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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray.

  • Relieves Itchy Skin Fast: Deal with the burning, itchy skin on your body with cool and soothing Tinactin antifungal liquid spray for athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Remedies And Prevents: Tinactin is proven clinically effective in the treatment of many athlete’s foot and assists prevent it from repeating, when utilized daily as directed.
  • Contains Tolnaftate 1%: Pick this fungus treatment active ingredient as your solution for persistent itchy skin from tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) and tinea corporis (ringworm).
  • Treats Hard- To-Reach Places: This practical, no-touch emergency treatment spray treatment for athlete’s foot relieves the itching skin in between the toes and cools the burn.
  • Covered by the Bayer HealthCare LLC- Consumer Health 60-Day Fulfillment Assurance.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray.
Fast, effective, and budget-friendly, Tinactin Athlete’s Foot Liquid Spray provides a solution to the itchy skin on your feet and in between your toes brought on by tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) and the itchy skin on your body brought on by tinea corporis (ringworm). If you experience repeating athlete’s foot or ringworm, Tinactin is for you. It goes on quickly, permeating hard-to-reach skin in between the toes, and leaves no powder residue to rub off on your clothes. This emergency treatment spray treatment for athlete’s foot contains 1% tolnaftate, which is proven clinically effective for the treatment of the natural fungus that triggers most athlete’s foot. Pick the harder-than- fungus antifungal power of Tinactin for instant cooling and remedy for athlete’s foot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray.

Question Question 1

What Ingrediants Remain In This Product?

Tolnaftate It is truly good versus ringworm however crap versus candida.

Question Question 2

Has Anybody Utilized This On Toe Nail Fungus?

It is our understanding from our medical professional that it truly deals with toe nail fungus.However, we only had fingernail fungus and it worked fantastic for us.Let it soak into the cuticules around your toes in addition to under your nail ends if you have any. we are really delighted with our outcomes.

Question Question 3

Has Anybody Utilized This For Skin Fungus On Your Back?


Question Question 4

Can We Spray This In Our Shoe?

we found it really practical for a rash on our leg and scalp psoriasis.we would have utilized it on our foot if we required it.

Question Question 5

Why Is This Two Times The Expense Of Walmart?

You are taking a look at 4.6 oz foot spray, kindly check out 5.3 antifungal spray, and the cost we have Walmart is high not on. cost is really less compare to Walmart.

Question Question 6

Can You Spray This In Your Shoes To Help Sanitize For Toe Fungus?

we didn’t spray into the shoes however on the socks to better soak up onto the toes.not sure what it would to to the within the shoe.

Question Question 7

Does This Have A Bad Odor?

A little. Not like bad bad however it does have an odor. It didn’t work for us so we simply acquired Derman cream and it assisted immediately. Your Welcome.

Question Question 8

Has Anybody Ever Successfully Utilized This For Tinea Versicolor?


Question Question 9

We Live Abroad. Can This Be Delivered By Air?

You might buy express mail. It cost a little more

Question Question 10

Can We Spray Use For Our Back?


Question Question 11

Can You Publish A Full List Of Ingredients?

One active component, Tolnaftate 1%. Non-active ingredients are: alcohol denatured, butylated hydroxytolune, isobutene, PPG-12- buteth-16

Question Question 12

For How Long Does It Take The Spray To Dry?

within a few minutes. we minute max.It will depend upon how heavy you spray and it does not take much.

Question Question 13

A Single Bottle Is $10 5 Single Bottles Would Be $50The 5-Pack Is $140 What Does The Extra $90 With The 5-Pack Get Me?

we hesitate, absolutely nothing. Better to buy the generic or store brand variation of this things. It works simply as well at significant cost savings. we get it at Kroger for about $4.

Question Question 14

Deal With Athletes Foot?

Yes.This active component deals with 3 things: professional athletes foot, jock itch, and ringworm.Why the 3 extremes are so various we do not understand, however we understand those are the 3 things it’s particularly madefor It may not state ringworm, however the medical professional or the vet will inform you that one.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had actually been experiencing really itchy feet after hot showers/baths so we chose to see if this would help. The very first time we utilized it, our feet were really itchy right after application however ever since our feet have not been itchy at all. We use it after every shower or bath and we believe it is assisting. We are not experiencing itchy feet anymore We like the product packaging on this fruit and vegetables also since you turn the leading so that you line up the spray hole when you require it and then can “lock” it once again so that it does not spray when you do not desire it to. We believe this function would be really practical for somebody who puts this in their bag for the fitness center, and so on

This spray with out the powder has actually constantly been our go to for antifunal spray. It simply works faster and better than any other brand for professional athletes feet and jock itch.

This is without a doubt the most effective antifungal solution we have actually ever utilized. Duration. It soaks up much faster and effectively than any other topical cream we havr utilized. Aerosol spray works much better than creams and creams for antifungal treatment. We went through antifungal creams from all the major brands and in some cases we would go through a whole bottle of cream with hardly any enhancement. However simply within the first week of utilizing this spray we began to see substantial enhancement. Everybody’s skin responds in a different way to various kinds of products however for us this one was without a doubt the very best.

Functions well as long as you spray it in your shoes every number of days. Much more practical then powders.

We attempted the cream first for a week, when we got the spray, it worked a lot better for us, eliminated the itch and rash and had the ability to sleep, suggest it.

Cleaned up our feet in a few days will buy once again in the future.

Does not smell like anything thank god for that. It works truly well.

We have actually utilized many antifungal creams mainly holistic ones. This product was the only one that worked. We are so grateful for finding this product.

We love the truth that it’s a spray bottle, other products such as derman you need to use it straight and it leaves your hands smelling strange. The only disadvantage we would state is that it feels truly cold when you use it however oh well.

Functions well. Can be held at any angle. Lasts about 2 weeks with daily use. Head can quickly wander off the spray position, a periodic inconvenience.

Our first one came broken. Seller went above and beyond and sent out a replacement, thank you. As a lifer in the fitness center, this brand/formula is the only one we have actually utilized for 3 years. Not too self-important odor and keep the ickies away.

Functions fine and offers good relief for irritation we receive from our feet sweating continuously. Would most likely buy once again, however might most likely find something less expensive.

We buy a can evry 10 years or two. It’s fantastic for any fungwe or funk, from professional athletes foot to jock itch to sound worm to dry itch, or smelly feet.

Do not truly require to state muchmore We have actually had tendancy to get some athlete’s foot because youth however this things works. So we use some prophalacticly these days.

We have actually been utilizing this because we remained in high school 15 years ago and it’s still the very same fantastic product.

What type of evaluation can you offer an old standby for professional athletes foot?.

Better than most easy to use however you get more in the plain powder.

Functions as anticipated.

Excellent product.

Treated our professional athletes foot within 2 weeks.

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