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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

  • TOTAL 360 LOOK AFTER YOUR HAIR: Our remarkable organic hair mask is based around the King of all hair oils: organic, raw, unrefined, and cold pressed Virgin CoconutOil We then instill that base with the most tried and true, deep conditioning HAIR SUPERFOODS like Biotin, Bhringraj, Amla, Horsetail, Green Tea, and Hibiscus. No other corrective hair mask even comes close to the type of extreme outcomes you will see with your ST. TROPICA hair treatment mask.
  • REPAIR WORK HAIR AND PROMOTES DEVELOPMENT: We made certain to consist of the Big 3 ingredients for hair repair, development and support. First up is Virgin Coconut Oil which has been clinically proven time and once again to significantly reinforce hair by avoiding protein loss. Next is Green Tea, jam-packed with polyphenol EGCG to promote development and lastly, Biotin to help increase your hair s flexibility, minimizing possibilities of damage
  • MORE SHINE, SOFTER HAIR & NO MORE SPLIT ENDS. Our harmed hair mask fully hydrates and locks in vitamin and nutrient-rich moisture to help make your hair softer and shinier than ever previously. The Horsetail, Biotin and Amla mix go to work, assisting to seal the hair cuticle & remove frizz and split ends.
  • ORGANIC WITH ZERO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: The ST. TROPICA Do It Yourself hair mask has the greatest possible rating on the Skin Deep cosmetic database (# 1 out of 10) for good factor. We only use the first-rate ingredients and each organic hair mask is 100% chemical free, Licensed Ruthlessness-Free, Licensed Vegan, Silicone free, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Phthalate free, Gluten free. and we even use BPA-Free product packaging.
  • SOFTER, HEALTHIER HAIR OR YOUR CASH BACK: At ST. TROPICA, we re positive that our hot oil mask will transform your hair and leave it softer and much healthier than ever prior to – and we support our claim. If you have anything other than a fantastic experience, we provide a 30 day, full cash back assurance, or free replacement, no inconvenience, no questions asked

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask.
Dry, Harmed Hair – GONE with simply one use. with the Ultimate Hair Mask, by ST.TROPICA Our special formula of proven HAIR SUPERFOODS rapidly warms up like a Hot Oil Treatment, fully permeating your hairs Cuticle layer into the inner Cortex layer of the hair shaft, where the magic occurs: as it repair work, nurtures, and deeply hydrates your hair, from the within-out It’s not simply another synthetic shine/ silicone repair (which only lasts for a number of days, triggering long term damage to your hair). It s 100% Natural and is extremely good for your hair. Now you can lastly get Soft, Shiny, Silky-Smooth Hair, that s likewise proven to be Thicker & Stronger. the proper way, after the extremely first use That’s why it’s extensively considered the Holy Grail of Hair Masks. Can more than 1,000 RAVE EVALUATIONS online be incorrect? Not simply CoconutOil a Hair Superfood formula. Where many hair masks are 95% water, ours contains Zero % water. Rather, it’s made with 100% Virgin COCONUT OIL (VCO) now PROVEN to increase hair strength by minimizing protein loss. Our VCO is Licensed Organic and OMG does it odor divine – and what’s more is that it’s deeply infused with the world’s best HAIR SUPERFOODS like Biotin, Horsetail, Amla, Hibiscus, Bhringraj & Green Tea turning it into a powerhouse formula of raw & unrefined hair vitamins + nutrients, to totally change your hair. These uncommon ingredients help to deeply nurture & repair hair from root to tip, promoting hair development, and assisting to prevent hair damage in addition to split ends by sealing the hair s cuticle layer. The ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask is particularly valuable for dry hair, harmed hair or over-processed hair. ST. TROPICA products do not include any Silicones, Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Soy, Additives, Stabilizers, Preservatives or Fragrances. No artificial-anything. The ST. TROPICA Hair Mask is likewise Licensed Ruthlessness-Free, and Licensed Vegan; and has gotten a # 1 out of 10, the greatest possible rating on the desirable Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. BENEFITS: Immediately repair work hair damage from the inside-outProven hair superfoods help promote hair growthRevitalizes & reinforces hair minimizing hair damage & hair fallDelivers astounding hair shine & softnessDeeply hydrates hair, and locks-in moisture to help remove dry hairHelps to seal the hair cuticle, significantly minimizing split ends & frizzy hairStronger, Thicker, Glossy Hair with dazzling Shine & Softness PROVEN: Several Government-published research studies: USA + KoreaNATURAL: A completely natural hair treatment that is Silicone Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, with No Ingredients, Stabilizers, Preservatives or FragrancesORGANIC: Made with Licensed Organic IngredientsCRUELTY FREE: Licensed Ruthlessness-Free with no animal testingVEGAN: Licensed Vegan with no animal-derived ingredients whatsoeverHIGHEST possible rating (# 1 out of 10) on the Skin Deep DatabasePATENTED: Heating action in simply 20 secondsSAFE: Microwave or kettle safe, BPA-Free packetYUMMY: Fantastic unrefined tropical fragrance Read more How to use ST. TROPICA Hair Mask Lay unopened package in microwave and heat for 20 SECONDS. Eliminate package from microwave utilizing care as package and contents will be hot. Examine for wanted temperature level by kneading unopened package in your hands. If package is too hot, let it cool to a preferred temperature level. Stand unopened package (bend to fit) inside a heat-safe mug so that the leading part of the package extends outdoors (above) the top of the mug. Fill mug 4/5 full with warm water from a kettle and wait for 30 SECONDS. Squeeze contents onto DRY hair and scalp and massage in carefully. Apply shower cap, or cling wrap, (NOT a towel) to head and hair. Leave treatment in for minimum of 20 minutes. For best outcomes, leave in overnight. Shampoo hair TWO TIMES with a good clarifying shampoo, then condition when to complete the treatment. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

Question Question 1

Won’T Putting The Mask In The Microwave Exterminate Any Of The Nutrients? Won’T It Be Better To Put It In A Cup Filled With Warm Water?

we would believe so. we put mine in a cup of warm water to melt it.You can likewise warm oil by rubbing it in your hands and then rubbing it in your hair

Question Question 2

Does It Actually Work And The Length Of Time Does It Stay Warm?

we believe it does we have extremely curly hair that looks dry particularly with relocation modifications. It s hot for a number of minutes. certainly cools off a lot prior to the 20 minutes.

Question Question 3

Does This Contain Scent?

No. You can only smell coconut.

Question Question 4

Can We Leave This In Overnight?

Yes.You ll require a hair wrap to keep it off of your linens, however it works well as an overnight mask.

Question Question 5

Can This Product Be Applied To “Towel Damp” Hair? The Guidelines State To Use It To DryHair Thanks Beforehand?

This mask is developed to be utilized as a hot oil treatment mask prior to cleaning your hair which is why it states to use to dry hair.But, we do not see why it could not be used to damp hair.It will be waaay to greasy to leave in your hair and not wash out.

Question Question 6

Exists Protein In This Product?

It s simply coconut oil

Question Question 7

Is It Safe For Color Dealt With Hair?

Yes, we utilized it on our colored hair.

Question Question 8

Is It Safe For Extensions?

it truly depends upon what kind you have however coconut oil is usually safe.

Question Question 9

The Number Of Applications Can You Have With One Package?

Depending upon the lenght of your hair. Mine is around our hips and we can get 2 applications. Now If we desired our hair to be truly drenched then we use the entire pouch

Question Question 10

Our Hair Stylist Suggested To Wash The Hair Prior To And After That After Too? Can It Be Done?

Yes, remember it is old and you would wish to wash it out throughout the rinsing or possibly shampoo once again and rinse it out that way

Question Question 11

Does This Hair Mask Have The Ingredients Scent( Parfum), Alcohol, Sulfates, Parabens Or Peanut?

Its a bit hard to find, however the response is really on the site under the product for every thing however peanut. the response is no. It s the 2nd paragraph under the hair superfood ingredients photo. Hope This assists. Btw the Product is bomb. we have had whatever from 26 human hair extensions to bleach blonde and p Its a bit hard to find, however the response is really on the site under the product for every thing however peanut. the response is no. It s the 2nd paragraph under the hair superfood ingredients photo. Hope This assists. Btw the Product is bomb. we have had whatever from 26 human hair extensions to bleach blonde and purple natural hair and it makes make all hair remarkable. Do overnights with a cap cover mixed with an overnight conditioner.

Question Question 12

Do You Recommend It For Kids? If Yes What Age?

we wear t truly understand however it must be okay. we would suggest to check out the ingredients first. Ensure there is no any severe chemicals which we wear t think it has. Coconut oil is good for everyone, particularly when whatever is natural and/ or organic. we would do a quick online research if you are truly issue about it we wear t truly understand however it must be okay. we would suggest to check out the ingredients first. Ensure there is no any severe chemicals which we wear t think it has. Coconut oil is good for everyone, particularly when whatever is natural and/ or organic. we would do a quick online research if you are truly issue about it.we hope it works out for you.??

Question Question 13

What Are The Heating Instructions?

Heat in microwave for 20 seconds.we put it in there for 20 seconds and then another 10 seconds to make it a little more warm.

Question Question 14

Is This Product Gluten-Free?

This is not for intake. Who care it is gluten free or not

Question Question 15

We Have Had Trouble Washing Coconut Oil Treatments Out Of Our Hair In The Past.Any Recommendations On What Shampoo To Use To Wash This Out?

Thank you for your excellent question.We verify that all traditional hair shampoos will quickly wash out the ST. TROPICA Hair Mask; leaving you with totally weightless hair, and incredible results.We are likewise actively evaluating 100% natural hair shampoos on the market.We currently verify the following natural hair shampoos likewise work p Thank you for your excellent question.We verify that all traditional hair shampoos will quickly wash out the ST. TROPICA Hair Mask; leaving you with totally weightless hair, and incredible results.We are likewise actively evaluating 100% natural hair shampoos on the market.We currently verify the following natural hair shampoos likewise work completely:- Acure Organics- Alba Botanicals- Avalon Organics- Andalou Naturals- Carina Organics-Jason- John Masters Organics- Rahua-Whole Foods 365- WeledaMore to come as screening continues.If you have any natural brands to be contributed to the list, please let us understand. and thanks a lot again.xo ST. TROPICA

Question Question 16

What Conditioner Is Recommended To Use W/St Tropica Hot Oil Treatment?

we are not exactly sure nevertheless we did use it as a hot oil treatment.

Question Question 17

Can We Use A Heatedcap?


Question Question 18

Can You Use A Small Amount As A Leave On Conditioner?

No we wear t think so, we do not think that it would do its task with a percentage.

Question Question 19

Do You Required To Wash Your Hair First?

No. It is not essential. You put it on and then you wash your hair the way you usually do.

Question Question 20

How Frequently Does This Requirement To Be Utilized?

we believe it depends upon how broken your hair is. we began out with when to two times a week. Now we use it every other week or as required.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So we chose to leave the hair mask in for a few hours. We understand the alternative begins at 20 minutes however we seem like the longer thebetter After about 7 hours we washed and shampooed our hair. Our hair felt extremely soft nearly smooth and that wanted shampoo so we were super delighted. We have natural curly hair that is extremely thick and hard to handle. It certainly assisted soften our hair and our coils were more specified. We purchased the pack of 3 so we are going to continue this hair mask treatment every 2 weeks to see our outcomes after the 3 treatments.? this wants the first treatment?.

This product is extremely excellent. It truly works. Left my hair so soft and glossy. Here is the drawback which they do not mention-we presume you folks understand that coconut oil ends up being strong at 75 dgrees or two. Did it ever strike you that when that oil decreases your drain pipelines it will solidify and trigger a major clogggin situation?as much as we like this product we will not be utilizing it once again. Time to change to olive oil or fractionated coconut oil which remains in liquid kind.

Definitely wonderful product– we are so happy we found it. We had been making our own hair mask mixtures for a few years, utilizing coconut oil, avocado oil, in some cases castor oil, and so on The masks worked, however were type of a pain to make, melting the oil in a frying pan, and so on. We then would include all our ingredients to a plastic capture bottle we purchased, shake it up, then capture onto our hair. However this. The st tropica product needs none of the prep, and has more ingredients than we were utilizing in our homemade variation. We use the kettle heating approach as we do not have a microwave. How easy is it to boil water and put it in a mug, and voila our mask is ready. We do this a minimum of when a week, and we use it for about an hour or more, in some cases in a hot bath, too. We do not understand if steam really matters, however it seems like a full health spa reward to ourself when we do this. We wereh two times and condition when. Our hair is super soft and glossy and stunning later on. No heavy oil. Incredible product, thank you a lot.

We confess. We have attempted all sort of hair treatments. All natural ones that is. In order to help our hair that s taken rather a whipping from hormonally variations to anaphylaxis responses to steroids. It s an advantage our family understands and likes us otherwise one take a look at the leaking egg yolk, coconut & olive oil with a side of apple cider vinegar and honey would frighten the heebeegebies out of them. We get a monthly beauty box from petitvoir and one month it had this in it. Oh. Our. Gosh. We zapped it in our microwave for about 20 or 30 seconds, clipped the corner with scissors and gradually put it over our scalp and brushed through our hair. It was divine. The highlight exists was no honey comb stickiness and egg yolk diminishing our face. It made our hair seem like silk whioe it remained in it. Moreover, we are incredibly conscious ingredients. Even some natural ones. We have attempted sleeping with a hair mask of oils on our head only to awaken puffy faces and requiring some antihistamines. Not withthese On lazy weekends, we have even gone 2 nights without washing it without a single issue or flare. We make certain we wereh two times with a good shampoo, to make certain all we the oil is out then go on with our conditioner, and so on. It s made our hair more powerful, much healthier and above all, made us feel comfy understanding there s something we wear t need to stress over attempting to produce. We love it a lot we have even thought about including them with presents to our buddies.

We got this as a present 2 years back. At that time our hair was extremely dry and we might barely keep our dye for more than 2 months (we need to dye our hair back to black colour to keep us look more youthful ). Considering that our hair looked extremely dry, we attempted this hair treatment and to our surprise our hair was glossy and soft and most importantly it turn darker. We might wait for a while prior to we dye our hair once again. We love this product, sadly we can not get it in canada.

We were hesitant about this hair mask due to the fact that we questioned what the distinctions were in between it and simply purchasing coconut oil. Well let us inform you. We have done our own hair mask from coconut oil and while it made our hair soft in the early morning. We likewise had a small burning experience on our scalp. This mask states leave in for 20 minutes or overnight. Now there is a big distinction in between 20 minutes and overnight. We would suggest a minimum of an hour. We did my own overnight. We utilized a durable shower cap and the covered our head in our twistie hair towel so would not hear the crinkle of the shower cap. When we got up we did not experience the burning experience at all. Our hair was soft and clamber after cleaning and we will certainly be doing this treatment frequently.

Love this hair mask. It smells like pure coconut oil and does marvels for your hair. Simply warm in the microwave, put everything over the hair, brush it through, and toss on a shower cap. We leave mine on all night and wash it truly well in the early morning. Our hair is smoother, shinier, and we discover less of it falling out after one use. We would recommend if the product packaging had one of those twist leading caps so it would be much easier to get numerous usages out of it; even if you tape it closed it can get rather untidy.

So we were attempting out a new shampoo/conditioner and leave in and they dried out our hair awfully. We utilized this hair mask to repair it and it did with simply one use. It left our hair and scalp hydrated without weighing it down or feeling oily. We have fine, long hair and we only required to use half the pouch to fill our hair. The fragrance of the mask advises us of the almond delight sweet bar. Not sugary sweet however of real coconuts.

This hot oil treatment works excellent. Our hair is harmed from coloring and blow drying all the time and after utilizing this treatment we had smooth, soft, glossy hair. We fidgeted about our hair being extremely oily after the treatment however if you follow the instructions and wash it two times it comes rightout Extremely suggest this product for people with dry, broken hair.

We bleached our hair excessive:( hair was falling off. So we use mask over night, however rather of microwave it we put plan into hot (not boiling) water. Next day we could not think just how much softer and better our hair feels. We still have 1/3 left plan left (we have brief hair) so we can use it next time. Its excellent product.

We are not one to examine however we have utilized one package two times and within a number of days of each other simply to begin getting our hair back on the right course. We should state our hair is a lot shinier and workable. We have curly hair that is frequently corrected the alignment of and looks dry given that we have relocated to a various state and the water is harsher. We will certainly keep purchasing.

Attempted this hair mask and kept it on our hair for 20 minutes. Our hair has some damage from continuous styling (blow drying and curling) and this mask made our hair soft and healthy looking. It was not stiff or sticky and rinsed out excellent after shampooing two times. We have utilized various type of masks and feel this mask is one of the very best and liked that it was 100% natural.

This is one of the very best hair masks we have utilized. We have only done this for 20-30 minutes however we wan na attempt the over night alternative see how that goes we can inform you we have beauty salon hair after this mask it.

Attempted one this weekend. Left in many the day wasn t too heavy for our hair. Easy to washout Hair feels excellent.

We got a sample of this product with something we formerly bought. As soon as we attempted it, we understood we would continue with hot oil treatments. It is extremely easy to use and we felt an instant modification in our hair when we utilized it. This will be our go-to hot oil treatment progressing. Thanks a lot.

We offered this product to our good friend to attempt. She heated the package as directed and used it to her hair and covered with a shower cap. She left the product in her hair for 2 hours. She believed the product smelled excellent and was easy to use and rinse. Her hair was left soft, smooth, and glossy. She was extremely pleased with the product and has asked that we buy it once again.

Love this product. We find it to be extremely nourishing and renews overprocessed hair. We leave it on for a number of hours. It has instant outcomes with easy ingredients consisting of some ayurvedic herbs. Great for anybody wanting to reinforce and/ or treat your hair to a miracle.

Best product we have ever put in our hair. Our hair is so smooth and so easy to work with now. We observed a modification the very first time we utilized it and have not had the ability to stop. We do not microwave mine we heat my own by putting it in hot water for a while and it works simply the very same. It deserves it, your hair will thank you.

We simply covered our hair in a bun for the day after using the warmed product, did tasks throughout the day. Cleaned with clarifying shampoo when after 10 hours and it was excellent. It felt soft and not oily.

This product makes hair smoother, shinier,and easy to handle. Likewise taking st. Tropica hair vitamins. Only been a few weeks, they are easy to swallow, no aftertaste, well endured. Preparing to put another order.

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