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RockTape Blister Prevention and Treatment Kit for Blisters Hot Spots and Chafing

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  • Stop Blisters And Hot Spots Prior To They Start And Quickly Deal With Blisters On The Move With Rock Tape’S Blister Kit
  • Rock Tapes Strong Yet Gentle Adhesive Secures The Skin In The The Majority Of Difficult Conditions
  • This Kit Includes (4) 10″ Strips, (60 6″ Strips And (4) 3″ Strips
  • Native Land: China

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ROCKTAPE BLISTER KIT:: Prevent blisters and locations in your feet, hands, shoulders, and hips with the ROCKTAPE BlisterKit This ultra-sticky and hypoallergenic kinesiology tape secures your skin in the most tough conditions and stretches for full variety of movement. Kit contains four 10; strips, six 6; strips, and four 3; strips to keep all blisters at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on RockTape Blister Prevention and Treatment Kit for Blisters Hot Spots and Chafing.

Question Question 1

How Is This Tape Various From The Regular Rocktape Product?

The RockTape blister kit has 3 various bize-sized variations of tape that are particularly cut for blister relief. It contains (4) 10 strips, (6) 6 strips and (4) 3 strips.

Question Question 2

Does It Include 2 Plans?

No, simply 1

Question Question 3

Besides It Being Pre-Cut, Is This The Very Same Thing As The Regular Roll Of Rocktape? Can We Use The Regular Rocktape For Blister Prevention Too?

Like the tape.Some of the pieces are long so you can cut to fit too.

Question Question 4

Will This Work For Our Heel While Treking?

Yes, absolutely. There is no doubt it would be fantastic for that. we use the tap on our heel and toes throughout ultra marathons and it works completely.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on RockTape Blister Prevention and Treatment Kit for Blisters Hot Spots and Chafing, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have 2 spots that will get blisters in all various hiking shoes we have attempted. We lastly quit on discovering a set that would not trigger blisters and rather use these and have not gotten a blister considering that. Now we can focus on other elements of a treking shoe when we need to buy them other than stressing over those 2 spots.

Truly delighted with our purchase. Remains on well, even through a shower of required. Easy to eliminate, does not rip skin. Easy to cut bigger strips we to smaller sized strips of required. Prevents blisters and rubbing incredibly well. We do want it wsnt so pricey.

Went treking in utah for throughout the day journeys, this things works like a beauty.

This tape is remarkable, we put a small band aid on the blister and the rock tape over that. We couldn’t feel our blister at all.

Strolled 150 miles and didn’t get a single blister.

Utilized with boots that constantly trigger hotspot in the ankle and with it we didn’t feel a thing after long (6 hour walkings).

We are hard on our feet, and we pay for it with calluses and blisters. Still, we take pleasure in running and we are addicted to getting our daily 10,000 actions. So we are constantly thinking about products that will help reduce some of our feet concerns. We found this rocktape blister prevention kit quite beneficial. The adhesive strips can be found in 3 sizes, (four 10, six 6, and four 3 ). They lowered to smaller sized sizes and shape quickly so you can go a long way with simply one kit. The best thing we found about these strips is that they stay with our skin well and remain in location even after a long, sweaty run. They are thin so we are barely conscious they are on, although there are some negatives to that which we will elaborate onbelow The product, made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon, is hypoallergenic and latex free. In addition, unlike some lower end blister tape we have utilized in the past, these do not shred or pill much. We got mine in the beige color, which resembles a common band-aid color. In regards to use, we cut the strips to our required sizes and used them for both strolls and runs. They did a good task on spots where we typically get chafing or irritation that results in blisters. That stated, the unfavorable we found was that due to the fact that they are so thin, they were less effective on locations where we currently had an establishing blister or unpleasant callus. If you re utilized to utilizing other products such as callus cushions or silicone pads to prevent blisters and calluses, than these rocktape strips will feel considerably thinner. We found that doubling up (one strip atop another) on those currently hurt spots assisted a bit more, however in general, we would advise utilizing these rocktape strips on your trouble spots preemptively.

Huge sizes, might be utilized for elbows, knees, or as revealed back of the foot when using a shoe with a hard heel. They are likewise to protect blisters, however in the majority of locations you ‘d get them they would not work, we would use them to protect scrapes from a fall perhaps. By the way, we will need to comment however not subtract (undoubtedly) for the zon’s copywriter, the description on the product page somebody typed a zero rather of a paran, and it appears like there are expected to be 60 six inch strips rather of six. Still for what you get and the quality the rate is reasonable a minimum of. We like the container they can be found in too, soft and easy to take with you in a pocket, brief-case, knapsack, or sports bag. It is safe, however opens quickly, will not be impacted by the majority of spills, sweat, or if it falls in the water. This is a good idea to take with you if you are hiker, or perhaps a tennis gamer or runner. The majority of any workout that can lead to chaffing, blisters or discomfort might require these to put over the location to prevent additional irritation. We utilized to use 2 pairs of socks, carefully placed on, superlight running shoes, a mesh tee shirt, and an acetate (soft glossy product) running shorts when we ran range back in the 70’s. When you do a marathon, though very little of that will assist in saving you from some blisters and irritation, so we might have utilized these the day after. High quality things, for many people who do some workout, recommended.

The product in this kit are created for prevention, not treatment of blisters so bear that in mind if considering its purchase. There arev14 strips of product in 3 lengths. 2 of the sizes are 6 and 10, and even the 3 size is generous enough to cut to fit. The concept is that if you feel a blister beginning anywhere, you slap on one of the strips, and your skin will be safeguarded from chafing. Because we have only ever had blisters on hands and feet, we would absolutely cut these to fit. The fabric itself resembles moleskin. It s significant, however thin which will keep it from rubbing off, a concern with adhesive tapes and blisters. It appears like it would make more sense to offer the fabric in a roll, like gauze or tape, however that s not a grievance; this kit contains lots of protection. If you ve ever done a great deal of strolling, you understand that even the most comfy shoes will rub in locations you never ever even thought about. It s an awful sensation to understand you have the starts of a blister and no chance to prevent it except not strolling, or strolling barefoot — which is an entire other set of concerns. The quality of the adhesive and product mean these things will last longer in situ than bandaids, which aren t truly indicated for blisters anyhow. The guidelines warn to not use these on damaged skin. Simply put, put on t wait up until you ve got a full blown blister, these things are for prevention. For the rate, it s well worth it to buy one of these kits to keep in your luggage.

This isn’t the exact same type of tape as moleskin. It’s kinesiology tape, in some cases utilized by professional athletes and others to help in dealing with musculoskeletal injuries. It wasn’t produced for this, however turns out it can be likewise beneficial for avoiding blisters, skin abrasions and skin irritation, though for many people moleskin would be the first thing to attempt to prevent blisters. It’s various from moleskin in being * much * stretchier, not smooth, not padded, with better adhesive. And it’s significantly more pricey. It might work better for some things, such as parts of your skin that are hard to keep moleskin on due to motion or dampness. It might not be as good where a smooth surface area is required or integrated cushioning is chosen. There’s a typo in the description: there are 6 6″ strips, not 60. The longer strips are longer than most people would use to prevent blisters or abrasions, but they can easily be cut to more convenient sizes. Having longer strips can help keep difficult places covered. The strips are just under 2″ large. They have to do with 1/4″ much shorter than marketed, however they’re so elastic that the distinction is quite useless. As with moleskin, you do not put this straight on a blister or damaged skin you currently have. You cut a hole in it (prior to eliminating the nonstick support) to fit around the blister or put something smooth or soft over the blister to be kept in location by the tape. If you belong you’re concerned may end up being a blister, you can use the exact same approach, or if you make sure this will prevent the blister, you can simply use the tape straight, bearing in mind the adhesive is strong and may pull on loose skin. Made in china.

A great deal of people are uninformed just how much strolling they need to do on a journey. This is most likely something we check out from people who took a trip, consisting of good friends of how they need to remain in the hotel due to the fact that their feet hurt and got blisters. We have constantly discussed bringing comfy shoes and socks on travel. However for us, we stroll potentially over a hundred miles for our journeys. No matter how hard we prepare for prevention, we typically get blisters. We discussed how we took moleskin and bandaids along with us on journeys however recently, we have been attempting rock tape (best understood for their kinesiology tape) which treats blisters & locations, prevents chafing and rubbing and can be utilized on feet, hands, shoulders and hips. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and likewise water resistant. They likewise use unique fiber that adheres when your body extends andthey last 3 times longer and are precut and comes with four 10″ rocktape precut strips, six 6″ rocktape precut strips and four 3″ rocktape precut strops. We want there were a bit more of the 3″, but for those who don’t need to use the four big 10″, you can cut those if required. It’s a strong alternative to dr. Scholl’s moleskin, however keep in mind that moleskin are offered with soft cushioning, can be found in a roll and needs you to cut them and that rock tape does expense more than other rivals however rock tape is a recognized brand understood for quality and their products long lasting longer than otherproducts In general, you are paying for quality and if you desire the exact same quality that rock tape takes into kinesiology products, the exact same can be stated with their blister kit, which we do advise.

The problem is that these strips are quite pricey, at about 40 cents a pop. The good news is that they’re truly worth it on challenging walkings or runs if you have blistering issues. Our relative has had issues around the heel location considering that the start of time. She generally utilizes paper tape, which is super inexpensive and easy to use. However paper tape does not hold up throughout long walkings through the woods in maine, or perhaps for long summer season strolls on the beach. By the end of a long walking in warm weather condition, the paper tape undoubtedly rolls up and rubs off. This rock tape adheres much more highly, however still removes quickly. It’s likewise more powerful, and it’s truly elastic. The mix of stickiness and stretchiness works truly well; it sort of seems like an extra layer of truly tough skin. And it remains in location and keeps protecting throughout long walkings. As we discussed, the rocktape is more pricey than paper tape, however we have likewise found that 3″ is a perfect length for heel protection, so we cut the 6″ strips in half, which brings the expense to about 19 cents per use, which is an affordable expense to pay not to have inflamed, abraded, blistered skin around the heel. Exceptional product. Uncertain why we didn’t find it earlier– as soon as you attempt it, if you have issue skin-meets-shoe spots, it ends up being a no-brainer.

We just recently got the rocktape blister prevention kit, 3″, 6″ & 10″ multi-pack sizes, elastic kinesiology tape permits motion for professional athletes, rain & water resistant, black. The kit comes with 3 various sizes depending upon what location of your body you are attempting to protect. Being a runner, we are extremely familiar with these type of tapes. We in fact use them generally for muscle and tendon concerns and there are 2 main brands kinesielogy tape called kt and rock tape. We have utilized both however do tend to find rock tape to be a bit more strong and durable. In this particle case, we were utilizing the rock tape for an issue on the side of our foot where we have an extremely tender location from running 3 marathons just recently over 4 weeks. We found the tape to be useful in protecting the location well however most likely not as cushioned as we would have liked to make the burning and irritation disappearbetter Likewise, they state it is water resistant however sadly, being a runner and running a lot our feet tend to get moist from sweating and the tape rapidly came loose as quickly as we took our socks off. So, it is rather effective in protecting the location however not as much as we believe it might be.

We are runner, backpacker, and treking tourist. We were amazed at the length of time the ‘long’ strips were, and we will most likely wind up cutting them to use. We expected they may be good for ankle support or something if you got hurt. The images on the page reveal the long tape on a swimmer, however not being a competitive swimmer, we are not exactly sure why one would get blisters on the arm. We like quite that the tape remains in cut pieces vs a roll. By doing this we can simply get one or 2 when taking a trip or treking. Contribute to an emergency situation emergency treatment kit and so on The guidelines state to not use to open injuries, so you will require gauze or something to put below the tape if your blister has burst. In general, we more than happy withthese They are bit pricey and we only have the plain black, not the cool style that’s on the designs on offering page. So it’s not like we’re getting designer things (as perhaps that would help validate the rate – like expensive kids bandages lol) however we will absolutely get use out ofthese Simply started backpacking once again so 1-2 will go inside our pack.

Perfect for our requirements. Our leather boots were simply a little too tight on our pinkie toe and the very first time we used them for a day those toes got rubbed so terribly. We needed to put them away for a few months. Then we saw this product and believed if they prevent blisters and do not come off our toes while we are using our shoes then we can use our cute boots once again. The rocktape worked. We cut the tiniest strip in half and utilized one for each edge of our pinkie toe, and used our boots for a few hours. Our toes came out untouched, and the rocktape did not budge either. The adhesive is truly strong, however easy to remove and barely left any residue. The tape is thin and nearly undetectable. This product was/is best for what we required, and if you struggle with blisters too, let whatever injuries heal and use these as a preventative procedure. No requirement to eliminate those truly cute however toe/heel rubbing shoes any longer.

For our longer runs, we had been combating blistering concerns on our feet. We had been utilizing bandaids as numerous spots were hard to cushion/protect and we required something that would remain on when damp. We liked the rocktape for some of those spots, as it is extremely thin, which permits you to be imaginative in how you use it. Likewise, it is easy to use (the support product comes off quickly) and you can trim it with scissors without excessive inconvenience. The large strip kind element is good for bigger rub locations like arches or necks (believe wetsuit rubs), however for toes and fingers you will require to do so significant cutting and customizing to fit. The product is durable and holds well when damp or perhaps in water. Nevertheless it does not offer any cushioning so if you currently have a blister you wish to protect you will require to be imaginative. In general, we liked these and am keeping them in our race bag for future occasions to help prevent blister catastrophes from messing up a race.

This kit has 14 adhesive strips to help stop blisters prior to they form. They can be found in 3, six, and 10 inch strips. We are not exactly sure when we may have a use for the 10 inch ones, however we cut them smaller sized for use on our feet, getting more bandages in the offer. Up until now, we have only utilized them on our feet. When we feel our skin beginning to get inflamed, we will stick one of these over the location. It sticks well and sits tight. It is thick enough to stop the shoe, or whatever the offender, from rubbing the skin to the point that a blister types. When we are done with it, it peels relatively quickly. In some cases a little bit of adhesive remains, however we can typically get it off with our fingers or a little bit of rubbing alcohol. As long as we have the ability to capture the skin irritation early, these strips are fantastic way to stopping the pain and inconvenience of blisters.

This is our 2nd blister prevention kit from rocktape. We formerly discovered through using the strips at numerous points of irritation that proactive application is best. When we first started utilizing these strips we compared them to standard moleskin blister kits that offer relief as soon as a blister exists. It appears apparent now however prevention is absolutely better than a blister. The pre-cut sizes are still rather generous so unless you have easy access to a scissors, you might wish to cut some down into smaller sized shapes too so you have a size for every requirement. We have had success utilizing these on our feet for blister prevention and when the toe joints on our socks simply choose to feel wonky on a provided day. The longer strips have can be found in helpful when zippers or joints from treking shorts rubbed our leg the incorrect way. We have likewise cut disrobe to keep blisters from taking place on the webbing in between our thumb and forefinger when raking and doing much heavier gardening jobs. Extremely flexible.

We just recently examined the regular sports tape from the exact same company, so we had high hopes for this product and we were not dissatisfied. Our child just recently got new dance shoes and remains in blister paradise, so fantastic timing to inspect themout The tapes help on much better than other ‘blister products’ and worked no matter how sweaty her feet got. They even assisted to keep the one part from rubbing on the top of her toe 100% better than the thicker moleskin did. She liked not needing to cut the tape to the right size, and to be able to use the small ones on her toes, and bigger ones on the back of her ankles. This pack is remaining in her dance bag.

The big benefit of this over moleskin is the easy to use strips, the stretchiness and the adhesive. Though the product itself is much less padded. We choose the thinner rock tape mainly as slides simpler while still assisting the blister. If we cant catch in time and there is more selling/tenderness included the moleskin deals more protection and comfort. The only benefit of this over the tape is the precut strips. Great for a medical kit however we do not find the benefit worth the rate for a lot less product. Id most likely stick with the roll of tape which is larger and less expensive.

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