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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Refill.

  • POWERED BY FELIWAY: Powered by the # 1 Veterinarian Recommended solution, to reduce feline dispute, and keep harmony in a multi-cat home – suitable with ThunderEase diffusers
  • EFFECTIVE FOR 90% OF FELINES: Veterinarian Recommended, and clinically evaluated to be over 90% effective in decreasing combating, scratching, hissing, and other aggressive habits amongst felines in the exact same home
  • DRUG FREE SOLUTION: Our diffuser mimicks a mom’s natural nursing scents, which assists to put felines at ease, and adjust to modifications, and reduce dispute amongst felines
  • CONCEALS TO 700 SQUARE FEET: For the very best outcomes, your diffuser needs to be plugged into the space where your feline invests the most time.
  • FROM THE MAKERS OF THUNDERSHIRT: You can rely on ThunderWorks for economical, effective, user friendly calming solutions.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Refill.
In some cases having numerous felines in your home can produce some quite tense circumstances. Hissing, batting, scratching and full on combating can end up being all to common. Nursing moms release scents that help their kitties feel safe and bond with each other. ThunderEase Multi- Feline Calming Diffuser imitates those nursing scents for a veterinarian recommended calming solution that is proven to be over 90% effective in decreasing the strength and frequency of disputes and assists your felines get along. It might even help with other undesirable habits like spraying and scratching.The diffuser launches a drug-free odor-free vapor that can cover to 700 square feet and last as much as 30 days. Simply plug the diffuser in the space your felines use the most and view the distinction in habits. Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Refill.

Question Question 1

If Thunder Ease Is “Powered By Feliway” Then Why Shouldn’T We Buy Feliway Rather?

Feliway, which is the “brand” name use in a lot of feline calming pheromone diffusers, is more costly than what is offered under thethe ThunderEase name. our child’s feline, who was wild for her first 3-4 months prior to being captured and put in a shelter, utilized to constantly assault us when we neighbored. Now, after a few months usi Feliway, which is the “brand” name use in a lot of feline calming pheromone diffusers, is more costly than what is offered under thethe ThunderEase name. our child’s feline, who was wild for her first 3-4 months prior to being captured and put in a shelter, utilized to constantly assault us when we neighbored. Now, after a few months utilizing the ThunderEase diffuser, we can pet her and lift her up without being assaulted.

Question Question 2

Can This Be Utilized With The Feliway Diffuser?

The ThunderEase refills have only been evaluated with the ThunderEase diffuser.For security preventative measures, we highly motivate you to only use the ThunderEase refills with the designated diffuser.

Question Question 3

Why Does Plan State Powered By Feliway?

Our bundles state powered by Feliway since ThunderEase is made by the exact same fantastic company, Ceva, that created the calming pheromone classification with Feliway and Adaptil products.

Question Question 4

How Is This Product Made? Are Breeding Animals Utilized To Produce The Pheromone?

ThunderEase products are artificial scents that simulate the scents pets and felines naturally release, no animals were breaded to produce the pheromone.

Question Question 5

Where Are These Made And Produced?

The ThunderEase products are made in France

Question Question 6

Where Are These Made And Produced?

The ThunderEase products are made in France

Question Question 7

, May We Ask Where It Is Made? Like What Nation? Thank You.?

The ThunderEase products are made in France.

Question Question 8

Do These Capture On Fire After They Are Empty?

we now set a repeating suggestion on our phone– every 30/31 days– to examine and switch.Before we did this we would forget to alter it and my own would get hot however never ever a fire.It would be dry only for a few days up until our bully kid would begin breaking down once again which advised us to alter the bottle.we do not believe we now set a repeating suggestion on our phone– every 30/31 days– to examine and switch.Before we did this we would forget to alter it and my own would get hot however never ever a fire.It would be dry only for a few days up until our bully kid would begin breaking down once again which advised us to alter the bottle.we do not believe we ever had it plugged in and empty for more than a week in those days.However, with the calendar tips there’s no risk (and no bullying.). KEEP IN MIND: likewise switch out the warmer/plug a minimum of every 6 mos so you aren’t utilizing an extremely stressed out warmer.

Question Question 9

Will The Thunderease Refills Fit The Comfort Zone Diffuser?

We highly advise that the ThunderEase refills only be utilized with the ThunderEase diffusers, as they have not been evaluated for security with other products.

Question Question 10

The Number Of Diffusers Would Be Recommended For A Family Of 9 Cats?Three Of The 9 Are Having An Extremely Hard Time.?

1 diffuser system will cover to 700 square feet.You will require to identify how large the location is you are attempting to cover and determine the number of diffusers you will require for that protection.

Question Question 11

Does The Diffuser We Got For The Thunderease Single Feline Kit Fit The Multicast Refills?

Yes, all of our refill bottles are the exact same size/shape and will fit the diffuser head.

Question Question 12

The Comfort Zone Brand Altered The Look Of Both The Diffusers And The Leading Of Their Refill Bottles/Were Improved; Will These Fit Their Old Diffusers?

These healthy completely in the comfort zone diffusers we had. (Which are quite old-)

Question Question 13

What The Deff In Between That And Multicat Defuser The Red One?

we are not exactly sure what you indicate by the”Red One” we have been utilizing this for about a year and have had good luck.We have 3 felines; 2 of whom have been with us because they were kitties. The 3rd was a kittycat that remained in the back yard.It turned out to be rather feral and presented issues as she matured.The feral one we are not exactly sure what you indicate by the”Red One” we have been utilizing this for about a year and have had good luck.We have 3 felines; 2 of whom have been with us because they were kitties. The 3rd was a kittycat that remained in the back yard.It turned out to be rather feral and presented issues as she matured.The feral one liked to leap the other two.Not enjoyable for any of us. we utilized the pheromone that was indicated for stopping catfights.It took a while however works the majority of the time.But we presume you most likely do not have any feral cats.If there are disputes in between felines, ensure you get the one utilized for battles or trouble in between felines. Check out the label thoroughly to get the properone Likewise, use a minimum of 2 systems at a time ideally in an active space and one dispenser on each side of the space. we hope that assists you.

Question Question 14

Do The Refills Feature The Plug?

If the product you’re purchased states “Kit”, it will come with a diffuser head.If it only states “Refill” then no, it will not consist of one.

Question Question 15

If This Is Driven By Feliway Why Aren T They Related To Them?

Unsure however in our viewpoint it does not work in addition to feliway.

Question Question 16

The Number Of Ounces In Each Bottle?

The diffuser bottles are 48 ml about 1.6 ounces.

Question Question 17

Why Aren T You Expected To Use An Extension Strip?We Have Been Utilizing It That Way For A Month Now Simply Fine.We Don T Have An Open Outlet In The Space.?

The only thing that enters your mind is that there is a goal from the system that might stream into the electrical strip. we have observed a little bit of circulation from the atomizing system above andbelow Mine, nevertheless, is plugged into the outlet. Hope this assists.

Question Question 18

We Have Heard These Diffuses Can Be Fire Hazards.Any Concepts?

The ThunderEase diffuser will be warm to the touch, however this is merely to diffuse the scents throughout the room.They are not a fire threat when utilized properly and changed as directed.The diffuser is likewise made from a self-extinguishing plastic on the occasion that it must end up being too hot.

Question Question 19

The Number Of Refills Remain In The 180 Day Supply?

we never ever purchased the 180 day supply.we purchased 2 at a time and each refill lasts 30 days, nevertheless; the fluid does not appear to last 30 days.

Question Question 20

Does This Likewise Help With Spraying?

The ThunderEase Multicat would not help with spraying, however the ThunderEase Feline has worked for this problem

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Refill, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Thunderease pheromone diffusers work beyond our wildest creativity. We had 2 felines that, for the previous 4 years, have been indiscriminately marking all over your home. Likewise, they didn’t get along with 2 other of our felines, and were constantly fighting. We have a 3rd feline that for the previous 2 years has been having a loss of hair issue, and appeared like a mangy roaming more than an enjoyed home feline, and absolutely nothing has assisted. On our last veterinarian go to, our veterinarian (who had retired a number of years back, so we had not seen him ever since, however was filling out) recommended us attempting this out on the hairless feline, and believed it may deal with the other issues too. After a month, there appeared to be an enhancement in habits with the 2 markers, and the hair-loss industrial appeared to be less hairless. It is now 2 months ever since, and we are offered on this product. We have not had a mishap in weeks, the battles are far and few in between (now mainly initiated by the ex-victims), and our rogaine prospect now is as good-looking as can be, with a nearly full coat of hair. It might be that we’ll be utilizing this from now on, however it deserves every cent. We have got 6 felines, so we anticipate that we will now have a quite delighted flock. Or herd. Or whatever you call a lot of felines. Thanks, thunder ease.

Our feline was saved from a hoarder and awfully violent home after it was robbed. This pheromone has assisted her a lot that she now will sit near me, close enough to pet her, and to consume in harmony. There is no doubt in our mind that this product has assisted her cool down and live a more unwinded life.

This things is incredible. We combined 2 senior felines with 2 young person felines. The senior female disliked the the other woman. She would stalk her and attack. We attempted whatever we might think about for nearly 2 years. We saw an advertisement for this product and figured it deserved a shot. After approximately 2 weeks everyone was mellowed out and living well together. They can even oversleep the exact same space now. We have them plugged in in 2 places of the home and that appears to work best.

We just recently got the calming antwe stress and anxiety pheromone refills. We have been utilizing another brand for some time. We have 2 felines and the youngest one is a bully. We have had the refill plugged in for a week and am seeing significant enhancements. The only thing we wear t like is it will most likely only last 3 weeks. We re on special needs and wear t have cash to spare. Do you have a discount rate for handicapped veterinarians?.

We order these on a monthly basis to keep our felines from combating. They constantly get here rapidly. We began acquiring feliway multicat to reduce stress and combating amongst felines after bringing home a newbie. After 1 week utilizing 1 diffuser, we discovered a big reduction in displeasure and attacks amongst the felines, so we kept including extra diffusers in extremely utilized locations to improve the climatic concentration of the artificial hormone up until we reached the optimum amount when the felines got along, which was 5 diffusers for our 1300 sq feet area with high ceilings. Utilizing 5 diffusers, there is no displeasure at all and the felines are even beginning to like each other. The felines signal us when the bottles run dry, as they begin combating once again. We were bereft when feliway stopped offering the 6 refill pack since the expense is so high for 1 or 2 refills at a time. Furtunately, thundershirt began providing a comparable product in 6 pack that fits the feliway diffusers completely. We instantly discovered that thundershirt brand worked somewhat better than feliway. Just recently, feliway began offering the 6 pack multicat variation, so we purchased it once again, however they altered the style of diffusers and refill bottles. While the new style bottles still work with old variation diffusers, they leakage solution something aweful, so we have not purchased any more because we will be utilizing the old design diffusers for a long period of time. We do not understand what we would do without this product. Prior to attempting the hormone product, there was absolutely nothing more that might be done to get our felines to get along and we were thinking about that we find a various home for the newbie feline, which we did not desire. This product made a major distinction in our felines habits, and was the only thing that lastly permitted our felines to share a delighted home. Because a lot of multi-cat users of this product do so for years (we are going on 2 years now), we , desire thundershirt would provide this 6 pack on a lowered expense monyhly membership basis.

We have been utilizing pheromone diffusers for about 2 years. We have a senior woman (7lbs) and a rowdy male (18 pounds); the woman would consistently beat the stuffing out of the male. This made the male distressed, and he would claw carpet and furnishings, chew up carpets, and periodically spray in your home. The scents stopped that. We can inform without looking when the diffusers run out; turmoil rules once again and the felines act like barbarians. We run one upstairs and one downstairs; the bottles last a little less than a month. We utilized comfortzone up until the quality took a nose-dive in 2015. Changed to thunderease and discovered that the felines returned to fairly mellow (no bloodshed, less stress and anxiety behaviour). Thunderease bottles do not leakage (unlike the last 2 comfortzone refill packs), and the diffuser does not get amazingly hot (unlike the last comfortzone diffuser we purchased). Much better with this product. Felines appear to authorize, too.

This things we works. We began utilizing when we included 1 feline to a currently 2-cat home. Ever since, we included 1 more human who came with an extra 2 felines. With 5 felines total, this things is essential. It works precisely as promoted. Within 1 week of plugging these in, we discovered a significant favorable modification in their level of peace. We fretted that it would leave the felines “stoned,” and sluggish, however by no methods. Their energy level is normal. The most shy feline of the lot even beinged in the middle of the living-room when we had a celebration one time. We experience far less battles, friendlier habits, more bathing among all the felines. The only unfavorable point is the product packaging of the vials themselves. If you tip them even a bit, they leakage extremely quickly. We can not smell the oil personally; we do not believe it has any odor noticeable by people. The oil is somewhat caustic, nevertheless. It peels the varnish off wood. We need to keep a close eye on each set to ensure they didn’t leak. We initially prepared to use these for restricted time simply to present the felines amongst each other. They work so well, we now use these completely, and have them on membership here with.

We were hesitant that this would work however was desperate for something other than anti-anxiety medications for our 4 years of age tuxedo feline. He has been showing indications of stress and anxiety because 8/2018, when we let our pals ‘shepherd hang with us for a few days. We were beginning to quit on the product since we had been utilizing it for about 6 weeks & hadn t seen any modification. Then unexpectedly the defecting on the flooring slowed & stopped, the hissing & snarling & concealing stopped & we had our sweet kid back. It takes some time to work however we prevented medication. We have because reordered them & are utilizing them daily to keep our kid calm. The system does get warm however we disconnect it throughout the day & plug it in in the evening when he goes to his space. We have seen no indications of getting too hot or fire threat.

This works. We were looking for a less expensive alternative to another product. While hesitant, we chose to gamble. We are thankful we did. Like others, we wish to state that this appears to work better than the other brand. Our badly skittish feline is now out and about throughout your home and is no longer scared of our spouse. To the point that he rested in his office recently.

Thunderease plugins work marvels for our distressed cat. We have a cat that is a little, will we state, “high-strung?” we can constantly inform when the thunderease has run out since he launches with more hostility and plastic chewing. We understand there are other brands of feline scents, however thunderease is the only one that appears to affect our cat. We keep a couple plugged in at all times. One near food and one near litter boxes. Then one in main locations of home. So if you have gotten to completion of your rope with aggressive, distressed or bad habits of cat, we will state that there is a distinction in between brands. We are thankful we attempted it and it makes a distinction in our numerous feline home.

It didn’t take place overnight so you need to offer it a week or more to work however let us inform you, when it does. Wow, what a distinction. Our male was the king of your home prior to we generated our female 6 months later on. He never ever let her forget her location and she was constantly suffered the force of his attentions. Number of weeks into this product being plugged in (one in front and one in back half of home) and the 2 play like brother or sisters. In reality, rather of assaulting her, he approaches and then rolls onto his back (submissive) for play. She has stopped matting and has ended up being entirely calm, unthreatened and in your home. Total peace. This things is incredible however like we stated, it takes a few weeks to start; a minimum of it performed in our case.

We have utilized other pheromone diffusers, and they have worked well. However the rate on this product is much better, and we see no distinction in the effectiveness. Our feline and our “grand-cat” are sharing their area with much less stress. We would advise this.

So, we discovered a big distinction in our felines habits within the 2nd day of utilizing this. She is frightened by our older, grumpier feline. We couldn’t think the significant distinction in her, she started snuggling with us once again, doing her normal bathing and hanging out once again in her preferred feline tree bed. She is less upset. We were stunned and questioned what made the distinction and the only thing we had done various was plug these in 2 days in the past. Our only frustration is that the liquid doesn t appear to last long. However offered this substantial distinction, we are going to keep purchasing them.

This product does work. We have 2 felines, one a siamese that peed in all the incorrect locations, in our closet, on our bed, in our workplace and even on the sofa right beside where we were sitting. Our veterinarian recommended this product. We connect one on the wall at the bottom of our stairs and it appears to cover our 1850 sq feet, 2-story home simply fine. It worked beginning instantly. Another factor we understand it works is since we forgot to change the last one for 5 days and she simply peed in a box of clothes. The big and only problem we have with this is that it stops working to last as promoted. You get 6 bottles in a 180- day supply, which we presume implies each one must last 30 days. That has never ever held true. We have not had one last longer than 3 weeks. Essentially this makes the rate a fair bit greater (25% greater) and reduces the total worth of the product. It’s extremely frustrating, particularly thinking about each small bottle expenses $10 currently. We will watch for options. In the meantime, it reassuring to understand that it a minimum of works.

We offered this 5 stars for worth, although we still believe they re a bit expensive, merely since they are still considerably less expensive than other brands. These work simply as well the more costly brands. We have 4 felines, 3 males and 1 woman. We can constantly inform when the diffusers are out without even inspecting, since they all begin to get spirited with each other. As long as these are plugged in, it s normally smooth cruising. Our problem with rate is that we need to use a lot of. So although it s $10 for one, out home requires 6 simply to cover one flooring. Which s utilizing the minimum amount. We only have them in corridors and the main shared spaces. The $60 deserves it, particularly when it costs us almost $100/ month with other brands.

This transcends to any of the other feline calmingproducts It worked miracles for our felines. Our felines are litter mates and after 3 years they started to intimidate eachother. The female remained in our bed room and never ever cameout This went on almost a year. We utilized the other products and this worked. Now the felines are their old selves and even lie together. She now roams your home once again with no worry and he has mellowed towards her. We only offered it 4 stars since it does not come close to lasting 30 days. More like 18 to 21 days. We still buy it since it works. We are spreading out the systems out further now.

This is an excellent product. Our distressed, scaredy feline is now extremely calm, and unwinded. She went from concealing when we heard loud sounds to examining them. We love this product, and get it car provided every few weeks. We extremely advise it.

We utilized 2 rounds of the regular formula to little-to-fair habits modifications in our most stressed out feline. However ** this ** formula has made a big distinction in our indoor-cat home, especially in the sociability of our most afraid/ scaredy feline. He now invests >50% of his time (up from ~10%) hanging with us people and has even come out to check out with our visitors – definitely unheard previous to utilizing the multi-cat formula. Fyi, we put a diffuser in each of the 3 main living locations of our home and started seeing significant lead to ~ 3days.

We are so sorry to our 14 years of age feline that we didn’t find this faster. She has been bullied by her 7 years of age sibling for years. This things works. We have 1 plugged in a main area where the bully invests a great deal of time. We have an open idea home and this is plugged in our living-room. Within 2-3 days, his bullying ended up being non-existent. Will never ever lack it. We believed we would require extra ones, however this 1 is sufficing.

We have 2 felines who simply snipe at each other all the time. This things keeps the peace in our home. It made a big distinction within 12 hours. Now we simply need to overcome the act that we have aromatherapy for our felines.

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