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Tiger Balm White Ointment HR Pain Relief

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tiger Balm White Ointment HR Pain Relief.

  • Tiger Balm White Ointment 30 g/Jar – Thailand Edition
  • Ingredients: Camphor 25.0%, Menthol 8.0%, Eucalyptus Oil 13.7%, Clove Oil 1.43%
  • Rub the ointment carefully on afflicted parts of the skin (avoid eye contact)
  • Fast acting pain-relief residential or commercial properties, made from herbal ingredients
  • Made in Thailand

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Color: WhiteTiger Balm Herbal Ointment Muscular Pain Relief 19.4

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tiger Balm White Ointment HR Pain Relief.

Question Question 1

What’S The Distinction In Between Red And White Tiger Balm?

The red is better for muscle pains, the white is better for headaches. red smells better sort of cinnamony due to the cloves, the white smells sort of like Vick’s vapo-rub due to the fact that of the camphor and peppermint however once again, the white is better for headaches.

Question Question 2

Does The White Tiger Balm Burn?

we have found that it does not burn at all.It has a really enjoyable heat briefly and then even that passes as it stays in contact with undamaged skin.

Question Question 3

Is This A Cream Or Gel Type??

It is an ointment, not a gel or cream.

Question Question 4

How Is White Tiger Balm Utilized For Cold?

Placed on forehead, temples, and below nostrils. Simply beware not to get in eyes. White tiger balm works a lot better than the red.

Question Question 5

When Is The Expiration Date?

we purchased my own about 6 months ago.On the side of package was the Expiration Date April2021 Hope this assists.

Question Question 6

Is This Fresh? When Is The Expiration Date?

Tiger Balm typically has an expiration of four years from the time it was packaged. we have actually been utilizing this product for years and we wait it, however by all methods inspect the expiration. The last one we got has an expiration date of 7/6/17 – 7/6/

Question Question 7

How Fast Is The Shipping?

prime so 2 days.

Question Question 8

Do You Have This Big Size (30 Gm) In 2 Sets?

Simply increase the number you want to acquire; no discount rate for more.

Question Question 9

Is This Non Staining Like The Tiger Balm Ultra Strength?

we have not had any issues with staining. It is exact same white color as the ultra. Only distinction is this includes clove and eucyliptis. It’s incredible and better than theUltra we will not use anything else for muscle/body pains.

Question Question 10

Qualified For Prime For Faster Shipping?

Mine was

Question Question 11

Does This Couloir Your Clothes Like The Yellow Tiger Balm? What’S The Distinction In Between The White And Yellow?

Hi Klara, it does not stain your clothes at all. we typically put it on after sparring sessions and when we rub it on our feet we simply put our sock on and after we take them off they have no discolorations. we personally never ever attempted that yellow tiger balm however it does look weaker in regards to its healing residential or commercial properties. Hope this help, en Hi Klara, it does not stain your clothes at all. we typically put it on after sparring sessions and when we rub it on our feet we simply put our sock on and after we take them off they have no discolorations. we personally never ever attempted that yellow tiger balm however it does look weaker in regards to its healing residential or commercial properties. Hope this help, english is not our mother tongue.

Question Question 12

How Does It Deal with Flatulence?

It does not. In Eastern medicine it would be used over the gastro intestinal tract location however not all tips are genuine.

Question Question 13

How Is White Tiger Utilized For Fever?

we use tiger balm for arthritis and carpal tunnel however have never ever utilized it for fever

Question Question 14

Can This Be Utilized On Children.We Have A 10 Year Old Who Will On Celebration Get Calf Cramps In The Middle Of The Night.?

we are not a medical professional however it appears quite benign. we would use it on our 10 years of age. Perhaps provide the kid some calcium too.? Growing discomforts are genuine.

Question Question 15

Native Land?

these ship from thailand and take around one month to get here after bought

Question Question 16

Do You Offer The Glass Bottle With Flying Tiger And Green Lid?

Hi MitScientist, Yes we do, ideally the below links will take you there:- Hi MitScientist, Yes we do, ideally the below links will take you there:- https://www..com/dp/B00 RCTBEPM?ref _= dpLinkhttps:// www. com/gp/offer-listing/ B00 RCTBEPM/ref= mw_dp_olp? ie= UTF8 & condition= newKind relates to, SunnyThawe Herbal Products

Question Question 17

What Does It Odor Like? Similar to The Red?

Simply has a strong menthol smell, not like the red.

Question Question 18

It Should Be An Extremely Effective Treatment For Toe Nail Fungus With 25% Camphor.Has Anybody Attempted To Deal With Toe Nail Fungus With Tiger Balm?

we only use it for muscle pain which is extremely effective and we would not be amazed if it assisted with toe nail fungus.

Question Question 19

Is This Tiger Balm White With Hr In Its Call Various Than The One Without It?

we believe the tiger balm white hr is new plan and the tiger balm white without hr is old plan, Sir.

Question Question 20

Does This Provide You The “Cold Hot” Feeling?

It does however it is incredible. Soothes joints and muscles.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Tiger Balm White Ointment HR Pain Relief, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Hi have fibroouralgia and this is the only kind of pain relief we get. This def works better then the hemp/cbd creams they charge way excessivefor White is likewise the way to go. Non staining. It does have quite strong menthol odor however it doesn t trouble me.

We actually like tiger balm and we have actually attempted the red and white. We choose the white. We have actually utilized it daily on our feet to cure professional athletes foot, soften the skin and cure toe nail fungus. We even use it on our face to get rid of wrinkles and it works. This specific variation is made and delivered from thailand. It does take a little time to get here. The seller is a small family that’s attempting to keep expenses down. Be client. It will get here within the approximated time that is released when buying.

This is the most incredible pain relief rub we have actually ever utilized. We pulled our shoulder muscles actually bad. Hurt so bad we remained in tears. We never ever had pain like that. We attempted all the brands you see on television and at best, they would only ease the pain a really brief time. We found the tiger balm ultra at our regional dept store and it assisted more than any of the others. We then found this variation of tigerbalm. Not only does it have menthol and camphor like the ultra, the 2 included ingredients of eucalypytus oil and the clove made it evenbetter We bring this with us all over we go. We will never ever use absolutely nothing else. Extremely suggest.

We would rank this product about a 3. 8 out of 5. It does appear to help on a lot of bites we have actually used it too. It typically took more than one application to a bite to entirely get rid of the irritation, redness, & small swelling. We checked out the ingredients prior to buying. However didn’t anticipate rather such a strong odor. Imagine focused vicks vapor rub. It will provide an extremely warm or burning experience on sensitive skin locations or locations of abrasion to the skin. We would absolutely keep it far from any kind of cut. And one more thing, most likely the most crucial. You ought to absolutely wash you hands with warm soapy water after using it to a bug bite. It is incredible for how long this things remains on your fingers, only to make it’s way to your eye ultimately. You’ll understand it right away. Trying to rub out your finger on a dry fabric (or your denims, in our case) does not get rid of the residue on your finger. There will still suffice there to advise you that you need to have either cleaned your hands or not touched your face. Both actions will be far too late at that point though.

We hv severe spine/nerve damage decreases our butt, hip, leg, knee & our foot. We hv persistent consistent devastating pain we saw this at a regional store n a small container idk what made us choose it up however we feel so blessed we did. We paid practically 8$ for a container quarter the size of this 1. After the extremely first use we sobbed n got on here n we bought the most significant 1 we might find lol it does not smell medicine we love that too lol. We cldnt think we found this big container for a lot less than the 1st. We hv everyone utilizing this lol we sob the small 1n our bag. Lil goes a long way we do not hv to go reapplying n 1use it did to a month to get to us however it’s well worth the wait.

Can’t get on without it.

Tiger balm is typically utilized to ease sore and tight muscles, as a chest balm for colds, as a nosegay for wicked smells, and to fend off mosquitoes and other biting bugs. In china it is likewise utilized to ease gas, though we have actually never ever understood it to work by doing this for us, and we have actually utilized it for almost 25 years. Caution: do not get it in or near your eyes, and wash your hands with soap after each use.

This product is terrific. When we prepare yourself for bedtime and rub this ointment on both knees and legs we are without pain all night long. We can now sleep without being in pain. The only thing is that the ointment is a little strong smelling, however that we can deal with that. We are completely pain free.

We are composing this evaluation due to the fact that possibly it can help another person. We have a snoring issue and there is something else on the marketplace that is old-fashioned that every granny has actually utilized on their kids for chest colds. We attempted it for our snoring however it didn’t work. However this white tiger balm is incredible. We wear t require a cpap maker we simply require this blessing things. Rub that chest neck and behind the ears and no snoring, no troubling anybody and we are sleeping peacefully like a baby and feel rested. We wear t understand if it s the mix of ingredients however we are extremely glad to tiger balm for providing us a relaxing nights sleep. Attempt it. It may work for you too or not. However it s worth a shot.

When we remained in thailand, the massage locations use this product however we didn’t get an opportunity to choose one up. We were happy to see that offers it. We chose white, given that it does not stain your clothes, however this one is the least”potent” It’s delivered straight from thailand and it came with a good note from the family owned organisation. Simply do not be amazed at how small it is, although it states”big package” It is 30 g, which is only 1oz, however a little goes a long way. We have actually seen the cost change and we got it when it was lower.

White tiger balm is hard to find in shops, a minimum of around here. We find it assists with our bad sinus headaches, and the cooling result is rather soothing. We like to put some on either side of our nose (simply understand the vapors will make your eyes water for a bit) when we are packed up, and rub it into the base of our skull when we have a headache.

Got this for basic topical pain relief, and does it work well. Begins great and cool then slowly gets warm. Worth for cash is big thinking about just how much cbd ointment is and we believe works simply as well. Aroma is quite heavy menthol, however as long as it s wrong under your nose it s fine. It s natural ingredients, no unusual things like icy hot and other nonprescription pain relief ointments.

Provides an hour or 2 of remedy for our bottom knee and for our relative’s back. The ointment is relatively thick and you need to scrape it out with a fingernail from a relatively small container. However it feels so good after a few minutes. We use it under a compression sleeve when we golf and it makes strolling easy once again. Sure dream the amount was higher, however a bit goes a long way. Make sure to rub it in for a minute or 2.

We love this balm, we experience allergic reactions and sinus headaches and this assists a lot. We rub it on our sinus points; temples, near our ears, near our nose, and we right away feel relief, even to the point where we barely take allergy medicine. We entirely suggest this product, we likewise ise it for pains, we rub it on our wrists and knees and wrap a bandage and feel comfort throught the day.

We wrenched our back and absolutely nothing was taking the pain away. We took a percentage of tiger balm and rubbed it in. In less that 5 minutes the pain was gone and we might sleep. When checking out hong kong, a few fellow travelers were equipping upk on tiger balm. If we had actually understood it was so good, we would have done so too. A little bit goes a long way and rubbing it in is the secret. That is why the container is so small.

Got the larger one this time. We use tiger balm in a variety of various mediums (liquid, red balm, white balm, sports lotion & the sports balm in the tin). Often we layer the liquid with this white balm for best absorption. This size is a fantastic buy financially & is much easier to get out of the container than the littler ones.

The original tiger balm white is by far the very best of the lot. We find it does simply as well on athletic discomforts such as muscle and joint pain, however likewise does a lot for insect bites and sinus issues. We love it.

We are attempting to develop practices. In a book about it it discusses smells as part favorable support in a regular. This has an enjoyable odor and feels good. We put it on our shoulders, neck and on our head behind our ears prior to going to sleep. We are going through a bout of insomnia.:-/ works terrific to help you chill out and focus your ideas on a part of your body.

This things is the best. Put it on starlet, discomforts, bug bites, sores. The only issue is it takes a very long time to deliver as it originates from thailand. Or possibly it’s china. In either case, it appeared and smells terrific and feels good on sore muscles.

White tiger balm in this size is typically hard to find, so we were happy to see it was readily available through. It took a bit longer to get here than other products, however the wait deserved it and it came 2 weeks prior to the anticipated date. We are happy – this ointment works well on our arthritic hands and knees. Pleased to have it.

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