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  • Clinically proven to cure most jock itch (tinea cruris).
  • Efficiently soothes and relieves signs of jock itch, consisting of itching, chafing and burning.

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INDICATORS: Clinically proven to cure most jock itch (tinea cruris). Efficiently soothes and relieves signs of jock itch, consisting of itching, chafing and burning.

Our Insights:

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Keeps our feet dry – the first active ingredient is cornstarch, which we have utilized for a very long time as a body powder due to the fact that of its capability to keep our feet dry. The 2nd active ingredient is talc, which we likewise like. Together these 2 ingredients keep our feet smooth and dry, we even put this powder on during the night prior to bed due to the fact that it feels so good. The 3rd active ingredient is the active component 1% tolnaftate. Our podiatric doctor recommended this powder to spray in our shoes after having lazar treatment on our toe nail fungus. We were not able to find antifungal powder in shops. In between the lazar treatment, 30 days of prescription lamisil and bathing our foot in apple cider vinegar, all consecutively for the first month, for the very first time in 20 years we have all good toe nails. We started 7 months earlier with the above treatments and, as our podiatric doctor recommended, have continued utilizing (on rotating days or early morning & night) antifungal cream, claris (a topical antifungal like clear toe nail polish) … Both offered on, and we likewise included the veteran well developed fungus treatment of apple cider vinegar only now we do not soak our toe in it utilizing a plastic shoe box, we keep it in a capture bottle like the ones for salad dressing or ketchup at the warehouse store, and simply hold our foot over the toilet while we squeeze it over our toes and top and bottom of our toes & foot. Then we rub in the antwe fungal cream. During the night we use powder (once again, over the potty) then the topical toe nail treatment claris, which our podiatric doctor brought and offered uswith When we returned 4 months later on for our re-check to the podiatric doctor (who we found through an e-mail deal at a discount rate from regional) he revealed there was no requirement for another lazar treatment at that time. We wanted to pay the extra $100 if required after being unpleasant with this infliction for a lot of years and utilizing, rather ineffectively, toe nail polish to camouflage it when using shoes or going barefoot. We concurred that if we see any indication of toe nail fungus we will return for another lazar treatment. Btw, the first treatment was a special deal of $150 Yes, we understand it’s a great deal of cash, however worth it for us to look down at our toe nails and have them all looking normal. Likewise: we bought on a nail care plus individual manicure/pedicure set for29 37. The podiatric doctor utilized a cordless drill type tool with a cone shaped file bit to smooth out the top of our big toe nail (the one recuperating from fungus). It smoothed out the disproportion of the now greatly ridged nail – take care, do not get the nail too thin. Our file is much less effective than his, however gets the job done simply fine.

Functions well to keep the feet clean and fungus free if we forget our shower shoes at the health club.

The powder worked in managing our professional athletes foot problems. The applicator gets obstructed and requires to be tapped versus the flooring to clear the applicator.

Perrigo pharm, did a fantastic task providing this one-time, and the bottle remained in terrific shape, similar to it was “hot off the press”.

Excellent product.

Ladies and gents. We mix this with cornstarch baby powder for use in shoes/boots, bras/panties, and in the summertime– a little spray underarms. We even bring the original small one in our handbag with the mix. Eliminating fungus stops the itches and leaves one sensation fresh and comfy. Managing sweating in a healthy way that permits you to sweat, however eliminating the odor-causing fungus, is what’s up. We use our mix all year long as required. We hope this assists someone. We have the liquid tolhaftate, also.

Our other half has the worst time with professional athletes foot. They are constantly so red dry and itchy. To the point where it was frustrating to us lol. We got this for him to put in his socks for throughout the day. He is constantly on his feet. Hes a diesel mechanic so you can imagine why he would have such a trial with is feet. This has assisted him a lot along with the natural anti-fungal that we got him. He puts this powder on during the night time too and assists with the itching after his really hot showers.

Exceptional. Thank you.

This was a smaller sized bottle than prepared for, however itworks respectable as a powder putting in yourshoes. We would not buy once again, due to the fact that thebottle is too small.

Keeps the jock itch away.

Product is like the store brand foot powder that we constantly found really effective, however was terminated by the drug shops.

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