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Tend Skin Womens AfterShave – Post Waxing Solution for Ingrown Hair

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tend Skin Womens AfterShave – Post Waxing Solution for Ingrown Hair.

  • MADE IN USA – INGROWN HAIR SOLUTION: Making use of a skinny coat of Tend Skin Solution submit shaving
  • POST WAXING: Apply Tend Skin Solution after the session to reduce the looks of any redness of the pores and skin.
  • WOMEN’S BEST FRIEND: Making use of Tend Skin Solution after shaving will scale back look of the noticeable redness that seems on the pores and skin after shaving. That is nice for girls after shaving legs, bikini traces and underarms in addition to for males who see redness after shaving their faces.
  • CRUELTY FREE, No Animal Testing

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tend Skin Womens AfterShave – Post Waxing Solution for Ingrown Hair.
Apply skinny coat of Tend Skin Solution after shaving and drying the pores and skin. For Current Ingrown Hairs/Razor Bumps: Apply additionally at evening unbiased of shaving to assist clear current unpleasant ingrown hairs and razor bumps. As soon as the pores and skin is evident, begin lowering use to as soon as day by day after shaving; experiment to find out how little it is advisable keep clear pores and skin. Keep in mind, a bit goes a good distance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tend Skin Womens AfterShave – Post Waxing Solution for Ingrown Hair.

Question Question 1

Does This Only Work For Shaving, Or How Effectively Does This Work For Irritation/Bumps After Plucking?

It doesn’t work for irritation bumps after plucking. It does work for bumps after shaving or bumps similar to zits.

Question Question 2

Can It Take away Scars Caused By Ingrown Hair?

Tend Skin is designed for ingrown hair, razor bumps and burns and not for scar. Since it’s an exfoliant, it might ultimately lighten the darkish spots with common use although its not assured.

Question Question 3

How Does This Compare To Shaveworks The Cool Repair?

we’ve by no means used any Shaveworks product, however we’ve used a variety of different products to do away with ingrown hair problem and after utilizing Tend Skin the primary time our issues are gone, COMPLETELY.What we did earlier than making an attempt this was develop out all our facial hair, do not tweeze and so there have been no bumps as a result of we’ve not shaved in we’ve by no means used any Shaveworks product, however we’ve used a variety of different products to do away with ingrown hair problem and after utilizing Tend Skin the primary time our issues are gone, COMPLETELY.What we did earlier than making an attempt this was develop out all our facial hair, do not tweeze and so there have been no bumps as a result of we’ve not shaved shortly.That is simply to organize for that recent minimize to then take a look at Tend Skin, now we’ve no complaints.

Question Question 4

What Is The Expiration Date?

we purchased mine February of 2018. Expires July 2019.

Question Question 5

Does This Get Rid Of Pimples/Ingrown Hairs Round Your Binkwe Space?

It s more of a preventative therapy. we haven t had any ingrown hairs since we began utilizing it.

Question Question 6

Does It Take away Razor Bumbs?

Sure, Tend Skin prevents the razor bumps in addition to removes the present ones.

Question Question 7

Ought to This Have A Security Seal? Mine Does Not.?

Mine didn’t have a security seal both.we hope this helps. we’ve not had any issues with mine.

Question Question 8

Where Is This Product Manufactured?

Tend Skin products are manufactured in Florida, USA ????

Question Question 9

Is Tend Skin Recommended For Strawberry Legs?

Undecided what meaning.

Question Question 10

Will This Work On Pre-Current Razor Bumps? Or Does It Simply Prevent Them From Taking place?

Sure it should work for current razor bumps. Apply skinny coat twice day by day to dry pores and skin, as soon as within the morning after showering and drying the pores and skin. Apply after shaving if you happen to shave. Reapply at evening earlier than sleep. This permits the product to work all day and evening. As soon as pores and skin clears experiment to see how little utilization you want Sure it should work for current razor bumps. Apply skinny coat twice day by day to dry pores and skin, as soon as within the morning after showering and drying the pores and skin. Apply after shaving if you happen to shave. Reapply at evening earlier than sleep. This permits the product to work all day and evening. As soon as pores and skin clears experiment to see how little utilization it is advisable keep. The pores and skin should be dry earlier than making use of the product. A moisturizer could also be utilized AFTER the Tend Skin Liquid dries, often 5-10 seconds

Question Question 11

Dose It Work If We Wax, Or Only If We Are Shaving?

we shaved an had alot of bumps, however after we used have a tendency for ingrown hair all of them disappeared.Perhaps it may work the identical for waxing.It will not harm to attempt.

Question Question 12

What S In Tend Skin ?

It’s an after shave product that when used prevents ingrown hairs

Question Question 13

Can We Use It On Our Eyebrow?

It’s alcohol based mostly and it should sting.we might wait 10-15 minutes

Question Question 14

We Shaved Our Binkwe Space Not too long ago And After Shaving We Observed That We Had A Red Bump In The Space. Can We Apply This On That Spot?

we predict it s value a attempt if the bump is from shaving. These things works nicely on bikinwe bumps/razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Question Question 15

Does This Actually Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs/Strawberry Legs? Aka These Little Black Dots On Legs. Please Describe Your Expertise, Thanks.?

Sure, it soothes the pores and skin after shaving and helps forestall rash. It exfoliates the pores and skin to stop ingrown hair. Make certain your pores and skin is dry to stop stinging. Additionally if you happen to use wax or another hair elimination remember to use if afterwards.Be constant and it should hold your pores and skin clear.

Question Question 16

What About Eyebrow Hair & Tough Skin Due To Ingrown Hair ?

Unsure about eyebrow hair however . ingrown hair it is vitally efficient relating to.Given its utilization we consider it will be respectable on eyebrow hair additionally. we might spot deal with previous to full utility to display any antagonistic response.

Question Question 17

Does It Work On The Face From Utilizing An Epilator?

It does work on face, we might recommend you to cease utilizing epilator in conjunction with Tend Skin and swith to waxing or shaving for better outcomes.

Question Question 18

Do We Want To Wash Our Legs After The Product Has Dried?

Effectively we apply it to our face, however we don t wash it off. It evaporates inside seconds, no residue.

Question Question 19

Can Women Use This On Face To Cure In-Grown From Waxing Chin And Upper Lip?

Sure after all, girls can use Tend pores and skin on Face.

Question Question 20

Does This Help With Clearing Up Darkish Spots/ Scars From In Grown Hairs?

Sure that is one of the few products that we’ve tried that successfully treats Razor Bumps. we spent 7 years within the Arour and we want we had entry to this product after we have been on lively obligation.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based mostly on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based mostly on some research work) on Tend Skin Womens AfterShave – Post Waxing Solution for Ingrown Hair, these is perhaps helpful for better understanding.

As any girl value her feminist salt knows- eliminating shameful pubic hair in order that your nether area resembles that of a pre-pubescent teen is a urge that comes and goes relying in your temper, relationship standing, and internalized misogyny. As a single girl in her 30 s we’re at present experiencing a gown for the job you need second with our vagina so we’re sustaining grazed pasture. We now have all the time been vulnerable to painful ingrown hairs and the one issues we found that labored have been very costly so we didnt need to use it as typically as we must always to maintain the bastards at bay. So we embraced our 70 s porn star for some time, felt empowered, thought of why anyone shaves in any respect, puzzled if we might braid it, then form of realized why we have been single. We found have a tendency when it appeared like we have been about to get again into the sport and had some fairly critical weed wacking to do. It was an actual sport changer- we apply it about each different morning and, whereas we would be the solely one at present enjoying within the yard, it’s a stunning bump free yard**. Thanks have a tendency. ** we went overboard with gardening metaphors and we’re sorry (not sorry).

We now have needed to do that for some time as we’ve heard superb issues. Lastly pulled the set off because it’s swimsuit season and ingrown hair and razor bumps plague our bikinwe line and our thighs, significantly the backs of them. To be trustworthy, we get them in all places we shave, our decrease legs and armpits as nicely however they’re particularly unhealthy in our nether areas. This hasn’t been an enormous deal because the final couple years we have been holding onto our being pregnant weight so we’ve needed to be more lined anyhow, however we misplaced the burden this yr and ditched the swim shorts to cover our higher thighs/bikinwe line. We’re sadly fairly rattling bushy resulting from a hormonal imbalance, so our hair could be very course and we’re very liable to all types of razor burn points and ingrown hairs. Used this for the primary time after shaving the opposite evening, and we have been immediately afraid that it will give us razor burn. Our pores and skin is tremendous delicate after shaving and the alcohol on this stuff stung, unhealthy. Alas, we didn’t get razor burn from it and it truly dried up Four ingrown hairs that ive had for weeks inside a pair hours. It has been a few days and we’re making use of per the directions. For the primary time ever, we’re nearly bump free and have not had a single ingrown hair or pimple like razor bump kind. Where has this been all our life??.

We took an opportunity on this product after seeing it in a buzzfeed article, and we’re so glad we did. This product is the best method to deal with razor burn and ingrown hairs that we’ve found. We now have delicate pores and skin and am allergic to so many issues; nevertheless, we had no downside with this product. We will certainly be reordered it after we run out.

We now have by no means written an evaluation earlier than however we thought that this product deserved to be our very first. Allow us to let you know all in regards to the razor burn trauma that we’ve been residing by way of over the previous month. We had shaved two nights in a row, which was a uncommon act for us, earlier than we realized that we had developed nasty razor bumps all up and down our leg. After that realization, we scoured the web for any useful suggestions and tips that would assist us resolve our unpleasant downside in a short while: lathering aloe vera on our bumps??? didn’t work. Spraying tea trea oil, our typical go to for pimples and the like??? didn’t work. Hydrocortisone cream??? we consider that made a rash develop and the bumps to unfold on different areas of our pores and skin. So after two weeks of utilizing and abusing house treatments for razor bumps and seeing no outcomes and additional irritating our pores and skin, we determined to order have a tendency pores and skin in a final ditch effort earlier than we took ourself to a dermatologist. Now if we’re being trustworthy we weren t too impressed with have a tendency pores and skin on the get go. We used it day and evening, utilizing a cotton ball or a bit of bathroom paper to wipe on the affected space, with out seeing any outcomes. We have been getting annoyed, as any millennial american child would, as a result of we needed instantaneous satisfaction. Where have been these life altering outcomes that we had obsessively learn by way of on the opinions??? was it me?? was we one of these unfortunate individuals who had acquired a faux model?? our endurance and total self-worth have been thinning the longer we needed to stare at our unpleasant bumps and the hair that we have been unwillingly selected to develop out on our legs because of the injury. We have been decided to make this product work damnit. So we took a brand new method to the product, we instantly found a journey sized spray bottle and dumped some of the product in there too see if the best way we have been making use of was the offender of minimal outcomes. We then determined we might spray a beneficiant quantity on the affected areas thrice a day for the following week. That s all we have been giving ourself. Two weeks ought to have been sufficient time to see some sort of outcome. We have been trying for something. We might take one bump minimization as an indication that every one hope shouldn t be misplaced at this level. Effectively, in the beginning of the second week we have been nonetheless not seeing what we needed. If something we thought the razor bumps have been spreading to different areas on our leg (which might have been a aspect have an effect on from the hydrocortisone cream and not shaving now that we glance again on it) and our leg begqn peeling from overuse of the product. So nice. Now we had an arour of indignant purple bumps that we might see even in our nightmares and lifeless pores and skin. What a pair. We have been blessing no matter god or pressure of nature out there that it was winter and the looks of our legs mattered to no person however us so long as it was -10 levels out. So to counteract our peeling pores and skin we found some pores and skin dimensions moisturizing lotion, that had glycolic acid as one of the substances we would point out (over obsessive research on google instilled us with the data that this, alongside with salicylic acid, are the 2 most typical substances in products that assist struggle off razor bumps and ingrown hairs) and we lathered that sucker on about 10 occasions a day or every time we found ourself additional time and we weren t confined in denims or sweatpants. This was across the week and a half mark, and we would point out that we had been plagued with these bumps for nearly a month so we have been rightly fed up with their sight, and then i, drumroll please. , lastly noticed outcomes. We have been lastly waking up within the morning and seeing some of our razor bumps fading and getting smaller. Now we don t know if it was our overuse of the product, moisturizing earlier than, after, and in between product utility, not shaving our legs, or divine intervention however we have been lastly seeing outcomes. It s now a day earlier than we’ve been utilizing have a tendency pores and skin for 2 weeks and the outcomes are solely getting more satisfying. The bumps aren t fully passed by any means, there are nonetheless a few suckers that refuse to budge. We imply ?? similar to regina george in imply ladies: why are you so obsessed with me?. . However we’re certain with continued use 2-Three occasions a day, utilizing the moisturizer, and embracing our bushy leg we too will have the ability to shave once more. So this harrowing story and product hasn’t been for naught. You can also see outcomes. Our recommendation to you, pricey reader, is to be affected person. We all know that sounds laughable coming from the woman who obsessively took footage of her leg day by day to see if there have been any outcomes however that is all we can provide to you. Moisturize. Find one with glycolic acid if you happen to can as a result of we swear that helped pace up the therapeutic and fading course of twice as quick. Additionally don t shave. We’re fairly certain we additional irritated our leg throughout our helpless makes an attempt to take care of a semblence of society pressured applicable female hygiene by shaving across the affected space. When you botched your leg simply as unhealthy as we did buy this product however give it time, we didn’t see outcomes till per week and a half into our have a tendency pores and skin journey. P. S. Chorus from overusing your energy to google your signs in case you are anxious for outcomes. This could solely lead you down a really darkish path the place your solely choices are both loss of life or residing with the issue for the remainder of your life. It s often not that dramatic however it may be laborious to persuade your self in any other case when you have got an overload of information at your fingertips. Earlier than and after footage included. We might be sorry for our bushy legs however we aren’t. Xo hope this helps.

This has made such a major affect on our life. We hate these silly chin hairs we’ve acquired from our gene pool. Lolfrom years of shaving and tweezing, we’ve had open pores, razor pumps and scars. This has minimized our pores, the uneven pores and skin tone and we’ve not gotten a razor bump since we began utilizing this product. We’re 46-year previous girl and could not be happier. Thanks.

A since our first buy, this has grow to be a steady in our rest room. We’re 29 yr previous feminine and for years we suffered unpleasant ingrown hairs and irritation after shaving. We purchased a small spray bottle for mine, it s a lot simpler to use. After showering we keep the areas we’ve shaved earlier than getting out of the bathe, no want for cotton balls and or a messy utility. The scent is horrible and sturdy, however doesn t final in your physique it evaporates shortly. A few moments of smelling it it completely definitely worth the outcomes.

Context:we’re black man with naturally curly hair and ever since we grew our first beard in our mid 20’s we’ve needed to deal with ingrown hairs. We desire to be clear-shaven however razor bumps compelled us to modify to electrical clippers for the longest time. Even then we might nonetheless all the time get one or two ingrown hairs, usually close to our mustache/the corners of our mouth. We now have tried comparable products prior to now, principally face scrubs and none of them appeared to work very nicely. So shopping for this product we have been skeptical getting in even after seeing all of the optimistic opinions as a result of sadly faux opinions are rampant on these days. All that being stated we’re pleased to report that have a tendency pores and skin has labored miracles for us and fully surpassed even our greatest case situation. Outcomes:after we first purchased the product we have been dealing with two ingrown hairs on the left aspect of our face. After making use of have a tendency pores and skin on the primary day the bumps have been dried out. On the second day they have been flattened some however nonetheless seen. Skip forward to day 5 and they have been fully gone leaving no marks in any respect. From then on we switched from making use of the liquid twice a day to solely as soon as and the bumps have not been again since. We now have even been in a position to put away our clippers and return to our straight razor. From studying different opinions outcomes appear to range, some do not see progress additional than the dry out stage however for us have a tendency pores and skin has labored amazingly and more than earned this 5 star evaluation.

This product has labored wonders. We now have caramel pores and skin tone however from years of shaving utilizing a razon and having such sentative pores and skin, our bikinwe line was very darkish. Once we turned 21 we began simply getting waxed however the injury alread been achieved. So a good friend who experince comparable occurance beneficial this to us and advised us she began seeing outcomes after two days. We didn’t consider her however was not skeptical sufficient to not belive her. So we went and ordered it and we have been amazed by the outcomes. After two days we did begin to see resluts. The shade of darkish lining had gotten a shade lighter and some of our ingrown hair bumbs began to fade. We’re past ecstatic that we got here throughout this product and would definitely recomend to a good friend.

Purchased this for ingrown hairs in armpit and on bikinwe line. We undergo from hidradenitis suppurativa, so we’ve been dealing with this horror all our life and am scarred. We now have used accutane, had our immune system blown out and have tried each cream, salve and lotion, additionally many rounds of antibiotics. Nothing. Latest research has pinpointed contaminated hair folicles because the underlying trigger. We tried have a tendency on our armpits after studying it additionally works as a deodorant. One week later and 80% of the clogged pores are gone. Tend makes it extraordinarily straightforward to elevate out the plug on the pore that begins the ingrown hair within the first place. A lot of our scarring comes from making an attempt unsuccessfully to take away them. Have additionally tried on blackheads and simply the smallest stress will get them out. It does work as a deodorant which suggests we aren’t including to the issue with antiperspirant. We all know there are lot of faux opinions, but when simply one particular person with our form of pores and skin situation reads this, we hope you’ll do this as a result of that is the one rattling factor that has helped me.

First of all we wish to add that we’re 24 yr previous african american girl and ever since we’ve had needed to shave (age 10) we’ve struggled with ingrown hairs on our bikinwe line, and in return it s has made us very self aware. We now have prevented carrying swimsuits and quick shorts our total life. We now have tried nearly all the things there may be to do away with our razor numbs besides lazor hair elimination and nothing has labored. We even stopped shaving and tried to wax and use nair and it nonetheless didn’t work. We now have now been utilizing have a tendency pores and skin for two weeks now and it has already reversed years of scarring, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The space isn’t fully clear but however we are able to inform it s nearly there. We are able to t consider how clear our bikinwe line is after solely two weeks and we’re upset we haven t taken any footage. We now have very thick sharp hair and we thought nothing might assistance on our bikinwe space however this undoubtedly works and we’ll proceed to buy it for the remainder of our life. The solely down aspect to that is that it dries our pores and skin out badly making us peel and we’ve to remember to exfoliate the lifeless pores and skin off. However that doesn t even trouble us that a lot as a result of our pores and skin has cleared up tremendously. In case you are hesitant to buy this please simply buy the small bottle first like we did and give it attempt. Proceed to make use of it till the bottle is just half full and then give your opinion on it.

We purchased this to mitigate ingrown hairs on our bikinwe line. You can use it to deal with bumps you have already got, or as prevention to maintain bumps away. We now have moved to the prevention section because of these items. At first we found it troublesome to use, so we put it in one of these glass vials with a stainless rollerball (like they promote for important oil utility) and we’ve had great success. Now that we all know there’s a product to maintain away razor bumps, we’re curious how that is nonetheless such a nicely-stored secret?. ?. Our husband will get zits on his scalp so we’ve just lately began utilizing this on his head. Preserve you posted.

Okay, yeah, these items smells horrible, but it surely works. We took the recommendation of one other reviewer and put the contents of the bottle into a bit spray bottle in order that the product will last more. The product appears to work simply as nicely a sprayed because it does when it’s utilized usually. We wax at house, so it is necessary that we maintain our pores and skin and do all the things that we are able to to keep away from ingrown hairs. We exfoliate commonly, however have a tendency pores and skin is a idiot-proof methodology to make sure that the hairs are taken care of. Oh, and the product works shortly, too. What we do is take a deep breath, maintain it, spray the have a tendency pores and skin on the wanted areas, and stroll as shortly as we are able to to the opposite aspect of the room. Heck, typically we’ll even run if we’re motivated. We most likely appear to be we’re mother jogging, however we might slightly do this than breathe within the alcohol stench that this factor is made up of.


We undergo from extraordinarily unhealthy razor burn. We now have tried each different beneath the solar, with the one competent one being waxing, however that may be inconvenient. We have no footage from the earlier than, however belief that our legs have been lined in lots of of purple spots. After a month of normal shaving, although, there’s been enormous change. We nonetheless have a few purple spots, however we do not appear to be we’ve obtained rooster pox, anymore. Nice product, and lasts a very long time, regardless of our preliminary ideas after we noticed the dimensions of the bottle.

We now have all the time suffered with horrible purple bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving our bikinwe line. We tried a few different products (bikinwe zone or aloe vera anybody?) with iffy to okay outcomes. We by no means was pleased and we simply thought our pores and skin would all the time be like that. We discovered this product when looking out and determined to offer it a go after the good opinions. That is magic. We use this after shaving within the bathe at evening and as soon as once more within the morning. After about Three days, the ingrowns began purging out (this was sickly great), the purple bumps disappeared, and our pores and skin regarded wholesome once more. We couldn’t consider it labored so freaking nicely. We’re on our second bottle and is not going to go with out this. The suggestions that saved our hoo haa as a result of let’s be actual, we hold it alllllll shaved:1. Shave with the hair. Please, no matter you do, don’t shave towards the hair. It will trigger these purple bumps. We promise your hair is not going to be more noticeable if you shave with the hair. You might should shave more frequently however we are able to shave day by day utilizing this methodology and is not going to have irritation. 2. Get a separate razor to make use of for your bikinwe space. This retains the unhealthy micro organism out. 3. Change that razor frequently. We change mine each week to 2 weeks as a result of the sharper the razor, the better the shave and much less irritation. 4. Use a light cleaning soap and ensure to rinse your razor out each few passes. 5. Post bathe, use this resolution instantly. Let dry, comply with up with a perfume-free moisturizer (we use cetaphil moisturizing cream and it’s good. ).

It is a holy grail merchandise. Use anyplace you are liable to ingrown hairs or boils (it was the one factor that helped scale back a big boil beneath our arm that was there almost a month with out progress from drawing salve/different strategies). Be proactive with this product. A drop of prevention is value many drops of treatment. Placed on proper after shaving and by no means get an ingrown. We additionally use it to sanitize/forestall an infection from cuts, scrapes. We are able to by no means be with out this. Nice to make use of on areas just like the butt or thighs if you happen to get clogged pores or pimples there. 😉 embarrassment gone. You’re welcome.

This by leaps and bounds one of the best stuff available on the market. We might give it more stars if we might. We all know there may be a variety of alcohol in it however the different stuff in right here should assist it alongside as a result of we’ve used simply alcohol for a very long time with out the identical impact. Not solely has it gotten rid of all of our ingrown hairs in a weeks time however our darkish marks have light to nearly nothing. One thing the darkish mark correctors have by no means been in a position to do for our bronze pores and skin tone. That is now aside of our skincare regime. All the cash they make girls spin to look additional nearly by no means work. We’re achieved pay the pink tax. Look within the males part if you want one thing achieved it appears they ensure it really works for them. After they make it for us they appear to need to suck us dry and for more cash. And it obtained to us early. Nice job nice stuff.

This works for an ingrown hair. When you undergo from ingrown hair which we assume you do because it introduced you all the best way right here carry on studying. Allow us to start with a undeniable fact that our legs for some time regarded like a face of an individual that abused medication (hardcore stage) with blisters throughout them from poking. Ehm,not so enticing proper?. Effectively that was us until about few weeks in the past. We didn’t write any evaluation after we initially obtained the product till we used it for some time so we are able to submit an correct evaluation. Im in our late 20 s and for a few years we’ve been struggling with an ingrown hair on our legs. Anytime we wore shorts we couldn’t stand taking a look at our legs as they have been lined in blisters from poking the hair out and bumps with ingrown hair in them. We tried all the things from rx lotions together with tretinoin ,otc exfoliating lotions,gels,peels to house treatments and nothing appeared to work till we bought this liquid. Each evening for about two to 3 weeks we used this product after bathe, earlier than our moisturizer (there was couple of days after we forgot to use it too). Bumps on our legs slowly began to vanish(enhance) however we didn’t take note of them anymore until one day after we have been sitting out in a solar and realized that we don t have a single bump (ingrown hair)on our legs and that scarring that we had from poking the hair out was considerably lighter than it was once. Critically you guys this product is value each greenback and we extremely advocate it. We noticed one evaluation on right here the place another person in contrast this liquid to a rubbing alcohol and stated that it s similar factor however simply more costly – we are able to guarantee you that is nothing like a rubbing alcohol and it does work. (we tried making use of rubbing alcohol too with no success). Ps:one factor value of mentioning is that good moisturizer should be used after utilizing this product and we additionally suppose that s a key to succeed. We now have used physique cream that contained 10% urea and the combo labored incredible (urea evenly exfoliate the pores and skin so combining with this liquid did it s job).

We now have tried lots of of products and life-style adjustments for our pores and skin, however they by no means labored. Being 25, that is the primary and solely factor that we’ve found that works on our pores and skin. Works amazingly to clear up our kp, stress zits, razor bumps. We now have dry, delicate pores and skin and this product by no means left us with a detrimental response. We have been stunned that we truly noticed a dramatic enchancment in a single day after simply one use. We’re undoubtedly bought on this product.

These things is surprisingly superb. We now have very delicate pores and skin and can usually solely shave as soon as per week to keep away from doing critical injury. We now have been utilizing bikinizone for awhile now (on our legs too) and thought there was no method this product might probably examine, however we gave it a shot resulting from different nice opinions and it not being costly. And we’re so impressed. It s better than bikinizone. We used it final evening for the primary time instantly after shaving, then after we undressed for mattress tonight, we caught ourself within the mirror and seen a serious enchancment round our bikinwe line already after simply one use. It does have a little bit of a sting if you first apply it, however that sting fades shortly. The product absorbs nearly instantly, and leaves the pores and skin a lot softer than we had anticipated. Our boyfriend even seen how comfortable our pores and skin was. We simply squeezed it out instantly into our hand (no actual want for cotton balls) and utilized to our legs and bikinwe line proper after our bathe. We adopted up with a delicate moisturizer after as nicely. Our pores and skin felt nice instantly and, as we talked about, our earlier razor-bump injury has already began to fade simply 24hrs after the primary use.

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