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Tange Kagaku Kougyo Japanese Hot Water Bottle

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    The color and pattern of the bag that comes with the warm water bottle differs and might be various from that in the image photo.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tange Kagaku Kougyo Japanese Hot Water Bottle.

    Question Question 1

    Is This Product Safe To Put In A Microwave? Can We Put Water In It, Then Microwave It With The Cover Off In Order To Heat It?

    It’s not planned to be microwaved so the response is, it would not be safe in the microwave. You need to put boiling water into the Yutonpo and you must fill all of it the way to the top.This is an extremely safe product and we would extremely advise for you to buy it. we own numerous and use it every winter season and for emergency situation s It’s not planned to be microwaved so the response is, it would not be safe in the microwave. You need to put boiling water into the Yutonpo and you must fill all of it the way to the top.This is an extremely safe product and we would extremely advise for you to buy it. we own numerous and use it every winter season and for emergency situation scenarios. It truly keeps you hot and it beats utilizing the electric blanket that are not safe to use.

    Question Question 2

    Does This Include The Cover Likewise?

    Sorry our evaluation was for a metalone Not this one.

    Question Question 3

    Volume Of Water?

    There is confusion amongst the remarks about what size this product is.Does it hold 2.6 liters or 1 liter?please be specific.Thank you.

    Question Question 4

    What Is The Product?Rubber, Silicone,.?

    hard plastic we are uncertain precisely however it’s the very same product that you ‘d have on a recycle tub that you toss your bottles in it’s extremely strudy which is what you desire if you’re utilizing boiling water to fill it

    Question Question 5

    Had Anybody Attempted The Metal Variation? How Does It Compare To The Plastic?

    The metal ones are impressive, we own both. the metal ones hold heat for around 10 hours approximately. essential in the winter season time. they last permanently. Simply take care they get scalding hot. Well worth the $

    Question Question 6

    Measurements Of Small, Medium And Large?

    medium to large.breadbox?

    Question Question 7

    Is It Safe To Poor Boiling Water In This Bottle?

    we would not advise including boiling water straight into the bottle. Wait a minimum of 5 minutes after boiling prior to including hot water to this.

    Question Question 8

    How Hard Is It To Fill This With Boiling Water? Looks like You Need To Lay It Flat/Horizontal To Fill.?

    It’s not hard.You simply need to use a funnel when putting boiling water into the yutanpo and as you pointed out the yutanpo needs to be laid flat.we guess for benefit they made this so you can stand it up when putting water out.

    Question Question 9

    Does It Have An Internal Baffle Like The Metal One?

    No, there is no internal baffle like the metal one s that are offered.

    Question Question 10

    Can These Manage Boiling Water? Filling From Tap In Our Buildingis Out Of The Question As It Is Only 80 F Degrees.?

    we do not believe you’re expected to, however we have been utilizing boiling water solely for years and its been fine. Simply ensure to keep it in its fleece bag.

    Question Question 11

    The Length Of Time Does It Stay Hot Or Warm?

    Mine remains hot overnight under an appropriately warm comforter.In the early morning, the water is still as conveniently hot as hot bath water.

    Question Question 12

    The Number Of Liters Does This Hold?

    This company makes 3 sizes. The small holds about 600 ML. The M size holds 2.6 L. The large, which we have, holds about 3.5 L. Maybe a littlemore It is a good size.

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Tange Kagaku Kougyo Japanese Hot Water Bottle, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    We purchased this after viewing an episode of “begin japanology. ” these truly do keep your feet warm all night. Beautiful style that is extremely easy to use. The cap is good and large, and we imagine it would be easy to use even if you have arthritis. Not fiddly like western design warm water bottles. Thick plastic building and construction. We would advise purchasing one for every member of your home, consisting of animals for use in case of a power failure in winter season.

    Truly like this hot water bottle. The white lid screws on securely and safely, and its formed from one piece of strong plastic. No drips or leakages from this container. The manage makes for easy transportation. It comes with a fabric wrap that makes the water bottle workable since when warm water is inside it gets truly hot. We put boiling water (from an electric kettle) into the bottle at 10 pm, put it under the blankets and went to sleep by 10:30 Toasty. The bed felt fantastic simply were we required it. At 8: 00 am we temped the water. 100 degrees f. This is a japanese water bottle and is ridged and hard, unlike the water bottles offered in america.

    Our japanese partner purchased these for our beds. Fill with warm water from the tap (120-145 f), screw tight, location in offered fleece bag, and put under the sheets. This plastic container will still be warm the next day, and 24 hours later on still warmer than the ambient air (our home is kept 64-66 f). Fantastic. If you dislike cold beds, try. Love the easy-carry manage, too as the shape would be uncomfortable to bring otherwise. Keep in mind: holds heat better than the comparable aluminum one, which has no manage and is hard to open afrer water cooks due to suction that forms throughout cooling.

    Worth the wait. Long haul for shipment, however delighted to have acquired it. Hot water temperature level preserved for well over 12 hours. Not soft as standard warm water bottles, and obviously much heavier than standard since of volume of water it holds. However delighted that it does do what it’s expected to do. To keep you warm for an extended period.

    Love love love this product. It keeps us so warm throughout the winter season. We fill it up with boiling water, and put it at the foot of our bed. It keeps us warm all night. And think it or not the little cover that comes with it truly does keep you from buring yourself if your feet touch it. We would advise this product to anybody wanting to buy an electric blanket. We nearly acquired an electric blanket, however seen the evaluations on this and chose to attempt itout It was less expensive than an electric blanket and we really think that it is the equivalent.

    After squandering cash purchasing those rubber warm water bladder from cvs and walgreens which dripped and harmed our pricey bed mattress, we chose to look for better product and solution and this is it. It is constructed extremely strong and does not leakages. It holds heat for a very long time compared to ones we pointed out squandering cash on previous purchases. We re extremely delighted with this financial investment.

    It was a present for somebody who just recently relocated to new england. Within a week of relocating august/september temperatures dipped into 40 s. This was a blessing, as there was no heat. Obviously it was still warm the next early morning. Took about 15 minutes to make whole bed warm. Suggest.

    Boil water in kettle, put into yutanpo, change cap and cover and you are warm all night. Does not fume enough outside to burn you, no qualms about our young kids utilizing it. They love it.

    This is fantastic for warming your bed on the cold nights and you do not need to deal with the rubbery odor of the normal water bottles readily available in the us. We intend on utilizing this every night this winter season.

    Well made, hard thick plastic, made in japan to an extremely high quality, pancake like flat corrugated style makes it remain flat and be steady, 2. 6liter capability. Can stand it upright and open the lid to let water out, lay it flat to fill, cap closes easy and seals in the warm water well, 2-3hrs of good heat at 40-50 degree temperature.

    We use this every night at the foot of our bed it keeps warm till late in the early morning and our feline sleeps hugging it you can’t beat it at the cost.

    The manage makes it extremely easy to bring when it has lots of warm water. We have the metal type also, this one is absolutely more burn evidence. Remains warm for the majority of the night. Terrific alternative to have on energy expenses.

    Functions like a beauty.

    Amazing. We love it. Keeps us warm on those cold nights while taking a trip.

    Good quality.

    Terrific use it under the covers rather of turning warm up love it.

    Lovable. Functions fantastic. Remains hot till the next day whenever. When we put it out to reheat the next night water is still warm. Fantastic.

    Our space remains in the basement, although we keep the heat on during the night, it simply all goes to the 2nd flooring. Our legs would get stiff and constrain during the night, however hasn’t occurred given that we began utilizing this.

    Conserved our body throughout an extremely cold camping journey in the mountains. Recycled the water nighttime. So warm.

    Holds warm water for the entire night. Love it.

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