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Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap – Fresh Breeze

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap – Fresh Breeze.

  • Light, fresh scented liquid hand soap
  • Wash hands typically for good hand hygiene
  • Rich lathering soap that leaves hands feeling soft
  • Skin doctor evaluated, gentle on hands
  • Pack of six, 7.5 fluid Ounce (Total of 45 fluid Ounce)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap – Fresh Breeze.
Softsoap Liquid hand Soap, Fresh breeze provides an effective clean with a light fresh fragrance. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention mentions that keeping hands clean is one of the most essential actions we can take. It is best to wash hands with soap and clean running water for 20 seconds. Trust the clean. Wow your senses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap – Fresh Breeze.

Question Question 1

Is This Soap Antibacterial?

It is not.But you do not desire antibacterial.It’s not what you believe and is bad for you.

Question Question 2

Is This Soap Antibacterial?

Our Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, Fresh Breeze is a non- antibacterial liquid hand soap.

Question Question 3

Why Does Soft Soap Now Have Aspirin As A Component? We Have Stopped Utilizing Them Ever Since And We Utilized To Use One In Every Bath And Cooking area?

Salt salicylate is utilized to prevent UV light deterioration in soaps. Acetylsalicylate is aspirin.

Question Question 4

Can This Be Securely Mixed With Bleach?

we would call the maker of the soap.

Question Question 5

Does Anybody Know What Laundry Cleaning Agent This Smells Like? We Acknowledge The Odor And Have Been Searching for It Since It Brings Back Youth Memories?

It is not a laundry detergent.It is simply a handsoap and the odor is respectable, we like it.

Question Question 6

The Image Is For Fresh Breeze However The “Color” States Milk And Honey? Which Is It?

It s fresh breeze.

Question Question 7

The Description Is For Fresh Breeze Aroma, However People Are Publishing Pictures For 4 Entirely VariousScents Which Is Correct?

You will more than likely get various scents.They understand about this problem and wont do anything to fix it

Question Question 8

Does This Product Contain Alcohol In Any Kind At All?

we wear t see it on the label

Question Question 9

Having Issues With Our Order?

Call right away Customer service are terrific and resolve your issue.

Question Question 10

The Image Is For Fresh Breeze However The “Color” States Milk And Honey? Which Is It?

Mine is milk & honey.

Question Question 11

Exists A Sds For ThisProduct We Are At A School An In Required Of A Sds( Security Data Sheet)?

No we simply got 6 soft soaps in a box no documentation all we can state is the bottles correspond the ones in the shops and has the very same info on them. we didn’t get any security information sheet

Question Question 12

Why Was We Charged, The Order Said Shipped And A Week Later On States Delayed, And After That Never ever Delivered? Do Not Buy, Total Rip-off?

Call right away they will help you.

Question Question 13

The Description Is For Fresh Breeze Aroma, However People Are Publishing Pictures For 4 Entirely VariousScents Which Is Correct?

This deal is for our Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, Fresh Breeze.

Question Question 14

What Is The Odor Of This Soap?

we got fresh linen And it does smell great and it s not phony it s name brand we will acquire once again from very same seller

Question Question 15

With The Fresh Breeze Aroma Is The Odor Perfuour Or Overpowering?

Our Fresh Breeze Softsoaphas the light, fresh scents that provide an effective clean. We hope this response assists. Pleased Scrubbing.

Question Question 16

We Wished To Buy It?

Excellent product however check Sams or Costco since they have a comparable products at a less expensive rate.

Question Question 17

Im Attempting To Complete Our Order It Won’T Let United States Continue And We Have Enough Cash On Our Present Card To Oder?

Call customer care they are remarkable with service.

Question Question 18

Exclusive? Elaborate Please?

Unique for who? Prime or regular customer?

Question Question 19

Exclusive? Elaborate Please?

Thinking package of soap. You cant get this at costco or anywhere else as far as we have seen.

Question Question 20

Wow.Is This Actually Six (6) For $5.88?

we simply saw the the rate go from 6 dollars to 64 dollars in a 2nd

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap – Fresh Breeze, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Good, low-cost, soap and that’s all we require to wash our hands.

Okay, so we simply got our first batch in through the subscribe and conserve; sadly, we will be cancelling all future orders of this particular product since although it’s simply soap & great working soap at that, it smells awful. Oh our god, it smells precisely like an old woman’s perm. We believed we would have the ability to disregard the fragrance & would get utilized to it, however rather, it simply becomes worse whenever we use it. Needless to state, we will gifting the whole box of these soaps to anybody going to take them – if anybody requires me, we will remain in search of a liquid soap that does not make us wish to wretch everytime we use it??.

We purchased these hand soaps for a store we handle, however we wound up keeping one for ourself since we love the fragrance. It’s a strong, clean fragrance that does remain on the skin, so if you’re looking for something subtle this may not be the soap for you. We personally love it and will be acquiring more for ourself.

The fresh fragrance softsoap smells. Good initially we believed it was going to be too strong, however it hasn’t been. It works in addition to all the other type of softsoap that we have utilized.

Love the odor. Kid friendly. Promotes clean hands.

We understand it’s only hand soap, however we have loved this fragrance for years. Hard to explain, however it genuinely imitates what we think about a fresh, crisp, clean scent. So airy and enjoyable; not flowery, synthetic or overwhelming in any way. If anything, ‘fresh breeze’ is a little too subtle – that’s just how much we enjoy this scent. Had a hard time discovering it at our regional brick-and- mortars, so we were enjoyed find it on. Another less apparent plus: factory packaged in a reasonably thick, however compact box. Perfect for keeping and tough adequate to withstand shipping sans damage/ leak – constantly an issue when acquiring online. (can’t count the variety of jeopardized orders we have gotten due to bad packaging. Are you listening,?) no concerns here though. Simply put, delighted with whatever about this product.

The softsoap fresh breeze smells so good. We have it by every sink in your house, and we love it a lot we get it on vehicle ship.

Soap This is soap. We think that we like this soap. We do not have any problems with this soap. We have utilized softsoap products for several years. It is of the liquid variety that we desired and was available in a 6 pack for about the very same rate as we would find in a store. The fragrance is not our choice however is fine thinking about that it is soap (we are more of a vanilla fan ourself). In the face of the pandemic, however, we will not discount the fragrance of an essential product that rapidly ended up being hard to find (thanks, hoarders). It is not the worst fragrance that we have had from the softsoap brand and the rest of it is precisely what we anticipated.Soap We have utilized it daily considering that we got it and have not, to our understanding, been contaminated with any illness. For that reason, we would presume that it works? if you can get it, you will not need to go to the store for a while as it was available in a bundle of 6 and that was the most vital part for us. For that reason, we offer this a ranking of soap. We would state good soap. Now we urge you, as part of the human race, to use soap numerous times each day, specifically after utilizing a bathroom (you understand who you are so do not make this uncomfortable for the rest people). This one, in our simple and extremely less than professional viewpoint, works. Soap.

We just recently found this fragrance, and we were extremely delighted to find this 6- pack for a terrific rate. Extremely delighted with purchase.

Good deal up until now. Absolutely nothing was dripping or broken upon shipment. We have not been through all of them yet, however all of the pumps have worked up until now. We like the moderate fragrance and gentleness of the soap. We think we would state it’s moisturizing, however we are man so we do not understand just how much of an authority we are on that. We have 3 restrooms, plus a cooking area sink to stock so this was ideal. We will absolutely acquire this once again.

It’s way past the return/refund window, so simply publishing here to warn others – you might wish to location these where dripping sticky soap liquid will not trigger much damage. We purchased these months back, and today when we went to reach for the last bottle, we understood that it’s been sitting there dripping extremely gradually all this time (80% material gone). It needs to have been a really small fracture, as the plan revealed no noticeable damage upon arrival.

We have been utilizing softsoap for several years and been faithful to them eversince. The fragrance our moderate and not subduing. We love that it hydrates too and slippery adequate to make certain you wash your hands longer. We simply feel that purchasing in small amounts does not reduce our plastic use hence simply providing 4 stars.

This soap works terrific, basic and to the purpose. We bought this product prior to the pattern of covid19 handwashing ended up being a thing on the?? earth. This soap never ever makes our skin feel dried out, and for a liquid it has a good amount of suds. We generally buy this pack since the rate is sensible and it lasts a while for us.

We like the container and pump. It disperses simply the correct amount of soap and is not hard to unlock and get working. This specific fragrance is spick-and-span and neutral. There is no globbing on the pointer from drying out soap as there simply isn’t any soap staying on the pump pointer after dispensing. Actually great.

Extremely great, precisely what you’re purchasing. It has an great not too strong fragrance that remains on your hand. We purchased this so we might stockpile, and we will absolutely buy once again.

Soft soap is the only brand that we trust and use daily for the pass 20 years. Love that it doesn t have extremely strong scent smells. It s terrific for our kids specifically when they require to wash hands prior to putting contact lenses on their eyes.

We have attempted a lot of hand soap and we need to state this would stay one of our favorites. It assists our hands remain clean while not harming our sensitive skin. We need to state the fresh fragrance is okay. We personally like it quite however our pal would not. Likewise, it does not have a moisturizing function. However this is a worth purchase.

Smooth, comfy on skin and leaves hands feeling clean. The only irritating aspect of the soap is (we can’t think we are going to compose this) the plastic straw on the within isn’t enough time to reach the bottom of the container so you aren’t able to pump the soap up as the bottle is getting empty. Not a big offer at all however.

It’s soap. It cleans up. Drying, however that might be since we are cleaning our hands like lunatics these days. The product packaging is terrific. This is the first soap we have gotten online that hasn’t either dripped or broken in transit.

Gotten this 12 pack of softsoap and was happily amazed. Well worth the cash. Will absolutely buy once again although with 12 we make certain will be rather a very long time in the future.

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