ought to be a staple in your emergency treatment kit. We just recently had a a burn injury that we utilized the product on and it was incredible the manner in which the injuries recovered. Use it freely and frequently specifically on a new wound.

This product is a needs to in our home. Rather of purchasing the small bottles of hypochlorous acid for our eyelids, we buy thisone Fantastic worth for that. Advantage, is its likewise a fantastic wound cleanser and can be utilized for damp bandaging. It did marvels are wound our sibling had that would not heal for over a few months and prescription antibiotics had a hard time to deal with. It has a minor bleach odor. Do not stress. It’s totally safe. It even states on the container”no special handling precautions required. Non irritating, non sensitizing, non toxic” We keep a stock of it at all times for emergency situations. You can’t beat the large bottle for the rate. Likewise, it has a mist spray setting and a stream spray setting which is best for watering injuries. It’s a strong stream that takes a trip a few feet if you were to spray it throughout the space. We would state 5- 7 feet +. So it’s strong. Know that prior to spraying it on a wound. You might wish to use the gentler mist alternative.

A buddy informed us to go to the feed supply store to get the animal variation of this due to the fact that it works marvels. Rather, we chose, as constantly. Yes it is the exact same as the animal one, however this will last a life time on me. We have attempted with and without on small injuries, and we do believe this is incredible. We have thinning skin (thanks to blood slimmers) and anything will trigger a cut, so this is our new buddy.

We purchased a bottle of puracyn to heal a new piercing. It s been 2 weeks and the piercing is healing perfectly. On an impulse we believed to attempt the spray on a few psoriasis spots we have been fighting. The first image remained in july after 2 years of 2 prescription creams (1 a steroid) utilized as directed by our skin specialist. That photo is the psoriasis in a resting or non- flare state. Or looking the very best we were resigned it was ever going to look. The 2nd photo is today after not utilizing the creams and only spraying puracyn 1- 2 x a day for practically 2 weeks. We are blown away. We had a flare beginning on our arm a couple days ago that was under control right away when utilizing puracyn on it. The spray smells gently of bleach so we beware it doesn t struck clothes or towels. We have begun spritzing our face with puracyn after cleaning our face. No concept yet if our early rosacea will get under control however we have high hopes.

Our relative found this product after we had open heart surgical treatment. Had a chest cut that didn’t wish to heal. Utilized this product on it for 5 days and it was practically like magic. Attempted it once again when we cut our leg doing a job. Once again it recovered that cut faster than any ointment or other medical product we have ever utilized. We trravel with our task. We do not leave home any longer without it. We make certain there’s some folks that have not had the success we have however for ourself and our relative who have both utilized it there’s absolutely nothingbetter We like the purchase of the 2 bottle offer. We can take one when we take a trip and the other remain at home. We have checked out lots of other individuals respones to products they have bought and then shared their outcomes to help us make notified purchases. We hope this assists somebody too.

This spray is utilized for human beings for diabetic sores and bed sores however we are utilizing it on our pet dog who has callouses which established swelling and open injuries. They are really tough to deal with however began utilizing this on the injuries and it has made an excellent distinction and is completely safe to use on canines. This things is excellent.

Our moms and dads presented us to puracyn when we got a bad sunburn throughout our yearly fishing expedition (unknown reality – reasonable skinned redheads do not endure the sun well;-RRB-) in any case, the night we returned to your home we began using puracyn. We most likely utilized way more than was needed however the spray included a beautiful cooling feeling and the product did appear to be working. 3 days later on our sunburn was gone with no peeling. After having lots of sunburns and understanding our skin, we definitely would have peeled without this product. Another negative effects. The acne we had on our face began to heal much faster than normal. We have kept utilizing the product as a nighttime toner for acne. Terrific product.

Exceptional product and it does precisely what the $14 00 an ounce things does. A small odor of bleach exists without ending up being a concern for dry eye relief. This is the affordable product with the exact same amount of hypochlorous acid in it as the priceyone A genuine effective worth.

Extremely timely shipment. Costly, however that’s he exact same throughout the board. Recommended by our skin specialist. We are really delighted he did. It deep cleans our persistent wound and enables the following medication to permeate. We can inform the wound is currently closing in simply a few days.

What an excellent product. We use this on the daily as a post wash spray, post and while in public and as a nasal spray too. Heals injuries really quick. We use in cuts, scraps and even the teens zits are disappearing. Our really really small grievance is the spray. It s like a water hose pipe not a mister. 10 dollars issue resolved simply purchased some misters. We constantly have this on us and you ought to too.

We purchased this particularly to help with wound care for our diabetic spouse. He constantly gets cuts and scrapes that constantly contaminate. He likewise is a scab retainer. Within the first month he has no we fection anywhere and is totally wound free. He just recently had a back blend and at 2 weeks when the staples were gotten rid of, he was at 60 percent heal with no infection. Amusing that the health center forbid utilizing it there. We now use it for our own boo bois and those of our 5 years of age excellent grand sons.

Can’t state enough good about this product. We first became aware of it on “bulls and bears” when tobin smith discussed it. Investigated it and bought some to use it as a periodic mouth rinse to keep gum disease in check. We called poison ivy with the underside of our right lower arm and had attempted to treat it with ivy dry and calamine lotion with little help. One night prior to bed we sprayed the location with puracyn and when we woke the next early morning the location was clear. We have a 5 acre backyard and get a great deal of scratches and nicks from the tidy up procedure and spray them with puracyn. If we get a tick bite we spray it with puracyn and the redness disappears rapidly. Without puracyn they usually take a month or more to clean up. The most impressive outcome we have seen was while dealing with our buddies tractor, we peeled a 1/2 by 3/4 inch piece of skin of of the heel of our right-hand man (down to the muscle) on the sharp edge of a piece of metal. It was hung on by a 1/4 inch flap and we cleaned it with soap and warm water. Then sprayed it well with puracyn, thoroughly put it back in location and covered it with a compression bandage soaked with puracyn. A week and a half later on it was re- connected and was pink and normal with simply a minor scar around the edges. This is quite impressive things.

Our eye dr recommended hypochlorous for our dry eyes. We were offered a sample of another brand particularly for the eyes. We found this product that has the exact same ingredients, does the exact same thing (and has made a world of distinction) and is greatly a better worth. This is our 2nd bottle and we will continue to acquire it.

Use it daily for a 2 years of age wound on the bottom of our foot. We like it better than any other wound cleaner we have utilized up until now. This is the fifth wound cleaner we have attempted, and we like it best. We have likewise utilized it to deal with oopses on our terriers. It likewise costs less than one of the other cleaners.

Our skin specialist recommended this for cleansing wound after surgical treatment. It’s a really effective disinfectant with no disadvantages. It hardly stings or injures (compared with peroxide or alcohol). That likewise indicates it does it’s task without harming the good tissue as much. It’s biocompatible due to the fact that it’s essentially the exact same chemical the body itself utilizes to eliminate bacteria. It does not stain (like iodine derivatives). It does not leave an antibiotic residue, however lots of think that is bad anyhow, better simply to clean what exists now and let the body deal with the rest. We are utilizing this as our basic wound cleaner from now on.

Love this things. It s a miracle employee. We have digital ulcers due to scleroderma. We fought one for practically a year. Took prescription antibiotics, antibiotic ointments that were recommended. Healthcare people informed us to let the wound breath. Incorrect. We checked out the description and how this product works and it made a great deal of sense. We attempted this and ulcer entered less than a month. Life saver for us.

Get Rid Of all or as lots of unidentified as we’ll as is understood up until we are rid of the voice that’s talked to our inner ear parts up until long-term damnagesing echoes stops having it’s way of the spirit hosts ect. The miccrobic harmfulliness is continuing living there damaging functions to tissues in every part of within this body. Lastly we have the ability to change our inner seeking the undisirables are gotten rid of. Last stop for ethnic cleansing. Thanks it’s not to late for us or jesus christ and all others to not leave out from the handles hosts spells that do trigger great deals of health problem for whatever non- living of the living. We are going to have inner peace.

We believe our puppies toe concern requires the next level product. This may have assisted her toe infection not get so bad. It would not be reasonable if we stated it didn’t work. Our puppy most likely requires surgical treatment for a small toe infection that will not disappear.

Our wound care physician recommended it and its been a life changer. We extremely suggest it for cleansing injuries that are tough to heal. Extremely easy to use and outcomes fast.

We own a canine grooming beauty salon and it is constantly equipped. Our 3rd degree burn recovered up within weeks utilizing this. It assisted our pet dog when she scratched her cornea. We use it on our boy with diaper rashes. It recovers whatever so quick and does not sting. Will never ever not have this in the house or outdoor camping. Can’t state adequate about this things.

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