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Solemates Blister Blocker Anti Chafe – Friction Prevention Balm

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Solemates Blister Blocker Anti Chafe – Friction Prevention Balm.

  • BLISTER DEFENSE Avoid blisters on your feet. This on- the- go blister protection stick assists block strap chafe, heel friction, and toe rubbing blisters. Skin Doctor- recommended, it goes on clear and smooth for no pain and all gain.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS Unlike poisonous blister remover sprays, this non poisonous balm has natural lubes that support and hydrate skin. It contains no PEG, alcohol, scent, silicone, or paraben for the outright best in blister stopping.
  • LONG-TERM The Blister Blocker lasts for as much as 6 hours, letting women all over glide in their preferred set of shoes while delighting in appropriate protection. Without any poisonous smells or frightening chemicals, that can be 6 hours of enjoyable.
  • EASY TO USE Kindly use this effective blister balm straight to your feet. This will produce an invisible barrier to help prevent blisters, making it fantastic for breaking in new shoes.
  • PROTECT YOUR HEELS A good appearance needs a good feel, preventing pain and discomfort. The Solemates Blister Blocker assists stop blisters prior to they occur, offering security and comfort in more sense thanone Enjoy assurance for all shoe care.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Solemates Blister Blocker Anti Chafe – Friction Prevention Balm.
Solemates Anti Friction Balm – Blister Blocker Solemates Anti Friction Balm – Blister Blocker- SportWhat does this product do?prevents friction, blisters, chafing, pain and hot spotsprevents friction, blisters, chafing, pain and locations. Boosted to fulfill the requirements of professional athletes; prevents odorWhat makes our product special?Made from natural ingredients, scent free and waterproof. Free from synthetic dyes, silicones, Parabens. RuthlessnessFree High melting point (won t melt in your bag). All of the very same benefits of the Original + Zinc Ricinoleate, which actively battles smell.Where ought to I use this product?anywhere on the body that is vulnerable to chafing, friction, and rubbing from fabric or shoes. especially feet, chest, thighs. anywhere on the body that is vulnerable to chafing, friction, and rubbing from fabric or shoes; especially feet, chest, thighs. When need to I use this product?Apply throughout the early phases of discomfort or beforehand if you understand you will be using shoes or fabrics that trigger chafing, friction, or rubbing. Can be reapplied. Apply throughout the early phases of discomfort or beforehand if you understand you will be using shoes or fabrics that trigger chafing, friction, or rubbing. Can be reapplied.Does the product have a scent?No, the product is scent free No, the product is scent free Read more INVISIBLE & UNSCENTED: Blister Blocker slides efficiently all over your feet. Apply to the locations where you are most likely to get a blister or merely use everything over your feet. NATURAL: Utilizing natural ingredients like bees wax, we have crafted a balm that securely guards your skin from friction. LONG-TERM: Blister Blocker, used in the early morning will last throughout the day, however you can re- use at your benefit it for extended protection. Read more SAFE: At Solemates we avoid utilizing inexpensive poisonous chemicals. This is a product we use ourselves and needed it to be safe and natural. ALL SHOES: Planned to be utilized with all of your shoes (high heels, tennis shoes, flats, strappy shoes, loafers, etc). It s particularly terrific for breaking in new shoes. HASSLE-FREE: packaged in a compact tube, the blister blocker can go all over with you. Leave it in your bag, desk, or automobile so its constantly there prior to blisters strike. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Solemates Blister Blocker Anti Chafe – Friction Prevention Balm.

Question Question 1

We Swim With Flippers That CauseBlisters Would It Endure Swimming Pool Water?

Excellent question.The balm has a natural oil- base so it does have some water resistance.That being stated, you need to use freely and re- use as required.

Question Question 2

Would This Work As A Thigh Chafing Blocker?

Yes, Solemates Blister Blocker might be utilized as a chaffing blocker on any unbroken skin.

Question Question 3

Could It Work For Other Places On The Body? We Have A Sports Bra That Rubs On Our Skin And Ruins Our Runs.?

Yes, 100% can be utilized on other put on the body.

Question Question 4

What Is It Made from, And Does It Go On Wet And After That Dry Or What? We Can’T Find Photos Of The Actual Product.?

It s made from wax + oils; the full list is on the product packaging. It goes on like a chapstick; neither damp nor dry. The substance is a white color; very same texture as a chapstick, however softer and not oily. Does that help?

Question Question 5

Does This Make It Slippery To Stroll In Open Toed High Heels?

It’s likevaseline

Question Question 6

Does This Product Work To Break In Shoes While Using Socks (Treking Boots/Running Sneakers)?

Yes, we utilized it (using socks) breaking in new running shoes.we rubbed it on the back of our heels and it worked terrific.

Question Question 7

Does This Product Work To Prevent Blisters On The Bottom Of Toes While Using Athletic Socks?

we are uncertain, however it can’t hurt to attempt.The only thing is that it’s preventive so it does not help if you currently have a blister and are in pain.

Question Question 8

Does It Leave A Slick Almost Smooth Barrier/ Shield?

No it does not. we like it better than the sprays that leave that thick, sticky movie. This resembles a smooth lotion.

Question Question 9

What Are The Ingredients?

Excellent question.The ingredients are all printed on package, however the main ingredients are waxes and oils.

Question Question 10

Does This Contain Petrolatum Or Petroleum?

No petroleum is noted on the ingredients. It is primarily castor oil, palmitate, various waxes and paraffins. our spouse was delighted with the product and informed us that things truly assists.

Question Question 11

What Are The Ingredients??

It s a few various bees waxes and petroleum??

Question Question 12

Would This Be Effective Where The Pads Of Your Glasses Irritate Your Nose?

Yes, we believe it would help.we love the texture of this product, barely seems like it’s on however does the job.As for the nose, we do understand there are other products out there for this, while this would work terrific it’s kinda costly for what you get.

Question Question 13

We Have A Set Of Slip- On Wedges That Left Blisters On The Sides Of Both PinkyToes Has This Worked For Anybody In Avoiding Blisters On Little Toes?

Hi Jenny – Yes, this operates in avoiding blisters on toes.It works for avoiding blisters anywhere they may form.Make sure your toe is recovered (do not use to raw skin). You will be so thrilled by the outcomes. Let us know.:-RRB-

Question Question 14

Will The Consistency Of This Product Boost The Possibility Of Heels Slipping Out Of The Back Of Flats?

we have only utilized with socks however we put on t believe so.The Product worked for us however it did not last long, there is an extremely percentage in the container.

Question Question 15

Can This Be Used With Stockings?Does It Work Also?

Truthfully, it hasn’t been warm enough to use shoes without socks. This was the very first time we bought it. we would imagine it wouldn t work too with stockings, as it appears to be made for bare ankles. However you might have luck with it.

Question Question 16

What Is The Full List Of Ingredients?

The ingridients are noted on the back of package and consist of a mix of natural waxes.

Question Question 17

Does It Leave Residue Or Ruin The Within The Shoes When You Use With This Balm?

It does not leave residue or mess up the within your shoes.

Question Question 18

Would This Work For Ice Skaters? We Use A Thin Sock Under Our Skates And Regular Blister Band Help Only Last A Day?

Yes. The Solemates Blister Blocker works terrific with ice skates.We have a great deal of clients that use it for ice skating, ice dancing, and ice hockey. We would absolutely motivate you to use the balm to your feet prior to you skate and see just how much better the skates feel nearly immediately.If you discover any friction Yes. The Solemates Blister Blocker works terrific with ice skates.We have a great deal of clients that use it for ice skating, ice dancing, and ice hockey. We would absolutely motivate you to use the balm to your feet prior to you skate and see just how much better the skates feel nearly immediately.If you discover any friction after a time, you might wish to reapply, however if you are skating for a few hours, one application ought to be more than appropriate.

Question Question 19

Would This Product Work For Rowers To Prevent Blisters On Hands?

Yes, we would use this on our hands too.

Question Question 20

We Are Likewise Hoping This Will Help With Chaffing On The Cuticle Of Our Big Toes When We Use Peep ToeHeels Anybody Attempt Utilizing It That Way?

Oops. Yes that is the worst and yes it works for that. we use it for that factor as we have a set of shiny leather flats that utilized to ruin our toe there.Apply this straight where you require it -It will work. Cash back assurance. Sounds so tacky however we wait it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Solemates Blister Blocker Anti Chafe – Friction Prevention Balm, these may be helpful for better understanding.

So, though the plan is rather small, there s a dynamite product because little tube. We were hesitant offered the mixed evaluations, however we attempted it anyhow. Though we put on t understand how far it will go (for how long it will last) for the cost, we can state that it worked for us. We utilized it for 2 successive days with a set of shoes we understood rubbed our heels and though we might feel the pressure where they rubbed, we had no blister development and no pain.

We saw a random post about how terrific this things was and idea: we will offer it a try next time we position an order through. Needless to state, it far surpassed our expectations. We used a set of terribly unpleasant 3 stiletto heels to work, then remembered we had tossed this things in our handbag in case of emergency situation. We put some on the spots that were injuring, and bam. Easily, we might stroll easily in heels that were constantly rubbing and triggering blisters. We were so thrilled, we began running hot laps in our workplace kitchen space (you understand, simply to evaluate it out). We are relatively particular that one of our colleagues believed we had lost our mind, however we notified him that he needed to order some of this things for his partner due to the fact that it was life altering and our feet were soooo delighted. We instantly texted him a link. Everybody requires this product. Seriously. #happyfeetforlife.

We use high heels to work and running shoes when im chasing our kids, and this product keeps our feet going day in and dayout We can’t think how effective this balm remains in avoiding blisters. We even seem like it makes our feet softer when we use it. We feel so good understanding that it is safe and natural too. We put it on simply as soon as in the early morning and it lasts throughout the day. Consumed.

Bought this prior to our holiday, when we understood we would be strolling for hours every day in new shoes. We brought it in our handbag and used whenever we felt a bit of rubbing from our shoes. This product was a blessing. After hours of pounding the pavement, day after day, we were tired, our feet ached, however never ever got a single blister. Worth the cost.

What we love about this product is that you use prior to you believe you will have a blister. So it is proactive and not reactive. We have a set of shoes that we definitely love that we use to wedding events. We just recently had a wedding event and had expected getting a blister in our typical spot. We used this beforehand and purchased it with us in our purchase and we did not have a blister this time. Great if you can keep in mind to use in advance.

Initially we were hesitant. However this product truly works. We have 2 new pairs of shoes that rub in a location we certainly would get a blister. We placed on blister blocker, strolled 2 miles in these shoes and incredibly did not get a blister. Absolutely worth the cash. Get this product. You will not be dissatisfied.

We want we had thought about this. We constantly get blisters with new shoes and keep the blister blocker in our handbag as it’s the only thing that truly works. We have attempted the band- aid solution however alas they get all bunched up and fall off. Plus it feels so less than professional to have a bandaid on our heal. We are uncertain how this works however it works. Absolutely invisible and dazzling.

Easy application. A little oily, however that’s how you avoid friction. It includes protection when we use nylons, however does not last 8 hours. We discovered our feet were still sore, however there weren’t blisters so we think it did its task.

We kept getting blisters on our toes throughout our long terms. We use this and have no problems with blisters at all. Such a fantastic product. Does not have an odor, easy to bring, easy to use and long-term. Update: we ran a marathon a day back and only got one blister the entire time. We consider this a win. We didn’t even discover the blister previously.

We like the product, however the container was rather small. On the other hand, it suits our handbag. We hope it lasts longer than it appears like it will. It does feel good and we have not had a blister considering that we got it, up until now.

We love this product and am utilizing it really frequently. We have a great deal of unpleasant shoes that utilized to rub blisters on our heels, toes, side of the feet. Considering that utilizing this anti- friction balm, we have not had and blisters and our shoes do not rub on our skin, they remain in location like we desire them. We love this balm and am getting one monthly. Extremely advise this.

We definitely love it. We have some genuine cute strappy heels that we love to use however the rubbing on the top of our toes would trigger a great deal of discomfort. We bought this in hopes that it would help and to our surprise it completely did. We had the ability to use them all night with no issue when prior to it would be an hour or 2 and we would currently be passing away to take them off. We will def be acquiring once again.

Got this rapidly after our order, and have utilized it a few times. It works terrific, we got no irritation or discomfort with our new shoes. We did believe it was rather costly for the amount that is being offered, however it is a beneficial financial investment to not need to fret about agonizing blisters when breaking in new shoes. In general, really pleased with the product.

We were hesitant however this things truly works. We constantly have trouble when summertime ends and we kip down the flip flops for genuine shoes. Functions like an appeal and have not required a band aid as soon as.

This is absolutely one of the very best impulse purchases that we have ever made. We have utilized it to help avoid blisters from new shoes in addition to on a full day raising and down a mountain. We usually get blisters quite quickly however considering that utilizing this product we have not had evenone It’s a small tube however it goes a long way.

This things is fantastic. Our child has a set of shoes she likes. The disadvantage was that they were rubbing on her heel so severely it was in fact breaking the skin, even with bandaids on. We saw this things and believed we would offer it a shot. Not only did it work it assisted heal up her sore on her heel.

We utilized this product on a company journey to canada where we were using new shoes (foolish, we understand.) however, we had this product and utilized it and we kid you not. It worked. We didn’t get a single blister. We swear by this things. We got back and bought more as presents for our real estate agent pals in addition to more for christmas equipping stuffers. We have one in each of our bags so we can never ever lack it. Thank you for making such a fantastic product that all women require.

We purchased this as a preventative measure for our summertime journey to avoid blisters on all the scrappy shoes we had loaded to use. It was extremely recommended by ashley @thefancyashley and we couldn’t concurmore We were really shocked at how well it worked. We had doubts if it would sweat off and so on. However even throughout 100 degree weather condition it still secured our feet. Have currently shared with numerous of our pals.

Liked this things. We utilized it at disney. It is a small amount though and hardly lasted us the 5 days we existed. We would use it once again though however we would buy 2 for a week.

Attempted this on an impulse due to the fact that using expensive shoes constantly offers us blisters. It s fantastic. No blisters or rubbing at all. We used the product in the locations we are most susceptible to suffering, and didn’t in fact feel any discomfort the whole night – about 5 hours total. This product is extremely recommended.

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