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The ConfiDental – Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of The ConfiDental – Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism.

  • Our mouthguard is best for teeth grinding, an athletic dental guard and teeth whitening tray. Whether you are kid, youth or adult if you clench or grind your teeth and wish to protect them, our bite guards are right for you. Whether you enjoy night time or daytime sports, our guards are best solution for you.
  • Made with BPA free and Phthalates free premium grade product, Confidental nightguard are easy to clean and can be recycled. The bundle comes with high quality case.
  • Comfy to use – Made from a moldable product, Confidental dental guards custom fits to accommodate any mouth size. Includes easy to follow directions with an action by action video on how to use the product.
  • Regular and Heavy- duty protection – Includes a total of 5 mouthguards, 3 for regular protection (3mm density) and 2 for heavy- duty protection (6mm density )
  • Our mouth pieces are not only for teeth mills however likewise for boxing pieces, football mouth piece, straightener trays

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More Info:

Here are some more information on The ConfiDental – Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism.
The ConfiDental Moldable Mouthguard – Pack of 5 The Kit Includes: 3 pieces of 3mm thick ConfiDental Dental Guards 2 pieces of 6mm thick ConfiDental Dental Guards 1 Travel Hygiene Case Action- by- action directions for the molding and fitting processOur high quality professional mouthguard is an outstanding dental home appliance. For a better prevention, our mouthguard is made from soft thermo plastic premium medical grade BPA Free and Phthalate Free product. It s comfy for you to use it every day and night. Our guard is the very best solution for teeth mills. It safeguards both your upper (leading) and lower (bottom) teeth. In addition, it can be utilized for a whitening tray in teeth whitening treatments. With the slim (thin) style, our mouth guards supply you with comfort when using it.Each bundle comes with 3 Regular gaurds (3mm thin) and 2 Sturdy guards (6mm thick). Our ultra comfort mouth guard can be utilized as a dental protector, teeth whitening trays, and sport mouthguard.If you have issue with bruxism while sleeping at nighttime. You can use our mouth guard to prevent your teeth (tooth) in your sleep.If you wish to lighten or bleach your teeth, you can likewise use our mouthguard as a teeth whitening trays along with whitening gel in whitening or whitening process.Whether you are men, women, mommy or daddy with a kid, teenager, kids, kids, or teenagers with a small or large mouth, if you have teeth grinding issues, our nightguards are the very best fit for you and your enjoyed ones. You can quickly mold and tailor the gaurds right at your own home with a boil water. It is adjustable to custom fit your mouth considering that It can be formed and remolded.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on The ConfiDental – Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism.

Question Question 1

Where Is This Made?

we wondered too after enjoying a program on fakeproducts After we used it for about 10 minutes we began to believe where is it made. we might not find any info on package, the directions, or on the web. Despite the fact that it is boiled in hot water to mold which might eliminate the bacteria, it doesn t always stop t we wondered too after enjoying a program on fakeproducts After we used it for about 10 minutes we began to believe where is it made. we might not find any info on package, the directions, or on the web. Despite the fact that it is boiled in hot water to mold which might eliminate the bacteria, it doesn t always stop the chemicals from leaking into your body. we are taking it out and going to brush our teeth once again and reassess a Night guard. we were simply attempting to conserve $400 at the dentist.

Question Question 2

Can We Use It For Lower Teeth?

Yesyou can. You would simply mold it for your lower teeth.

Question Question 3

It States Bpa Free On The Description On The Page Nevertheless It Doesn T State It Onthw Box It Can Be Found In? Is This Bpa Free?

we didn’t even take note of that, however it looks like it would state bpa free on package, if it was.

Question Question 4

We Can’T Keep From Slobbering When We Have This In. Did We Make It Incorrect?

For me, that only occur when we first put it in. After about 2- 3 minutes then we stopped slobbering. May be various to other users.

Question Question 5

Can We Use This Product If We Have Dentures?

If you take your dentures out however with your staying teeth you still grind them, our company believe these guards would still work for you. Perhaps mold the guards without your dentures in, if you do not sleep with your dentures in during the night.

Question Question 6

Can We Use This As A Teeth Whitening Tray? For Upper And Lower?


Question Question 7

Just How Much Of Your Gums Does This Cover? Searching for One That Stops Prior To Covering Our Gums?

Mine covers all of our gums

Question Question 8

Can You Consume With These In?

we have a really smallmouth and might n’tget them to fit, however we do n’tthink you might consume, probablyjust use them for sleep

Question Question 9

The Product Expense 11.97 However When We Include It To Our Cart Its 17.97 Why Is This?

No concept perhaps delivering or taxes

Question Question 10

Does It Keep Your Teeth In Location? We Use A Retainer Since It Keeps Our Teeth In Location. We Worry Our Teeth Will Shift If We Get A Night Guard.?

It must keep your teeth in location and it’s not like it’s a real aligner however we would truthfully ask your dentist if you have any doubts. we do not have a retainer and we will get braces quickly and we have asked 2 orthodontists about using this and 1 stated it ought to be alright to use it and the other stated that it mig It must keep your teeth in location and it’s not like it’s a real aligner however we would truthfully ask your dentist if you have any doubts. we do not have a retainer and we will get braces quickly and we have asked 2 orthodontists about using this and 1 stated it ought to be alright to use it and the other stated that it may impact our teeth.???? It depends upon your circumstance and absolutely ask your dentist to be safe.

Question Question 11

Is This Soft?

Reasonably soft. Ive had the harder, dental bite guard and ConfiDental is much softer. we tend to clinch our teeth so the flexible product absorbs our clinching teeth.

Question Question 12

Would This Fit A Kid?

Yes, it fits our older primary kid

Question Question 13

How Do We Cut The Back Part What Goes On The Upper Part Of Mouth? It S Too Tall And Thick It S Makjng United States Gag Non Stop Lol?

we didnt need to cut mine however we believe it may state on the directions. we viewed some youtube videos on it prior to we did it.

Question Question 14

Can You Use This On The Leading Of Retainers? Would These Change Retainers?

we wouldn t use it on top of a retainer, however constantly constantly ask your dentist first.

Question Question 15

Is It Clear?

Yes, it is clear

Question Question 16

What Sort Of Chemicals Remain In This Product?

Don’ t understand of any chemicals

Question Question 17

To Use As Whitening Trays We Presume We Would Require To Make One For Our Leading And One For Our Lower Teeth? Anybody Attempted It?

we do not understand if this product was suggested for teeth whitening

Question Question 18

Can Somebody Inform The Email Address Of Confidental Company? We Lost The Box And Instructions.Don’ T Suggest To Examine Their Site (It’S Damaged).?

For technical concerns books states contact.com and for video of molding go to the confidential.com/video2only e-mails the boxxor book provides you.

Question Question 19

With Night Grinding, Do We Use Both Leading And Bottom Or Simply The Leading One?The Information Appears To Suggest That Only The Leading Is Required.?

we use leading or bottom depending upon which we grindmore However that’s simply us lol. Generally it’s the leading only considering that we grind leadingmore However you can use both if ur a bad mill.

Question Question 20

Does It Burn Your Gums When You Attempt To Make The Mold From Hot Water?

No, however be very cautious due to the fact that it could. You need to time it ideal. After taking it out of the warm water, you have a few seconds to let it cool down simply enough to put it in your mouth. You desire the guard to form or mold to your teeth or bite. If it cools down excessive it may not work properly. we hope this assists.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on The ConfiDental – Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Can t think we are composing a product evaluation for a mouth guard. However it s that good. This is the most comfy mouth guard we have ever used ever. We wouldn t ever imagine ourself to put in the time to compose an evaluation for such a basic product however it absolutely derserves a goodone The lesson here is not all mouth guards are produced equivalent haha this one wasn t that is for sure. We are martial arts professional and have been by mouth guards for 10 years so we were impressed by this brand.

These worked completely. We clench our jaw all night and have sensitive gums and our $340 mouth guard began to aggravate them. We formed and cut one of the thinner guard in this pack and have used it to bed for 2 weeks now. We will absolutely never ever be purchasing guards from our dentist once again. This is a fantastic product.

These mouth guards are good worth. You get 3 light duty ones and 2 thicker ones. The thicker ones are what we are utilized to purchasing walgreen’ s, however the lighter ones are more comfy to use thru the night. They formed quickly, simply warm water to about coffee temperature in the microwave drop the guard in and let it sit a minute and then pop it in your mouth bite down carefully and hold up until it cools. We typically duplicate this one more time for a best fit. People with issues get the water too hot and leave it in there too long melting the plastic.

These worked terrific. Both the strong and regular, in shape our top and bottom teeth; however you only require to use 1 at a time. We are so grateful due to the fact that we have a deep bite/ overbite (we require braces), however they still fit over our teeth completely. Using to the leading teeth suggested our lips didn’t fully touch/close in the middle, however it didn’t make us a mouth breather. Using to the bottom teeth, we might close our mouth all the way, as normal. They do not come out when we are sleeping. We grind/ clench our teeth in our sleep and have unsuccessfully utilized mouth guards in the past. They were all smaller sized in length (height in between top/middle of gums and bottom of teeth). So they ‘d come out our mouth while sleeping and we would awaken with it beside me. Likewise we chewed through a few within a month. So this is a lifesaver. Seriously we are so delighted it fits.

These mouth guards were super easy to use/mold. Simply toss them in a pot of hot warm water for 20 seconds, take them out of the water, let it rest on a paper towel for a 2nd or more, then put them around your teeth. Set them in cold water to strengthen the mold you have produced. What we love about these too however, is that if you ruined simply a bit, you can attempt to repair it by tossing it back into the warm water and duplicating the actions fromabove We want the directions for how the use them were a little more condensed/concise; we likewise have a smaller sized mouth so there was a little excessive extra product that got pressed to the top of our mouth, however other besides that, there’s absolutely nothing to grumble about these.

We formed one of the thinner ones considering that we only mildly/moderately grind our teeth during the night. A few years earlier, we paid a great deal of $$ to have a dentist make one for us. After we had some dental work done, it no longer fit our mouth and was worthless. Our physician recommended something like this. This works better for us due to the fact that it is much thinner and way more comfy to use during the night (barely even recognize you have it on). Yet is still keeps us from grinding our teeth while sleeping.

Our canine obtained our $500 night guard custom fitted by our dentist, however this mouth guard works splendidly. It’s comfy to oversleep all night long, however still offers the protection we require from grinding our teeth.

We truly truly dislike using a mouthguard when we sleep, however this one formed completely – more completely than any other mouthguard we have bought in the past. O. K., back to the information – molded completely, rapidly, and effectively. Delivering fasted, and customer support. Great. Would we purchase once again? yes.

Thank goodness they can be remolded due to the fact that this is not our calling.?? after destroying the first 2 trays, we lastly figured out what we required to do to the 3rdone We cut off the whole back wall. Then it was a lot more workable. We kept remolding and cutting more off up until it lastly worked out for us. After we lastly figured it out, it was terrific. We could not think that there is a product on the market to make a custom mouth guard. After we got our braces off in our early teenagers, we believe our mouth guard resembled $400 This was super affordable and looks truly comparable. We are super delighted with completion outcome.

We got ta state we are truly pleased with this product. We had a mouth piece our dentist made for us to protect our teeth during the night from teeth grinding, however it required to be changed. That mouth piece initially cost us $400 and we chose to attempt out this do it yourself verision prior to we shell out that much once again for a replacement. On our first effort it came out remarkable. We were stressed we would ruin, however it truly was easy. Simply follow the pointers in the consisted of handout. It remained snug versus our teeth all night and didn’t fall out of our mouth while sleeping. The only critism we can offer it is that it’s a lot thicker than our original mouth piece, however it was still comfy for us. We are delighted with our purchase. It came with 5 moldable mouth pieces and a plastic case. We are absolutely going to buy this if we require to in the future.

Some previous mouth guards have a really hard bottom that your bottom teeth rest versus. We do not like that. Some are too soft and your bottom teeth can bite into that. These are ideal. We desire the upper teeth formed, however not the lower, however we desire the bottom soft enough that if we secure our teeth during the night the guard will offersome These do that. We need to confess we messed up the first 2 prior to we got the 3rd one right. The first one we left in the water too long and it curled on itself and got stuck. The 2nd one we took out faster however when we formed it to our teeth we bit too hard with both top and bottom teeth. This will form an unique area for each tooth, top and bottom, to rest and that’s not what we desire. We desire the guard to fit our leading teeth only and have a flat, smooth bottom to move on in case we grind our teeth. So the 3rd time we got it right. We boiled the water, pulled the guard out prior to it melted, put it on our teeth and utilized our thumbs to push up onto our upper teeth, you likewise require to draw all the air out to help it form around your teeth and gums. By rising with our thumbs we didn’t make any bottom teeth marks and the bottom remained smoother. Something else we like about this guard more than others is it has enough material to increase previous your teeth and onto your gums. We had trouble with a previous night guard that stopped right at the edge of our teeth and gums and was constantly annoying that spot. These are much more comfortabl fit for us. Now, our guard was best for the width of our mouth however it was unfathomable so we put it in our mouth prior to we formed it and saw that we required to cut about 1/2′ off completion where the back teeth go. Examine yours prior to you mold it. Some people have a much deeper set of teeth than others.

Fantastic product for the cost. Our canine got to our mouth guard that was made by our dentist. To change would be $58000 This worked terrific. Suggestions, when putting the guard in your mouth to form do not bite down to hard or your jaw will move into power mode and the positioning from leading to bottom will be off. Keeping your jaw unwinded and lined up is what you desire as that is the unwinded state when you are asleep. Hope that assists.

We purchased this for the snorer and the teeth grinder on our home. They have been utilizing it consistently and up until now this mouthgaurd has been working marvels. They quality of the product is terrific, extremely durable for lots of usages. They state in the beginning it’s a little strange in their mouth however that they got utilized to it. It’s super easy to clean and the bring case is a life saver them. We would absolutely suggest it for people who are appearance for a quick solution. We offered it 4 stars only due to the fact that of the preliminary uncomfortability in the start.

The first time around it for to got & didn’t mold right (like didn’t go all the way back on one side of our mouth however went too far back on the other side) so we figured we would attempt once again prior to putting it into the trash considering that the directions state you can. Came out terrific the 2nd time. Love that there are 5 in package. Attempted the 3m ones first. They are working well. Only removed a start due to the fact that more costly brands we have utilized in the past are simpler to mold. Less space for user mistake.

We liked this product quite. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. We use this with a whitening gel, and it operates extremely well. We likewise like that there are 5 systems, although we are only utilizing 2 for now and believe this will last for rather some time.

This mouth guard tremendously surpassed our expectations. And we will inform you why. When it got here, it was well packaged and was clean. When we opened the system it had 3 regular and 2 strong mouthguards. All of these are moldable and fit quickly into our mouth. We were likewise happy with the case that supports anti- bacterial conditions. With all of this in mind, with our molded regular mouth guard in for 1 night, we were extremely happy when we got up. Night 1: our teeth weren’t sore from grinding, they weren’t sensitive like they typically were when we ground our teeth. From the start a really pleasing night with this guard in. Once again, the case was available in helpful and was easy to wash. Now we were ready to attempt the strong guards in night 2. Night 2: prior to going to sleep we formed the 2nd strong mold following the instructions utilizing the consisted of user’s manual. After molding, we went to sleep. Got up next early morning with the very same outcomes as the opening night. Sturdy is more for much heavier mills. Conclusion: total our experience was tremendously better than we had initially believed. These molds are of good quality and suggest these to anybody who is having a concern with teeth grinding. These are significantly customizable/sizeable to any users mouth size and goal for comfortability. We found this in our experience in the past few days. Half of the time we barely understood it remained in there after getting utilized to it.

We have been grinding our teeth/clenching in our sleep and it s caused some concerns. We purchased a $200+ mouth guard from our dental workplace that was super uneasy and we only used it two times. We attempted a few nonprescription products that were a waste of cash. We saw this and purchased it without much hope. When it got here, we were stressed due to the fact that it looked a lot like a regular mouth guard. We listened to a few other evaluations and was extremely cautious when we were molding the guard. We really warmed up warm water in our keurig and let it sit for 30 seconds prior to putting in the guard. We let the guard being in the mug for 60 seconds, shook it off, then put it in our mouth to mold. It was best. We did it two times to be sure. We have had the ability to use it with zero issue during the night and wear t awaken uneasy. Our jaw doesn t hurt when we awaken and we are super happy.

We have tmj condition so we require to use mouth guard when we go to sleep and while we are driving (stress). Our one years of age custom guard that we invested $600 was at its last leg (it appears like canine chewed it). Rather of going to our dentist once again, we chose to offer this mouth guard a shot. We were impressed how easy it was to mold. It is extremely comfy and fits so well. The highlight is that we can keep one in by our nightstand, and one in our cars and truck. Not only we had the ability to conserve a great deal of cash, however while doing so, we are presented to a new world of mouth guards.:-) we would extremely suggest this product to anybody who have a hard time with tml and have bad routine of grinding teeth.

In one box, there are total 5. After checking out the direction thoroughly, we attempted the firstone The first shot wasn t that good. Even fitting was tight and good, however the mouthguard didn’t cover our all teeth. We believed we keep it in the warm water too long and it diminished. So at 2nd effort, we did put in hot water little much shorter time and one side did cover all teeth, however not the opposite. 3rd effort likewise stopped working. We were sort of dissatisfied. So we sort of quit and simply put in warm water long adequate time we can stretch by force. It was extremely soft and simply extended enough time to cover all of our teeth. The result was terrific. Now it covers all teeth and does fit completely. We would suggest to play with first one a number of times and attempt to comprehend how to make it fit to your mouth. If the first shot was bad, put in the warm water and it will diminish and you can recycle it. So it works terrific for us and you require bit of abilities to make it to fit. After utilizing it, our teeth does not hurt in the early morning any longer. Really pleased.

We were never ever a big fan of mouth guards up until we split 2 teeth under the gum line. First it was a root canal and crowns and then we found out that we required a bridge or implants. $4k later on and 2 years we lastly have our implants. All of this from an effect injury from playing sports. It absolutely isn’t worth going through the pain and expense of implants that might have been prevented if we were using a mouth guard. The procedure of molding them is similar to any mouth guard other than that these are more flexible. The instructions state to put in boiling water for 18 seconds, however we would suggest less time. Likewise take care, due to the fact that the sides can fuse together. We boiled water and put it into a bowl and put the guard in for 10 seconds. You rapidly take it out and shake the water off then simply put the mouth guard into your mouth and bite down. These are much more comfy than other mouth guards.

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