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  • Sleep Right Slim Dental Guard No-Boil Slim-Comfort

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No boiling & not large SUITABLE FOR SMALL MOUTH; Secures your teeth & TMJ from clenching and grinding. 2x STRONGER Bitepad product than any other guard.; Adjustable innovation suits seconds.; # 1 Brand utilized by dental professionals.; One size fits all

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SleepRight NO-BOIL Dental Guard Slim-Comfort.

Question Question 1

Missing Out On One Tooth On Bottom Row Of Our Mouth On One Side, Will This Still Work?

If it’s within your first front 8 bottom you ought to be fine. Likewise, we tend to talk and grind our teeth. It did help with grinding our teeth, however given that we are talker the mouth piece moved and we attempted to swallow it in our sleep. Bad. However in general the guard worked excellent. Plus, it assisted ease tooth pains in our back teeth.

Question Question 2

We Bite Our Cheek In OurSleep Will This Help?

we are quite sure it will stop the cheek biting. In truth, we do not believe it would even be possible the way the Sleep Right mouth guard is created and utilized. we do not understand about others, however this product has worked excellent for us.

Question Question 3

Does This Help With Tiredness (Awakening Worn Out) If You Have Tmj?

Hard to address, depends what the tiredness originates from. Sleep apnea? Does not help with that. Assists with teeth grinding and likewise TMJ.

Question Question 4

Does This Feature A Storage Case?

Yes, the case is consisted of.

Question Question 5

Does Anybody Know What Product They Use To Make This?

we do not rather understand however their site states “The SleepRight dental guard does not contain BPA, silicone, acrylic, or any harmful toxins, and will not leach any chemicals into your mouth. It is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, and is not made with natrual rubber latex.”

Question Question 6

Exists Any Service warranty? It States It Is 2X Stronger Than Any Other Guard, Yet The One We Purchased In July Is Currently Broken?

There needs to be a 1 year service warranty. They have a site which offers the address to return the damaged one to. www.sleepright.com/dentalguards is the site.

Question Question 7

Does This Go Behind Your Teeth Or Does The Piece That Links Enter Front Of Your Teeth?

The thin linking piece enters front of your bottom teeth.As long as you aren’t missing out on any teeth, it needs to fit completely in between your back molars and dip down in front of the bottom teeth.

Question Question 8

Is It Made In The Usa?

The box states, “Made in USA”

Question Question 9

What Is The Height Of The Side Wings? We Needed to know If It Will Strike Our Gums. Thanks.?

It has to do with a centimeter high all informed (above and below the bite wing). It touches our gums a little. It is the quickest of that brand.

Question Question 10

What Are The Measurements?From Front To Back And Throughout The Back From One Side To The Other.?

we do not have it any longer.

Question Question 11

Is It Normal To Sleep With Your Mouth Open With This Guard In?

we in some cases have our mouth open a bit, however not broad open.

Question Question 12

What Is The Width Throughout The Back?You Should Program The Measurements.?

The product is soft and flexible, so it will form itself to the shape of your mouth, however out of package it has to do with 3 inches.our mouth is extremely small and we have not had an issue with the guard fitting.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SleepRight NO-BOIL Dental Guard Slim-Comfort, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Way less costly than the mouth guards our dentist makes and works excellent. We have had tmj and clenching issues for 20 years. This does help and is comfy even tho we have a smaller sized mouth.

We have been through a variety of mouth guards over the past 15 years– alas, we are clencher, and a really aggressive one at that. (our dentist, who by the way is rather delighted with how this guard is doing for us, states we likewise obviously treat our guards as some sort of nighttime gum. Chew-clencher?) usually, a common guard in this setup (strap, no tray) lasts simply over a month for us. This one, nevertheless, is still going strong after 3 months of high-intensity, weird-jaw, stressful-job nightwork. We could not be more delighted, and we more than happy to state we will buy a 2nd one– not due to the fact that this one’s using out, however due to the fact that we have not had a guard last this long in a long period of time and honestly we expect we ought to prepare to get a fresh one quickly. Delighted to have lastly found something that works for us.

This is the ideal dental guard for adults with a smaller sized mouth. We have had lots of guards from dental professionals that cost a fortune and within 4 months we have ground a hole in every on of them and then need to get a newone (this is the 2nd time we have purchased this one, however only due to the fact that our first one was mistakenly gotten rid of.) we absolutely advise this to anybody who has been informed a dental guard would benefit them. After only a week of use, the pain and level of sensitivity disappeared, and so did some minor bleeding however we believe that was coincidental.

We have been utilizing this product for nearly 4 years. Although it took a few nights to get utilized to sleeping with it in our mouth, now we do not see it at all. Likewise it is essential to get the right size. We no longer grind our teeth in the evening and our tmj is completely gone.

Trigger shipment; excellent product. L love this kind of bite guard due to the fact that it does not twist around the teeth, as the other type does, which would intensify gum economic downturn. So this kind of bite guard works best for us. It does not aggravate gum economic downturn, and it gets the job done of buffering in between top and bottom teeth, so that nighttime bruxing does not trigger teeth motion. Thanks.

We can seldom find this precise variation of the product in any store, though we did as soon as and liked it. This design lasted us well over a year up until we lost it. Found the low end design in a store and bit through it in a number of months. We were so delighted to find this online and at this great rate. (like what we paid for the one that didn’t last). These are excellent due to the fact that there is no pressure on your front teeth.

We were stressed, we have gotten rid of 3, lost the cash. This one is ideal. Small enough not to aggravate your gums, fits well sufficient to protect your teeth and jaw.

Since we have been informed by the dentist that we will quickly require more crowns, this guard lets us protect our teeth from clenching without paying for a costly custom guard that we will simply need to change in the future. Functions well for us. If you attempt it and it does not work for you, attempt a various size. We required the slim comfort for fit. 4 stars rather of 5 even if we want they would last longer.

Our dentist is no longer shaming us and making us seem like an insufficient adult, so this need to be assisting.

It fits much better in our small female mouth. The regular size chafed the within our lower lip. Likewise this is more affordable than going the dentist path.

Fits perfect for our small mouth and love the adjustable choice.

We have tmj and prior to utilizing this product we had jaw pain, sounding in our ears and a number of other tmj signs. After using sleep right for the first few nights all of our signs and pain disappeared. We extremely advise this product.

The home appliance worked excellent for our tmj issue. With 3 settings, we had the ability to change the position to fit our jaw quickly. An extremely expense effective solution.

4 stars only due to the fact that we personally have a small mouth and it was still a bit too big for us. May simply take some more getting utilized to. Company was excellent. Would advise.

Fits excellent. Desired an extra as we have been utilizing present one (very same design) 2+ years.

We more than happy with the sleepright dental guard. Its small size does not feel large in our mouth. It is adjustable, likewise. It did not take long for it to end up being comfy.

This works well. Thanks.

We lovethese They fit and do not make our mouth hurt.


Functions excellent, gets the job done,.

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